Deaths Mentioned in “The Diary of Adolphus Gaetz”

Deaths Mentioned in "The Diary of Adolphus Gaetz"




Gaetz, Adolphus b. Wertheim, Germany, 13 May 1804. Mr. & Mrs. Adolphus Gaetz had a family of six - three sons and three daughters [see details below] Adolphus Gaetz, the diarist, died of heart disease in Lunenburg, NS, 12 Apr 1873, at the age of 69


Gaetz, Anna Frederica b. 11 Jun 1834; died at the age of eight months.


Gaetz, Henry Reginald b.. 29 Dec 1835. Became clerk in the store of uncle, William N. Zwicker, in Lunenburg, & held a commission of First Lieutenant in the Lunenburg Militia. He m. Martha Elizabeth Frederick 25 Feb 1866


Gaetz, Amelia Caroline bp. 19 Mar 1837 - died in New York 11 Apr 1872


Gaetz, Eliza Matilda b. 11 Dec 1838


Gaetz, Arnold John b. 29 May 1841. Grew up and moved to New York where he was an emplyee of A.T. Stewart & Co., a large dry goods establishment.


Gaetz, William Adolphus b. 6 May 1845, became First Lieutenant in Lunenburg Militia, worked in uncle’s store in Lunenburg, and like father before him, was appointed Registrar of Probate for Lunenburg County, until end of Sep 1923. Moved from Lunenburg to Ottawa, where his son Jack then resided.


Zwicker, Eliza d/o the late Jacob Zwicker, d. 07 May 1855 aged 17 years; bur. 09 May 1855 at Mahone Bay burial ground alongside her father & sisters


Creighton, John 1794-1878; M.L.A. for Lunenburg County 1830-36, 1838-47, 1851-55; M.L.C. 1859-78


Jost, Henry S. 1804-1889; M.L.A. for Lunenburg Township 1851-55, and for Lunenburg County 1863-67


Bailley, Henry 1818-1897; M.L.A. for Lunenburg Township 1855-59, and for Lunenburg County 1859-63. He was also Registrar of Deeds for Lunenburg County 1871-1897


Anderson, Lewis a prominent Lunenburg merchant, d. 11 Apr 1888. He was active in the West India Trade.


Spearwater, Peter 1790 - 27 May 1855 d. Mahone Bay very suddenly; s/o of John Peter & Magdalena (Ritcey) Spearwater. Was b. at Mahone Bay. He m. Eliza Richardson. Was M.L.A. for Shelburne township 1836-47


McKeen, James d. 28 May 1855, drowned in Lehave River while in the act of bringing hides from a vessel just arrived from Halifax; he having overloaded the boat, she sunk soon after leaving the vessel


Hall, Rosina bur. 19 Jun 1855. The funeral of David Hall’s daughter took place today (Rosina Aged 10 years).


Gowe, Alexander d. 15 Jul 1855, bur. 18 Jul 1855. Mr. Gowe, Catechist of the Free Church of Scotland, expired this morning after a protracted and painful illness.


Mason, Casper, s/o Frederick Mason, d. 1859, at the age of 45. He m. Lucy Langille in 1844.


McLeod, Catherine d. 8 Aug 1855 aged 23 years, wife of Mcleod painter, formerly of Pictou (New Glasgow)


Oxner, Barbara d. 9 Aug 1855 aged 63 years, bur. 11 Aug 1855. Wife of Casper Oxner.


Hall, Francis. Intelligence reached town today, 12 Sep 1855, of death of Francis Hall, s/o George Hall, who was drowned from a vessel while crossing the Atlantic


Owen, Rev. Henry L. 1809 - 1884 s/o John Owen, was b. Halifax. Graduated King’s College 1833, and afterwards proceeded to degrees of M.A. & D.D. After ordination, he was Rector of Aylesford. Also served temporarily at Yarmouth & St. Andrew’s, N.B. He was appointed rector at Lunenburg in 1852. He m. Anna Fry of St. Andrew’s, N.B.


Snyder, Rev. William Henry 1811-1889. Of Loyalist descent, b. Shelburne, N.S. For a time, was a lay reader at Weymouth. Then a curate at Lunenburg for a few months. In 1852 he settled at Mahone Bay where he was rector until his death. He m. (1) Ann Freeman DeWolfe (2) Caroline A. Mills


Curl, Mrs. John bur. 3 Oct 1855. Today the wife of John Curl, Labourer, was interred, having departed this life on Monday last [01 Oct 1855]


Heckman, John, s/o Casper & Mary Elizabeth (Zwicker) Heckman, 1785 - 1871. He was a Justice of the Peace, Custos Rotulorum, and Registrar of Deeds. He was a member of the Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia from Lunenburg County 1818-26 and from Lunenburg Township 1826-47. On 8 Aug 1809, he m. Elizabeth, d/o Matthew and Anna Catherine (Munch) Ernst. He lived in Lunenburg.


Parks, [Unknown] d. [probably] Nov 1855. Today--1 Dec 1855--a s/o William Parks of Lower Lehave, was brought home from Halifax a corpse; he died there very suddenly having been only two days sick.


Bolman, John Daniel 1751 - 1833 b. Magdeburg, Germany, d. Lunenburg, NS. He served as a surgeon in a Hessian Regiment during the American Revolutionary War. He lived in Lunenburg about 54 years. From 1793 to 1809 he represented Lunenburg Township in the House of Assembly of Nova Scotia.On 14 Feb 1782, he m. Jane Knaut, nee Brimner, widow of Philip Knaut.


Glawson, Mary (Miss) d. 7 Feb 1856. Died this evening at 7:30, after an illness of only two or three days. School Mistress, aged 59 years; bur. 10 Feb 1856


Paton, Mrs. bur. 20 Feb 1856. Today Old Mrs. Paton, the soft soap boiler, who died on Monday last [18 Dec 1856], was buried.


Oxner, [Catherine] d. 03 Mar 1856 aged 30 years, bur. 06 Mar 1856. Entry dated Tues. 04 Mar 1856 -- Yesterday evening the wife of Mr. Elias Oxner died, at about 7:30. She was the eldest d/o Chas. M. Cleary of Halifax


Ernst, Henry, 1805 - 1881 s/o John Michael & Mary Ann (Cross or Krass) Ernst. He m. Eliza Young.


Hall, Deborah d. 4 May 1856 aged 45 years, bur. 07 May 1856. Died this afternoon of consumption, Deborah Hall, wife of David Hall, Cabinet maker


Lonus, George d. [probably abt. 04] May 1856. Entry dated 12 May 1856--a man by the name of George Lonus, who had been missing for about a week, was accidentally found yesterday suspended to a limb of a tree about a mile from his dwelling. He lived somewhere about the Blockhouse.


Zwicker, Mary d. 21 May 1856 aged 47, bur. 25 May 1856 at Mahone Bay. Died this morning--Mary Zwicker, wife of Benjamin Zwicker, residing at Mahone Bay


Sponagle, Stephen d. 1856. Intelligence was received this evening, 23 Jun 1856, per telegraph from Liverpool, of the death of Capt.Stephen Sponagle at Demerara caused by sunstroke.


