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Trinity Bay Region ~ Trinity North District

Catalina - St. Peters Anglican Burial Records, 1879 - 1942

Names of persons as written in many returns are very difficult to deciper.

These records were collected and transcribed by JOSEPH DUFFETT, 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Burial Date Persons Buried Place from Age
Jan 14 1879Delilah Maud HouseCatalina1 year 6 months
Feb 10 1879Stephen JeansCatalina74 years
Feb 18 1879George RussellCatalina63 years
Feb 19 1879Ann BurseyCatalina76 years
Mar 22 1879William BrushettCatalinainfant
Arp 30 1879Henry W. KnightCatalina02 years
May 31 1879Ann DrakeCatalina74 years
June 11 1879Susanna FaceyCatalina17 years
June 25 1879Robert BurseyCatalina09 years
July 02 1879James HigginsCatalina05 months
Aug 16 1879Robert RogersCatalina19 years
Oct 16 1879Elizabeth BrightCatalina34 years
Oct 18 1879Elizabeth D. ClouterCatalina13 months
Oct 27 1879Thomas John DrakeCatalina01 month
Nov 20 1879Jessie AshfordCatalina05 years
Nov 26 1879Mary StickleyCatalina34 years
Dec 27 1879Stephen ShepherdCatalina14 months
Dec 31 1879Thomas BrownCatalina68 years
Dec 31 1879James ManuelCatalina04 years
Jan 01 1880Ellen DayCatalina48 years
Jan 07 1880Sophia AveryCatalina02 months
Jan 11 1880Garland EdwardsCatalina18 months
Jan 12 1880Elizabeth HiscockCatalina08 years
Feb 06 1880George AveryCatalina16 years
Apr 04 1880Elizabeth RowCatalina09 year
Arr 23 1880Caleb RussellCatalina07 months
Apr 29 1880Jane BakerCatalina23 years
May 10 1880John RowCatalina19 years
May 23 1880Thomas W. FaceyCatalina02 years
May 27 1880James BakerCatalina17 years
May 27 1880Lucy BakerCatalina10 years
June 03 1880Isaac GibbsCatalina08 years
June 09 1880Charlotte Ann GullageCatalina06 months
July 22 1880Leah RowCatalina10 years
July 22 1880William GouldCatalina73 years
July 22 1880Beatrice Charlotte CraggCatalina02 days
Aug 30 1880Agnes AshfordCatalina01 month
Sept 06 1880Mary Caroline RussellCatalina1 months & 1/2
Sept 15 1880Roberi PierceCatalina24 years
Sept 19 1880Anna DrakeCatalina16 months
Dec 08 1880Naomi ShepherdCatalina30 years
Dec 13 1880Mary Helen __(?)______Catalina11 years
Dec 15 1880William BrightCatalina14 months
Jan 07 1881Charles DuffettCatalina68 years
Feb 02 1881Mary Ann BrightCatalina31 years
Feb 10 1881Henry WiltshireCatalina67 years
Feb 23 1881Caroline EdwardsCatalina34 years
-- 13 1881Stephen GouldCatalina41 years
Apr 02 1881Eliza RaymondCatalina67 years
May 08 1881Anna Maria CandowCatalina44 years
May 26 1881Eliza RaymondCatalina34 years
June 01 1881Mary FaceyCatalina20 months
June 05 1881Mary Ann HuntCatalina28 years
June 08 1881Margaret J. BrightCatalina02 years
June 09 1881Joseph ManuelCatalina02 years
June 13 1881Alfred HuntCatalina02 weeks
Sept 09 1881Dorothy StaggCatalina09 months
Sept 29 1881Sarah FaceyCatalina34 years
Oct 15 1881Mary JeansCatalina24 years
Oct 24 1881Eliza RaymondCatalina10 months
Dec 03 1881Maria Knight WoodCatalina15 years
Dec 13 1881Jonatham EdwardsCatalina42 years
