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Saskatchewan One Room School Project provides an online history for current generations to enjoy, preserve, and experience, our historical educational, architectural, and cultural, heritage.

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Please add the name and location of a one room school that perchance may be missing from the alphabetical Listing One Room Schools, 1850 - 1950. The listing is growing, and hopes to become complete with assistance from visitors like you.

New Entries listed at the bottom of the page.

Email: EdOldridge
Web Page:
Comments: Looking for information on"Lake School", a one room school that was active from 1907until 1957. It was located about 8 klm west of the Village of Briercrest.We are in the process of restoration project.


Email: GaelynnWall
Web Page: Wall / DubeHomepage
Comments: Attended school in Pontrilas. Thesmall school had a plaque stating it was part of "LittleHollywood" district.Last I heard, it was serving as someone's chicken coop! Who remembersthe great merry-go-round?


Email: AnnFroebel
Web Page:
Comments: I am looking for the location of School District #2362, name ofschool district: Muller (that is Muller with an umlaut over the"u")


Email: AnnaRainone
Web Page:
Comments: As my family tells it my greatgrandfather began the Templeschool. My mom and her sibling attended in early 30's before itclosed. The family then got together in late 80's to but a kairn(stone) there to remember the now crumbling building. Anna Rainone,daughter of Lovina Temple


Email: MurrayCharters
Web Page:
Comments: My grandfather, Charlie Charters, hauled the lumber forOakenshaw school in 1916. The one room school operated to serve the ruralarea roughly 5 miles west and 2 miles south of the village of Stranraer,Saskatchewan.My uncles, cousins, siblings, and neighbours all attended until theschool closed in 1955.The Oakenshaw school sat vacant for several years and then was moved tothe village of Plenty, and converted to a residence by Gordon Rundle.I discovered this very worthwhile site while researching material for apage on my own web site.


Email: ClarenceUhll
Web Page:
Comments: I taught in Snowflake Scool District from 1956 to 1958. It waslocated just east of Neudorf, but I do not see it in your list. Could ithave had a different name?


Email: AliciaOtenbreit
Web Page:
Comments: Hi, I love this section. My dad went to a one-room schoolhouseuntil it shut down in the 1960s. The name of his school was GelowitzSchool, and it was in the Grayson district. He has told me severalstories about it and it makes me wish that I had been a student at a one-room schoolhouse. His teacher, Mrs. Leona Dean (nee Ottenbreit), was theteacher of his school, and I was lucky enough to have her as my Grade 1and 2 teacher in Grayson School, shortly before her retirement.


Email: LynneAnderson
Web Page:
Comments: I know of a one room school house that is in the area I grew upin. It was called Gregherd School and both of my grandparents attendedit. It originated on Apr. 3, 1914 and is located at NW 32-24-17 W2. Itis located in school district #3142. It is now a Heritage site and isvery worthwhile to check out. Original students hace placed markerstones with their names on them and there is other items on display therealso.


Email: GailNewton
Web Page:
Comments: I find your project very interesting. I went to a one roomschool house in B.C.until grade 3. My Parents also attend one room schoolhouse inSaskatchewan. My mother in Pinetorch, Whitefox & my father in CarrotRiver.


Email: M.Grahame
Web Page:
Comments: Really enjoyed this valuable website on the one room scholhouse. As my Dad attended one of these schools around 1922-23 I wasreally interested. I am trying to find his school records for a schoolcalled Bredock of Beedock near Canora/Donwell. Can anyone give me a handand point me in the right direction where I might find this school?


Email: M.Grahame
Web Page:
Comments: Really enjoyed this valuable website on the one room scholhouse. As my Dad attended one of these schools around 1922-23 I wasreally interested. I am trying to find his school records for a schoolcalled Bredock of Beedock near Canora/Donwell. Can anyone give me a handand point me in the right direction where I might find this school?


Email: LoisSparling
Comments: This is a beautifully done site. I love the pictures.However, I was looking for the one room schools at Talmadge (Tallmage?),Eskbank, Happy Valley school district, and Birsay.