Holland, David d. on Tues last [19 Aug 1856] bur Fri. 22 Aug 1856. The crier of the Supreme Court, David Holland was buried today. [Not clear if this was a local burial].


Duff, Rev. William 1808 - 1888 was born at Berry Hill, near Perth, Scotland, and died at his residence near Lunenburg. He went to Lunenburg in 1843.


Kaulbach, Peter bur. Mon, 13 Oct 1856. The remains of Peter Kaulbach were interred today. The burial service was not read at the grave. [Editor’s Note - This man committed suicide by hanging himself from a beam in his barn. Mr. Gaetz’s entry respecting this, has been removed from his Diary]


Ross, James d. 1856 at Martinique. This evening,19 Nov 1856. intelligence was received of the death of James Ross, s/o Wm. Ross, Mercht. of this place, who d. at Martinique of a fever


Selig, Unknown [child] bur 10 Dec 1856. Today a child of Joseph Selig’s was buried; another victim of scarlet fever.


Zwicker, Jacob d. 20 Dec 1856. Two men of Conquerall, while crossing a lake from opposite sides, fell through and came to an untimely end. Their names were Jacob Zwicker and Buchanan.


Rembey, son of William. An entry dated 20 Dec 1856 reported the accidental death of a son of William Rembey at Petit Riviere, which, according to the Notes, was later refuted


Aitken, Charles Cheyne b. 19 Mar 1824, d. 1895. Entry dated 10 Feb 1857--Married yesterday evening by the Revd. H.L. Owen, Dr. Chas. Aitken, to Ellen Oxner, d/o the late George Oxner. Notes: Charles Cheyne, s/o Lieut. Roger & Caroline Aitken, gs/o Rev. Roger Aitken, who came from Scotland to be the rector of St. John’s Anglican Church, Lunenburg, in 1817, was b. 19 Mar 1824 at Lunenburg and died there in 1895. On 9 Feb 1857, he married Eleanor Catherine Oxner at Lunenburg


Eisner, Henry d. 5 May 1857 ager 38 yrs. D. this evening Henry Eisner, of this town


Koch, Eleanor d. 31 May 1857 aged 32 years. Entry dated 1 Jun 1857--Died yesterday at LeHave, Miss Eleanor Koch, d/o the late John Koch, of consumption


Melman, Unknown d. 29 May 1857. Entry dated Tues 2 Jun 1857--Today an inquest was held on the body of a young man named Melman who was drowned in the Lehave River last Fri. evening


Legag, Unknown d. 16 Jun 1857. Entry dated 17 Jun 1857--Yesterday a man living at Dublin near the Ferry, by name of Legag, was killed by the falling of a tree on which he had been working.


Oxner, Stephen d. 1857. Entry dated 01 Jul 1857--By this evenings mail intelligence was received of the death of Stephen Oxner, s/o late Martin Oxner of thisplace, which event took place at Australia whither he had gone some five years ago to seek a fortune.


Young, Stannage d. 07 Jul 1857 aged 11 yrs. A sad casualty occurred this afternoon. Stannage, eldest s/o James Young of this town aged eleven years was drowned.


Williams, Unknown(s) d. 12 July 1857 aged 18 yrs. Entry dated 13 Jul 1857--A melancholy occurrence took place yesterday at Langille’s, about 6 miles above the Lehave Bridge. Two boys (twins) sons of John Williams, Carpenter, of this town, got beyond their depth in the Lehave and perished


Morgan, Unknown [probably Nathaniel] d. abt 1855. Entry dated 11 Aug 1857--an old man by name of Morgan, who resided in New Germany in this County, had, about two years ago wandered from his home. Yesterday, his skeleton was found in the woods faar from where he dwelt, and was recognised only by his clothes and walking stick. [Editor’s note: it seems pretty certain that the above were the remains of Nathaniel Morgan, found as recorded in DesBrisay’s "History . . .", p. 156-7, though Gaetz’ account is probably the more accurate. He was b. 11 Nov 1774 at Granville Ferry, Annapolis County]


Skinner, Mrs. d. 07 Sep 1857. Entry dated 8 Sep 1857--A melancholy occurrence took place at Bridgewater, in this county, this morning. The wife of the Rev. Mr. Skinner, Baptist preacher, had been unwell for some time in consequence of child birth, and had shown symptoms of mental derangement; she had therefore been strictly watched by the family; last night a watch was set over her, but the person who was in attendance having fallen asleep, and Mrs. Skinner seeing her way clear, made her escape; this morning early, she was missing, search was immediately made and her body was found in the river. Notes: Rev. Isaac Judson Skinner (1825-1896) was b. at Cornwallis, NS, m and died at Liverpool, NS. He m. (1) a d/o William Troop of Nictaux, NS and (2) Mary, d/o Samuel Freeman of Milton, NS


Bruce, Mrs., widow, d. 04 Oct 1857 aged 83 yrs, bur. 6 Oct 1857. As overseer of the poor, attended the funeral of the late Mrs. Bruce, (widow of Mr. Bruce, formerly Collector of the port), who died on Sunday last 4th inst.


Wight, David d. 07 Nov 1857 aged 85 yrs, bur 09 Nov 1857. David Wight an old inhabitant who died on Saturday last, was bur. today. He was a native of Scotland.


Cossman, Carl Ernst 1806 - 1897. Entry dated 21 Nov 1857--Marr. performed by Revd. Chas. Cossman (Lutheran). Notes: Rev. Carl Ernst Cossman (1806-97) son of John Ernst and Maria (Richter) Cossman, was b. at Sachsenburg, Saxony. He was ordained in Merseburg in 1834 and he arrived in Lunenburg, NS, in 1835


McLaughlin, John d. 04 Dec 1857 aged 20 yrs. Entry dated Tues 08 Dec 1857--Attended the funeral of the late John McLaughlin, s/o Benjn. McLaughlin, who d. Fri. evg. last, of consumption


Harley, Mary d. 14 Jan 1858 aged 78 yrs, bur. 17 Jan 1858. Died at noon, Mrs.Mary Harley, widow of the late Dr. John Harley


Tanner, William d. 06 Mar 1858. A man, William Tanner, d. this morning very suddenly, being at the time engaged in sawing wood.


Oxner, Josiah and Smith, Frederick d. 06 Mar 1858. This forenoon, at Lehave, while three young men were crossing the Lehave River, from the New Dublin side to the 5 houses, a squall of wind upset the boat,... two were drowned [who were] Josiah Oxner, s/o Mrs. John Oxner of 5 Houses and Frederick Smith , s/o Fredk. Smith, all of the 5 houses.


Young, Sophia d. 22 Mar 1858 aged 40 years; bur.23 Mar 1858. Died early this morning, Sophia, w/o Hibbert Young,


Entry dated 05 Apr 1858. The Ladies Bazaar Committee [included] Mrs. Elish. Neil, widow of Capt. Neil, deceased; Mrs. Sophia Rudolf, widow of the late Captn. Chas. Rudolf; Miss Ann Ernst, d/o the late Mathew Ernst.


