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West Coast ~ 1921 Census

Bay of Islands District - Brake's Cove

Note, the age denotes age of last birthday. It was read, recorded and transcribed by CYRIL DUBOURDIEU, October 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
PARK, SamuelMHeadMarried1862,Aug58Middle Arm, B.O.I.
PARK, MaryFWife"1869,July51Camp Isld. Lab??

DELANEY, EdwardMHeadMarried1883,Aug37Stephenville
DELANEY, MaryFWife"1891,Feb29Middle Arm, BOI
DELANEY, JosephMsonSingle1911,Apr10"
DELANEY, JohnM""1917,Mar4""
DELANEY, MauriceM""1919,Aug2""
DELANEY, EthalFdau"1913,May8""

WOODS, EugeneMHeadMarried1886,Aug24St Pierre *1874
WOODS, AliceFWife"1899,May22Middle Arm, BOI
WOODS, MargerieFdauSingle1920,Dec8m."

PARKS, JosephMHeadMarried1869,Nov52Middle Arm, BOI
PARKS, MaryFWife"1876,Jan45Humber Mouth
PARKS, Domanack?MsonSingle1914,Oct7Middle Arm, BOI
PARKS, JohnMson"1900?May20"
PARKS, HenryMBro"1887,Dec34"
PARKS, EllenFMotherWidow1837,May84"

BARNES, FrancisMHeadMarried1892,Apr29??? River, B.Bay
BARNES, GraceFWife"1898,Dec23Brakes Cove, BOI
BARNES, MadelineFdauSingle1919,July2""

PARK, JamesMHeadWidower1881,Aug40Brakes Cove, BOI
PARK, John RMsonSingle1910,May 10"
PARK, RoseannaFdau"1909,Jan12"
PARK, ElizabethF""1912,Aug8"
PARK, NoraF""1913,Mar7"

PAYNE, CharlieMHeadMarried1876,July51Bomie? Bay
PAYNE, EmilyFWife"1885,May36Middle Arm, BOI
PAYNE, HenryMsonSingle1910,Mar10"
PAYNE, SalaneFdau"1903,Mar18"
PAYNE, SarahFdau"1905,Feb16"
PAYNE, JaneFdau"1907,Mar14"
PAYNE, JessieFdau"1914,Jan7"
PAYNE, IreneFdau"1920,Feb1"

PARK, Wm. R.MHeadMarried1874,Sept47McIvers? BOI
PARK, MaryFWife"1883,Sept38Chimeney Cove?
PARK, SamuelMsonSingle1909,Nov12Brakes Cove
PARK, SeleneFdau"1906,May15"
PARK, SusanaF""1914,June7Chimeney Cove
PARK, Lilly B.F""1917,Mar4Brakes Cove
PARK, PresillaF""1919,Jan2"
PARK, MatildaF""1921,Apr5m."

Name in CensusDescription of ErrorMy Name
PARKS / PARK Joseph & Mary PARK and family - the name is mispelled in your census as "PARKS". Robert Brake

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