Jan 03 1882Eunice FaceyCatalina39 days
Jan 17 1882Alexander ManuelCatalina29 years
Jan 26 1882Leah Jessie AshfordCatalina04 months
Apr 10 1882Thomas DuffettCatalina71 years
June 12 1882Mary H. StaggCatalina23 years
June 21 1882Mary BrightCatalina71 years
July 06 1882Annie Isabel JeansCatalina03 years
Aug 09 1882Sarah CarpenterCatalina67 years
Sept 30 1882William BrushettCatalina16 years
Oct 10 1882William RussellCatalina10 months
Oct 19 1882Richard DrakeCatalina02 days
Nov 01 1882Deborah StickleyCatalina13 months
Nov 29 1882Agnes E. RaymondCatalina26 years
Dec 12 1882Maria Ann HaynesCatalina03 months
Dec 18 1882James ClarkCatalina82 years
Jan 15 1883Alice KeelCatalina18 months
Mar 30 1883Joseph ManuelCatalina42 years
Apr 23 1883Joseph GibbsCatalina21 years
Apr 30 1883Elias WillisCatalina70 years
May 12 1883James EadyCatalina13 days
May 21 1883Susanna RussellCatalina27 years
May 29 1883Ann HigginsCatalina60 years
June 12 1883Emily CollinsCatalina3 years 6 months
July 08 1883Jane WhiteCatalina83 years
July 11 1883George CarpenterCatalina76 years
July 20 1883Ann Elizabeth ChalkLittle Catalina07 months
Aug 06 1883Alfred E. HiscockCatalina08 months
Aug 13 1883Robert ManuelCatalina14 months
Aug 20 1883Elizabeth PierceCatalina30 years
Aug 30 1883James J. HiscockCatalina4 years 6 months
Sept 12 1883Mary H. BurseyCatalina09 days
Oct 28 1883Emma AshfordCatalina43 years
Nov 23 1883Eve HaynesCatalina64 years
Jan 18 1884Aaron GullageCatalina07 days
Arr 24 1884Mary BurseyCatalina43 years
May 29 1884John HiscockCatalina72 years
Aug 03 1884Marina HaynesCatalina33 years
Dec 31 1884George RaymondCatalina59 years
Jan 03 1885Ellen KeelCatalina09 months
Jan 12 1885Frederick EadyCatalina48 days
Jan 25 1885Frederick Robert Claude CraggCatalina16 months
Feb 03 1885Bertram F. BrushettCatalina09 months
May 19 1885James BrineCatalina63 years
May 30 1885Thomas ManuelCatalina35 years
June 13 1885Stephen EadyCatalina67 years
Aug 16 1885Elizabeth GuyCatalina69 years
Aug 24 1885John ManuelCatalina42 years
-- 1885John HaynesCatalina--
Sept 23 1885Samuel George WoodleyCatalina14 months
Oct 15 1885Stephen MartinCatalina23 years
Nov 22 1885Christina Maria HigginsCatalina03 months
Nov 25 1885Ronald HigginsCatalina04 months
Nov 27 1885Edward J. BiddlecombeCatalina11 years
Nov 29 1885John EadyCatalina72 years
Dec 15 1885William HigginsCatalina12 years
Dec 20 1885Mary Ellen DuffettCatalina03 years
Jan 02 1886Jane CollinsCatalina71 years
Feb 11 1886Lucretia A. PierceCatalina34 years
Feb 17 1886Sidney __ (?)__Catalina08 years
Mar 11 1886__ (?) __ BrownCatalina02 months
Mar 21 1886George GullageCatalina55 years
Apr 12 1886Elizabeth HouseCatalina57 years
May 25 1886Mary Ann RussellCatalina37 years
May 31 1886Priscilla WiltshireCatalina75 years
Aug 24 1886Elizabeth Ellen GibbsCatalina04 months
Dec 06 1886Kate WhiteCatalina10 years
Jan 07 1887Frederick WhiteCatalina18 months
Jan 18 1887Thomas H. BrownCatalina11 months
Jan 21 1887Hedley G. CollinsCatalina18 months
Jan 21 1887James B. PierceCatalina16 months