Selig, Amelia d. 14 Apr 1858 aged abt. 36 yrs Died this morning, Amelia, w/o Thomas Selig, Sailmaker


Moyle [Mary Angelina] d. 30 Apr 1858, aged 38 years, of consumption, w/o Hugh M. Moyle, Custom House officer of the Port of Lunenburg. Notes: Hugh Mason Moyle, widower, m. Sophia Barbara, d/o Sheriff J.H. Kaulbach at Lunenburg, 26 Sep 1859. He d. 16 Jun 1868, at the age of 50 [in Lunenburg?]


Selig, Frederick d. 5 Jun 1858 aged 55 yrs [bur. 8 Jun 1858]. Entry dated 05 Jun 1858--Died early this morning, Frederick Selig, shoemaker of this town, of consumption


Selig, Unknown [probably] d. 09 Jun 1858 aged abt. 7 yrs. Entry dated Thurs. 10 Jun 1858--Yesterday a boy about 7 years old, s/o Benjn. Selig, living at Black Rocks, was found drowned near his father’s house.


Smith, Ann d. 02 Jul 1858 aged 62 yrs, bur. 04 Jul 1858. Entry dated Saturday 3 Jul 1858--Died yesterday evening …Mrs. Ann Smith, w/o Mrs.[sic] Jacob Smith, Cross Island. Buried from the house of Mr. Casper Oxner


Drumm, Emma Adeline b. 28 Mar 1830, d. 16 Sep 1858 aged 28 yrs, bur. 19 Sep 1858. Entry dated Thurs.16 Sep 1858--Died at Bridgewater this evening…., Mrs. Emma A. Drum, w/o Revd. T. [sic] H. Drum [sic], and d/o John Heckman of this town. The remains…brought to town this morning. Notes: John Heatherington Drumm [sic] (b. Ireland) ...became a clergyman of the C. of E. and was appointed... to Bridgewater in 1858. He m. Emma Adelina, d/o John & Elizabeth Heckman of Lunenburg. She was b. 28 Mar 1830. He left for US in 1859.


Mason, Sarah d. 18 Sep 1858 aged 61 yrs, bur. 21 Sep 1858. Died on 2nd Peninsula…Mrs. Sarah Mason w/o Peter Mason.


Heinecke, Unknown d. bet 16 - 21 Sep 1858. Entry dated Tues. 21 Sep 1858--A child of Jacob Heinecke of the Blue Rocks wandered away from home on Thursday last…it was only found today but life was extinct.


Flint, Joanna d. 25 Oct 1858. Entry dated 25 Oct 1858--A sad occurrence took place at Bridgewater (Lehave) this p.m . . . the consequence was that Mrs.Joanna Flint, w/o Captain Henry Flint, master of the Schooner "Oregon", was drowned


Rudolph, William d. 1 Jan 1859 aged 67 yrs, bur. 06 Jan 1859. Entry dated 01 Jan 1859--The Hon. William Rudolph d. at 4 p.m., in his 68th year. He was a Member of the Legislative Council also held the office of Registrar of Deeds and Post Master


Shaffelberg, Francis d. abt. 30 Dec 1858. Entry dated Mon. 03 Jan 1859--Last Thurs. a young man by name Francis Shaffleberg left this town for his home, at the Blue Rocks, but being rather the worse of Liquor he missed his way. His body was found today frozen.


Oxner, Elias d. 17 Jan 1859 aged 39 yrs, bur 20 Jan 1859. Entry dated 17 Jan 1859--Died this morning…Elias Oxner, Merchant of this place, aged 39; bur. 20 Jan 1859


Frederick, Mary E. d. 05 Feb 1859 aged 60 yrs, bur. 08 Feb 1859. Entry dated 5 Feb 1859--Died this morning…Mrs. Mary E. Frederick, widow of the late John Frederick


Burn, Charles d. 03 Feb 1859, bur. 06 Feb 1859. Entry dated 06 Feb 1859--Chas. Burn, only s/o widow of Chas. Burn; d. three days ago; bur. this forenoon.


Lordly, Charles 1829 - 1889 s/o Joseph & Susanna Lordly of Chester, NS. He was a Justice of the Peace and clerk of the Municipal Council


Hall, Robert bur. Sun 27 Mar 1859. Entry dated 27 Mar 1859--This p.m., the children of St. John’s Church Sunday School followed one of their school fellows to the grave: Robert Hall, s/o David Hall, of this town


Young [Unknown] and Miller [Unknown] bur. 12 Apr 1859., Entry dated 12 [Apr] 1859--Two children buried today, one belonging to Hibbert Young, the other belonging to John Miller


West, Dorothy d. 25 Apr 1859 aged 90 yrs, bur. 27 Apr 1859. Entry dated 25 [Apr] 1859--Died this morning, Mrs. Dorothy West, an old inhabitant of this town.


Oxner, Casper d. 26 Apr 1859 aged 69 yrs. Entry dated 26 [Apr] 1859--Died early this morning Mr. Casper Oxner, formerly a Merchant in this town


Moseley, Henry abt. 1818 - 01 Sep 1864, s/o Phineas and Sally (Tilton) Moseley. He was a shipbuilder at Bridgewater. From 1859-63 he represented Lunenburg County in House of Assembly of Nova Scotia. He was a Reformer.


Fink, John d. 30 Apr 1859 aged 82 yrs, bur. 02 May 1859. Entry dated 30 [Apr] 1859--D. this morning..[one of] our townsfolk John Fink, an old inhabitant


Rhuland, Margery d. 30 Apr 1859 aged 24 yrs, bur. 02 May 1859. Entry dated 30 [Apr] 1859--D. this morning…[one of] our townsfolk, Mrs. Margery Rhuland, w/o William Rhuland, of the prevailing sore throat


Zwicker, Francis d. 11 May 1859 aged 52 yrs. Entry dated 11 May 1859--Died this morning of consumption, Francis Zwicker, of Mahone Bay, merchant of that place


Zwicker, Peter d. 28 May 1859 aged 86 yrs, bur 30 May 1859. Entry dated Mon 30 May 1859--Peter Zwicker an old inhabitant of Mahone Bay, was buried at that place this afternoon, having departed this life on Saturday last. He was known throughout the whole county by the name of King Peter


Mason, Casper d. 10 Jun 1859 aged 45 yrs, bur 12 Jun 1959. Entry dated 10 Jun 1859--D. this morning on the first Peninsula, Casper Mason, of Diphtheria or Sore Throat


Pentz, Jacob d. 1859. Entry dated 23 Jun 1859--Today a Coroner’s inquest was held at Lehave over the body of Jacob Pentz, who accidentally fell from the wharf into the river and was drowned.


