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1935 Census

Town of Stephenville I

Microfilm M 8050 Book 9 Page 160 1, 164 80, 184 93 M married; S single; W widow; It was read, recorded and transcribed by HANK WIEDLE, April 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Name Relation Status Age
Young, FredrickHeadM58
Younge, LouiseWifeM41
Young, Kate (sic)SonS25
Young, AndrewSonS18
Young, CyrilSonS16
Young, TheresaDaughterS11
Young, JohnSonS9
Young, StanleySonS7
Young, HowardSonS3

Young, JamesHeadM26
Young, CarryWifeM30
Young, RaymondSonS4
Young, MercedesDaughterS1
Young, JamesSonS1 mo.

Young, AlecHeadM78
Young, MarthaWifeM64
Young, BeatriceDaughterS26

Bourgeois, FredrickHeadM59
Bourgeois, FloraWifeM55
Doucette, JohnAdoptedS22

Bourgeois, PeterHeadM37
Bourgeois, MargaretWifeM29
Bourgeois, LydiaDaughterS7
Bourgeois, JanetteDaughterS6
Bourgeois, LawrenceSonS3
Bourgeois, UrsulaDaughterS2

White, James G.HeadM61
White, MaggieWifeM50
White, GertrudeDaughterS15
White, MaryLodgerW64

White, Patrick J.HeadM34
White, TheresaWifeM32
White, DorothyDaughterS10
White, PhyllisDaughterS8
White, MargaretDaughterS7
White, ReginaldSonS6
White, BernadetteDaughterS2

Alexander, JohnHeadM52
Alexander, LauraWifeM51
Alexander, NormanSonS25
Alexander, AustinSonS10

Alexander, JamesHeadM69
Alexander, EsterWifeM63

Alexander, JosephHeadM29
Alexander, HughinaWifeM25
Alexander, TheresaDaughterS4
Alexander, KennethSon2
Alexander, ClarenceSonS10 mo.

Alexander, AlfredHeadM66
Alexander, HelenWifeM66
Bourgeois, MaryAdoptedS4

Madore, EricHeadM38
Madore, MaryWifeM22

Bourgeois, ClemHeadM70
Bourgeois, AdelineWifeM70

Bourgeois, GabrielHeadM40
Bourgeois, BridgetWifeM25
Bourgeois, MaryDaughterS7
Bourgeois, HerbertSonS4
Bourgeois, ClemSonS3
Bourgeois, MaryDaughterS1

Doucette, FelixHeadM52
Doucette, MargaretWifeM48
Bourgeois, PatrickAdoptedS10

Note: Part of this next family is listed under Kippen's and the remainder under Stephenville.
White, John E.HeadM39
White, ClaraWifeM38
White, MathiasSonS16
White, GenetaDaughterS15
White, HubertSonS13
White, RitaDaughterS11
White, WilfredSonS8
White, Mary FrancisDaughterS2
White, AllenSonS2 mo.

White, LukeHeadM50
White, FloraWifeM44
White, Charles L.SonS22
White, StanleySonS21
White, PhillipSonS18
White, GilbertSonS12
White, LeoSonS14
White, HannahDaughterS13
White, AndrewSonS11
White, EvelynDaughterS8
White, EdnaDaughterS6
White, ConstanceDaughterS10 mo.

Bourgeois, DominicHeadM71
Bourgeois, MaryWifeM74
Bourgeois, ElizabethDaughterS30

Simon, WilliamHeadM39
Simon, ElizabethWifeM34
Simon, MarieDaughterS15
Simon, IsabelleDaughterS12
Simon, MelindaDaughterS10
Simon, WilliamSonS9
Simon, FintonSonS1

Young, Henry J.HeadM57
Young, LucyWifeM61

Gaudet, JohnHeadM43
Gaudet, HannahWifeM34
Gaudet, DorothyDaughterS16
Gaudet, MichaelSonS15
Gaudet, StellaDaughterS13
Gaudet, RichardSonS11
Gaudet, PaulineDaughterS10
Gaudet, JuliaDaughterS8
Gaudet, MaryDaughterS7
Gaudet, CarmellaDaughterS5
Gaudet, PatrickSonS3
Gaudet, JohnSonS1
Gaudet, MarthaDaughterS1 mo.
Gaudet, AmedeeFatherW80

