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Nova Scotia GenWeb Queries

Nova Scotia GenWeb Queries Page 5

Date: November 25, 1998
Name: Dolores Coyle
E-Mail: [email protected]
Query: My great grandmother, Mary Jane MCMILLAN (MCMILLUN) was born in Cape Bretton circa 1751. Her parents were Roderick and Lizzie(?) MCMILLUN both born in Scotland. Mary Jane married Ansel MCLEAN of PEI (son of Donald and Lizzie MCDONALD MCLEAN both of PEI) September 11, 1872 in Gloucester, Mass. I beleive Mary Jane had a sister(or sister-in-law) named Cecelia. Any info would be appreciated. All the men were fishermen.

Date: November 25, 1998
Name: D. Merriweather
E-Mail: [email protected]
Query: Interested in desendants of WRIGHT/HOWARD-of WRIGHT/BLACHFORD-of WRIGHT/STEVENS-of WRIGHT/GODFREY (descendants ended up in ME. AND WISC.) Also the descendants of GODFREY/CALKINS-of SIBLEY/POST-of GODFREY/SIBLEY- of GODFREY/MORISSEY- WRIGHT/GODFREY. These ancestors date from the 1700's to 1900's. Can you help?

Date: November 29, 1998
Name: Sandy Doyle
E-Mail: [email protected]
Surnames: NORMORE
Query: I am searching for a Elizabeth Normore who attended the Blind School in Nova Scotia during the 1920's. Would the school have any records on her or census records for the school? Thanks for your help.

Date: November 30, 1998
Name: Gordon Huddleston
E-Mail: [email protected]
Surnames: NASH / SHAW
Query: Looking for information on the families of William J. Nash (b 1805 in Nova Scotia) married to Sarah Shaw in Nova Scotia. One of their children William J. Nash 2nd (b~1835). Family may have lived near Guysborough. William Nash 2nd moved to Markham, Ontario in mid 1800's. Looking for information on Nash and Shaw families in Nova Scotia. Shaws supposedly were a shipbuilding family from Scotland. Nash may have come from Ireland.

Date: December 3, 1998
Name: Christine Lucas
E-Mail: [email protected]
Surnames: WHITE / CLYKE
Query: I am looking for information on the family name White who resided in Mill Village. Also if I may request information regarding native decent. My great grandmother's maiden name was White but later married George Clyke and settled in Truro.

Date: December 7, 1998
Name: Robert Anderson
E-Mail: [email protected]
Surnames: CRAWLEY
Query: Crawley,Captain Andrew b.1812?, d Sept.23-24, 1840, age 28 yrs. Capt. Crawley m. Tryphena Freeman of Provincetown, Mass. c 1835-1838, children Ruth b. 1838, Andrew Thomas Crawley b. May 16,1840 at Race Pt. Lighthouse in Provincetown. Capt.Crawley died by drowning. Reason to believe he is from Nova Scotia. Provincetown, Mass. records list Capt.Crawley's birth place as unknown, parents unknown, buried in cemetary #1 Provincetown, Mass. Family relative told me that Crawley family was related to Lord Cornwallis family. She has proven right on every link thus far. Would like to know if anybody knows of Capt.s birth, death, and ship(s). Thank you for your help.

Date: December 9, 1998
Name: Wanda Gillin Barrett
E-Mail: [email protected]
Query: Ancestors John & Frances Smith Gillin and 4 children (one, a baby only weeks old) arrived in Nova Scotia in either 1817 or 1818 (conflicting data). He was a stonemason. Baby could have been baptzed 7/18/1818, as that is the date used for birthday, even though another record indicates he was born 11/29/1817. Emigrated to Pennsylvania before 1827, as that is when he bought property there.