Creighton, Joseph b. 11 Feb 1833 at Lunenburg, d. 1874 at Chester. Entry dated Sat 23 Jul 1859--M. at Halifax on Wed. last…Joseph Creighton of this place, barrister, to Lavinia Ruel, d/o the late A.M.Cleary Esq. Of Halifax. Notes: Joseph, s/o John & Mary (Oxner) Creighton


Creighton Ellen S. d. 08 Oct 1859 aged 30 yrs, bur. 11 Oct 1859. Entry dated 08 Oct 1859--D. this a.m., Ellen, eldest d/o late George Creighton, of consumption


Rudolf, Charles. Entry dated 19 Oct 1859--Mrs. Sophia Rudolf (widow of the late Captn. Chas Rudolf) and family left here this p.m.for Boston…


Zwicker, Henry Edmund d. 30 Oct 1859 aged 47 yrs, bur. 02 Nov 1859. Entry dated 30 Oct 1859--D. this morning…, Edmund Henry Zwicker, my brother in law. Notes: He was s/o John Zwicker.


Zwicker, Emily Hazen d. 06 Jan 1860 aged 8 mos. Entry dated 06 Jan 1860--D. this p.m…Emily Hazen, infant d/o my brother in law Wm. Zwicker


Rudolf, Cecilia d/o the late John C. Rudolf, d. 28 Mar 1860---Died at Halifax on Wednesday morning last after a long and severe illness, second daughter of the late John C. Rudolf, Esqr., of this place.


Rudolf, Mrs. Charlotte wid/o the late John Christopher Rudolf, d. 13 Aug 1860, aged 75 years.


Biggs, (Unknown) d/o William Biggs, bur. 06 Nov 1860---That terrible disease, which has been so long lingering amongst us, the "Diptheria", still commits its ravages; a daughter of Wm. Biggs having been carried to the grave yard this afternoon [Tuesday], who died of that disease.


Anderson, Francis B. s/o John Anderson, d. 17 Dec 1860, aged 31 years, bur. 20 Dec 1860---Died this afternoon [Monday] at 3 O’Clock, Francis B. Anderson, blacksmith. Attended the funeral of the late Francis B. Anderson this afternoon [Thursday], a large number of persons were in attendance.


Shaffleberg, Elkanah, d. 01 Jan 1861---This morning [Tuesday] a man, living a short distance from this town, named Elkanah Shaffleberg, while cutting ice from the wheel of the Mill, slipped on to the wheel and carried round until he came in contact with a second wheel when he was immediately deprived of life.


Heckman, Mrs. Elizabeth w/o John Heckman, d. 20 Jan 1861, aged 70 years, bur. 23 Jan 1861---Died this morning [Sunday] at 7 O’Clock, Mrs. Elizabeth Heckman (wife of John Heckman, Esqr., Custos of this County) after an illness of a few day. Attended the funeral of the late Mrs. Elizabeth Heckman this afternoon [Wednesday].


Bremner, Robert, d. 12 Feb 1861, aged 75 years, bur.14 Feb 1861---Died this morning [Tuesday] at 4 O’Clock, Robert Bremner aged 75 years. The deceased was the oldest ship Captain in this port; during a period of over fifty years he has almost constantly traveled over the stormy sea; while very many ship masters belonging to this port, during my sojourn here, which is thirty six years, have found a watery grave, far away from their families and friends, the deceased has been permitted to die in his own house and in the midst of his relations. Attended the funeral of the late Captn. Robert Bremner this afternoon [Thursday].


Mason, Peter, d. 24 Feb 1861, bur. 27 Feb 1861---The funeral of the late Peter Mason, of the 1st peninsula, who died on Sunday last, took place this afternoon [Wednesday].


Rees, John Edward, d. 29 Jul 1861---Found dead in his bed this morning [Monday] at Mahone Bay. A Coroners jury was held on the body of deceased and a verdict returned of "died by the visitation of God"... Notes: He was about 70 years of age at the time of his death.


Ernst, Henry, d. 17 Oct 1861, aged 67 years, bur. 20 Oct 1861---Died this afternoon [Thursday] at 4 O’Clock, Henry Ernst, aged 67 years; he held the office of Prothonitary and was also a Justice of the Peace. This afternoon [Sunday] the remains of the late Henry Ernst were consigned to their last resting place; a large number of people attended the funeral.


Oxner, Catherine Frederica wid/o the late John Oxner, d. 19 Nov 1861, aged 89 years---Died this evening [Tuesday] at 7 O’Clock.


Young, Sophia Matilda w/o John Young, d. 21 Nov 1861, aged 32 years---Died this evening [Thursday] after an illness of only about two hours duration, Sophia Matilda, wife of John Young, master shipbuilder.


McDonald, James, Pictou, d. 26 Nov 1861---A tragic scene took place this forenoon [Tuesday] at the "Ovens" gold diggings. Some persons there had been amusing themselves firing at a Target with a revolver pistol which contained five charges; Mr. Traunweiser of this place had the pistol in his hand, and supposing that all the charges had been fired out, called out to a friend of his, a Mr. James McDonald, who was coming along the road, to clear the way or he would fire at him; to which McDonald immediately replied "fire away". Traunweiser pulled the trigger, and to the consternation of all around, McDonald fell dead... McDonald’s remains were brought over to this town, from the gold diggings this evening. Entry dated 28 Nov 1861 - The remains of McDonald were taken away today [Thursday] and are being carried to Pictou for interment.


Lindsay, Louisa w/o Robert Lindsay, d. 21 Feb 1863, aged 38 years---Died at noon [Saturday], daughter of the late John Trider.


Heckman [Unknown] d/o Mrs. Francis Heckman, Heckman’s Island, d. 19 Mar 1863, aged about 20 years---This evening [Wednesday] a melancholy occurance took place; the Daughter of Mrs. Francis Heckman, a widow, of Heckman’s Island, being on her way home from Town undertook to cross over to the Island on the Ice, when she suddenly broke through and was drowned. Her cries were heard from the Island, and although persons were soon on the spot, yet not soon enough to save her life.


1828-1900. Notes: …s/o Thomas Belcher and Anna (Byles) DesBrisay, was b. in Chester, N.S… and d. at Bridgewater, N.S…He was a lawyer, a Member of the Legislative Assembly of N.S., as the representative of Lunenburg County, 1867-76, Speaker of the House of Assembly of N.S., 1875-76, and County Court judge 1876-97. He wrote History of Lunenburg County (Halifax,, 1895).


Young, Caroline w/o Captn. Edward Young, d. 05 May 1863, aged 51 years---Died this morning [Tuesday] at 5 O’Clock, after a lingering illness. The decreased was wife of Captn. Edward Young, of the packet Schooner "Sylvia" of this place.


1830-1896. Notes: Henry Adolphus Newman, s/o John Henry and Sophia Frederica (Newman) Kaulbach, was b. at Lunenburg in 1839 and d. in Ottawa in 1896. He obtained a degree in law from Harvard University. He represented Lunenburg County, as a Conservative, in the House of Assembly of N.S. 1863-67. He was a Senator from 1872 to his death. He m. (1) Eunice Sophia, d/o John Harris, of Thornhill, Kings County, N.S., and (2) Sophia Anne, d/o H.G. Ryland of Montreal.


