Wolves Bounty 1850

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Wolves Bounty 1850
The following is an extract of a detailed financial statement on the returns from the Wolves Bounty, as published in the 1850 edition of the bound Journal of the House of Assembly (JHA) proceedings for the year ending in 1850. The list details the date of payment, the name of license holder and the amount paid in British pounds () to each hunter for wolf pelts sold for the previous year. A bounty on the culling of Newfoundland wolves was legislated by the NL Legislate Assembly in 1839 to aid in the extirpation of this rare subspecies perceived then as a potential threat to NL settler safety, livelihood and subsistence. Note that the title of this act was later changed from Bounty on the Destruction of Wolves (1848-9), Wolves Bounty (1850) to Wolf Killing Act (around 1859). For further information on the now extinct Newfoundland Wolf (Canis lupus beothucus) and this legislative act the reader is directed to the PANL website article titled "The Newfoundland Wolf" (http://www.therooms.ca/museum/mnotes8.asp). Source: JHA (Journal of the House of Assembly) 1850. PANL J 125 K3. 2nd Session of the 4th G. A. Submitted by an anonymous researcher.


Financial Secretary Office


Feb. 26 - " Maurice Lewis 52
155 0 0

- " Bernard John ..
10 0 0

March 3
- " John Stephenson 54
5 0 0

- " Henry Cull 5 0 0-25 00

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