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The headstones were read, recorded and transcribed by ERIC STRINGER, June 2001. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Annie Baker 1914 1961
wife of Alex. Jr.
Frederick N. Hillier Aug. 30, 1924 29-May-84

William J. Avery 1904 1963

Jemima J. Avery 1910 1985
wife of William J.
Merdick Baker 1947 1966

Alfred Stoyles
26-Jun-69 65 yr.
Lydia Stoyles
6-Jun-84 75 yr. wife of Alfred
Noah Price
21-May-31 85 yr.
Julia Ann Price
23-Mar-34 78 yr. wife of Noah
Amos Snelgrove
8-Apr-40 64 yr.
Hannah Snelgrove
31-Mar-68 88 yr. wife of Amos
James Stoyles
24-Oct-11 88 yr.
Susan Stoyles
30-Oct-00 75 yr. wife of James
Hannibal Frost
8-Jun-04 64 yr.
Margaret Frost
5-Oct-07 54 yr. wife of Hannibal
Eleazer Benson
30-Aug-10 48 yr.
Susannah Benson

Joshua Benson

Mary Susannah Green
January 10, 1899 42 yr. wife of Enoch
Richard Loder 1878 1944

Elizabeth Loder 1882 1925
wife of Richard
John Price
9-Mar-41 63 yr. husband of Mary Elizabeth
William James Price
1-May-49 41 yr.
Pretoria Stoyles
27-Feb-37 35 yr. wife of David
Annie Maria Stoyles
8-Oct-53 44 yr. wife of David
David Stoyles
24-Feb-64 78 yr.
Eli Loder 1888 1925

Annie G. Loder 1890 1918
wife of Eli
Walter George Loder
21-Apr-70 57 yr.
David Stoyles

Mary Margaret Stoyles
3-Jun-17 32 yr. wife of David
James Stoyles
8-Dec-36 77 yr.
Keziah Stoyles
4-Jan-49 87 yr. wife of James
Plemon Greene
19-Feb-50 74 yr.
Victoria Green
11-Mar-31 51 yr. wife of Plemon
Walter W. Frost 1892 1984

Phoebe J. Frost 1894 1986
wife of Walter W.
William James Frost
26-May-40 21 yr. son of Walter W. & Phoebe
Priscilla Jane Frost
28-Aug-46 33 yr. dau. of Walter W. & Phoebe
Edward Stoyles
28-Jun-63 82 yr.
Mariah Elizabeth Stoyles
18-Apr-59 78 yr. wife of Edward
Edmund B. Stoyles 4-Jan-10 23-Jun-70

Reta P. Stoyles 8-Jul-14 14-Nov-97

Albert Howse
26-Jul-26 80 yr.
Priscilla Howse
13-Jun-22 68 yr.
Mildred Howse 19-Feb-49 2-Mar-49
daughter of Albert & Priscilla
Rachel Frost
24-Apr-36 82 yr.
Barbara Frost
7-Jan-41 83 yr.
John Jackson 1855 1932

Martha J. Jackson 1868 1954
wife of John
Bertha Churchill 1898 1977

Susan Churchill 1926 1926

Charles W. Eddy
25-Dec-54 55 yr.
Julia L. Eddy
3-Jul-85 64 yr.
William James Churchill
24-Oct-48 89 yr. husband of Susanna
William Lodge Churchill
28-Apr-43 25 yr. only son of James & Margaret
James Churchill

Maggie Churchill August 30, 1891 27-Mar-81

Alfred John Vey 12-Jan-06 10-Feb-79

William James Vey
25-Jul-45 73 yr.
Emma Jane Vey
18-Dec-58 86 yr. wife of William James
William H. Stoyles 1901 1983

A. Beatrice Stoyles 1908 living
wife of William H.
baby Stoyles
daughter of Wilson & Audrey
Lydia Churchill 1896 1979

Kenneth Vey 1904 1965

Mildred M. Crocker 1908 1991
wife of Kenneth Vey
Robert J. Avery
13-Oct-61 66 yr.
Louise Avery June 25, 1899 9-Oct-92
wife of Robert J.
George Cooper 1880 1969
erected by dau. Edith Benson
Abraham Avery
9-Nov-69 78 yr.
Phoebe Avery
27-Feb-74 82 yr. wife of Abraham
Wilson W. Stoyles 1890 1979

Elsie M. Stoyles 1896 1980
wife of Wilson W.
Naomi Price October 15, 1885 20-Nov-80

James T. Stoyles 1900 1986

A. Blanche Stoyles 1901 1980
wife of James T.
Olin M. Stoyles 1914 1984

Dorothy F. Stoyles 1915 1983
wife of Olin M.
Florence Howse
11-Jul-83 56 yr.
Leanne Howse
May Loder 1905 1985

Suzette Loder
6-Aug-66 3 yr., 5 da. dau. of Wilfred & Lillian
Susan Loder
Note: The several wide open areas in this old cemetery may indicate the presence of many unmarked graves.


Name on Headstone Description of Error My Name
AVERY William J. Avery. The new grave stone says: 1904 - 1963, but there was an old grave stone there also and it says "Aug. 4, 1902 - Jul 16, 1963". Leila Churchill
CHURCHILL James Churchill who died 17 Apr 1964 and you have him listed. However, the tombstone also included his age "77 yrs". Leila Churchill
CHURCHILL An addition: In Loving Memory / of / Eliza Jane Churchill / Beloved wife of / Alexander Churchill Jr. / Died Sept 1st 1964 / Aged 64 Years / + a verse which I didn't copy. Leila Churchill
DINN An addition: Caroline Dinn / Died Sept 7, 1952 / 77 Years Leila Churchill
CHURCHILL An addition: Churchill / 1900 - Samuel - 1973 / His Wife / 1911 - Evelyn. Leila Churchill
SNOW An addition: Ronald Maxwell Snow (I didn't write any particulars down). Leila Churchill
SNOW An addition: Lindo George Snow (I didn't write any particulars down). Leila Churchill
? An addition: In the low part of the cemetery - by the fence - toward the Frost property. Erected by Elsie / Died Dec 14, 1915 / Age 27 / Child Merdice / Died May 8, 1916 / Aged 9 Mos. Leila Churchill
CHURCHILL I have a few notes regarding stories of some of the people, but the most interesting is about William Lodge Churchill who died of tuberculosis. When he died they missed his dog and found the dog on his grave, dead. Leila Churchill
SNELGROVE Buried with Amos & Hannah Snelgrove are their 3 children Fred, Maud and Marion, The 3 of them died in their twenties or early thirties. Roy Warren

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