Jan 22 1887Isaac J. ManuelCatalina05 months
Jan 29 1887Esley BurseyCatalina02 years
Feb 20 1887Rhoda B. ShepherdCatalina06 months
Feb 21 1887Charlotte GullageCatalina09 years
Mar 16 1887Jessie HiscockCatalina07 years
Apr 05 1887Aselaisa GullageCatalina06 years
Apr 16 1887John ManuelCatalina82 years
Apr 28 1887Robert PierceCatalina70 years
June 03 1887Mary Ann --(?)--Catalina25 years
Nov 11 1887James ShepherdCatalina07 months
Nov 27 1887Abel ClouterCatalina10 years
Nov 30 1887Alexander PierceCatalina30-39 years
Dec 14 1887Priscilla A. PittmanCatalina16 months
Jan 18 1888George Valentine RoweCatalina02 months
Feb 01 1888Richard HiscockCatalina21 months
Mar 13 1888Horatio FaceyCatalina16 months
Apr 15 1888Charlotte SmithCatalina52 years
June 08 1888Samuel EdwardsCatalina59 years
July 26 1888Albert DuffettCatalina03 days
July 31 1888Mary Ann GibbsCatalina03 months
July 31 1888Edward PierceCatalina11 months
Aug 28 1888Christiana Maud PierceCatalina03 years
Aug 28 1888Chesley HiscockCatalina04 months
Sept 16 1888Bertha MartinCatalina16 years
Dec 30 1888Cecilia MartinCatalina77 years
Feb 26 1889Elizabeth Jane GuyCatalina37 years
Feb 28 1889Thomas ManuelCatalina71 years
June 02 1889Martha JeansCatalina4+ (?)
June 19 1889Marina ManuelCatalina82 years
July 01 1889Reginald P. MartinCatalina07 years
July 03 1889Ethel Jane HigginsCatalina03 years
July 22 1889Annie M. HigginsCatalina06 years
Aug 01 1889Samuel HaynesCatalina02 years
Aug 25 1889Amelia FaceyCatalina56 years
Oct 18 1889Herbert HiscockCatalina08 years
Oct 19 1889Ann BrownCatalina54 years
Oct 27 1889Mary Ann ClouterCatalina--
Jan 14 1890Mary Jane HouseCatalina15 months
Jan 16 1890Frederick StrathieCatalina04 months
Jan 26 1890Joseph HaynesCatalina02 years
Jan 31 1890Caroline HaynesCatalina02 months
Feb 03 1890Azariah RussellCatalina06 years
Feb 03 1890Christopher WoodleyCatalina03 months
Feb 05 1890Elizabeth HumbyCatalina61 years
Feb 11 1890Peter ShepherdCatalina05 months
Feb 13 1890Sarah N. HiscockCatalina06 years
Feb 15 1890Margaret ManuelCatalina09 years
Feb 17 1890Henry James DuffettCatalina14 months
Mar --, 1890--Catalina69 years
Mar 12 1890--Catalina03 years
Mar 14 1890Eliza Belle DrakeCatalina04 years
Mar 29 1890Herbert StickleyCatalina03 years
Apr 05 1890John TippettCatalina06 months
Apr 11 1890Samuel KeelCatalina22 years
May 22 1890Mary--(?) JeansCatalina15 months
June 21 1890--Catalina02 years
June 29 1890William TippettCatalina68 years
July 15 1890Frances N. KeelCatalina--
July 30 1890William James HiscockCatalina20 years
Sept -- 1890-- HaynesCatalina32 years
Aug 18 1890-- KeelCatalina04 years
Sept 02 1890--Catalina01 year
Sept 27 1890William James TippettCatalina07 months
Oct 01 1890Martha JeansCatalina33 years
Oct 12 1890William RussellCatalina11 months
Oct 26 1890Elizabeth JeansCatalina59 years
Dec 21 1890George StrathieCatalina10 years
Jan 13 1891Frederick ShepherdCatalina18 months
Mar 06 1891William DuffettCatalina04 years
Mar 11 1891George Stewart ShepherdCatalina04 years
Mar 12 1891Henry James DuffettCatalina03 years
