Newfoundland GenWeb 1921 Census Trinity Bay

NFGenWeb 1921 Census Data

Trinity Bay Region ~ Upper Trinity North District

Deep Bight - Northwest Arm, Random Sound

Transcribed from Reel # 8040. REL - Relation

Note, the age denotes age of last birthday. It was read, recorded and transcribed by SUSAN SNELGROVE, 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

SHORT; James M head married 1854 Aug 67 Hants Hrb.
SHORT; Jane F wife married 1855 Oct 65 Seal Cove
SHORT; Arthur M son
1895 Apr 26 Deep Bight
SHORT; Maggie F dau
1900 Oct 20

SHORT; Samuel M head married 1882 Aug 39 Deep Bight
SHORT; Naomi F wife married 1884 Aug 37
SHORT; Florence F dau
1906 Aug 16
SHORT; Henry M son
1907 Nov 13
SHORT; Gilbert M son
1909 Oct 11
SHORT; Belle F dau
1917 Aug 4
SHORT; Martha F dau
1915 June 6

SHORT; William M head married 1892 Dec. 28 Deep Bight
SHORT; Kate F wife married 1890 June 31
SHORT; Fred M son
1915 May 6
SHORT; Myrtle F dau
1916 Oct 4

SHORT; Samuel M head married 1844 Aug 77 Hants Hrb.
SHORT; Jane F wife married 1861 July 60 Shoal?Hrb.
HISCOCK; Silas M head married 1889 Dec 31 Winterton
HISCOCK; Awalda F wife married 1897 Feb 24 Deep Bight
HISCOCK; Alfred M son
1916 Sept. 4
HISCOCK; Annie F dau
1918 Sept. 2

SHORT; Charles M head married 1883 Sept. 37 Deep Bight
SHORT; Susie F wife married 1881 Sept. 39
SHORT; Matilda F dau
1903 July 18
SHORT; Sarah F dau
1906 Feb 15
SHORT; Merida F dau
1907 Dec 13
SHORT; Lewis M son
1902 Jan 9
SHORT; Awalda F dau
1914 May 7
SHORT; Theophilus M son
1918 Mar 3
SHORT; Ralph M son
1920 Aug 1

SHORT; Ralph M head married 1880 Aug 41 Deep Bight
SHORT; Ella F wife married 1882 July 39
SHORT; Laura F dau
1911 July 10
SHORT; Sadie F dau
1914 Nov 6
SHORT; John M son
1919 Mar 2

HAUSFORD; Samuel M head married 1872 Mar 49 Deep Bight
HAUSFORD; Minnie F wife married 1882 Oct 38 Hillview
HAUSFORD; Robert F son
1900 Feb 21
HAUSFORD; John M son
1902 Sept. 18
HAUSFORD; Daisy F dau
1907 Dec. 13
HAUSFORD; Jessie F dau
1914 Oct 6
AVERY; James M board single 1860 Oct 60 Hodges Cove

AVERY; William M head married 1854 Apr 67 Southport
AVERY; Elizabeth F wife married 1860 Apr 61 Hants Hrb
AVERY; Wallace M son
1897 May 24 Deep Bight
AVERY; Mary F dau
1901 Apr 20

AVERY; Addi M head married
Nov 39 Deep Bight
AVERY; Anora F wife married
Mar 35
AVERY; Rebecca F dau

Oct 14
AVERY; Cyril M son

July 11
AVERY; Charles M son

Oct 6
AVERY; Violet F dau

Mar 4

GREEN; Charles M head married
Mar 55 Hants Hrb.
GREEN; Mary F wife married
Aug 45 Fosters Pt.
GREEN; Wilson M son

Mar 22 Deep Bight
GREEN; Norman M son

Sept. 20
GREEN; Minnie F dau

May 17
GREEN; Beatrice F dau

Aug 12

AVERY; John M head married
Aug 30 Deep Bight
AVERY; Maggie F wife married
Sept. 28 Hillview
AVERY; Olon M son

July 8 Deep Bight
AVERY; Ernest M son

May 5
AVERY; Andrew M son

May 3


Name in Census Description of Error My Name
AVERY Addi Avery's son is not Charles it should read Caleb. He was born in 1915. Pauline Avery
HANSFORD Document reads HAUSFORD, whereas it should read: HANSFORD. Also, Robert Hansford, Son, was born Jan. 22, 1900 and not Feb 21. Mildred Zembal (nee Hansford)
HANSFORD I am submitting these corrections as Daisy (nee Hansford) Spracklin's daughter. Birth month and year for: Daisy Hansford - Jan. 1908; Jessie Hansford - Oct 1915; John Hansford - Sept 1903. Also, further to Mildred Zembal's correction, Robert Hansford - Jan 1901. Elizabeth Forrest

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