Slocombe, William S.,1810-1865. Notes: …s/o Caleb and Sarah (Lennnahan) Slocomb [sic], was b. in Annapolis Royal, N.S., in 1810, and died at Bridgewater, N.S., in 1865. He was educated at Bowdoin College, Maine,and studied medicine at Philadelphia and London. He was a physician. He represented Lunenburg County as a Liberal-Conservative, in the House of Assembly of N.S., 1863-65. He m. Emeline, d/o Capt. Andrew and Catherine Little of Liverpool, N.S., in 1839.


Jacobs, Dr. Godfrey, d. 28 May 1863, aged 69 years---Died this afternoon [Thursday], very suddenly, of disease of the heart. Dr. Jacobs was a resident of this place, for upwards of 40 years, all of which time he practiced at his profession as Physician. Notes: ...(?1794-1863) was b. in Halifax, N.S., and d. in Lunenburg, N.S. He practised medicine in Lunenburg for over 40 years. He m. Mary Ann, d/o Rev. Thomas Shreve.


Hunt J William s/o Alexander and Sarah Hunt, d. 10 Oct 1863, bur. 14 Oct 1863---Died this evening [Saturday] in the 28th year of his age. This afternoon [Wednesday] the remains of the late Wm. Hunt were carried to their resting place. The deceased being a Volunteer in his lifetime, was buried with Military honors. The Volunteer Rifle Company headed the funeral procession to the graveyard, after the burial service was read, twelve of the men fired three volleys.


Crooks, Enos, d. 05 Dec 1863, bur. 08 Dec 1863---Another young man by name of Enos Crooks who departed this life on Saturday last, belonging to the Volunteer Rifle Company, was interred this afternoon [Tuesday], he was buried with Military honors.


Solomon George s/o George T. Solomon. Today [Friday, March 4, 1864] the family of George T. Solomon, Esqr., (Lawyer), were suddenly thrown into deep mourning by the sad and afflicting news of the death of his two sons. John, the eldest son, was master of a ship, owned in Canso, and by last accounts from him, he had arrived at Philadelphia, and was loading there for another port; at noon today the Telegraph brought the melancholy news that he had been drowned. Only a few hours had elapsed, when the Mail arrived from Halifax, bringing the further lamentable tidings, that their son George had been lost overboard, and all exertions could not save him; this Son had shipped as a sailor on board a new ship, called the "Tecumseh", belonging to Liverpool, N.S., and bound for Liverpool, England.


Unknown, d. bef 16 Mar 1864---This afternoon (Wednesday) a man was found dead, lying inside of a fence, on the road to Mahone Bay; the body was partially covered with snow, and appeared as though it had lain there for several days; it is supposed he was traveling along the road, became weary, got over the fence, and laid himself down to sleep and in all probability was frozen to death. By the looks of his clothes he was very poor; -- nobody knew him.


Oxner J Lewis s/o the late John Oxner, d. 30 Mar 1864, aged 49 years, bur. 02 Apr 1864---Died this morning [Wednesday] 8 O’Clock suddenly, J. Lewis Oxner, son of the late John Oxner, and first cousin to my wife. The remains of J. Lewis Oxner were consigned to their last resting place this afternoon [Saturday].


Gaetz Unknown of Halifax, m/o Adolphus Gaetz, d. 17 Apr 1864, bur. 20 Apr 1864---This morning [Monday, 18 Apr] I received the melancholy tidings by Telegraph, of the death of my dear Mother, which sad event took place yesterday at 12 O’Clock noon. This morning [Tuesday, 19 Apr] at 6 O’Clock I left Lunenburg, in the Mail Coach, for Halifax, and arrived at that place at 8 O’Clock this evening. This afternoon [Wednesday, 20 Apr] at 4 O’Clock, in the midst of a furious snow storm, the mortal remains of my beloved Mother were conveyed to their last resting place, followed by a large number of friends and acquaintances. She was laid side by side with sister Harriett who died several years ago.


Gaetz Harriett of Halifax, sister/o Adolphus Gaetz, d. bef. 20 Apr 1864---This morning [Monday, 18 Apr] I received the melancholy tidings by Telegraph, of the death of my dear Mother, which sad event took place yesterday at 12 O’Clock noon. This morning [Tuesday, 19 Apr] at 6 O’Clock I left Lunenburg, in the Mail Coach, for Halifax, and arrived at that place at 8 O’Clock this evening. This afternoon [Wednesday, 20 Apr] at 4 O’Clock, in the midst of a furious snow storm, the mortal remains of my beloved Mother were conveyed to their last resting place, followed by a large number of friends and acquaintances. She was laid side by side with sister Harriett who died several years ago.


Zwicker, Frederica, d. 30 May 1864, aged 88 years, bur. 2 Jun 1864. This morning, [Adolphus Gaetz’] Mother-in-law, Mrs. Frederica Zwicker, departed this life after a long lingering illness, having been confined for four or five years to her room; she had arrived to the advanced age of 88 years. Notes: Mrs. John Zwicker


Lowd Mrs. Ann d/o Mrs. George Creighton, Lunenburg, d. 30 May1864, bur. 06 June 6 1864---This afternoon the Body … was consigned to its last resting place. The decreased … had been living in Boston for several years past, and was married at that place about two months ago; she became a victim to that fatal disease Consumption and died on Tuesday evening last; her husband had her body coffined, and brought her on here overland to her Mother’s house, to be interred side by side with her father, sister, and other relatives who had departed this life some time before. Her remains arrived here on Saturday night last.


Creighton, Unknown, d. bef. 6 Jun 1864 --- This afternoon [Monday 6 Jun 1864] the Body of Mrs.Ann Lowd was consigned to its last resting place. The deceased, (formerly Ann Creighton and d/o Mrs. George Creighton of thie town) had been living in Boston for several years past, and was married at that place about two months ago; she became a victim to that fatal disease Consumption and died on Tuesday evening last; her husband had her body coffined, and brought her on here overland to her Mother’s house, to be interred side by side with her father, sister, and other relatives who had departed this life some time before. Her remains arrived here on Saturday night last.


Heckman Mrs. Sarah w/o William Heckman, d/o Hon.. John Creighton, d. 03 Aug 1864, aged 44 years, bur. 05 Aug1864---Died this morning [Aug. 3] of Consumption. This afternoon amidst the heavy rain, the remains… were consigned to their last resting place.


Marshall John, [Rev.], Methodist minister, d. 12 July 1864, bur. 15 July 1864---Died this morning [Tuesday]. Superannuated. Notes: Ordained in England in 1818 and had pastorates in the West Indies and in the Maritime Provinces. He was in his 78th year at the time of his death. The funeral of the late Revd. John Marshall took place this afternoon [Friday].


Metzler William A., hotel keeper, d. 14 July 1864, aged 38 years, bur. 16 July 1864---Died this morning [Thursday] very suddenly. The remains … were consigned to their last resting place this afternoon [Saturday]. The Freemasons attended, dressed in their regalia, the deceased being one of the fraternity.


Seaboyer David, Master of the Schooner Louisa---Wednesday, Sept. 28, 1864 - This evening the sad news reached town of the death of David Seaboyer … who died at Demara of Yellow Fever; decreased has left a widow and four children to lament their loss.