Date: December 13, 1998
Name: Ellen Smith Loomis
E-Mail: [email protected]
Surnames: HALEY
Query: My ggrandmother CATHERINE HALEY b. in the Magdalene Islands 01 Feb 1829, married CHAS WHITE in PEI in 1848. Did the HALEYS originally come through Nova Scotia...they were apparently in the Magdalene Isl.(1830) working under Sir Isaac Coffin, and appeared to be one of very few Irish or Scottish families there. Any info would be helpful (her father may have been JOHN HALEY).

Date: December 18, 1998
Name: Sherrie
E-Mail: [email protected]
Surnames: MACKAY
Query: I would like to know any info on the following people: Joseph and Maria Mackay (my great great grandparents - married around 1880), thier children: James Mackay -married Annie Maude Lowe (my great grandparents - married around 1900) in Livermore or Rutherford Maine. Reginal Mackay, Jenny Mackay, Harry Mackay, Allie Mackay. If you have been searching your tree and came across any of these names please let me know. I have been having a real hard time tracing mine back.

Date: December 18, 1998
Name: Edward Johnstone
E-Mail: [email protected]
Query: My great grandfather was Neil MACKINNON (b.1850-1870) who married Mary MCNEIL (b.1850-1870). They had three daughters, Annabelle, Lillian and Cordelia. Annabelle MACKINNON (my grandmother) moved to the US to married Edward Osborne JOHNSTONE and they had Gerald (my father), Allan and Sam JOHNSTONE. Please email if you have any info on any of these names.

Date: December 19, 1998
Name: LaVeryl Andrews
E-Mail: [email protected]
Surnames: BASS
Query: Looking for information on the William Bass family, son Lyman Bass was born in 1800 in Nova Scotia.

Date: December 20, 1998
Name: Pandora
E-Mail: [email protected]
Query: I am looking for the parents of my ggrandmother, Lavinia Macleod (b.1858, d.1910). She may have been from Queens Co., Liverpool area, or Lunenburg Co., since she married my ggrandfather, James Nathaniel Mason(Masson), there about 1882. He was born 1847 on Mason's Island, Lunenburg. He died in 1931. Nothing is known about Lavinia or her family, where she came from, before her marriage. Any info on Lavinia Macleod or her family would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Date: December 23, 1998
Name: K. De Angel
E-Mail: [email protected]
Query: William Cannon - Cormwallis ship 1749 - then what?

Date: December 30, 1998
Name: Deborah Grasso
E-Mail: [email protected]
Query: Looking for information on any of these surnames.

Date: January 2, 1999
Name: Deborah Grasso
E-Mail: [email protected]
Surnames: BOWLBY
Query: Any info on the above surname, possible Kings area of NS. My father is Carl Bowlby DOB 2/11/42, from England, My Grandfather was Lloyd Bowlby DOB 24/4/98, died 16/7/45, he was from NS.

Date: January 7, 1999
Name: Debbie Mathison
E-Mail: [email protected]
Surnames: McKINNON / McLEAN
Query: I am looking for any information on the following Christine (McKinnon) Mclean birth date 1883?, and her husband Malcolm Mclean birth date ?. I don't know when they arrived in Nova Scotia or what their parents names are. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Date: January 14, 1999
Name: George O'Brien
E-Mail: [email protected]
Query: Has their been any genological research on any of the above names? Birth,death, marrage records, land owenership, taxes-polling lists,early settlers.

Date: January 15, 1999
Name: Janet Goode
E-Mail: [email protected]
Surnames: KIDNEY
Query: Any information on the surname KIDNEY in Nova Scotia would be appreciated. My ggrandmother, Emma (Kidney) Goode, was the daughter of Captain John Kidney living somewhere in Nova Scotia between 1850-1865.

Date: January 22, 1999
Name: Elizabeth Oxley
E-Mail: [email protected]
Surnames: OXLEY / TROUPE
Query: I am looking for information on George. B. OXLEY, b. 1815-1825 in Nova Scotia, married to Mariah TROUPE. He had a son Milford William OXLEY, who moved to Boston at some point.Thank you very much for your help.

