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0The Aurora. Regina 1926.
1The Aurora
3Hon. S.J. Latta Photo
4Hon J.G. Gardiner Photo
5A Message from the Premier
6Quance, Dr. F.M. Photo
7At the Top of the Hill
8A Teacher's Creed
9"Aurora" Editorial Staff
10Is Idealism Practical"
11Staff ~ Faculty
12 do
13 do
14 do
15 do
16Literary Executive
17The General Lit.
19Sharman and the New Professor
20Hockey Team
21Boys Basketball Team
22Girls' Junior Basketball Team
23Girls' Senior Basketball Team
24Sharman and the New Professor (continued)
25 do
26 do
27 do
28 do
29I Heard the Marsh Drinking
29Our Task
29Prize Poems
30Our Task (Poem Continued)
32 do
33 do
34Room A
34Room A (09) September
34Room A (10) October
35Room A Portraits
36 do
37Room A Portraits (Continued)
38Room A January, 1926
38Room A (11) November
38Room A (12) December
39Room A March
40Room B
41 do
42Room B Portraits
44 do
44 do
45Executive for Fall Term
45Executive for Spring Term
45Room C
45Room C at Normal
46 do
46Room C History
47Room C Portraits
48 do
49 do
50Room D
51Room D Portraits
52 do
52 do
53 do
54Room D (Continued)
55Room E
56Room E Portraits
57 do
58Room E (Continued)
58The Anvil
59Room F
60 do
61Room F Portraits
62 do
63 do
64Room G
66Room G (Continued)
67Room H
68 do
69 do
70Room H (Continued)
70Room H Orchestra
71 do
72Room I Portraits
73 do
74Satire (Page 1)
75 do
76The Editor's Dream
77 do
78 do
80 do
81 do
82 do
83 do
84 do
85 do
86 do
87 do
88 do
89 do
90 do
91 do
92 do
93The Education of Soldiers' Dependent Children
94Examinations, 1926
94Normal School Sessions
94Summer School for Teachers
96 do
97 do
98 do
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100 do
101 do
102 do
103 do
104 do
105 do

Saskatchewan One Room School Project provides an online history for current generations to enjoy, preserve, and experience, our historical educational, architectural, and cultural, heritage.

The Aurora 1926
Regina Normal School

Regina Saskatchewan

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Regina Normal School Yearbook.  The Aurora.  1926

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The Aurora 1926 Alphabetical SURNAME Index
Table of Contents The Aurora
The Aurora 1926 As pdf file
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