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1935 Census

Town of Stephenville III

Microfilm M 8050 Book 9 Page 160 1, 164 80, 184 M married; S single; W widow; It was read, recorded and transcribed by HANK WIEDLE, April 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Name Relation Status Age
O Neal, John
O Neal, Ellen
O Neal, Annie
O Neal, Remi
O Neal, Delores
O Neal, Ramona

Gadon, PatrickHeadM75
Gadon, HarrietWifeM70
Gadon, WilliamSonS3

8Gadon, MedricHeadM42
Gadon, VinaWifeM40
Gadon, WilsonSonS17
Gadon, MargorieDaughterS15
Gadon, HaroldSonS14
Gadon, ThomasSonS11
Gadon, RoySonS9
Gadon, TheresaDaughterS7
Gadon, GregorySonS4
Gadon, Mary JanetSon (sic)S30

Gabriel, JohnHeadM59
Gabriel, MargaretWifeM43
Gabriel, WalterSonS28
Gabriel, RichardSonS23
Gabriel, GordonSonS20
Gabriel, ReginaldSonS18
Gabriel, BernardSonS17
Gabriel, PhilSonS15
Gabriel, PeterSonS14
Gabriel, DoloresDaughterS12
Gabriel, MichaelSonS2
Gabriel, MargueriteDaughterS4

Benoit, JamesHeadM51
Benoit, MaryWifeM42
Benoit, JosephSonS24
Benoit, PatrickSonS23
Benoit, MadelineDaughterS19
Benoit, PaulSonS18
Benoit, LukeSonS15
Benoit, EleanorDaughterS14
Benoit, IsaacSonS10
Benoit, LillianDaughterS7
Benoit, AndrewSonS7
Benoit, ElizabethDaughterS5

White, ThomasHeadW53
White, AustinSonS23
White, RoderickSonS22
White, NitaDaughterS16

Gabriel, JuliaHeadW68
Gabriel, VincentSonS34
Gabriel, NoraDaughterS25
Gabriel, NormanSonS24

March, SusanHeadS86

March, LouisHeadW78

Parsons, BernardHeadM32
Parsons, EthelWifeM28
Parsons, LorettaDaughterS5
Parsons, RitaDaughterS4
Parsons, SamuelSonS3
Parsons, HenrySonS2
Parsons, RonaDaughterS4 mo.

White, AlexanderHeadM39
White, PhilomenaWifeM32
White, CeceliaDaughterS13
White, BarbaraDaughterS12
White, KevinSonS10
White, AlmaDaughterS8
White, RoySonS7
White, MaryDaughterS1
White, MarinaDaughterS3 mo.

White, Joseph M.HeadM61
White, MaryWifeM57
White, StanislausSonS19
White, StephenSonS17
White, HaroldSonS18
White, John F.SonS12
White, MaximSonS7
White, Joseph, SonS6
White, MargueriteDaughterS5
White, BenjaminSonS4
White, ClorisDaughterS1
White, EdnaDaughterS5 mo.

White, Charles J.HeadM25
White, TheresaWifeM22
White, WilliamSonS3

Alexander, Mary J.HeadW59
Alexander, IsaacSonS15

White, Martin B.HeadM34
White, RitaWifeM26
White, TerranceSonS8
White, RalphSonS6
White, HerbertSonS4
White, GeromahDaughterS2
White, MichaelSonS7 mo.

Gallant, HerbertHeadM26
Gallant, RachaelWifeM22
Gallant, FloydSonS4
Gallant, BridgetDaughterS2

Gallant, JohnHeadM52
Gallant, ElizabethWifeM52
Gallant, BerthaDaughterS17
Gallant, JosephSonS15
Gallant, RichardSonS13
Gallant, StephenSonS11
Gallant, EmeldaDaughterS8

Gallant, StephenHeadM88
Gallant, ElizabethWifeM78

Aucoin, JosephHeadM44
Aucoin, MaryWifeM45
Aucoin, AnselmSonS19
Aucoin, HelenDaughterS18
Aucoin, MadonaDaughterS17
Aucoin, BernardSonS16
Aucoin, ClophusDaughterS14
Aucoin, LitaDaughterS12
Aucoin, FintanSonS10
Aucoin, MariaDaughterS8
Aucoin, BernadetteDaughterS7
Aucoin, GregorySonS6
Aucoin, FidaliaDaughterS4
Aucoin, StanislausSonS2 mo.
Aucoin, LucyAuntS65

White, AlbertHeadM47
White, SamuelSonS18
White, GeraldSonS16
White, AlbertSonS15
White, ElizabethWifeM43

Benoit, CharlesHeadM56
Benoit, AngelaWifeM44
Benoit, EileenDaughterS23
Benoit, CharlesSonS22
Benoit, CorneliusSonS20
Benoit, HenrySonS18
Benoit, HelenDaughterS15
Benoit, TheresaDaughterS3
Benoit, RitaDaughterS11
Benoit, CeceliaDaughterS9
Benoit, AloysiusSonS5
Benoit, ArnoldSonS3
Benoit, VeronicaDaughterS2

