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West Coast ~ 1921 Census

Bay of Islands District - Benoit's Cove

Note, the age denotes age of last birthday. It was read, recorded and transcribed by DEBBIE BRAKE, June 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
HUMBER; John AMHeadMarried1897 Apr24Bonne Bay
HUMBER; MiriamFWifeMarried1899 June22Bay Of Islands
HUMBER; AlexMBroSingle1899 Aug22Bonne Bay
MITCHELL; ArchMHeadMarried1871 May50Bay Of Islands
MITCHELL; AnnieFWifeMarried1881 May40Bay Of Islands
MITCHELL; HannahFDauSingle1905 Apr16Bay Of Islands
MITCHELL; JosephMSonSingle1907 Sept14Bay Of Islands
MITCHELL; LauraFDauSingle1910 Dec11Bay Of Islands
MITCHELL; MaryFDauSingle1912 Mar9Bay Of Islands
MITCHELL; EthelFDauSingle1914 Aug7Bay Of Islands
MITCHELL; WmMSonSingle1916 Oct5Bay Of Islands
MITCHELL; FrankMSonSingle1919 Dec2Bay Of Islands
MITCHELL; ArchMSonSingle1921 May4mtsBay Of Islands
MITCHELL; FredMHeadMarried1875 Jan46 Bay Of Islands
MITCHELL; WiliminaFWifeMarried1880 Aug41Carbonear
MITCHELL; Mary AFDauSingle1915 Aug6Bay Of Islands
MITCHELL; HerbertMSonSingle1900 May21Bay Of Islands
MITCHELL; HenryMHeadMarried1869 Oct52Bay Of Islands
MITCHELL; ElizaFWifeMarried1869 Dec52Burgeo
MITCHELL; W GMSonSingle1893 Aug28Bay Of Islands
MITCHELL; LouiseFG DauMarried1900 Mar21?????
MITCHELL; LesterMG SonSingle1920 Aug1Bay Of Islands
MITCHELL; JohnMHeadMarried1893 Aug28Bay Of Islands
MITCHELL; ElizabethFWifeMarried1898 June23Bay Of Islands
MITCHELL; HenryMSonSingle1919 July2Bay Of Islands
MITCHELL; John AMSonSingle1921 Sept8mtsBay Of Islands
BROCKWAY; HenryMHeadWidower1864 Jan57Burnt Island
BROCKWAY; WalterMSonSingle1897 June24Bay Of Islands
BROCKWAY; M GMSonSingle1903 Apr18Bay Of Islands
BROCKWAY; JamesMSonSingle1906 Oct15Bay Of Islands
BROCKWAY; AlfredMSonSingle1908 Sept13Bay Of Islands
BROCKWAY; H WMSonSingle1910 June11Bay Of Islands
CARROLL; JohnMHeadMarried1895 Aug26Bay Of Islands
CARROLL; AliceFWifeMarried1897 Nov24Bay Of Islands
CARROLL; Mary EFDauSingle1921 Dec
Bay Of Islands
STICKLAND; GeorgeMHeadMarried1884 Aug37Bay Of Islands
STICKLAND; CarolineFWifeMarried1884 Oct37Bay Of Islands
STICKLAND; GordenMSonSingle1915 Feb6Bay Of Islands
BROCKWAY; CliftonMNephewSingle1918 Nov3Bay Of Islands
BROCKWAY; ThomasMHeadMarried1878 July43Bay Of Islands
BROCKWAY; SussieFWifeMarried1892 July29Bay Of Islands
BROCKWAY; ReginaldMSon Single1912 May9Bay Of Islands
BROCKWAY; CecilMSonSingle1913 July8Bay Of Islands
BROCKWAY; MarjoryFDauSingle1915 Feb6Bay Of Islands
BROCKWAY; FrankMSonSingle1916 Sept5Bay Of Islands
BROCKWAY; AlbertMSonSingle1921 Sept4daysBay Of Islands
BATT; SamuelMHeadMarried1847 Aug74Dor
BATT; MarthaFWifeMarried1855 Mar66Burnt Island
BATT; FrankMSonSingle1888 Nov33Bay Of Islands
BATT; Martha AFDauSingle1890 Oct31Bay Of Islands
DORMODY; JamesMHeadMarried1877 Jan44Bay Of Islands
DORMODY; BessieFWifeMarried1888 Oct33Bay Of Islands
DORMODY; MagrettFDauSingle1911 Mar10Bay Of Islands
DORMODY; IreneFDauSingle1913 ??8Bay Of Islands
