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Anglican White Bay Parish

Marriage Records 1866-1872

Transcribed by Jennifer Payne, July 2009. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

* see table below

Rec #
Place of Marriage
18 Charles Pitman Louisa Stephens Sop’s Island 12 May 1866 John Ricketts
Elizabeth Ricketts John
19 Luke Pitman Sarah Langford Sop’s Island 12 May 1866 John Ricketts
Elizabeth Ricketts
John Osmond
20 Andrew Colborne Jane Richards Cremallier 6 September 1866 Thomas Langford
Rebecca Peatey
John Colborne
21 Henry Budgell Ann Colborne Cremallier 6 September 1866 David Peatey
John Colborne
Jane Peatey
22 Jeremiah Squires Selina Wall Grandevache 28 September 1866 George Newman
Thomas Vatcher
Selina Randell
23 Isaac Jacobs Mary Ann Hurley Western Cove 7 October 1866 Stephen Hurley
John Rice
Rebecca Jacobs
24 John Osmond Patience Ricketts Bear Cove 18 October 1866 George Rice
Samuel Jacobs
Elizabeth Rice
25 James Croucher Ann Randell Grandvache 8 November 1866 George Newman
Selina Squires
Samuel Randell
26 Jacob Hill Margaret McCarthy Goose Cove 3 May1867 Simon Warr
Henry Pynn
Mathilda Pynn
27 George Sheppard Dinah Osmond Seal Cove 2 July 1867 Charity Osmond
John Osmond
28 William Deckers Frances Pynn Lanse à Medi 26 August 1867 Henry Pynn
John Brewers
29 John Brewers Susanna Deckers Lanse à Medi 26 August 1867 William Deckers
Sarah Tucker
30 Charles Longman Anastasia Warren Brandy Harbour 29 August 1867 Henry Pynn
Joseph Peatey
31 Henry Lock Emma Deckers Brandy Harbour 29 August 1867 William Deckers
Henry Pynn
32 Alfred Grenham Anne Thomas Brandy Harbour 29 August 1867 William Deckers
Henry Pynn
33 Joseph Quenland Jane Tucker Fortune 2 September 1867 Henry Pynn
Elizabeth Ba[rr]et
34 James Hillyer Selina Peatey Griguet 4 September 1867 John Osmond
Andrew Bowndes
Elizabeth Rumbold
35 William Frake Ann Hill Griguet 5 September 1867 John Peatey
Elizabeth Compton
36 Andrew Bowndes Mahala Comby Griguet 5 September 1867 James Hillyer
Thomas Hillyer
37 Charles Andrews Mary Colborne Ireland Bight 15 September 1867 Thomas Langdon
William Read
38 Job Bowndes Dorcas Cull Ireland Bight 15 September 1867 Thomas Langdon
Joseph Cull
39 James John Andrews Jane Cull Ireland Bight 15 September 1867 Thomas Langdon
Joseph Cull
40 John Cull Phobe Pitman Ireland Bight 16 September 1867 Joseph Cull
Jane Andrews
Stephen Cull
41 Frederick Rowbotham Dorcas Cobbs St. Anthony 17 September 1867 William Peatey
Job Peatey
Rebecca Peatey
42 Andrew Canning Anna Rogers Englee 23 September 1867 Aaron Read
George Read
Mary Ann Hancock
43 Samuel Canning Sarah Jane Clothier Englee 23 September 1867
Extra Louis Paslement (bachelor) Susan Purchase (widow)
7 October 1867 David Peaty
Job Peaty
44 James Wilcox Priscilla Read Englee 23 September 1867 George Clothier
John Read
Deborah Read
45 George Britt Sarah Osmond Western Cove 26 December 1867 John Jacobs
Hezekiah Britt
Jane Britt
46 Alfred Simms Caroline Macey Brandy Harbour 21 August 1868 Abel Deckers
John Osmond
Rebecca Adams
47 James Byles Ellen Janes St. Anthony 9 September 1868 William Peatey
John Colborne
Susanna Janes
48 Theophilus Carter Mary Ann Hancock Englee 14 September 1868 James Parsons
Elizabeth Hopkins
James Parsons
49 Joseph Lane Mary Ann Hancock Englee 14 September 1868 John Osmond
Phobe Hancock
Charles Hancock
50 Thomas Randell Priscilla Short Grandvache 10 October 1868 Elias Pitman
James Read
Charlotte Squires
51 Isaac Fudge Elizabeth Rice Bear Cove 24 October 1868 George Rice John Rice Phobe Jacobs
52 Thomas Rice Pho[e]be Jacobs Western Cove 11 November 1868 Thomas Jacobs
John Rice
Rebeca Jacobs
53 Samuel Jacobs Elizabeth Gale Western Cove 10 December 1868 John Osmond
George Osmond
Rebecca Jacobs
54 William Ralph Rosanna Combden Jackson’s Arm 13 June 1869 Lot Britt
George Head
Mary Head
55 James Osmond Eliza Blanchard Western Cove 4 July 1869 Isaac Fudge
Charity Osmond
James Rice
56 Alexander Roberts Amelia Besset Quirpon 19 August 1869 George Hutchinson
William Deckers
57 John Rice Mary Osmond Seal Cove 4 October 1869 James Osmond
Joseph Osmond
Charity Osmond
58 Thomas Kavanagh Elizabeth Blanchard Western Cove 22 October 1869 Samuel Jacobs
Charity Osmond
