1935 Census

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1935 Census


Microfilm M-8050 Page 93 - 98 (Note: Pages missing 91 & 92) M-married; S-single; W-widow.
Birth Place St. Georges Bay unless stated otherwise. It was read, recorded and transcribed by STEPHEN GILLIS, August 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Name Relation Age Status Age
Moore, NellieDauFS25

Delouche, JohnHeadMM38
Delouche, GladysWifeFM27

Legge, Wiliam R.HeadMM54
Legge, Annie MarthaWifeFM47
Legge, DorothyDauFS21
Legge, GeraldSonMS17
Legge, NoahSonMS14

Legge, ThomasHeadMM54
Legge, JaneWifeFM48
Legge, William GordonSonMS22
Legge, Richard ArthurSonMS20
Legge, LowellSonMS18
Legge, Mary CatherineDauFS3

Legge, IsaacHeadMM38
Legge, LeonaWifeFM32
Legge, WesleySonMS13
Legge, ViolaDauFS11
Legge, MildredDauFS9
Legge, AustinSonMS8
Legge, NeathaDauFS6
Legge, VernonSonMS4
Legge, GoddenSonMS3
Legge, GarlandSonMS2
Legge, William ThomasFatherMW78

Shears, Arthur Job.HeadMM35
Shears, GeorginaWifeFM30
Shears, GertrudeDauFS10
Shears, Jane HannahDauFS10
Shears, AlbertSonMS7
Shears, JamesSonMS?
Shears, Amelia MayDauFS
Shears, Beatrice JaneMotherFW7?

Gilliam, WarrenHeadMM47
Gilliam, AnnieWifeFM40
Gilliam, DelphineDauFS9

Hulan, HilyardHeadMW35
Hulan, AugustusSonMS12

Alley, ThomasHeadMM43
Alley, Belle LavinaWifeFM37
Alley, ReginaDauFS13
Alley, William RoySonMS12
Alley, VincentSonMS4

Gill, AbramHeadMM45
Gill, AudreyWifeFM26
Gill, RichardSonMS16
Gill, ArthurSonMS5
Gill, JohnSonMS2
Gill, BettyDauFS1
Gill, Catherine H.MotherFW72

Gale, Thomas Jr.HeadMM24
Gale, WinnieWifeFM24
Gale, EgbertSonMS3
Gale, DarcySonMS1
Gale, DeanSonMS3days
Gale, Thomas Sr.FatherMW6?

Gale, CharlesHeadMM4?
Gale, AnnieWifeFM3?
Gale, NancyDauFS1?
Gale, PercySonMS?
Gale, IreneDauFS?

Hulan, HaroldHeadMM4?
Hulan, EthelWifeFM3?
Hulan, DorisDauFS?
Hulan, StephenSonMS?
Hulan, CarolineDauFS?
Hulan, John SonMS2
Hulan, DelorasDauFS1

Vacant house owned by Llewellyn Shears now living in Corner Brook

Vacant house owned by Robert Hulan now living in Middle Brook

Shears, Walter ByrersHeadMM41
Shears, Jessie EdnaWifeFM40
Gale, Vera MaudAdoptFS16

Shears, Richard Ed.HeadMM38
Shears, Audrey E. MayWifeFM33
Shears, Jane AliceDauFS8
Shears, MaryMotherFW78

Shears, John JamesHeadMW38
Shears, James RonaldSonMS3
Myles, EmmaDomesticFW43
Myles, AndrewBorderMS16

Shears, Richard EliHeadMW74
Shears, StellaGdauFS13

Shears, Wilfred RoyHeadMM26
Shears, AdaWifeFM26
Shears, Alice GertrudeDauFS9m

Shears, Stephen ChatterHeadMW65

Morris, John StewartHeadMM30
Morris, AliceWifeFM27
Morris, GladysDauFS7
Morris, JamesSonMS5
Morris, MarionDauFS1
Morris, RebeccaMotherFW6?
Morris, GertrudeSisterFS2?
Morris, RosenaNieceFS4

Morris, Henry RalphHeadMM3?
Morris, Susie AdaWifeFM?
Morris, MabelDauFS?
Morris, RalphSonMS?
Morris, BeulahDauFS5
Morris, MiltonSonMS3
Morris, JoanDauFS2

Shears, John BissetHeadMM4?
Shears, EthelWifeFM31
Shears, Laura MayDauFS12
Shears, Vivian RuthDauFS10
Shears, Charolette M.DauFS6m

Morris, George MosesHeadMW55
Morris, JohnSonMS22
Morris, PercySonMS20
Morris, GeorgeSonMS16
Morris, ArthurSonMS13

Shears, GeorgeHeadMM6?
Shears, AliceWifeFM5?
Shears, James RichardSonMS29
Shears, Gordon MaxSonMS1?
Shears, JessieAdoptFS18

Gilliam, William H.HeadMM5?
Gilliam, MaryWifeFM5?
Gilliam, Annie E.DauFS2?

Gilliam, John OsborneHeadMM2?
Gilliam, AmandaWifeFM2?
Gilliam, GeraldineDauFS6
Gilliam, HazelDauFS?

Alley, JosephHeadMM7?
Alley, CarolineWifeFM7?

Renouf, Isaac JosephHeadMM6?
Renouf, Caroline AnnWifeFM?
Renouf, KennethSonMS?
Renouf, PheobeDauFS?
Renouf, BeatriceGdauFS?
Legge, AmandaMilFW?

Legge, Stephen RobertHeadMM59
Legge, BessieWifeFM53

Gale, RobertHeadMM70
Gale, LizzieWifeFM70

Renouf, James Ed.HeadMM32
Renouf, MasieWifeFM27
Renouf, Sarah AnnDauFS9
Renouf, John JaviesSonMS8
Renouf, Mary Marg.DauFS7
Renouf, Maria B.DauFS3
Renouf, Neil WilliamSonMS1

Shears, James AllenHeadMM63
Shears, MaryWifeFM64
Shears, ErnestGsonMS9

Hulan, Charles RoyHeadMM30
Hulan, MaryWifeFM20
Hulan, RusselSonMS10
Hulan, RaymondSonMS7
Hulan, Olive Marg.DauFS1

Legge, William E.HeadMM33
Legge, LeonaWifeFM26
Legge, EdithDauFS9
Legge, CharlesSonMS7
Legge, ElsieDauFS?
Legge, RobertSonMS?
Legge, Leola CatherineDauFS?
Legge, Isaac ThomasFatherMM6?
Legge, JaneMotherFM?

Gilliam, ThelmaHeadFW?
Gilliam, Stephen Chas.FILMM6?
Gilliam, LucyMILFM?
Gilliam, Dea???MS?
Gilliam, Wilfred?MS?

Renouf, Philip FredHeadMM6?
Renouf, JulianneWifeFM6?
Renouf, EdwardSonMS3?
Hulan, HilyardGsonMS5

Janes, John HeadMM47
Janes, Annie EthelWifeFM41
Janes, LillaDauFS19
Janes, MurielDauFS17
Janes, NaomiDauFS14
Janes, Albert Ed.SonMS12
Janes, William B.SonMS9
Janes, George DavidSonMS3

Brown, Frederick J.HeadMS2?
Brown, GeorgeFatherMW87

Vacant House owned by Charles Legge

Vacant House owned by Edgar Legge

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
SHEARS Age of May Shears: 1 year. James Shears: 5. These are the children of Arthur Job and Georgina Shears. Jodi MacDonald

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