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Marguerite School District #1321
Sec. 13, Township 53, Range 23, West of the 3rd Meridian
near Brightsand and St. Walburg, Saskatchewan

Marguerite School District #1321

Marguerite School District #1321
Marguerite School District #1321 Map

Hi Julie,
This is a recent photo of Marguerite school, dist. 1321, south of St. Walburg on Sec. 13, T53, R23, W3. It opened in 1913 and closed in 1952.BR> John and Alice Peterson

Nearby Placenames:

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Area Map

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Marguerite School District 1321

Waskiagon School District 3475

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Cottage Grove School District 4133

Additional information:
Book Title Footprints of yesterday & today : St. Walburg & surrounding districts

Published St. Walburg, Saskatchewan Author St. Walburg History Book Committee, 1988

ISBN 0889256977

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John (Butch) and Alice Peterson