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One Room Schoolhouses
Daleville (renamed to Pleasantdale) School SD #4827 In Pleasantdale 1926-2006 (No Sign)
Dumbarton School SD #1999 NE11-40-18 W2 1909-1922 Moved to Naicam and used until 1928. (Badly Damaged wooden Sign)
Flint School SD #4467-NE 26-42-17 W2 1924-1955 (old wooden sign - hidden in bush)
Home School SD #3993 NW21-40-17 W2 1919-1960 (has a new sign but it’s on the wrong side of the road)
Kew Gardens School SD # 4847 -NW9-41-16 W2 1932-1968 (old wooden sign-old school building still exists)
Kitako School SD #3172 SE24-40-16 W2 1914-1970 (No sign)
Lac Vert School SD #2265 in Lac Vert 1929-1966 (no sign)
Lac Vert School SD #2265 NE35-40-18 W2 1908-1929 (new school built in Lac vert town 1929) (old wooden sign)
Leviathan School SD #4534 NE35-41-17 W2 1923-1960 (old wooden sign)
Littlestone School SD #2069 SE4-40-17 W3 1909-1956 (old wooden sign)
Lucan School SD #3282 NE07-42-17 W2 1914-1960 (old wooden sign-old school building still exists)
Naicam School SD #1999 - in Naicam NW 2-40-18-W21922-1982Dumbarton moves in to Naicam then the brick “Pioneer School” was opened in 1923 2nd floor added in 1928 the pioneer school closed in 1982 .The Patterson School was added in 1954/55 (NO Sign)
Napoleon School SD #3294 NW35-42-16 W2 1914-1965 (old wooden sign)
Old Pleasantdale School SD #3161 SE26-41-18 W3 1914-1957 (old wooden sign)
Service School SD #4474NE11-41-17 W2 1923-1960 (old wooden sign)
Silver Park School SD #2660 NW33-42-18 W2 1911-1963 (old wooden sign)
Violet Dale School SD #4781 NEW NE18-40-16 W2- 1947-1967  
Violet Dale School SD #4781 OLD NE08-40-16 W2 1929-1947  
Violetdale There is only one sign (old wooden) at the old location and says 1929-1967
Windigo School SD #3403 SW16-42-18 W3 1915-1958 (old wooden sign)

Rural Municipality of Pleasantdale 398 Map courtesy of Prairie Mapping Services

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