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I first became interested in my genealogy (my family history) in the summer of 1988. My grandmother was Olive Beaman Brown, one of ten children of Fernando Cortes Beaman and Mary Jane Sherrod. Nine of those children lived to adulthood and married and had families. While all of that older generation were dead by 1988, we had a Beaman/Sherrod reunion in Gatlinburg. That piqued my interest in where I came from. So while I was living in Savannah, Georgia, by then, I was staying in Knoxville, Tennessee, with my parents that weekend. When we went home that night, I began quizzing my parents about what they knew. Most of my aunts and uncles and first cousins and second cousins on my mother's side still lived in Knoxville so I had grown up knowing many of them. My dad knew almost nothing beyond his parents and his sister and her family. But I knew enough from my paternal grandparents to have a starting point. Since I was still teaching, I had little time to begin serious genealogical study.

A few years later about the time I retired in 1997, I began researching the various families in my background - Dysart, Myers, Moore, and Eyestone (Augenstein) (my father's ancestors and the surnames of my paternal great grandparents), as well as Brown, White, Beaman, and Sherrod (the surnames of my maternal great grandparents). I realized the Browns, the Myers, Whites, and the Moores might be difficult to find because of the number of families with those surnames. Also, since I had very little to begin, those were pretty much "from scratch" searches.

In addition, I began researching the ancestors of my husband, Larry Tapp. His paternal great grandparents (Tapp, McGullion, Braswell, and Flowers), as well as Henderson, Chesnut, Grant, and Johnson, (his mother's ancestors). Since Johnson is a common name, this is a difficult line to research, too.

I bought an early version of Family TreeMaker and have continued to update the software to build my tree.

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Links to Pages of the Surnames in My & My Husband's Ancestry

Click on the links below for more information on the families with the surnames listed. As I update these, I will add links. In the meantime you can see the surnames I am researching.

My Ancestors My Husband's Ancestors
Dysart Tapp
Myers McGullion
Moore Braswell
Eyestone Flowers
Brown Henderson
White Chesnut
Beaman Grant
Sherrod Johnson

On each of these sites with linked pages, you will find basic information on that branch of the family, Internet links to pages of descendants of people with the same surname, other Internet links to that family, information on mailing lists and genealogy forums on that surname. Enjoy!

Internet Genealogy Sites

Genealogy Classes and Information Online

There are many other online genealogy courses. "Google" "genealogy courses online" for a long list of them

If you Google "genealogy," you will get over 170,000,000 results! Google "genealogy your surname" without the quotes to narrow it down to your surname.

Introduction to Genealogy 3 Free Genealogy Classes Genealogy Classes Researching Your Family Tree, an excellent free tutorial for beginning family researchers
140 Free Online Genealogy Research Courses
RootsWeb Surname Mailing List Researching Your Patriot Ancestor, (for DAR or SAR)
Cindi's List of Genealogy Sites, links to everything genealogy Census Records, National Archives
Social Security Death Index on Family Search The USGenWeb Project, great site
National Archives Resources for Genealogists National Genealogical Society, some free databases, but also a great subscription site $$$ Family Search,, a lot of great info here and all free

Family Search, the site that is run by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, is a wonderful site. You have to have an ID and password, but it's all free!

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