Date: January 31, 1999
Name: Grace Gamble
E-Mail: [email protected]
Query: I am looking for any inform on Frank Leslie Gamble and/or Opie (Tanner Clark) Gamble.

Date: January 31, 1999
Name: John Estabrooks
E-Mail: [email protected]
Surnames: WATERLOT
Query: Any information on the ancestry of the surname, WATERLOT, originating in Belium, I believe, would be greatly appreciated. I have just begun my quest and any information, no matter how small would be of great value.

Date: January 31, 1999
Name: Denny G
E-Mail: [email protected]
Surnames: GILLOTT
Query: Am researching a James Gillott born l867 in N.S., Family were Huegonots from England. Married Elizabeth (Bessie) Hamilton Davis , poet, in Boston. Arrived Van. B.C., in l895 and died here in l948.

Date: January 31, 1999
Name: Misenor, Robert
E-Mail: [email protected]
Surnames: MISENOR
Query: Searching for history of Misenor family. First lead is grandfather Harvey Misenor born Halifax area 1876. Left Canada for Portland ,ME USA then to St Paul Minnesota.

Date: February 4, 1999
Name: Thomas H. Semelbauer
E-Mail: [email protected]
Query: Looking for family connections with Newcombs and Fletchers and Burgess family lines. Hope I have the correct internet location. Below is a little of my family connections. Thank you for any help!
Eddy E. Newcomb, a venerable and respected resident of Acme township, Grand Traverse county, Michigan, was born in Kent county, New Brunswick, February 14, 1822. He is a son of Samuel and Mary (Fletcher) Newcomb, both of Nova Scotia. He grew to manhood in Ontario, was brought up on a farm and then learned the trade of a millwright, at which he worked in his native land until 1860, when he come to Michigan and followed the business for two years more. In 1862 he settled on the farm of one hundred and sixty-two acres which he now operates, and has given his attention to agriculture. He has been a careful and prudent farmer, and all his improvements have been of a most substantial and durable nature, giving an air of elegance and ease to the entire premises. Mr. Newcomb was married March 16, 1852, in Lambden country, Ontario, to Miss Elizabeth Burgess. She was born October 9, 1833, in Lambden country, and was one of a family of ten children who were born to Edward and Sarah (Exal) Burgess.

Date: February 4, 1999
Name: Shawn Potter
E-Mail: [email protected]
Surnames: OLNEY
Query: I am descended from Eleazar Olney (c.1752-1814), son of William Olney (1705-after 1743) and Alice Baxter (c.1707-after 1743). William and Alice moved from Smithfield, Providence, RI, to Nova Scotia, where Eleazar was born. I have read that Eleazar married a woman named Susannah ____ in about 1775. I do not know Susannah's surname. If anyone can help me discover Susannah's ancestry, I would be very grateful. Also, does anyone have any information about where this Olney family lived in Nova Scotia, and when and why they moved to Canada? Thank you in advance for any information you can provide.

Date: February 7, 1999
Name: Mr. Shannon Rathbun
E-Mail: [email protected]
Query: I am looking for Sarah BEILBY b. Dec. 11, 1784 at Nova Scotia. Her parents were Robet and Isabelle BEILBY. abt. 1805, she married Ira PALMER. If you know this family, write to me at: [email protected]

Date: February 7, 1999
Name: Linda MacLeod
E-Mail: [email protected]
Surnames: MacLEOD
Query: I'm looking for date and place of death on my grandfather. I've resently been told he went back to Nova Scotia from New Hampshire before his death. Listed below is the information I have on him: Neil Lauch MacLeod, DOB 1900, place of birth: Nova Scotia, Father: James N. MacLeod, Mother: Ellen McRae, Married 2/17/28 to Angie Vose Rogers in Boston Mass., They had one child Neil L. MacLeod jr, Divorced 10/20/1941. Left New Hampshire and died bet 1941 - 1947.