May 04 1891William EadyCatalina74 years
May 26 1891Joseph GullageCatalina05 years
June 28 1891Thomas StoneCatalina61 years
July 02 1891Alexander ShepherdCatalina05 years
July 21 1891Letitia ClouterCatalina51 years
Dec 10 1891Alexander PierceCatalina05 years
Jan 12 1892Johanna EadyCatalina45 years
Feb 03 1892Mary BurseyCatalina03 years
Feb 06 1892Emily BurseyCatalina05 years
Feb 16 1892Ronald RussellCatalina11 months
Mar 04 1892Elizabeth Grace TilleyBd.Is.Cv.26 years
Mar 04 1892William DuffettCatalina04 days
Mar 06 1892Jessie Ann HouseCatalina04 months
Mar 20 1892Jessie TippettCatalina06 months
Mar 31 1892Amelia Ann KeelCatalina16 years
Apr 24 1892Sarah DrakeCatalina65 years
Apr 30 1892William E. HouseCatalina05 years
Sept 31 1892Jane ManuelCatalina77 years
Oct 16 1892Rosanna --Catalina35 years
Oct 26 1892Sarah DuffettCatalina64 years
Dec 27 1892Joseph Allan RussellCatalina19 years.
Feb 25 1893William J. HigginsCatalina11 years
Apr 06 1893Levi WhiteCatalina62 years
Apr 23 1893John WhiteCatalina65 years
Apr 28 1893Sarah HiscockCatalina07 years
Apr 28 1893Thomas Reginald Wm. MartinCatalina09 months
May 05 1893John PierceCatalina49 years
May 10 1893Rosanna ShortCatalina09 years
May 30 1893George HigginsCatalina87 years
June 06 1893James ShepherdCatalina72 years
June 22 1893Elizabeth GullageCatalina07 months
Nov 07 1893Gertrude MartinCatalina03 months
Dec 31 1893Albert E. HiscockCatalina25 years
Jan 08 1894Hannah RaymondCatalina92 years
Jan 15 1894Ann ShepherdCatalina42 years
Jan 16 1894Reginald J. RaymondCatalina02 years
Jan 17 1894Hannah May RaymondCatalina03 years
Jan 18 1894Ann RussellCatalina78 years
Mar 31 1894Beatrice W. HouseCatalina10 years
Apr 10 1894Edward Joseph HouseCatalina06 months
May 01 1894William WhiteCatalina02 months
May 23 1894Samuel GullageCatalina3 years 6 months
Sept 02 1894Eliza EadyCatalina72 years
Sept 21 1894Elizabeth GullageCatalina23 years
Oct 21 1894Elizabeth GullageCatalina24 years
Oct 28 1894Charlotte WhiteCatalina69 years
Nov 08 1894Frederick James RowCatalina05 years
Nov 10 1894Peter WoodCatalina76 years
Dec 02 1894Lenora GuyCatalina08 years
Dec 02 1894Emily C. MonksCatalina04 years
Dec 04 1894Mary F. KeelCatalina03 years
Dec 17 1894Hannah EadyCatalina05 years
Jan 07 1895Amelia Ann GullageCatalina07 months
Jan 29 1895William DuffettCatalina11 years
Feb 16 1895Jessie BrushettCatalina2 years 6 months
May 03 1895Gertrude GullageCatalina03 years
May 05 1895Stephen ClouterCatalina67 years
June 20 1895Cecilia CarpenterLittle Catalina55 years
June 30 1895Newman AveryCatalina65 years
July 24 1895Susanna PearcyLittle Catalina01 month
Aug 30 1895Mary Ann BurseyCatalina52 years
Sept 06 1895Joseph DurdleCatalina10 months
Sept 20 1895John ColeridgeCatalina03 months
Sept 21 1895James ShepherdCatalina22 days
Sept 25 1895Peter ColeridgeCatalina03 months
Oct 13 1895Walter MartinCatalina32 years
Nov 30 1895Walter Reginald MartinCatalina14 months
Dec 31 1895Edmund James EadyCatalina04 months
Feb 04 1896Ann ChalkLittle Catalina103 (?)