DORMODY; FrancisFDauSingle1916 Dec5Bay Of Islands
DORMODY; EdwardMSonSingle1918 Nov3Bay Of Islands
DORMODY; EdwardMHeadMarried1846 Jan75Placentia
DORMODY; Mary AFWifeMarried1857 Aug65Codroy
PELLY; MaellMSonSingle1903 Sept18 Bay Of Islands
DORMODY; DanielMHeadMarried1887 Apr34Bay Of Islands
DORMODY; AnnieFWifeMarried1899 July22Bay Of Islands
DORMODY; NoraFDauSingle1919 Oct2Bay Of Islands
DORMODY; StephenMSonSingle1920 June1Bay Of Islands
DORMODY; AngelaFDauSingle1921 July2mtsBay Of Islands
WAYSON; WmMHeadMarried1856 June65Cape Breton
WAYSON; JosephineFWifeMarried1856 Aug65Bay Of Islands
WAYSON; WmMSonSingle1895 Jan26Bay Of Islands
JAYNES; ThelmaFG DauSingle1911 Mar10Bay Of Islands
BATT; GeorgeMHeadMarried1880 May41Bay Of Islands
BATT; MaryFWifeMarried1886 Nov35Bay Of Islands
BATT; Arthur RMSonSingle1908 Nov13Bay Of Islands
BATT; RussellMSonSingle1910 Jan11Bay Of Islands
BATT; EffieFDauSingle1912 Oct9Bay Of Islands
BATT; AlfredMSonSingle1913 Sept8Bay Of Islands
BATT; SamuelMSonSingle1916 Oct5Bay Of Islands
BATT; JamesMSonSingle1918 July3Bay Of Islands
ELDRIDGE; ThomasMHeadMarried1873 Apr48Trout River
ELDRIDGE; EstherFWifeMarried1884 July37Fortune Bay
ELDRIDGE; ElizabethFDauSingle1904 June17Bay Of Islands
ELDRIDGE; WilliamMSonSingle1910 Sept11Bay Of Islands
ELDRIDGE; VioletFDauSingle1912 Mar9Bay Of Islands
ELDRIDGE; HenryMSonSingle1918 Jan3Bay Of Islands
ELDRIDGE; JanetFDauSingle1920 Dec9mtsBay Of Islands
WHITE; WmMHeadMarried1879 May42Bonne Bay
WHITE; EmmaFWifeMarried1873 May48Labrador
WHITE; AlfredMSonSingle1899 Dec22Bay Of Islands
WHITE; WalterMSonSingle1903 Feb18Bay Of Islands
WHITE; JosephMSonSingle1904 June17Bay Of Islands
WHITE; JohnMSonSingle1906 Apr15Bay Of Islands
WHITE; MurdockMSonSingle1907 Dec14Bay Of Islands
FRENCH; JaneFMotherWidow1834 Apr87Labrador
FRENCH; Sara JFDauSingle1872 July49HaHa Bay
STICKLEY; AlbertMHeadMarried1845 Mar76Dachession, England
STICKLEY; AmeliaFWifeMarried1842 June79Burnt Island
THISTLE; PatrickMHeadMarried1854 Aug67Carbonear
THISTLE; EllenFWifeMarried1860 Sept61Carbonear
THISTLE; DorothyFDauSingle1905 Aug16Bay Of Islands
THISTLE; FrankMSonSingle1895 Sept26Bay Of Islands
THISTLE; PatrickMSonSingle1901 Nov20Bay Of Islands
SHEPPARD AgnesFHeadWidow1871 Mar50Bay Of Islands
SHEPPARD; LucyFDauSingle1904 Feb17Bay Of Islands
SHEPPARD; EllenFAdoptSingle1920 May1Bay Of Islands
JAYNES; GeorgeMHeadMarried1883 Feb38Bay Of Islands
JAYNES; MarieFWifeMarried1894 Aug27Fortune Bay
JAYNES; GeorgeMSonSingle1912 July9Fortune Bay
JAYNES; CharlesMHeadMarried1852 July 69Rose Blanche
JAYNES; MassieFWifeMarried1866 July 55St George's
JAYNES; PatMSonSingle1904 May17Bay Of Islands
JAYNES: AnitaFDauSingle1905 Nov16Bay Of Islands
REUVELLE; JamesMHeadMarried1887 July44Bay Of Islands
REUVELLE; EllenFWifeMarried1893 Nov28Bay Of Islands
REUVELLE; AugustusMSonSingle1907 Nov14Bay Of Islands
REUVELLE; EugeneMHeadSingle1860 Aug61Bay Of Islands
BOPANIS; PMBoarderSingle1871 Aug50Bay Of Islands