Joseph Osmond
59 Lorenzo Bartlett Susan Keefe Lanse à Medi 17 August 1870 William Deckers
Alexis Besset
Fanny Deckers
60 John Compton Mary Adams Griguet 29 August 1870 James Carpenter
Sophia Gill
61 Henry Beaufils Rebecca Adams Brandy Island 20 August William Portland
Ann Saunders
Extra George Budgell Mary Ann N[orman] St. Carlo’s (in St. Anthony Bight) 5 September 1870 William [Toe][Tue]land
Francis Wyatt
Elizabeth Richerds
Extra Francis Wyatt Elizabeth Richerds St. Carlo’s St. Anthony Bay 6 September 1870 George Richards
John Simon
Richards Elizabeth
Ann Richards
62 Israel Nicholas Julia Pollard Harbour Deep 20 September 1870 Uriah Pollard
Mary Cassell
63 John Langford Jur. Rachel Stuckless Brown’s Cove 10 [14] November 1870 Joseph Langford
Joanna Langford
64 James Rice Mary Gale Bear Cove 18 November 1870 Isaac Fudge
Job Poole
Susan Rice
65 George Osmond Rebecca Jacobs Western Cove 21 November 1870 Thomas Jacobs
Jane Jacobs
Wadham Osmond
66 Samuel Newman Jane Britt Jackson’s Arm 3 March 1871 George Britt
Charlotte Britt
67 William Parmiter Sarah Green Ha Ha Bay 18 August 1871 Philip Ledrow
Frances Ledrow
Henry George Ledrow
68 William Norman Elizabeth Burton St. Carlo’s 31 August 1871 William Curlew
Emma Richards
John Simon Richards
69 Mack Pilgrim Rachel Moores St. Anthony 2 September 1871 Richard Pilgrim
Julia A. Pilgrim
Henry Pilgrim
70 John Colborne Emma Pilgrim St. Anthony 2 September 1871 Richard Pilgrim
Rachel Pilgrim
Alfred Clark
71 Joseph Peatey Sarah Jane Pilgrim St. Anthony 6 September 1871 Richard Pilgrim
Sarah E Moore
Albert Pilgrim
72 Henry Pilgrim Julia Ann Howell St. Anthony 6 September 1871 Richard Pilgrim
Rachel Pilgrim
Albert Pilgrim
73 David Peatey Ann Peatey St. Anthony 6 September 1871
Robert Simms
Susan Janes
Joseph Janes
74 Job Peatey Mary Ann Morgan St. Anthony 6 September 1871
Robert Simms
Elizabeth Mercer
Uriah Peatey
75 John Gillard Louisa Roberts Englee 20 September 1871 Charles Hopkins
Henry Gillard
Elizabeth Hopkins
76 George Compton Mary Jane Gale Hooping Harbour 26 September 1871 Isaac Tucker
Anna Compton
Joseph Taylor
77 Joseph Osmond Jane Jacobs Western Cove 26 October 1871 ThomasJacobs
George Bawk
Charity Osmond
78 Joseph Taylor Mary Wix Jackson’s Arm 31 October 1871 John Wix
Lydia Newman
Ephraim Watkins
79 Isaac Gilham Susan Pitman Grandvache 16 July 1872 Thomas Randell
Lydia Randell
Adam Randell
80 Samuel Tilley Rebecca Butler Tilt Cove 24 August 1872 John Tilley
William Tilley
Catharine E Banks
81 Alfred Deane Elizabeth Vivian Wild Cove 4 September 1872 Robert S. Pringle
Jane Sacrey
Joseph Langford
82 *Henry Haines Jane Sacrey Little Cony Arm 12 October 1872 Joseph Haines
Mary Jane Haines
Charles Haines
83 Reuben Ralph Charlotte Pollard Little Cony Arm 12 October 1872 Samuel Record
Sarah Ralph
Samuel Youngs
84 Samuel Pollard Emily Ralph Little Cony Arm 12 October 1872 Samuel Record
Samuel Youngs
Sarah Ralph

Transcriber's Notes:
#32 It is quite possible that Anne signed her own name. There is no ‘x' between her signature and Robert Temple (officiant) spelled every other "Anne" without the ‘e'.

#33 Witnesses: It is unclear if this is Barret or not. The microfilm was unclear, a check of the hard copy register may help to reveal what these two letters are.

#34 It is possible that Selina Peatey signed her own name.

#41 Groom: Frederick and Witness: William possibly both signed their own names as there is no ‘x' in their signature.

#43 This record is partially obscured by another hastily inserted record and the witnesses are unintelligible.

Extra, George Budgell Marriage, Witnesses: The spelling of William's surname is very unclear. A check of the original register might help.

#63 Date is unclear. It was overwritten by the minister, most likely was the 14th.

#80 The record appears to say [Butter] because both centre letters are crossed, this however appears to simply be a handwriting stylistic error and is most likely [Butler].

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
Henry Haines Should be Henry Hynes. Witnesses are also Hynes. Charles Hynes was my Great Grandfather by way of Edward Hynes his son Hazel Lewis

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