1945 Census

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1945 Census

Settlement of Shallop Cove

Microfilm Reel #M-8067; Pages 88 - 93 M - Married; S - single; W - widow; "-" - blank or cannot transcribe the writing.
Transcribed by NORINE MACK, August 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors or errors of translation.
Surname Given Name Relation Status Age Birthplace District in 1935
CutlerGordonheadw58St. GeoSt. Geo
CutlerEllasiss60St. Geo

CutlerLloydheadm30St. GeoSt. Geo
CutlerHazel Marydaus4

CutlerWilson Jheads62St. GeoCanada

CutlerClydeheadm59St. GeoSt. Geo

CutlerHaroldheadm57?St. GeoSt. Geo
CutlerElizabeth Wilhelminagrchilds1

HavelSydneyheadm68Hermitage BaySt. Geo
HavelRosewifem60St. GeoSt. Geo

LeeJohnheadm26Fortune BaySt. Geo
LeeLorettawifem22St. Geo
LeeGeorge Herbertsons5/12

ColombFlorenceheadw50?St. GeoSt. Geo
ColombWilliam Francissons26

DoucetWilliamheadm68St. GeoSt. Geo

YoungJohnheadm61St. GeoSt. Geo

WhiteFrancis Josephheadm48St. GeoSt. Geo
WhiteMary Helendaus9

BlanchardMaryheadw68St. GeoSt. Geo

BenoitLeeheadm36St. GeoSt. Geo
Benoit Winnia? dau s 10
Benoit Shirley dau s 8
Benoit G___t son s 3
Benoit Julia dau s

Benoit Vi___ son s 11/12

Alexander Adolph head m 39 St. Geo St. Geo
Alexander Mary wife m 34
Alexander George son s 15
Alexander Gerald son s 13
Alexander Susan dau s 12
Alexander Mercides dau s 9
Alexander Joan dau s 6
Alexander Theresa dau s 3
King Theresa none s 22
King Lorraine none s 11/12

Alexander James J head m 71 St. Geo St. Geo
Alexander Eulalie wife m 66
Alexander Fred son s 29
Alexander Raymond son s 22

Barry John head m 37 St. Geo St. Geo
Barry Annie wife m 32
Barry William son s 17
Barry Ronald son s 15
Barry Bernard son s 13
Barry John son s 11
Barry James
son s 9
Barry Clayton son s 7
Barry Joseph son s 5
Barry Marnie dau s 1

Blanchard Alfred head m 59 St. Geo St. Geo
Blanchard Gertrude wife m 48
Blanchard Charles son s 26
Blanchard Elizabeth dau s 17
Blanchard Thomas son s 14
Blanchard Carrol son s 12
Blanchard Regina dau s 10
Blanchard Gerald son s 8
Blanchard Marie dau s 2

Blanchard Manuel head w 51 St. Geo St. Geo
Blanchard Reginold son s 21
Blanchard Sophia dau s 18
Blanchard Lydia dau s 16
Blanchard Cornelius son s 14

Blanchard Marcel head s 51 St. Geo St. Geo
Blanchard Marguerite sis s 41

Blanchard Louis head m 49 St. Geo St. Geo
Blanchard Esther wife m 47
Blanchard Bernadette dau s 12
Blanchard Raymond son s 8

Blanchard Walter head m 47 St. Geo St. Geo
Blanchard Marguerite wife m 46
Blanchard Grace dau s 23
Blanchard Stephen son s 19
Blanchard Louise dau s 18
Blanchard Ronald son s 16
Blanchard Michael son s 14
Blanchard Maurice son s 12

Blanchard Charles head m 60 St. Geo St. Geo

Benoit Adelaide head m 51 St. Geo St. Geo
Benoit Francis son s 35
Boyle Everett grson s 10
Boyle David grson s 8
Boyle Ronald grson s 7
Boyle Anita grdau s 1

Benoit Frank head m 61 St. Geo St. Geo

Perrir# Wilfred head m 48 St. Geo St. Geo
Perrier Harriet wife m 46
Perrier Fred son s 27
Young Pearl niece s 13 Deer Lake Deer Lake
# spelling on census was different for first entry

Galfin Berthe head m 40 St. Geo St. Geo
Galfin Llewelyn son s 17
Galfin Thomas son s 15
Galfin Arthur son s 13
Galfin James son s 11
Galfin Ruby dau s 9

Pieroway Llewellen head m 66 St. Geo St. Geo
Pieroway Mary wife m 47
Ward Herb son/law m 32
Ward Mary wife m 25
Ward John son s 4
Ward Leroy son s 2
Ward Leonard son s 1

