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Ontario GenWeb Project: Migration: Out of Ontario
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Migration: Out of Ontario

By genealogy standards Migration is a rather large topic to tackle. Therefore I have only briefly touched the surface.

Below is a listing of some known mass emigrations - settlers who had originally chosen Upper Canada to live and then decided to move on to another province or country. If you know of any other emigrations please consider submitting the information.

County of Origin: Victoria

  • Time Period: 1874
  • Destination: 80 (of an original 365) Iceland immigrants that settled in Kinmount (Victoria County) left for Markland (Nova Scotia), later they migrated to the Red River Valley in Manitoba
  • Cause of Migration: They were not satisfied with the Kinmount and Markland settlements

    County of Origin: Victoria

  • Time Period: 1875
  • Destination: Iceland immigrants that settled in Kinmount (Victoria County) left for the Red River Valley in Manitoba
  • Cause of Migration: They were not satisfied with the Kinmount settlement

    County of Origin: Oxford

  • Time Period: 1860s
  • Destination: Humboldt County, Iowa
  • Cause of Migration: My 3XGgrandfather Eli Pavey, who arrived Woodstock, Ontario in 1832 and then left in 1866 to IL, USA where he subsequently moved to Humboldt Co, IA in 1875. The following East Zorro Twp residents ended up joining him in Humboldt County. Bartley, Cook, Luddington, Vandercar, and Wood in addition to the Winegarden family from Ontario. Eli's brother William and his sister Mary Ann Hall remained in Ontario. There were many Canadian born persons in Humboldt county but I am not sure what province the rest arrived from.
    Courtesy of Karen De Groote-Johnson

    County of Origin: All over Ontario

  • Time Period: 1839
  • Destination: Van Dieman's Land (now Tasmania, Australia)
  • Cause of Migration: In 1839 approximately 140 "Canadian Exiles" (actually Americans as well as Canadians) were transported on the ship 'Buffalo' to the British penal colony of Van Dieman's Land (later to be the state of Tasmania, Australia), arriving in 1840. They were political prisoners captured after the Battle of Prescott in Nov 1838. In VDL, the men were put to work in the town of Hobart in the chain gangs (the norm for prisoners transported there) the life was very harsh. Almost all received pardons between 1844 and 1846. There are several memorials to the "Canadian Exiles" in Hobart, today.
    Courtesy of Malcolm Ward

    County of Origin: All over Ontario

  • Time Period: 1880's
  • Destination: Michigan
  • Cause of Migration: Here are 2 Michigan settlements founded by Ontario emigrants who were seeking homestead lands as no more were available in the 1880s in Ontario: How the Stalwart Settlers Came to Stalwart and Fairview Settlement
    Courtesy of Jacqueline Figas

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    Sources of Information:

  • The Canadian Family Tree: Canada's Peoples by Multiculturalism Dictorate, Department of the Secretary of State, 1979, Corpus Information Services Ltd
  • In Search of your Canadian Roots: Tracing your family tree in Canada by Angus Baxter, 1994, Genealogical Publishing Company
  • Genealogy in Ontario: Searching the Records 3rd Edition by Brenda Dougall Merriman, 1996, Ontario Genealogical Society

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