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Arthur Edward Burgett, Archdeacon of Assiniboia, was born in Cal- cutta, India, on the 14th of December, 1869, of English parents. His father, Edward William Burgett, was well known in India and president of the Bengal Club of Calcutta. He came from one of the old English families that dates back to the reign of King Stephen and is thought to have been established in England at the time of the Norman invasion under William the Conqueror. Mr. Burgett's mother was Frances Hen- rietta Warneford before her marriage and was brought up as the play- mate to Queen Victoria. Like most of the children of the English families in the colonies Mr. Burgett was sent back home to be educated and entered Radley College, one of the great public schools of England. There he early manifested an unusual aptitude for athletics and sports, especially boating, winning a number of prizes. These were: First prize for gym- nastics; silver oars and a goblet as winner of the paired oared races on the Thames in the senior finals; the school cup for a similar race in the junior finals; silver oars in the four-oared race on the Thames in the senior fours; and the trial eights cup in the eight-oared race. Subse- quently he went up to Cambridge to enter Trinity Hall and took his Bache- lor of Arts degree in 1895 and his Master of Arts degree in 1899. Meanwhile, in 1896, he graduated from Cudderadon Theological College. Archdeacon Burgett's first experience outside of family and school circles was in the army, rather than in the church. He was subaltern and captain in the Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regiment, being lieu- tenant in this regiment for five years and captain for three. He was also attached to the Grenadier Guards and to the Suffolk Regiment. His first office in the church was that of curate to All Hallows, Tottenham, from 1897 to 1900. Following this he became private chaplain to the Bishop of Quebec, and eventually rector of St. Paul's church, in Quebec. In the diocese of Quebec he held the office of secretary of the Synod for a time and was also editor of the Diocesan magazine. He came to western Can- ada as general missionary for the diocese of Qu'Appelle and has since become Archdeacon of Assiniboia. Archdeacon Burgett is not married. He is a Conservative in his politi- cal views as a rule, but is not an uncompromising partisan and gives his support to the men he thinks best suited for their office. He belongs to the Assiniboia Club of Regina, the Church and Empire Club of London, England, and the Bembridge Yacht Club, Isle of Wight, England. He has never lost his youthful enthusiasm for boating, fishing and the other sports. Bibliography follows:

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Arthur Edward Burgett,Arthur Edward Burgett,Arthur Edward Burgett,
Arthur Edward Burgett,Arthur Edward Burgett,Arthur Edward Burgett,
Arthur Edward Burgett,Arthur Edward Burgett,Arthur Edward Burgett,
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