Date: February 8, 1999
Name: Hugh Borden
E-Mail: [email protected]
Query: I am researching the above mentioned families. Looking for info and trading of info.

Date: February 13, 1999
Name: Ann Jones
E-Mail: [email protected]
Query: Looking for info on Robert BAKER, b:1814, married Catherine Crawford in 1836, in Central Bedeque, Prince, PEI. US Censuses list Robert and Catherine's children as having been born in "Nova Scotia", "British America", and "Canada". Emigrated to Oswego, New York abt 1849, they settled in Jo Davies Co., Illinois.

Date: February 15, 1999
Name: Stephanie Morris
E-Mail: [email protected]
Surnames: MORRIS / JONES
Query: I am looking for information on a John Morris Sr, his wife Mary Jones, and son John Morris, Jr. John Morris, Sr came from New Castle Wales, and was said to be a sea captain. There son John Morris, Jr was born Jan 01, 1867 in Nova Scotia. He worked lumber mills in Nov Scotia until moving to Bay City Michigan. Do not know if there were other children or if John Morris Jr was married when he left Nova Scotia, he was married to a Suzanna Hodgins. The spelling of her first name is in doubt she was born Aug 7, 1870, place unknown.

Date: February 16, 1999
Name: Brian D. McCullough
E-Mail: [email protected]
Surnames: CROWLEY
Query:Looking for information on Jeremiah Crowley, born in Nova Scotia 1745-1750 and died in Addison, Maine in 1827. Said to have operated as a Shipmaster between Nova Scotia and Cape Elizabeth, Maine, he lived for about 20 years in Cape Elizabeth and finally settled on Moose Island (Crowley's Island) in about 1793. He married Betsy Jordan at Cape Elizabeth, Maine in 1771. Any leads on his parentage and/or siblings would be very much appreciated.

Date: February 17, 1999
Name: Susan Gillmor
E-Mail: [email protected]
Query: I'm looking for the exact location(s) of, migrations of, and parentage/ancestors of Jonathan BOYD, b. abt. 1800 in Nova Scotia m. Joanna CALKINS (or CAULKINS). 3 or 4 of their children were born in NS, then they moved to Lubec, ME in abt 1832-3.

Date: February 19, 1999
Name: Maggie Gaudette
E-Mail: [email protected]
Surnames: CHAISSON
Query: Hello, I am searching for any info on Maxime Chaisson. He was b 1843 in Tignish, PEI. I have no info on his parents or siblings. Maybe they were from Nova Scotia before moving to PEI. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you, Maggie.

Date: February 28, 1999
Name: Sondra Welton
E-Mail: [email protected]
Surnames: HUNT / WELTON
Query: Freeland or Freeman Welton; John "Jack" Hunt.

Date: March 1, 1999
Name: Robert M. McEachern
E-Mail: [email protected]
Surnames: BLACK
Query: My grandfather, Robert Wasson Black, was born Jan. 8, 1870, in Nova Scotia. I believe his father was J. William Black, and his mother was Sara(h) Elizabeth Andrews. J. William Black may have had a brother James Black who married a Martha ???, and another brother Samuel Black who married a Eunice ??? with children Andrew and John. I am looking for confirmation of any of this information if possible, or whatever the correct ancestry of my grandfather may be, as far beak as possible. I know some Blacks did originate in Scotland, and my grandfather said his father and grandfather were Scottish. Thanks for any information possible.

Date: March 4, 1999
Name: Rose Culbertson
E-Mail: [email protected]
Query: I am looking for information on Donald FRASER and Isabelle MACGREGOR, both born Scotland, immigrated to Nova Scotia. Known children were Margaret, Ann, Duncan, John, Jesse, Mary and Alexander. Alexander was born 5 Dec 1925 in Nova Scotia and died in 1908, Kossuth Co., Iowa. He married Ellenor Anderson in 1853 at Wolfe Island, Ont. Canada. Would like to correspond with anyone researching this family, or with addtional information on this family.

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