feb 22 1896Hansell BurseyCatalina6 months & 1/2
May 31 1895Violet Pearl HouseCatalina08 months
June 06 1896William J. ShepherdCatalina12 years
Aug 25 1896Cecilia MifflinCatalina35 years
Sept 14 1896William ShepherdCatalina04 years
Oct 11 1896Priscilla HiscockCatalina60 years
Oct 23 1896Thomas StaggLittle Catalina83 years
Dec 07 1896William ColeridgeCatalina61 years 6 months
Dec 17 1896Thomas HiscockCatalina20 years 4 months
Dec 27 1896Bertram JeansCatalina19 years
Jan 22 1897Robert Reginald ShortCatalina16 years
Feb 13 1897Emily ManuelCatalina18 years
Feb 14 1897Sarah BurseyCatalina70 years
Mar 09 1897John GullageCatalina61 years
Apr 08 1897John SheoherdCatalina45 years
June 06 1897Laura H.P. StoneCatalina24 years
June 23 1897Augustus ChalkCatalina08 years
July 04 1897Elizabeth GuyCatalina59 years
July 04 1897Elsie BurseyCatalina13 months
Aug 15 1897Sarah BrushettCatalina76 years
Sept 03 1897William BurseyCatalina39 years
Sept 12 1897Reginald Walter HaynesCatalina07 months
Sept 26 1897Robert HiscockCatalina53 years
Nov 14 1897Hannah PiercyLittle Catalina80 years
Dec 01 1897Mary Ann --(?)--Catalina--
Jan 18 1898Harry BurseyCatalina01 year
Jan 21 1898Joseph HaynesCatalina04 months
Jan 24 1898Eliza TippittCatalina79 years
Feb 18 1898Mary Ann BrownCatalina81 years
Mar 07 1898Mary Ann RogersCatalina70 years
Mar 14 1898Ann AveryCatalina83 years
Apr 02 1898Charles HaynesCatalina79 years
May 23 1898Ellen BurseyCatalina4 years 6 months
July 15 1898Mary Ann PearceyCatalina18 years
Aug 06 1898John RoweCatalina18 years
Aug 29 1898Nathanial DuffettCatalina18 years
Nov 27 1898John RobbinsCatalina02 months
Dec 14 1898Eric ShepherdCatalina16 months
Dec 25 1898Elizabeth ShepherdCatalina31 years
May 29 1899Ella May BurseyCatalina04 months
Aug 14 1899William KeelCatalina60 years
Nov 25 1899Sibil H. Nurse (?)Catalina--
Dec 12 1899James BurseyCatalina68 years
Dec 21 1899Charles MullinsCatalina11 months
Jan 13 1900Arthur BurseyCatalina43 years
Jan 20 1900Harold WhiteCatalina05 months
Feb 10 1900Elizabeth EadyCatalina76 years
Feb 15 1900James GouldCatalina76 years
Feb 24 1900Elsie May RoweCatalina07 months
Mar 08 1900Aaron PearceyCatalina36 years
May 13 1900Eliza HaynesCatalina07 months
June 04 1900William ShepherdCatalina02 days
July 24 1900Susan GrangerCatalina36 years
July 26 1900Henry RoweCatalina66 years
July 15 1900--(?)-- HiscockCatalina--
Sept 25 1900Mary HaynesCatalina78 years
Oct 25 1900Jessie May FowlerCatalina15 years
Oct 26 1900Edward GullageCatalina01 month
Oct 27 1900William BrownCatalina39 years
Nov 16 1900George BrightCatalina2 months & 3/4
Nov 28 1900Thomas DrakeCatalina58 years
Dec 21 1900William RobbinsCatalina44 years
Feb 07 1901William RogersCatalina34 years
May 21 1901Annie StrathieCatalina53 years
June 06 1901Robert BurseyCatalina73 years
June 07 1901William RoweCatalina68 years
July 28 1901Wesley DrakeCatalina06 weeks
Sept 15 1901Naomi CollinsCatalina23 years