BOPANIS; RosieFNieceSingle1906 Nov16St Pierre & Miquelon
BOPANIS; WmMNephewSingle1917 Dec4Bay Of Islands
SHEPPARD; JamesMHeadMarried1845 June76Bay Of Islands
SHEPPARD; BertinaFWifeMarried1856 July65St George's
SHEPPARD; DominicMSonSingle1876 Aug45Burgeo
GALLANT; AlonzoMHeadMarried1895 July26Bay Of Islands
GALLANT; JaneFWifeMarried1896 Dec25Bay Of Islands
GALLANT; LeonFDauSingle1917 Jan4Bay Of Islands
GALLANT; RitaFDauSingle1918 Jan3Bay Of Islands
GALLANT; MarieFDauSingle1919 Aug2Bay Of Islands
GALLANT; MaryFMotherWidow1855 Apr66Carbonear
WHEELER; ThomasMHeadMarried1881 Nov40Bay Of Islands
WHEELER; ElizabethFWifeMarried1882 May39Bay Of Islands
WHEELER; WilfredMSonSingle1905 July16Bay Of Islands
WHEELER; HaroldMSonSingle1907 Jan14Bay Of Islands
WHEELER; CliftonMSonSingle1909 Sept12Bay Of Islands
WHEELER; EdnaFDauSingle1911 Oct10Bay Of Islands
WHEELER; J----aFDauSingle1912 Aug9Bay Of Islands
WHEELER; BernardMSonSingle1915 Sept6Bay Of Islands
WHEELER; EvaFDauSingle1917 Dec4Bay Of Islands
WHEELER; LeoMSonSingle1919 June2Bay Of Islands
JAYNES; JamesMHeadMarried1885 Nov36Bay Of Islands
JAYNES; MaryFWifeMarried1897 Dec24Bay Of Islands
JAYNES; FredMSonSingle1919 Nov2Bay Of Islands
GALLANT; MasceliaMHeadSingle1860 May61St George's
JAYNES; CharlesMHeadMarried1888 Sept33Bay Of Islands
JAYNES; JohannaFWifeMarried1894 Aug27Bay Of Islands
JAYNES; BenjaminMSonSingle1916 Dec5Bay Of Islands
JAYNES; ChristinaFDauSingle1917 Jan4Bay Of Islands
JAYNES; Mary MFDauSingle1919 Nov2Bay Of Islands
JAYNES; Frances PMSonSingle1921 Nov9wksBay Of Islands
BASHA; SimonMHeadMarried1893 May28New York
BASHA; A.T.FWifeMarried1895 July26Syria
BASHA; JosephMSonSingle1915 Sept6Bay Of Islands
BASHA; MaryFDauSingle1917 Oct4Bay Of Islands
BASHA; GeorgeMSonSingle1920 Feb1Bay Of Islands
BASHA; SophiaFVisitorSingle1907 Sept14Bell Island
HALL; RosieFServantSingle1905 Dec16Green Bay
BASHA; EliasMHeadMarried1884 Nov37Syria
BASHA; MargaretteFWifeMarried1887 Apr34Bay Of Islands
BASHA; JosephMSonSingle1910 Oct11Halifax, N.S.
SHEEHAN; MaggieFServantSingle1907 June14Bay Of Islands
HYNES; BerthaFServantSingle1901 Nov20Port Au Port
TUCKER; WilliamMHeadMarried1874 Mar47Bay Of Islands
TUCKER; Mary AFWifeMarried1877 Jan44Bay Of Islands
TUCKER; JeremiahMSonSingle1902 May19Bay Of Islands
TUCKER; Wm JMSonSingle1904 ??17Bay Of Islands
TUCKER; BessieFDauSingle1907 Aug14Bay Of Islands
TUCKER; Rich JMSonSingle1915 Sept6Bay Of Islands
HILLIARD; GeorgeMUncleSingle1859 May62St John's
SHEEHAN; MargarettFHeadWidow1878 Apr43Bay Of Islands
SHEEHAN; ThomasMSonSingle1897 Nov24Bay Of Islands
SHEEHAN; JamesMSonSingle1898 Sept23Bay Of Islands
SHEEHAN; JohnMSonSingle1908 Dec13Bay Of Islands
SHEEHAN; SarahFDauSingle1901 Oct20Bay Of Islands
SHEEHAN; AnnieFDauSingle1910 Apr11Bay Of Islands
SHEEHAN; NellieFDauSingle1918 Mar3Bay Of Islands

Name in CensusDescription of ErrorMy Name
MITCHELL Lester Mitchell should read Leslie Mitchell. This is my Father. Monty Mitchell

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