March, AlbertHeadW58
March, John E.SonS28
March, William J.SonS26
March, Mary E.DaughterS21
March, MargueriteDaughterS16
March, John E.Brother in Law W76

Gaudet, JohnHeadM75
Gaudet, AnnieWifeM64
Gaudet, WalterSonS27
Gaudet, MartinSonS26

Godon, SamuelHeadM23
Godon, AdeleWifeM30

Gaudet, ClemHeadM39
Gaudet, ElizabethWifeM29

Aucoin, SeveranHeadM49
Aucoin, CatherineWifeM45
Aucoin, StellaDaughterS20
Aucoin, MargueriteDaughterS20
Aucoin, ColumbusSonS17
Aucoin, BernardSonS16
Aucoin, PaulineDaughterS14
Aucoin, BlancheDaughterS13
Aucoin, CeciliaDaughterS12
Aucoin, LydiaDaughterS10

Gaudet, AlfredHeadM40
Gaudet, MaryWifeM35
Gaudet, ThomasSonS15
Gaudet, RichardSonS14
Gaudet, RitaDaughterS11
Gaudet, WilliamSonS10
Gaudet, ArthurSonS7
Gaudet, AndrewSonS6
Gaudet, HenrySonS2
Gaudet, StanleySonS10 mo.

Aucoin, AdolphHeadM47
Aucoin, EmeldaWifeM38
Aucoin, MaryDaughterS19
Aucoin, GertrudeDaughterS17
Aucoin, DonataDaughterS16
Aucoin, ElizabethDaughterS14
Aucoin, BerthaDaughterS12
Aucoin, TheresaDaughterS11
Aucoin, NorbertSonS8
Aucoin, AgnesDaughterS6
Aucoin, LornaDaughterS2
Aucoin, MelvinSonS5 mo.

Aucoin, LeoHeadM25
Aucoin, GraceWifeM20

Aucoin, MaryHeadW46
Aucoin, EliasSonS26
Aucoin, VenorSonS24
Aucoin, JohnSonS21
Aucoin, AliceDaughterS15
Aucoin, EveDaughterS13
Aucoin, MatildaDaughterS11
Aucoin, PatrickSonS10

Bourgeois, WalterHeadM35
Bourgeois, AnitaWifeM21
Bourgeois, SeverenSonS1 mo.
Cormier, CatherineAuntW60

Cormier, Euzeb D.HeadM46
Cormier, LauraWifeM39
Cormier, HyacinthSonS13
Cormier, LeonaDaughterS10
Cormier, DorisDaughterS6
Cormier, CliffordSonS4
Cormier, EulaDaughterS2
Cormier, PaulineDaughterS9 mo.

Aucoin, Joseph L.HeadM58
Aucoin, CeciliaWifeM53
Aucoin, MartinSonS24
Aucoin, MargaretDaughterS21
Aucoin, ElizabethDaughterS19
Aucoin, HubertSonS17
Aucoin, WalterSonS15
Aucoin, HildaDaughterS13

Aucoin, John L.HeadM50
Aucoin, CatherineWifeM44
Aucoin, GeorgeSonS20
Aucoin, MildredDaughterS15
Aucoin, ErnestSonS12

Gaudet, MathewHeadM27
Gaudet, SophiaWifeM26
Gaudet, NormanSonS1

March, ClaraHeadW76
March, WalterHeadM32
March, AnnieWifeM30
March, WalterSonS4
March, AudreyDaughterS1

Gadon, JosephHeadM49
Gadon, CeciliaWifeM43
Gadon, GeraldineDaughterS22
Gadon, OmarSonS18
Gadon, CyrilSonS16
Gadon, StanleySonS14
Gadon, VincentSonS9
Gadon, CeciliaDaughterS4