Sept 15 1901Caroline MullinsCatalina02 months
Sept 15 1901Samuel HaynesCatalina07 weeks
Sept 21 1901Sarah Jane ManuelCatalina10 months
Oct 10 1901John JeansCatalina58 years
Nov 07 1901Frederick RogersCatalina10 years
Dec 26 1901Samuel MullinsCatalina01 year
Jan 12 1902Jessie RogersCatalina42 years
Jan 22 1902James ShortCatalina60 years
Feb 06 1902James GullageCatalina81 years
Mar 10 1902Sabary MartinCatalina61 years
Mar 13 1902Thomas PearceCatalina57 years
Mar 18 1902Mary Gertrude GullageCatalina08 months
Mar 19 1902John RussellCatalina64 years
May 03 1902Herbert PearceCatalina12 years
June 21 1902Abram ManuelCatalina30 years
Aug 09 1902Alexander HiscockCatalina19 years
July 06 1902Mary Jane BennettCatalina02 months
July 16 1902Laura Jane BakerCatalina10 days
July 22 1902Carrie TippettCatalina13 days
Aug 10 1902Thomas HaynesCatalina23 years
Aug 14 1902Violet RussellCatalina04 years
Sept 07 1902Mary BakerCatalina26 years
Oct 02 1902Sarah Gladys BrushettCatalina3 years 6 months
Oct 21 1901Catherine MasonPeach's Cv.84 years
Nov 03 1902Hannah RussellCatalina11 years
Nov 27 1902Vera DrakeCatalina3 months & 1/2
Dec 12 1901Maria AveryCatalina71 years
Dec 28 1902David Pennie ( Rennie )Catalina65 years
Apr 24 1903Evelyn DrakeCatalina09 months
May 21 1903Edward HiscockCatalina66 years
May 26 1903Albert J. RussellCatalina03 days
May 31 1903Simon BakerCatalina79 years
June 25 1903Mary Elizabeth ShepherdCatalina16 days
July 02 1903Rhoda Bella ShepherdCatalina23 days
Aug 12 1903Jane GullageCatalina97 years
Sept 28 1903Anne ManuelCatalina72 years
Oct 07 1903John BurseyCatalina76 years
Oct 13 1903Diana GouldCatalina82 years
Nov 17 1903Henry RoweCatalina71 years
Nov 24 1903Christie Hetty RoweCatalina30 years
Apr 10 1904Evelyn WhiteCatalina3 years 4 months
May 24 1904Joseph GibbsCatalina75 years
June 04 1904Sarah BurseyCatalina69 years
July 31 1904Isaac ManuelCatalina18 years
Aug 11 1904Charles PearceCatalina26 years
Oct 03 1904Eric Leslie Reginald RogersCatalina01 week
Feb 17 1905Elizabeth ChalkLittle Catalina78 years
Mar 01 1905Elizabeth HaynesCatalina84 years
Apr 16 1905James CarpenterLittle Catalina25 years
May 04 1905George ShepherdCatalina65 years
May 19 1905Caleb ShepherdCatalina06 weeks
May 20 1905Mary ShepherdCatalina18 years
Aug 24 1905John DrakeCatalina86 years
Sept 02 1905Peter MartinCatalina71 years
Sept 12 1905Phylis Mariam RoweCatalina07 months
Oct 24 1905Phebe BrightCatalina23 years
Nov 18 1905Jessie BakerCatalina03 months
Dec 31 1905Susannah WhiteCatalina82 years
Mar 02 1906Edgar Otto BrineCatalina52 years
Mar 14 1906Susannah DuffettCatalina29 years
May 22 1906Herbert AbbottCatalina15 months
June 01 1906Rebecca RoweCatalina02 months
June 06 1906John EadyCatalina04 months
June 12 1906John HiscockCatalina72 years
June 20 1906Garland WhiteCatalina26 years
July 20 1906Lillian StickleyCatalina36 hours
July 26 1906Hazel ShepherdCatalina03 days
Aug 18 1906Thomas ChalkLittle Catalina85 years