Email: Denise Daubert
Comments: I would like to pass on my thanks for a beautifullydesigned/written/presented website on the One Room School Project! In themidst of compiling family history for the Vogel Family who arrived inSaskatchewan, Canada in 1908 (these Russian children attended AmdewandaSchool) and another side of the family who came to Kennedy about the sametime - I was thrilled to navigate your site and find information placingthe Amdewanda School geographically and a photo of the Kenndy School,built in 1905. Accessing the booklet on early Saskatachewan womenteachers gave me a "sense" of the times when my husband's twograndmothers were educated in one room school houses.Thank you for a wonderful project that you are sharing with everyone!Denise Daubert


Email: SheilaFinnie

Comments: I am looking for Silver Creek School. It was about three orfour miles from Coté, Sask, about ten miles from Kamsack, Sask. Ibelieve it closed in about 1956 or 1957. I went there for my first fourgrades and remember being heartbroken when it closed and we had to go toschool in Kamsack.


Email: IrvKrause
Comments: I attended Eigenheim District school in the 1940's. I( did notsee it listed in your alphabetical listings. I attended there for thefirst years of schooling and I remember it well. We had 32 students, oneteacher of course, a Mr. Nick Kroeker. Almost all of the students werefirst cousins of mine. I went back a number of years ago and there wasonly a rock with a plaque on it.I was the only student in Grade 4 so I took grades 4 and 5 at the sametime because I believe there was only one student in Grade 5.Interesting education!!!!!

Email: Dan Lavallee

I attended Braeval School in the Meadow Lake District from 1957 to 1964 and thoroughly enjoyed the experience! We had Grades 1 to 8 (with only 5-6 grades functional at any one time) with one teacher. Elly Ward was the teacher for years and ruled with both an iron fist (for the older boys who wanted to be farming) and with care (for those looong recesses when the whole school was playing ball). There was a barn on the property and that afforded us an extra playground, although technically forbidden. We had a coal furnace and there were many mornings when we had our mittens on for a long time while the furnace heated up the school. I have stories almost too numerous to mention regarding this unique experience.Are there any other folks who attended that are reading this?Send me an e-mail......
Dan Lavallee
Love your site!!!!!
Email: Lillian Kelly

Hi There
May name is Lillian Thompson Kelly Gross and I attended Glen Adelaide school from 1955 to 1960 The school is outside of Wawota

l. Is there anyone out there who was with me? I know there is a marker and I live in BC now but it would be nice if someone local could take a picture of the Marker and send it to this site. I have such fond memories of sitting in a classroom with 12 grades. I would be happy to hear from anyone who attended this school or lives close to Wawota.

Lillian Kelly

Email: Red Lauttamus

A.(Red) Lauttamus Yorkton Sk. attended Coverdale school near Moosomin Sk,

Email: Debbie LewisPlace: BROWNHILL SCHOOL DISTRICT 353

Hi, my name is Debbie In the mid-70's my parents took us kids out west for a camping vacation and we got to see the actualone-room schoolhouse that my mom attended. It was Brownhill SD 353, and there are two neighbouring churches in the area. I don't know where or what the churches names are but one of them she used to attend and if you can help me with the names and/or locations of these churches I'd be very grateful aswe are trying to get all the information we can for our family tree geneology project. Thank you, Debbie Lewis

Email: Dennis Epp

Any pictures of the EIGENHEIM School, Eigenheim Rd. Sask?
I read the comments from "Email: Irv Krause", I also attended the Eigenheim school, but it was in 1054-55. I also went to Eigenheim Church and lived on Eigenheim Road. Huge memories.....does any one have a picture of the school, I have been searching to no avail. Please contact me at Dennis Epp

Email: Rob Kline

Query about KENNISBERG SCHOOL #1220 near Fenwood (RM Stanley 215)?
I just discovered your website One Room School Project and I believe I found the school that my grandfather, Edward Klein, would have taught at....He homesteaded on the next section SE 1/4 Sec 12 Tp 23 east of the Kennisberg School on the NW Sec 11 Tp 23 Rge 8 W2M in School District #1220. (there was another school on Sec 23 same Tp with the same name and within the same SD). The school and homestead was south and east of Fenwood. Where would I post a query about whether anyone had any information about for that school and school district?Thanks in advance
Robert Kline
Victoria BC
Please contact me at Rob Kline


Name:Davies, Rewakowky, Graham
Place :Kamsack, SK

Email: Darryl T Davies


I came across your site and it is a welcome addition to finding people from my home town.
You ae welcome to add my name and e-mail to your site. I was wondering if anyone has any information regarding the following people:

Shirley Rewakowsky
Robin Graham
Judy Graham

I went to school with them in Kamsack and was curious if anybody knows where they are today.