White, Charles D.HeadM81
White, VeronicaWifeM74
White, MichaelGrand SonS25

White, TelesphoreHeadM53
White, AliceWifeM44
White, MadelineDaughterS22
White, MorrisSonS20
White, TheresaDaughterS19
White, PatrickSonS17
White, CathleenDaughterS16
White, FredrickSonS15
White, BernardSonS13
White, GervaseSonS10
White, GregoryGrandsonS1

Gallant, Arsene F.HeadM77
Gallant, MatildaWifeM75

McLean, AlexanderHeadW77
McLean, JohnSonS46
Hunt, Mary FrancesAd. Grandaughter S19

Bourgeois, AnnieHeadS28

Gallant, JosephHeadM64
Gallant, CeceliaWifeM47
Gallant, MercedesDaughterS20
Gallant, StephenSonS19
Gallant, JosephineDaughterS17
Gallant, ChristineDaughterS16
Gallant, GerardSonS13

Hynes, AdelineHeadM43
Hynes, RolandSonS11

White, Joseph A.HeadM31
White, EstherWifeM26
White, Roy JosephSonS5
White, RitaDaughterS4
White, EmerentineDaughterS2

White, William JamesHeadM36
White, TheresaWifeM29
White, SylviaDaughterS3
White, LawrenceSonS9 mo.

Dollard, WilliamHeadM45
Dollard, IsabellaWifeM36
Dollard, MarianDaughterS15
Dollard, RitaDaughterS14
Dollard, ReginaldSonS12
Dollard, TheresaDaughterS9
Dollard, EmeldaDaughterS6
Dollard, IgnatiusSonS5

McLean, DonaldHeadM54
McLean, JosephineWifeM37
McLean, CeceliaDaughterS6
McLean, JohnSonS4
McLean, DonaldSonS19
McLean, JamesSonS29
McLean, DanielSonS15
McLean, StanislausSonS13
McLean, RaymondS11
Penney, MaryStep DaughterS16
Penney, AlphonsusStep SonS14
Penney, HaroldStep SonS11
Penney, LorettaStep DaughterS10
Penney, AnnaStep DaughterS8

Gallant, Arsene V.HeadM46
Gallant, SarahWifeM44
Gallant, ThomasSonS16
Gallant, EvaDaughterS15
Gallant, ClaudiaDaughterS13
Gallant, EdnaDaughterS12
Gallant, LavernaDaughterS9
Gallant, EricSonS7
Gallant, ConstanceDaughterS4
Gallant, AllaAdoptedS4

Godon, Frank HeadW78

Aucoin, ElizabethHeadW84

Aucoin, ElizabethHeadW69

Alexander, JamesHeadM39
Alexander, ClaraWifeM40
Alexander, MaryDaughterS17
Alexander, BeatriceDaughterS14
Alexander, CecilSonS12
Alexander, ThomasSonS10
Alexander, ReginaldSonS9
Alexander, RaymondSonS9
Alexander, VitaDaughterS7
Alexander, HiliarySonS6
Alexander, MathewSonS4
Alexander, BerthaDaughterS3
Alexander, AloysiusSonS1
Gadon, OctaveFather in LawM69

Gallant, LeoHeadM37
Gallant, LaurinaWifeM30
Gallant, CynthiaDaughterS12
Gallant, StanislausSonS10
Gallant, CyrilSonS9
Galland, DeliaDaughterS7
Gallant, GordonSonS6
Gallant, EvelynDaughterS5
Gallant, FelixSonS4
Gallant, LeoSonS3
Gallant, DesmondSonS1
McLean, HaroldBrother in Law S22

Russel, AgustineHeadM27
Russel, GertrudeWifeM24
Russel, MaryDaughterS3

White, MarcelaHeadM64
White, MaryWifeM70

Gabriel, FredrickHeadM65
Gabriel, MargaretWifeM61
Gabriel, StanislausSonS21

Simon, AlbertHeadM50
Simon, CeceliaWifeM35
Simon, JamesSonS17
Simon, BerthaDaughterS15
Simon, EthelDaughterS12
Simon, StephenSonS10
Simon, GerardSonS9
Simon, ElizabethDaughterS7

Dollard, SusanHeadW75
Dollard, GeorgeSonS43
Dollard, RichardSonS42
Dollard, JosephSonS40
Dollard, FrancisSonS36

Adams, Right Rev. Mon.HeadS74
Adams, E. J.SisterS70
White, AnnieServantS32
Aucoin, SimonAdoptedS20

Gallant, AndrewHeadM50
Gallant, AnnieWifeM48
Gallant, GerardSonS23
Gallant, DolorosaDaughterS20
Gallant, SarahDaughterS17
Gallant, HildaDaughterS15
Gallant, MaryDaughterS14
Gallant, GeneviveDaughterS11
Gallant, AgnesDaughterS9

Downey, JustinHeadM39
Downey, EdithMotherW78
White, WinifredSisterW41
White, RoseNieceS13

Tapan, (Sr) Mary U.SuperiorS59
oy, (Sr.) Mary Bernard
DeLourdes, (Sr.) MaryInmateS43
Coady, Mary CamillaInmateS34
McCarthy, (Sr.) M. JosephaInmateS25
Roberts, FrankInmateS38

Tobin, Thomas
Bennett, Mathe

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