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History of the KELLER Family.

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                                  The ConradKeller Family  1938

                                   Back Row: Bernina                  Ador                         Martha

                                                 B: 1920                    B:1918                     B: 1914


                             Front Row:  Dina                        Arnold                       Conrad

                                                   B: 1887                   B: 1932                      B: 1884



Ourstory of the Keller Family will begin with the birth of H. Jakob Keller onSept.8, 1742 in Volken, Switzerland.H.Jakob married Katharina Kundig, who wasborn in 1749, and they had two sons.Heinrich Keller was born Sept.20, 1774 andHans Konrad Keller, on Feb.28, 1779.


H.Jakob died in 1803 and Katharina in1806.

HansKonrad Keller married Susanne Gisler, born Feb.17, 1789, and they had one son andtwo daughters.

HansKonrad died in 1821 and Susanne on Nov. 1, 1857.


Theirson, Johann Conrad Keller was born Jan. 28, 1817 in Volken.Johann married AnneWeisendanger, who was born in 1826.Johann and Anne had three sons and twodaughters.

1.Anna,   Born: July 12, 1847

2.JohannConrad ,    Born: 1848

3.Louise,     Born: 1849

4.Hermann,    Born: June 11, 1853

5.Gustav,    Born: Mar.18, 1856


JohannConrad Keller was the Mayor of Volken, and  Postmaster from 1867 until his death on March7, 1888.His wife Anne died April 26, 1906.


Theirsecond child and first son, Johann Conrad, married Rosa Schenck, who had been bornMarch 28, 1852.

Johannand Rosa had two daughters and four sons between 1878 and 1886.

1.Rosa,    Born: 1878

2.EmmaLuisa,    Born:Jan.16, 1880

3.Arnold,    Born: Aug.29, 1881

4.Hermann,    Born: 1882  Died:1883

5.Conrad,    Born: Aug.12, 1884

6.Hermann,    Born: 1886


JohannConrad ran a butcher shop in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.Johann met his wife RosaSchenck in Schaffhausen , where she was a cook in  a hotel.


JohannConrad Keller died Dec. 28, 1920 and Rosa Schenck Keller died on April 20, 1930.


ConradKeller, the fifth child and third son of Johann Conrad and Rosa, and his youngerbrother Hermann, trained in the hotel trade. They travelled and worked in Englandand Northern Ireland, then returned to Switzerland.In 1909, Conrad and Hermanntravelled to Canada and went from Halifax to Vancouver by train.They settled inSaskatoon and worked at the Hotel Flannigan. Conrad and Hermann returned oncemore to Switzerland, but in 1912, Conrad returned to Saskatoon by himself.

Hendrina(Dina) Hendricks was born on Jan. 9, 1887 in Afferden, Holland.Dina had twosisters and one brother and when Dina was 9 years old, her father died.Dina wassent to live with her Aunt Mina Knops in Germany.Just prior to the start ofWorld War 1, Peter and Mina Knops and their family left Germany and moved toSaskatoon, Saskatchewan. The group that came to Canada included Yupe Friese andsome of the Dighans family.

Whileworking in Saskatoon, Dina met Conrad Keller.They married on July 24, 1913.

In1914, Conrad’s father, Johann Conrad Keller came to visit the young couple.Hestayed several months and returned to Switzerland just prior to WW1.

In1914, Conrad and Dina travelled to Southern Saskatchewan where the Knops andother families had settled.Conrad worked at the Humbert Ranch in Montana, thenthey returned to Saskatoon for the winter.

In1918 Conrad acquired land southwest of Rockglen and settled in to farming.


Conradand Dina had five children, born between 1914 and 1932.


1.MarthaMarie,    Born:1914   Died: 1946

2:AdorConrad,     Born: 1918

3.BerninaRosa,     Born:1920    Died: 2005

4.Hermann,      Born: 1924    Died: 1924

5:Arnold,   Born: 1932    Died:2006


In1947, Conrad and Dina went to Switzerland, where they spent the winter.In thespring of 1948 they went to Holland to visit Dina’s relatives.

Conradand Dina retired to Rockglen.Conrad died Sept. 23, 1961 and Dina onAug. 6, 1962.They are buried in the Rockglen Cemetary.





The Conrad Keller Family Story.

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