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The Genealogical Society of Solano County, California is a volunteer association dedicated to preserving the historical documents and pioneer genealogy of Solano County and Central CA.

oil painting of our library
©Alice Greenhalgh 1980
 "OLD CITY HALL"  SCGS Library Today

It has been the artists in the past that captured our heritage before the invention of the camera. Even today our artists capture our history for tomorrow. This is an oil painting by local artist, Alice Greenhalgh, of our Genealogy Library which is located in the

Historic Old City Hall
610 East Main Street




Solano County

One of the first 27 original counties created by an act of the California Legislators in February, 1850, Solano County was named after the celebrated missionary to Peru (1589-1611) St.Francis Solano, as well as after the Suisun Indian, who was christened Francisco Solano in 1810 at Mission Dolores and later in the 1830's served as a head Indian of ex-mission Indians at Sonoma under Comandante Mariano G. Vallejo, who called him "Chief Solano". Solano County was the gateway between the bay and the central valley and many pioneers passed our valleys on their way to the Gold Country only later to return to reap the agricultural riches of the county and to put down permanent roots in California.

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