Gadon, AlbertHeadM32
Gadon, JosephineWifeM27
Gadon, LillianDaughterS10

Gadon, FredrickHeadM67
Gadon, ClaraWifeM56
Gadon, WalterWonS24

Gadon, MaximHeadM80
Gadon, MargaretWifeM74

Rose, Thomas F.HeadM37
Rose, PhilomenaWifeM37
Rose, DorisDaughterS15
Rose, FrancisSonS11
Rose, HaroldSonS6
Rose, JosephineDaughterS4
Rose, ZellaDaughterS3
Rose, EdnaDaughterS1

Madore, AdolphHeadM62
Madore, JuliaWifeM67
Madore, HenrySonS35

Gadon, JosephHeadM49
Gadon, KateWifeM43
Gadon, MichaelSonS23
Gadon, MadelineDaughterS20
Gadon, StellaDaughterS18
Gadon, HubertSonS15
Gadon, DorothyDaughterS12
Gadon, EveSonS9
Gadon, AdolphSonS8
Gadon, RalphSonS5

Rose, WilliamHeadM35
Rose, AmeliaWifeM36
Rose, MildredDaughterS12
Rose, EileenDaughterS11
Rose, TheresaDaughterS6
Rose, ClaraDaughterS5
Rose, MarieDaughterS4

Gadon, CharlesHeadM30
Gadon, MaryWifeM25
Gadon, HannahDaughterS4
Gadon, AllenSonS1

Gadon, AlfredHeadM43
Gadon, StellaWifeM32

Madore, CharlesHeadM49
Madore, KateWifeM46
Madore, SamuelSonS21
Madore, NathanielSonS19
Madore, AlfredSonS18
Madore, AdolphSonS16
Madore, RonaldSonS12
Madore, ClaraDaughterS9
Madore, EmeldaDaughterS6
Madore, StanleySonS5

Austin, JohnHeadM53
Austin, AgnesWifeM53
Austin, CarlSonS21
Austin, Mercedes V.DaughterS21
Austin, WencepausSonS20
Austin, GretaDaughterS4
Gadon, ElizabethMother in Law W82

Shump (Sic), DavidHeadM72
Shump, ElizabethWifeM63

Shump, SimonHeadM36
Shump, EmeliaWifeM35
Shump, ZellaDaughterS8
Shump, GarfieldSonS6
Shump, DavidSonS4
Shump, AdrianSonS4
Shump, StanislausSonS3
Shump, DenisSonS7 mo.

Gadon, PaulHeadM76
Gadon, PaulineWifeM69
Gadon, JosephSonS36

White, MaryHeadW81
White, Mary J.DaughterS43
Alexander, AdelineDaughterM47
Alexander, PiusGrand SonS14

Thomas, AlfredHeadM56
Thomas, JuliaWifeM54
Thomas, GertrudeDaughterS24
Thomas, Mary E.DaughterS21
Thomas, JohnSonS19
Thomas, JosephGrand SonS2

O'Brien, Michael T.HeadM31
O'Brien, ReginaWifeM25
O'Brien, Mary E.DaughterS1

White, Martin J.HeadM29
White, CatherineWifeM39
White, SarahDaughterS3
White, HelenDaughterS2
White, UrsulaDaughterS11 mo.
Gallant, MaryStep DaughterS17
Gallant, VictorStep SonS14
Gallant, MargaretStep DaughterS12
Gallant, CeceliaStep DaughterS10
Gallant, BernardStep SonS8

Gallant, William J.HeadM48
Gallant, LauraWifeM44
Gallant, ElizabethDaughterS20
Gallant, WalterSonS19
Gallant, WilliamSonS18
Gallant, AnitaDaughterS17
Gallant, MartinSonS15
Gallant, RitaDaughterS13
Gallant, LetitiaDaughterS11
Gallant, BerthaDaughterS9
Gallant, ClarenceSonS6
Gallent, LawrenceSonS3

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