Thank you
Darryl T Davies


Place : Pascal / Victoire, SK

Email: Guy Lefrançois

Hi, My dad was one of a small handful of teachers in Bernadette School District 4587. He taught there from 1938 to 1961. When he left, the school was closed and moved to the nearby First Nations Reservation where, I believe, it became a dancehall. I’ve been look for old photographs of the school. Does anyone have any? Guy Lefrançois

Place : Killaly, SK

Email: Marianne Hoedel

My name is Marianne Eva Hoedel…I went to school in Killaly , Sask …around this time also.


Name: CAITHNESS School
Place :Leader Sask

Email:-Dale Kent

Hi I’m looking for anyone associated with Caithness School near Leader, Saskatchewan in the mid fifties.
Pleased contact me

-Dale Kent

Name: HUDMORE School
Place :near Arcola between Froude and Stoughton

Name: O'BRIEN School
Place :near Stoughton

Place :near Wood Mountain

Email: Shirley Kulchyski

I really enjoyed your One Room Schoolhouse Project. I attended a one room school house Hudmore School it was in the Arcola School District on Highway 13 between Froude and Stoughton. I attended grade 1-3.

Also I was curious about a school I think the correct name was O'Brien not sure of the spelling it was a short distance from Stoughton SK. My Mom Ellen Armstrong taught there prior to marrying my fatherWilliam Mitchell, it would have been 1935-36.

She also taught at Wood Mountain her first school upon graduating from normal school.

I would be interested in anyone who remembers these schools.

Shirley Kulchyski


Name: ? School
Place :near Woodlight/Fort Pelly, Saskatchewan

Email: Charlotte Pakulak,Duncan, BC.

We have a photo of a schoolhouse that belonged to William Pakulak and his wife Mary Woloschuk Pakulak, both of whom were raised in pioneer families of Saskatchewan, near Fort Pelly and Sturgis (Preeceville, . Both are long gone, and no one of their generation remains. We can’t date or decisively identify the photo, but we do have some idea of the possible name of the school/school district. Woodlight / Fort Pelly Saskatchewan schoolhouse. We would love to have this one added [to the gallery of pictures]. We think it is most likely the photo is the school attended by Mr. Pakulak, as his wife is known to have seldom if ever attended school. However, her siblings did attend school, so the photo could also have belonged to her.
If nothing else turns up to narrow it down, the photo can at least be described as belonging to families that farmed near Fort Pelly and Woodlight but could be from other nearby school districts. Charlotte Pakulak,Duncan, BC.
If anyone has any clues as to this school house, teacher and pupils, please E-mail Julia, ORSH Webmaster


Name:ZAPOROZE School #3188
Place :near Krydor Saskatchewan

Email: Joe Marciniuk

I attended Zaporoze #3188 for 7 years, it is located in NW 19 44 8 W3.
Good idea for this Saskatchewan One Room School Project.

Thank you most kindly
If anyone else has any information regarding schoolhouse locations please E-mail Julia, ORSH Webmaster

Name: CREEKSIDE school district 997
Place : near Theodore, SK

Bev Keller (Nonemaher)
I went to school there grade 1 – 8 - 1949-1957 – teachers were Dick Mercer and Miss JohnsonLooking to hook up with classmates and looking for pictures – and history and current condition of school if it still exists
Email: Bev Keller (Nonemaher)


Name: ROKEBY School District # 1124
Rural Municipality of Wallace No. 243
Tsp 25 Rge 3 W of the 2 Meridian

Place : near Rokeby, SK

Lalah (Russell) Anton)
Looking for students who attended Rokeby school in the late 1940s and early1950s. Have a photo of students with teacher Mr. Fassnidge. My brothers, Grant and Gary Russell (I think about 3rd and 4th grade)are in the picture. We are trying to identify all the students. (March, 2015)
Email: Lalah (Russell) Anton)

Place : Vancouver,B.C.
Saskatchewan Town: Kamsack
Surname: I am wondering if there is anyone out there that went to Aisne school between 1952-1957 I would be interested in hearing from you
AISNE School District # 3908 SW Sec 31 Tsp 28 Rge 31 W of the 1 Meridian

I think this is a great site and find it quite interesting, I was born in Kamsack and lived there till 1957 South of town and did attend Aisne school where I learned everything I know

Contact: Barry Kazakoff
Name:CROOKED HILL CREEK School District 1031, PRETTY VALLEY School District 4378, PIPESTONE CREEK School, PORCUPINE PLAINS school
Saskatchewan Town: Amsterdam, Mikado, Porcupine Plain, Rose Valley
Surname: POPOFF, John Ivan.
Comments: John Ivan Popoff was a student at Crooked Hill Creek School, then went off to high school, and normal school, returning to Crooked Hill Creek School to teach. He also taught at Pipestone Creek School in Rose Valley and finally at Porcupine Plains school before retirement. Seeking any and all information about John Ivan Popoff, and these schools, please.

