1935 Census

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1935 Census


Microfilm M-8050 Page 91 - 92 M-married; S-single; W-widow.
Birth Place St. Georges Bay unless stated otherwise. It was read, recorded and transcribed by STEPHEN GILLIS, August 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Name Relation Sex Status Age
Shears, MaryHeadFW61
Shears, JeanDauFS17
Perrier, RuthGdauFS4

Shears, WalterHeadMM26
Shears, RoseWifeFM26
Shears, WallaceSonMS3
Shears, MyrnaDauFS1

Legge, AlfredHeadMM39
Legge, Mary AliceWifeFM37
Legge, NormaDauFS7
Legge, MaryDauFS6

Alley, NicholasHeadMM69
Alley, Mary AnnWifeFM63

Legge, George WallaceHeadMM43
Legge, MaryWifeFM42
Legge, ErnestSonMS15

Legge, Ernest CecilHeadMM37
Legge, EdithWifeFM29
Legge, MonaDauFS6
Legge, CalvinSonMS6m

Cook, RichardHeadMM61
Cook, FlorenceWifeFM60
Cook, EdwardSonMS32
Cook, ArthurSonMS26
Cook, IvorSonMS20
Cook, ElsieDauFS14

Evans, RodnesHeadMM33
Evans, CatherineWifeFM28
Evans, LolaDauFS1

Legge, Ed GordonHeadMM2?
Legge, MarcellaWifeFM2?

Legge, PercyHeadMS3?

Legge, William TobiasHeadMM4?
Legge, Lizzie BelleWifeFM40
Legge, LionelSonMS15
Legge, Jessie VeraDauFS13

Swyer, Irene RoseHeadFW37
Swyer, Dorcas(?)DauFS15
Swyer, WilliamSonMS13
Swyer, IdaDauFS11

Hulan, WilliamHeadMM71
Hulan, RachelWifeFM62
Hulan, Stephen JosephSonMS37
Hulan, StanleySonMS30
Hulan, PearlDauFS18

Hulan, CatherineHeadFW45
Hulan, Edward M.SonMS23
Hulan, Isaac Reg.SonMS20
Hulan, NinaDauFS17
Hulan, Elva S.DauFS14
Hulan, RoseDauFS7

Hulan, Stephen AllanHeadMM26
Hulan, BeulahWifeFM19
Hulan, LowellSonMS8m

Cook, William J.HeadMM57
Cook, LilyWifeFM44
Cook, EdgarSonMS24
Cook, GodfreySonMS21
Cook, HillarySonMS12
Cook, Corina JaneDauFS5

Hulan, MarcellaHeadFW75

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