Cumming John M. s/o Alexander Cumming, d. 20 Oct 1864 at Liverpool, bur. 22 Oct 1864---Friday, 21st - Alexr. Cumming’s son brought home from Liverpool a Corpse, he died there of slow fever yesterday. Saturd. 22nd.- This afternoon the remains … were carried to their last resting place; belonging to the Volunteers, the Rifle Company, and the Volunteer Company, attended the funeral.


Burke John, d. 29 Oct 1864, bur. 01 Nov 1864---Saturday, 29th - Died very suddenly at noon … The decreased held the situation of Sexton in St. John’s Church in this Town for 40 years, and held also the situation of Jailor for the same period.


Mason Unknown w/o Frederick Mason, First Peninsula, aged 79 years, bur. 03 Jan 1865---Attended as Pall Bearer, the funeral … an old and respected inhabitant of that place [First Peninsula], she had reached the good age of 79 years.


Knickle Lewis, d. Dec 1864, bur. Jan1865---Friday, 27th (January) - This evening the remains of Lewis Knickle, who was drowned about seven weeks ago, from off one of the Halifax wharves, was brought home for interment.


Bolman Miss Mary, Lehave, d/o late Dr. John Bolman, Lunenburg, d. 06 Feb 1865, aged 77 years, bur. 09 Feb. 9 1865---Tuesday, 7th - Died yesterday at the Lehave, where she has been residing for some years past … Thursday, 9th - Attended the funeral, this afternoon, as Pall Bearer … Revd. Mr. Spike, of Petit Riviere, officiated & preached a sermon on the occasion.


Meixner Edward, d. 8 Feb 1865, aged 65 years, bur. 11 Feb 1865---Died yesterday evening [Wednesday] suddenly, Edwd. Meixner, Boat builder, aged 65 years. Attended the funeral of the late Edwd. Meixner this afternoon [Saturday], as Pall Bearer.


Legge Benjamin, d. 07 Nov 1864 at Mahone Bay, aged 61 years--- Monday, 7th - Died this afternoon at Mahone Bay in this County,


Meyra Hannah w/o Andrew Meyra, d. 17 Jun 1865, aged 67 years, bur. 19 Jun 1865---Died this morning [Saturday], Hannah wife of Andrew Meyra, Cooper, aged 67 years. [Monday] Attended the funeral of the late Hannah Meyra.


Notes: James Stannage, s/o Dr. Godfrey and Mary Ann (Shreve) Jacobs, was b. Lunenburg 27 Mar 1836, d. Lunenburg 3 Feb 1891. He was a physician and practised medicine in Lunenburg for about 31 years. He m. Henrietta, d/o Lieut. Samuel Huyghue, of the 60th Regiment.


Blair Unknown s/o John Blair---Wednesd. 19th [July 1865] - The brig Chilian, Willm. Young, Master, arrived from Porto Rico. The master and crew took the yellow fever at that port, but recovered; one man, son of John Blair, shoemaker of this place, took the fever after leaving Porto Rico, and died eight days after; he was buried in the Sea.


Zwicker Francis H., Mahone Bay, d. 21 Jul 1865, aged 28 years---Died at Mahone Bay this morning [Friday] of Consumption, Francis H. Zwicker, aged 28 years, son of the late Francis Zwicker, of Mahone Bay, deceased.


Selig Joseph, d. 18 Aug 1865, aged 57 years, bur. 21 Aug 1865---[Friday] Died Mr. Joseph Selig, Blacksmith, of this town, aged 57 years. The funeral of the late Joseph Selig, took place this afternoon [Monday].


Lonus [Lohnes?] Michael, d. 18 Sep 1865---Tuesday, 19th - The news was flashed over the Telegraph this forenoon, that Michael Lonus, of this place, had died at Halifax yesterday evening after an illness of a few days…


Slocomb Doctor William, d. 25 Sep 1865---Died at Bridgewater yesterday [Monday], after a painful illness, Doctor William Slocomb, Member of the House of Assembly for this County.


Unknown, d. Sep 1865, Notes: Monday, 2nd (Oct)---About a fortnight ago a Brig. laden with Coal, was picked up some distance from the mouth of the Lehave River. Soon after the Vessel was anchored, it was ascertained that all the Crew (except the Captain) had landed on the Lehave shore; they were sought for and all found, except two Germans; those of the men who were captured stated that the Captain had been knocked overboard by the Main Boom and was drowned. A number of other questions were asked them, but their answers were all so plausible, the Authorities supposing they were telling the truth finally discharged them. A few days after their discharge here they arrived at Halifax where they were immediately taken into custody on suspicion; after under-going a rigid examination they confessed to the murder of the Captain, and did not dare to utter the lies put forth here. [Note: This vessel was the brigt. Zero. See Halifax papers of October, and November, 1865)


Ernst Mrs Sophia, d. 7 Oct 1865, aged 92 years, bur. 11 Oct 1865---This afternoon [Wednesday] the remains of the late Mrs. Sophia Ernst were carried to their last resting place. The deceased died on Saturday morning last and was one of our oldest inhabitants, having arrived to the age of 92 years.


Solomon Elizabeth M. w/o Edward Solomon, d/o Captain Cleary, d. 30 Oct 1865, aged 34 years, bur. 2 Nov 1865---Died, this evening [Monday] at 11 o’clock, Elizabeth M., wife of Edwd. Solomon, (county Surveyor), and daughter of the late Captn. Cleary of Halifax. Aged 34 years. The body of the late Mrs. Elizabeth M. Solomon, was carried to the Grave this afternoon [Thursday].


Young Casper, bur. 15 Nov 1865---Thurs. 16th - Melancholy accident. On Wednesday a man by name of Casper Young, wheelwright, living a couple of miles from here; while descending the stairs of his house, with a Baby in his arms, his foot slipt, and he fell down to the bottom, bruising his head in such a manner that he only survived a few minutes after; he was buried in the grave yard in this town yesterday. Strange to say the baby received no injury. [Note: ‘On Wednesday’ may be in error. Otherwise Young died a week prior to being buried - or if he was buried the same day.]


Falkenheim Unknown, w/o Levi Falkenheim, d. 2 Dec 1865---Last Saturday, a woman, living at Lehave, Wife of Levi Falkenheim, was accidentally drowned in a Well near her dwelling. It is supposed that while in the act of drawing a pail of water, she over-balanced herself, and the Well not being sufficiently protected she fell in.


Harris Elisha s/o Silas Harris, d. 9 Mar 1866, aged about 23 years---Monday, 12th - The Brigantine ‘Chilion’, owned by Jas. Eisnor & co., arrived this morning from the West Indies, having on board the Corpse of one of her crew named Elisha Harris, (son of Silas Harris of this place) a young man of about 23, who came to his death on Friday last under the following circumstances; while the Captain who was on deck, was reprimanding the Cook of said vessel for being drunk, the deceased being partly intoxicated, rushed on the Master and grasped him by the throat, the Master attempting to relieve himself from the grasp of young Harris, a scuffle ensued and both fell on the deck, Harris striking his head violently which caused instant death. A Coroners Jury having thoroughly investigated the matter; exonerated the Captain (Benjn. Westhefer), from all blame & brought in a Verdict of accidental death.


