1945 Census

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1945 Census

Settlement of Spruce Brook

Microfilm Reel #M-8067; Pages M - Married; S - single; W - widow; "-" - blank or cannot transcribe the writing.
Transcribed by LAVERNE (PERRIER) CORMIER, December 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors or errors of translation.
Name Relation Status Age Birthplace District in 1935
Pike, GeorgeHeadM27WithbourneSíville Xing
Pike, Mary M.WifeM33CodroySíville Xing
Pike, Patricia M.Dau-4Síville Xing-
Pike, George G. jr.Son-8/12Síville Xing-
Chaisson, AgnesNoneS18SearstonSearston

Cross, Clyde L.HeadM29CanadaSíville Xing
Cross, LeoneWifeM30Port au PortSíville Xing
Cross, VictoriaDau-6Síville Xing-
Cross, Mary A. M.Dau-3Síville Xing-
Cross, Clyde J.Son-2Síville Xing-
Cross, RosemaryDau-10/12Síville Xing-

Simon, John E.HeadM43Port au PortSíville Xing
Simon, Mary L.Wife M47Port au PortSíville Xing
Simon, Michael J.SonS18Síville XingSíville Xing
Simon, Bridget A.Dau-17Síville XingSíville Xing
Simon, Mary L.Dau-15Síville XingSíville Xing
Simon, Kathleen M.Dau-12Síville XingSíville Xing
Bennett, Donald J.Adopted Son-1Síville Xing-
Laney, Gordon J.Nephew-1Codroy-

Madore, John N.HeadM45StephenvilleSíville Xing
Madore, MargaretWifeM40Port au PortSíville Xing
Madore, RaymondSon-11Síville XingSíville Xing
Madore, TerrenceSon-9Síville Xing-
Madore, Mary G.Dau-7Síville Xing-
Madore, ClaytonSon-1Síville Xing-

Kent, Ronald J.HeadM40Conception B.Gambo
Kent, Frederick (sic)WifeM39CanadaGambo
Kent, Pauline M.(blank)S17Conception B.Gambo
Kent, Margaret A.(blank)-15Conception B.Gambo
Kent, James J.Son-14Conception B.Gambo
Kent, Winnifred M.(blank)-12Conception B.Gambo
Kent, Ronald jr.Son-9Gambo-
Kent, Dennis F.Son-7Gambo-
Kent, Michael J.Son-5Gambo-
Kent, Patricia K.Dau-7/12Síville Xing-

McDonald, Ralph J.HeadM48St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
McDonald, Mary A.WifeM37Port au PortSíville Xing
McDonald, James W.SonS18St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
McDonald, Gerald F.Son-13St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
McDonald, Marie (?) Ch.Dau-12Síville XingSíville Xing
McDonald, Collin J.Son-9Síville Xing-
McDonald, Edna M.Dau-8Síville Xing-
McDonald, Norma P.Dau-4Síville Xing-

Lefitte, Will. Thos.HeadM49Port au PortSíville Xing
Lefitte, AdaWifeM45St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
Lefitte, AugustusFoster SonS18Port au PortSíville Xing
Lefitte, MaryFoster Dau-14StephenvilleSíville Xing

Howell, Arthur D.HeadM39WithbourneSíville Xing
Howell, Lillian J.WifeM28St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
Howell, Gloria W.Dau-3St. Georgeís-

Young, James D.HeadW63St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
Rose, Herbert J.NoneM32R------ BaySíville Xing
Rose, DorothyWifeM23St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
Rose, WallaceSon-6Síville Xing-
Rose, HerbertSon-5Síville Xing-
Rose, ClaudineDau-3Síville Xing-
Rose, CecilSon-2Síville Xing-
Rose, RitaDau-11/12Síville Xing-

Parsons, Mathew I.HeadM34Port au PortSíville Xing
Parsons, EthelWifeM33Fortune BayCorner Brook
Parsons, Mathew M. jr.Son-3/12Corner Brook-

Pike, MosesHeadM72CarbonearSíville Xing
Pike, JuliaWifeM59Harbor GraceSíville Xing
Pike, William C.SonS24St. JohnísSíville Xing
Pike, GordonSon (adopted)S17Port au ChoixSíville Xing
Pike, Christina M.Dau (adopted)-9St. Johnís-

Pike, Edward M.HeadM36St. JohnísSíville Xing
Pike, Christina P.WifeM34CanadaSíville Xing
Pike, Delores P.DauS13Corner BrookSíville Xing
Pike, Edward L.Son-10Corner BrookSíville Xing
Pike, Ester V.Dau-9Síville Xing-
Pike, Elaine S.Dau-6Corner Brook-
Pike, Tex GlennSon-3Corner Brook-

Delaney, Joseph A.HeadM53St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
Delaney, Katherine M.WifeM51Argentia (??)Síville Xing
Delaney, Gerald V.Son-21St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
Delaney, Alicia M.Dau-20St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
Delaney, Margaret A.Dau-16St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
Delaney, Timothy R.Son-15Síville XingSíville Xing

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
ROSE Herbert Rose, place of birth is Fortune Bay not R_ _ _ Bay. Tracy

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