Pieroway Wilfred head m 33 St. geo St. Geo
Pieroway Marguerite wife m 32
Pieroway Viola dau s 12
Pieroway William son s 10
Pieroway Donald son s 6

White Louis head m 61 St. Geo St. Geo
White Pauline wife m 59
White Augustus son s 30
White George son s 28
White Walter son s 27
White Eileen dau s 21
White Margaret mother/law w 89
Gallant Agnes none s 19
Burke Patricia none s 21 St. Jacques St. Jacques

McDonnell Stephen head m 42 St. Geo St. Geo
McDonnell Zita wife m 37
McDonnell Richard son s 7
McDonnell Louise dau s 6
McDonnell Elaine dau s 3

White Cla_y head w 69 St. Geo St. Geo
White Elizabeth dau s 26
White June grchild s 6
White Marguerite grchild s 3
White Harol grchild s 3

Young Elizabeth head m 41 St. Geo St. Geo
Young Harold son s 18
Young Howard son s 17
Garnier Augustus son s 11
Garnier Elizabeth dau s 7
Garnier Alvin son s 5
Garnier Mavis dau s 2

White Nathaniel head w 48 St. Geo St. Geo
White Gladys dau s 16
White Walter son s 15
White Kevin son s 11
White Thelma dau s 9
White Stella grchild s 3

Colomb David head m 49 St. Geo St. Geo
Colomb Brigit wife m 39
Colomb Frank son s 21
Colomb Wilfreda dau s 18
Colomb Cecelia dau s 17
Colomb Grace dau s 14
Colomb Richard son s 11
Colomb Lucy dau s 10
Colomb Bernice dau s 8
Colomb Robert son s 5
Colomb Gerome son s 3
Delaney Alphonse adpt child s 3? Corner Brook

Garnier John head w 73 St. Geo St. Geo
Garnier Anthony son s 21

Colomb Ethel
m 40 St. Geo St. Geo
Colomb Anita dau s 9
Colomb Ronald son s 5

White Anthony head m 31 St. Geo St. Geo
White Georgina w m 29
White Kenneth son s 10
White Anne dau s 8
White Anthony Jr son s 7
White Clayton son s 6
White Helena dau s 3
White Eva dau s 2

White Martin head w 29 St. Geo St. Geo
Heaviside Agnes none m 32 St. Geo USA
Heaviside Frances none s 12 USA USA
White Leo dau s 3 St. Geo
White Elizabeth dau s 1 St. Geo

White Joseph Francis head m 64 St. Geo St. Geo
White Mary Elizabeth wife m 51
White Marjorie dau s 30
White Arthur son s 29
White Melinda dau s 7
White Eileen grchild s 6
Colomb Susan niece f 17

White Isaac head s 47 St. Geo St. Geo
Tobin Sadie niece s 27
Tobin Bernard nephew s 25
Tobin Theodore nephew s 14
Tobin Joan niece s 6
Tobin Donald nephew s 5

Benoit John head m 63 St. Geo St. Geo
Benoit Mary Elizabeth wife m 61
Benoit Fred son s 26
Benoit James son s 16
Benoit Henry son s 28
Benoit Josephine dau s 20
Young Edward none s 22

Leziga Timothy head w 39 St. Geo St. Geo
Leziga Joan dau s 14
Leziga Alfonse son s 12

Novelle Fred head m 52 St. Geo St. Geo
Novelle Brigit wife m 40
Novelle Joseph son s 20
Novelle Regina dau s 18
Novelle Gerald son s 14
Novelle Elizabeth dau s 12
Novelle Martin son s 10
Novelle Mary dau s 6
Novelle Walter son s 3

Young Wallace head m 48 St. Geo St. Geo
Young Margaret wife m 45
Young Edward son s 24
Young Annie dau s 20
Young Catherine dau s 18
Young John son s 16
Young Cecilia dau s 14
Young Rita dau s 13
Young Gordon son s 12
Young Susan dau s 10
Young Marie dau s 9
Young Rose dau s 6
Young Mary Ann dau s 4
Young Wallace son s 1
Thompson Helena grchild s 3/12

Zelau Walter head m 31 Canada St. Geo
Zelau Angela wife m 47 St. Geo St. Geo
Zelau Michael T sib s 3

Colomb Joseph head m 53 St. Geo St. Geo
Colomb Florence wife m 47
Colomb Fredrick son s 27
Colomb Samuel son s 23
Colomb Darrol son s 21
Colomb Priscilla dau s 19
Colomb Audele dau s 12

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
Novelle, Fred & family Surname should be Louvelle Joyce Blanchard-McLean

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