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Newborgor School District 2657
New Borgor School District 2657
SE section 1 township 16 range 4 west of the second meridian
Percival, Broadview, Whitewood, SK

16+-4-W2 2657 New Borger - 1 New Borger - 2 New Borger - 3
New Borger - 4 New Borger - 5 New Borger - 6 New Borger - 7 New Borger - 8
New Borger - 9 NewBorgorSD2657 NewBorgorSchool2657 NewborgorPortrait  

Submitter, photographs © These historical school pictures were submitted by Thelma Findlay

Hi Julia.

I found your link on the Internet regarding one-room school houses in Saskatchewan. I am currently going through my late mother-in-law’s photos and would like some clarification on the name of the school she taught at. From all of the papers she retained from her schooling at the Normal School in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan, I believe her first teaching post was around 1948-49ish. When I had quizzed her about the old photo, she told me it was her first teaching job and it was at New Borger School (near Whitewood, Saskatchewan).

Can you provide any information about this school? I would like to record it correctly in my genealogical records. And I would like to submit a copy of the photo for your project. As I type this, I believe there is more than one photo taken at this school, but I haven’t gotten to the bottom of the good-sized box of photos as yet.

Any assistance would be appreciated. If not, I will wait till next summer when I venture to travel to visit Whitewood and will make enquiries there.

On further research; the school is called New Borger School. Three photos attached for your project. This was the first school that my mother-in-law Mary nee: Wyatt taught at (c.1948/49) after she finished Normal School in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan. On the photo of the school on the hill, the name is written across the top and under that is the location of the school. I can’t make out the very first piece, but read this part Twp. 16 Rge. 4 W 2nd M. Can you tell me where this is?

The two pictures with children – all I can give you for names is one girl: -in the portrait photo, the third girl from the left is an “Eckland” girl

-in the photo of all of the class, that same girl is right in the middle, centre/front

Regards, and all the best of the holiday season,

Thelma Findlay
Winnipeg MB
Researching: Weslak Nahnybida Lewandoski Radewicz Ulanowicz Frondzey Zemba Wasyluk Trenaman
Kellsey Cook Wyatt Archer Trump Hinckley Caudon/Cowan Findlater/Findlay McClurg McCoy Rowsell

In reply:

The school name is extant as both New Borgor and Newborgor, the sign appears as Newborgor
Legal Land Locations
Whitewood locates at north section 7 township 16 range 2 west of the second meridian
Percival locates at NW section 19 township 16 range 3 west of the second meridian
Broadview locates at section 26 township 16 range 5 west of the second meridian
Newborgor School District locates at SE section 1 Township 16 Range 4 West of the second meridian

Attached white school district map marked in green is from the

School district maps - Moose Mountain Sheet Right

which shows the School Districts Numerically

The attached yellow 1924 township range railway map marking tsp 16 rge 4 W2 in green is from the

1924 Rand McNally Map

For more information:

 Newborgor School District 2657, New Borgor School District 2657, SE section 1 township 16 range 4 west of the second meridian, Percival, Broadview, Whitewood,- Saskatchewan Gen Web - One room School Project
Newborgor SD 2657
Percival, SK
Submission by Jack Nagy

The local history / family biography book on the area of RM of Kingsley # 124

Newborgor School District 2657

Title Centennial tribute : Oakshela, Broadview, Percival, 1882-1982.
Broadview, Sask. : Broadview Pioneer History Society, 1982.
ISBN 0889253390 :

Title The good old days of Broadview / [editor, Mavis Anderson ; assistant editor, Orville FitzGerald]
Broadview, Sask. : s.n., 1955.

The following satellite map is from Wikimapia, and shows Broadview, Percival and Newborgor SD 2657

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