Dulton George, d. Winter 1865-66---Wednesd. 25 [Apr 1866]---The death of George Dulton, a young man belonging to this place, is also announced; he was on board one of the fishing Schooners, still frozen in at Newfoundland, and while in the performance of his duty was obliged to cross the ice, in so doing he fell through and was seen no more.


Eisner John, Master of the "Cirocco", d. Winter 1865-66---Wed. 25th [April 1866]--Last Autumn a number of fishing Vessels of this port sailed for the "Bay of Islands", Nfld and, winter weather setting in unexpectedly, they became ice bound. One Vessel however, the Cirocco, [sic] got away before the ice set in; soon after her departure a fearful gale was experienced; nothing having been heard of her since the day of sailing, which was several months. By the Mail this evening, the startling intelligence was received from Newfoundland that the Stern and other parts of the Sirocco had been found on that shore. Six Widows and a number of Children, have been left to mourn the loss of their husbands and fathers; and fathers and mothers are left to mourn the loss of their Sons, several of the Crew being unmarried and the only support of their widowed Mothers. Other crewmembers: Ham Henry, married; Tanner Jasper, married; Miller Edward, married; Boehner John, married; Burn George, married; Leary Joseph, unmarried; Heisler Thomas, unmarried; Jost Simon, unmarried


Fultz William, d. 6 May 1866---This morning [Sunday] the Carpenter, Willm. Fultz, died after much suffering. (Note: He fell from a scaffold a distance of 20 feet on Saturday the 5th, while working at Henry King’s Hotel).


Rudolf Mary Eliza, w/o John C. Rudolf, d. 19 May 1866, bur. 22 May 1866---Died at 11 O’Clock this forenoon [Saturday] after a lingering illness...aged 51 years. The deceased was my Wife’s only sister.


Page Henry, bur. 22 May 1866---The funeral of my late Sister-in-law Mary Eliza Rudolf, took place this afternoon [Tuesday] at 3 O’Clock. Immediately after, the remains of a poor man, named Henry Page, who died very suddenly and was without friends or relatives in this world, were carried to their resting place; the train which had followed the first corpse, took charge of this last one and saw it decently interred.


Young John, d. 17 Sep 1866, aged 41 years, bur. 19 Sep 1866---Died this afternoon [Monday] 6 o’clock, Mr. John Young, Master Shipwright, of this town, aged 41 years, regretted by all who knew him. The funeral of the late John Young took place this afternoon [Wednesday] at 3 o’clock amid torrents of rain.


Finck Simeon, d. 2 Dec 1866, aged 27 years, bur. 5 Dec 1866---Died this evening [Sunday] after a lingering illness. (Consumption), Simeon Finck, Merchant of this town, aged 27 years, much regretted by all who knew him.


Young Sophia w/o Captain Edward Young, d/o George Anderson, d. 16 Dec 1866, aged 39 years---Died early this morning [Sunday], Mrs. Sophia Young, wife of Captn. Edwd. Young, and daughter of George Anderson, Blacksmith, aged 39 years.


Blair John, d. 19 Mar 1867, aged 69 years---Died [Tuesday] after a lingering illness, John Blair, Shoemaker, aged 69 years. The decreased was of Scottish birth, and a resident of this town for nearly a half Century.


Notes: Eisenhauer James Daniel, b. 1 Jan 1832, d. 16 Nov 1896---..b. at Lunenburg…educated at Lunenburg Academy…a merchant. On 17 Dec. 1859, m. Mary ann Begg. He was a MLA for Lunenburg county, 1867-68, and MP for Lunenburg county, 1886-90. He was a Liberal...d. in Lunenburg.


Moyle Hugh M., d. 16 Jun 1868, aged 50 years, bur. 19 Jun 1868---Died this afternoon [Tuesday] at a quarter before 6 o’clock, Hugh M. Moyle, Custom House Officer for this port, aged 50 years. The funeral of the late H.M. Moyle took place this afternoon [Friday] at 4 o’clock; a large number of persons attended. Pall Bearers, A. Gaetz; H.S. Jost; Alexr. Fraser; J. Josh. Rudolf; Edwd. Solomon; Wm. N. Zwicker.


Williams Mrs. John, d. 7 Sep 1868, bur. 10 Sep 1868, First Peninsula---The funeral of the late Mrs. John Williams of First Peninsula, who died on Monday evening last, took place this afternoon [Thursday].


Finck Susan w/o Simeon Finck, d. 22 Dec 1868, bur. 25 Dec 1868---Died at noon to day [Tuesday], Mrs. Susan Finck (widow of the late Simeon Finck, Merchant), in the 24th year of her age.


Corkum Catherine w/o Peter Corkum, Shipbuilder, d. 22 Mar 1869, aged 45 years, bur. 25 Mar 1869---Died at midnight [Monday]. Catherine Corkum, wife of Peter Corkum, Shipbuilder, aged 45 years.


Demone Jacob, d. 26 Jun 1869---...Bears having been seen in the vicinity of this town... a party of three set out this evening [Saturday] for the purpose of watching their sheep and killing these supposed Bears should they be seen... about 9 o’clock in the evening, Jacob Demone... separated from his two companions unobserved; not long after something black was seen... near the sheep by these two persons whom Jacob Demone had left; presuming this to be a Bear, they both fired their guns... a scream was heard... they found that they had shot their companion Jacob Demone...who lingered about six hours, explaining before he died that it was his own fault and nobody else could be blamed...


Smith Jacob, d. 2 Aug 1868, aged 80 years, bur. 4 Aug 1869---Thursd. 5th - Death. I omitted noticing under last Monday’s date, the death of Mr. Jacob Smith, an old and respected inhabitant of this place, who died at Cross Island on that day; his remains were brought to town on the same day, and his funeral took place yesterday afternoon. He was for many years keeper of the Light House on Cross Island, and after a lingering illness breathed his last on Monday at the advanced age of 80 years.


Finck Mrs. Lucy w/o John Finck, d. 8 Aug 1869, aged 62 years, bur. 10 Aug 1869--Sunday, 8th - Died this afternoon Mrs. Lucy Finck, aged 62 years, Mother of Stephen Finck, (merchant of this town), and wife of John Finck.


Metzler Mrs. Lucy w/o Casper Metzler, d. 13 Nov 1869--Saturd. 13th - Died this morning at 2 o’clock, Wife of Casper Metzler of this town. 43 years ago I stood as Groomsman at the Marriage... over 50 guests were present and all enjoyed a right merry evening.


Zwicker Catherine w/o Austin Zwicker, d. 19 Nov 1869, aged 30 years, bur. 21 Nov 1869--Friday, 19th - Died this morning... daughter of Captn. Edwd. Young.


Jost Captn. Alexander, d. Nov 1869, Thursd. 25th--A Telegram received to day from Canso brought the melancholy intelligence that Captn. Alexander Jost, of this place was accidentally drowned at Sea.