  • Crooked Hill Creek School District 1031 South West quarter of section 15 Tsp 32 Rge 4 W of the 2 Meridian near Amsterdam, Saskatchewan (NE 14-32-4-W2)
  • Pretty Valley School District 4378 Tsp 31 Rge 3 West of the 2 Meridian near Mikado.

Contact: Iris Alexander

Saskatchewan Town: Netherhill, Saskatchewan
Surname: TURTON, Leslie George
Comments: I'm trying to find any information about my grandfather (Leslie Turton) who apparently emigrated to Canada from England in the 1920's. The paperwork we have says he went to Netherhill, Saskatchewan to become a teacher.
Vessel: RMS Andania (Cunard Lines)
Name: Leslie George Turton
Born: 1903
Departure: Liverpool 5th August 1927
Arrival: Montreal, 13th August 1927
Ticket number: 8036
Profession: School Master
Age: 24
Web pages were made up here: Images of Netherhill, Saskatchewan circa 1927 and Leslie George Turton
Contact : Alex Birtwisle

Name: Possibly Old INVERGORDON School 3054 - White Frame School house
Saskatchewan Town: Crystal Springs and Invergordon, Saskatchewan
Comments: Trying to identify from an old photo, the school where my aunt, Jean Heather (her surname was Heather), taught from 1928 to 1932. A cousin Art Reid from Crystal Springs attended there too. Daisy Reid (Ellison) taught at the old Invergordon school as well at some point after my aunt Jean left. She later became Art Reid's sister-in-law. A web pages was made up here: White Frame School nar Crystal Springs / Invergordon, SK
Contact : ~Heather Davis

Name:GRASSWOOD school district 3998
Saskatchewan Town: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Comments: I went to a one room school called Grasswood, it was and still is (although it’s not a school anymore) located in Corman Park just outside of Saskatoon Sk. On Clarence Ave. My sisters and I have many good memories of that school in the 50’s when children could actually safely walk to school I would like to hear from anyone who attended Grasswood elementary in the 50’s.
Contact : ~Wayne Dobson

Name:ESTLIN school district 107
Saskatchewan Town: Estlin, Saskatchewan
Comments: I attended the Estlin, Sask. school in the 1960s. It was a lovely experience actually -- so much more free and fun than what I see of elementary schools today.A great project! Sad to see the school has been abandoned.Best fromAnne Merino
Contact : ~Anne Merino


Name: Pleasant Plain School District 1710
Welby School District 1710

Place : Welby, Saskatchewan

Email: Jim King

Seeking to follow up on the one room schoolhouse at Pleasant Plain - later named Welby. History, or to make contact with classmates, &c would be greatly appreciated. My grandfather, Hector McKay, taught at the school 1908/1909.
Thank you.
Jim King


Name: Roe School District 755

Place : Rural Municipality of Miry Creek #229
Abbey, Saskatchewan

Email: Bea Schultz

Charlie Dunlop was the auditor for the Roe School Board. In 1921 we know that Charlie Dunlop hired Mrs Harris as a housekeeper and her two sons Tom and George did indeed attend Roe School.
In 1917 Mrs Harris husband died in WW1, buried in France, and we would like to find just when she became a housekeeper for Charles Dunlop and how long she lived there with her two sons......also any school records of George & Tom attending Roe School - how many years did they attend this school?
Mrs. Florence Harris remarried Harold Cake in 1927.
Bea Schultz
Thank you.



Name: Greenview 2 School

Place :Carragana, Porcupine Plain Saskatchewan

Email: Sharon Summers

One room schools... i attended Greenview 2... for the first 6 years, then beginning grade 7 we were bussed 12 miles to Carragana, then bussed 18 miles for high school to Porcupine Plain. There was also a Greenview 1 school, about 6 miles south of Greenview 2.
Our school, Greenview 2, had a barn and a teacherage with a piano. Most of us used horses to get to school. There was also an ice house.
Sharon Summers
(Nee Segi)
Thank you.


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