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YukonGenWeb - Yukon Territory GenealogyYukonGenWeb is part of the CanadaGenWeb Project
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We want your help. We welcome any contributions or suggestions relating to Yukon genealogy and history that you can share with others through the YukonGenWeb Project.
   YukonGenWeb FAQ

Do you have information on my family?
  • I've looked everywhere for my family and can't find them, can the YukonGenWeb help? No, the YukonGenWeb can give suggestions and pointers (99% of which are already posted on this website) but is not a research service, and generally can't help with researching a specific family. You should post a query, so that others can assist you.

I don't live in the Yukon. How can I do any Yukon research outside the territory?
  • LDS Family History Centers are located worldwide. There you can order in Yukon research items to aid you in your search. Go to the LDS FamilySearch web site to discover the closest FHC.

Yukon genealogy resources are not available in my area. What do I do?
  • There are several ways to get around this problem.
    • Plan a trip to the nearest place that does have what you need to research (LDS Family History Centres worldwide have, or will bring in, Yukon, Canada resources upon request).
    • Hire a researcher. While YukonGenWeb does not offer this service, finding a researcher should be easy enough. Just be careful! Check out their credentials and be sure to request feedback from former clients (good and bad results). Don't be afraid to "interview" them. Remember it's your money and family tree on the line, not theirs.
    • Spend your vacation in the Yukon! Visit Travel Yukon for information.

What genealogy records are available?
  • Each province/territory is different, it depends on the area you are searching. Canadian law does not permit the release of "private" records until 50-100 years have passed (census, vital statistics, etc), but
    records prior to that time period are generally available. Two of the most asked about records are census and vital statistics, below is some general information.

    Census - Once released to the public all census returns are available at Library & Archives Canada.
    • What's available (Yukon) - 1901, 1911.

    Vital Statistics - Vital registrations are available (for a fee) from the Yukon Territorial Government. Records that are still 'private' can be obtained only from the Yukon Territorial government if you can prove you are next-of-kin. Records that have been released to the public may be available from Yukon Archives. Birth, marriages and deaths recorded through church records are accessible from church archives and/or provincial/territorial archives.

    • Vital Registrations available (Yukon) - Births (1925+) [100yrs]; Marriages (1925+) [75yrs]; Deaths (1925+) [75yrs]; There are incomplete records that date back to 1896.

I wish to help the YukonGenWeb Project site but what can I do?

How do I add information to YukonGenWeb?

I sent an e-mail the YukonGenWeb site and have not yet gotten a reply. Why?
  • There could be several factors involved. Please keep in mind that this is a volunteer project and many of those involved have full lives that take priority. Give at least two weeks before assuming your e-mail has been overlooked. Try e-mailing a second time and if you still have not heard back within three weeks of your original e-mail, contact the CanadaGenWeb.
This information is intended for personal research use only. Please verify information with primary source documents before accepting any as actual fact. This material may be printed out as long as this notice remains. Any commercial use or sale of this information is strictly prohibited without the permission of the YukonGenWeb or CanadaGenWeb Project.

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