Parker Anna, d/o Obadiah Parker, Tanner, d. 8 Dec 1869, aged 25 years, bur. 10 Dec 1869, Wed 8th--Died this morning. Fri, 10th - The funeral... took place this afternoon; her remains were conveyed to the North West Range and interred in the Baptist Grave Yard...


Anderson Sarah Ann w/o Benjamin Anderson, d. 15 Jan 1870, aged 23 years--Sat 15th - Died this evening, Sarah Ann, Wife of Benjamin Anderson, aged 23 years.


Ernst Mrs. Elizh. wid/o the late Captn. Casper Ernst, d. 13 May 1870, in Boston--Monday, 23rd - Intelligence received of death... a native and resident [of Lunenburg]; husband lost at sea in the year 1829; about 18 years ago she and daughter Rebecca removed to Boston to better their situation, and where the daughter still resides.


Kaulbach Mrs. Sophia w/o Joshua Kaulbach, d. 12 Sep 1870, aged 60 years, bur. 14 Sep 1870--Mond. 12th - Died at noon ...after short but severe illness. Wed. 14th - The funeral took place this afternoon at half past 3, attended by a large number of relations and friends.


Geldert George, d. 25 Nov 1870, aged 68 years, bur. 27 Nov 1870--Wed 23rd - ...This afternoon struck down with paralysis and faint hopes of recovery. Fri 25th - Departed this life at 3 o’clock this morning. Notes: George Geldert represented Lunenburg in Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia, 1855-59.


Sponagle Mrs. Ann wid/o the late Philip Sponagle, merchant, d. 6 Dec 1870, aged 79 years, bur. 9 Dec 1870--Tue 6th - Died this afternoon... Friday, 9th--... Benevolent and steady adherent to the St. John’s Episcopal Church... in her last Will bequeathed the munificent sum of [$400] to that Church.


Creamer John, d. 22 Feb 1871, aged 66 years, bur. 24 Feb 1871--Wed 22nd--- Died this morning at 2 o’clock... formerly been a soldier in the British Army... known throughout the town as a "man of all work"...employed about my premises doing menial work ...for the last fifteen years...


Heckman John, d. 11 Mar 1871, aged 86 years, bur. 14 Mar 1871--Died [Saturday 11th] at noon…formerly a Member of the House of Assembly and for many years held the Offices of Customs and Registrar of Deeds.


Zwicker Joshua, merchant, Mahone Bay, d. 20 Mar 1871, bur. 23 Mar 1871 in Mahone Bay--[Among those drowned in Halifax Harbour after the schooner Phoebe upset in a sudden wind squall.]


McLellan R., merchant, Mahone Bay, d. 20 Mar 1871--[Among those drowned in Halifax Harbour after the schooner Phoebe upset in a sudden wind squall. No reference to recovery of body].


Smith Mrs. Mary Ann w/o William Smith, house carpenter, d. 26 Mar 1871, aged 50 years.


Kaulbach Mrs. Johanna Barbara, d. 21 Apr 1871, aged 102 years, bur. 24 Apr 1871, mother of the present Sheriff... oldest inhabitant in this County.


Kaulbach Joshua, d. 1 May 1871, aged 58 years, bur. 3 May 1871, formerly Merchant in this town, brother of the Sheriff. Mond. 1st- Died this morning, suddenly.


Hall Jane w/o James Hall, carpenter, d. 21 Sep 1871, aged 40 years.


Zwicker Valentine, Blockhouse, d. 23 Sep 1871, aged 98 years, bur. 26 Sep 1871, Deceased was Uncle to my Wife, and one of the oldest inhabitants of this County... much respected by all who knew him.


Acker Mrs. Thomas, 2nd Peninsula, d. Sep 1871, aged 93 years--Wednes. 27th - Another of our aged inhabitants…who lived on the 2nd Peninsula, departed this life a few days ago.


Lawson Mrs. Sarah Norton w/o W.M.B. Lawson, inspector of schools for this county, d. 9 Oct 1871, aged 68 years, bur. 11 Oct 1871, Pallbearers: Robert Schott; Lewis Anderson; J.H. Kaulbach (Sheriff); Daniel Owen Senr.; George T. Solomon, myself.


Wamback Solomon, wife and four children, Rufus, 8; Margaret, 6; Janet, 4; baby, 9 months, Mount Pleasant, d. 8 Oct 1871 [Gaetz gives a lengthy description of murder/suicide] Shouldn’t each of the family members have his/her own entry?


Parker Obadiah, merchant, d. 29 Dec 1871, aged 58 years, bur. 2 Jan 1872, Baptist Burial Ground, Northwest Road.


Smith Mrs. Edwd., 29 Dec 1871, Cross Island, bur. 30 Dec 1871--Sat. 30th - The body was brought to town today and consigned to its last resting place.


Mason Frederick, 1st Peninsula, aged 91 years, bur. 13 Jan 1872, Attended the funeral as pall bearer. The decreased was an old and respected inhabitant.


Dowling Peter, d. 5 Feb 1872, aged 90 years--Mon 5th - Died this evening, an old inhabitant of this place.


Selig Mrs. Elizabeth w/o James D. Selig, d. 25 Feb 1872, aged 56 years.


Gray Charlotte Elizabeth Gilpin w/o Charles Gray M.D., Mahone Bay, and eldest daughter of Revd. W.H. Snyder, rector of Mahone Bay, d. 26 Feb 1872, aged 31 years.


Anderson Jessie d/o George Anderson Jr., d. 10 Mar 1872, aged 14 years.


Boak Mrs. Matilda w/o Robt. Boak Jr., merchant, and eldest daughter of John Anderson, Lunenburg, d. 11 Mar 1872, aged 50 years.


Bolman Ann d/o the late Doctor Bolman, d. 21 Mar 1872, aged 81 years.


Gaetz Amelia d/o Adolphus Gaetz, d. 11 Apr 1872 at New York, bur. 21 Apr 1872 in Lunenburg--Friday 19th. This afternoon the remains of my dear Amelia, accompanied by my two sons, Arnold and William, arrived here in a schooner from Halifax.


Ross William,formerly merchant of this town, d. 25 May 1872, aged 75 years, bur. 27 May 1872.


Notes: William Hopkins, s/o Daniel & Elizabeth Owen, was b. Lunenburg, N.S., 15 Aug 1842. He was a barrister. He was appointed MLA in 1881. He was a Conservative. 8 Oct 1880, he m. Laura E. Tobin. He d. 3 Mar 1928.


Mader Peter of Mader’s Cove, d. 12 Feb 1873--Wednes. 12th. This evening … in returning to his vessel at Eisnor’s Wharf, fell through the wharf, which was undergoing repairs and was drowned.


White William of Black Rocks, d. 1 Mar 1873--Saturd. 1st. This morning … was found dead on the side of the road leading to Heckman’s Island; the cause of his mistaking the road, whether from liquor or otherwise, is not known; when found his face was buried in the snow.


King John, d. 18 Mar 1873, aged 80 years--Tuesd. 18th. Died this evening, John King, an old resident of this place, Aged 80 years.


Gaetz Adolphus, d. Apr 1873.

Abstracted by Betty Ann McDorman & Pat Smith

Dec 2006