Aug 26 1906Jessie GullageCatalina01 year
Sept 16 1906Thomas HiscockCatalina64 years
Sept 21 1906Jessie FowlowCatalina08 months
Oct 14 1906Maria BurseyCatalina43 years
Nov 18 1906Mark HuntCatalina58 years
Nov 25 1906Emma BadcockCatalina75 years
Dec 01 1906William DuffettCatalina77 years
Dec 08 1906Susanna BakerCatalina02 months
Feb 28 1907Herbert BarrettCatalina01 year
Mar 10 1907Ethel Susanna WhiteCatalina3 years 4 months
Mar 19 1907Elizabeth Ellen MilesCatalina6 years 5 months
Apr 04 1907Simon DuffettCatalina02 months
May 12 1907Elizabeth ManuelCatalina29 years
May 22 1907Peter HouseCatalina54 years
May 23 1907Benjamin HouseCatalina--
May 27 1907Bertha Ethel JeansCatalina16 years 5 months
Aug 01 1907Elizabeth FowlowCatalina59 years
Oct 02 1907Martha HiscockCatalina68 years
Nov 01 1907Sarah GrangerCatalina70 years
Dec 08 1907Selina HaynesCatalina16 years
Jan 03 1908James StrathieCatalina64 years
Jan 12 1908George RussellCatalina74 years
June 09 1908George HouseCatalina84 years
July 22 1908Eli RussellCatalina31 years
July 29 1908Ellenor Ethel Philippa StoneCatalina10 weeks
Aug 23 1908Elizabeth RaymondCatalina33 years
Sept 04 1908Joseph RogersCatalina77 years
Apr 19 1908Elias HouseCatalina46 years
Sept 17 1908William RaymondCatalina35 years
Oct 27 1908Charles MullinsCatalina4(?) years
Jan 29 1909Joseph SweetlandCatalina17 months
Feb 04 1909James DuffettCatalina53 years
Feb 22 1909Abram HiscockCatalina21 years
May 25 1909George RaymondCatalina59 years
Sept 21 1909James WhiteCatalina08 weeks
Nov 08 1909Rose RogersCatalina48 years
Jan 01 1910Rebecca KeelCatalina03 months
Apr 06 1910George SpracklinCatalina15 years
May 13 1910Mary WhiteCatalina86 years
May 18 1910Elizabeth BrineCatalina8+ (?)
July 24 1910Lucy PearceCatalina24 years
July 26 1910Cecilia BrightCatalina30 years
Aug 07 1910William James BrightCatalina03 weeks
Sept 09 1910Sarah ClouterCatalina81 years
Nov 01 1910Leonard MilesCatalina23 years
Nov 18 1910Abel RoweCatalina21 years
Nov 24 1910Jessie RoweCatalina25 years
Dec 15 1910Joseph GullageCatalina76 years
Dec 28 1910Albert GuyCatalina15 years 8 months
Jan 04 1911Lewis BurseyCatalina22 years
Mar 08 1911William AshfordCatalina27 years
Mar 13 1911Edward HiscockCatalina25 years
Mar 30 1911Bessie Maud ClouterCatalina4 years 6 months
May 25 1911Joseph HiscockCatalina63 years
June 10 1911Anne EadyCatalina81 years
July 01 1911Charlotte Ann GullageCatalina32 years
Aug 12 1911William ManuelCatalina72 years
Aug 13 1911--(?)--Little Catalina--
Aug 29 1911William Chesley FowlowCatalina05 months
Dec 22 1911William FranklynCatalina06 years
Dec 28 1911Gertrude Frances RussellCatalina15 years
Feb 08 1912Minnie BugdenCatalina41 years
Feb 18 1912Pridence ColeridgeCatalina8+ (?)
Feb 25 1912Mary Martha ShepherdCatalina09 months
Feb 28 1912Anne GouldCatalina84 years
May 18 1912Elizah ShepherdCatalina12 years
May 26 1912Robert FowlowCatalina31 years
Sept 05 1912Elizabeth GullageCatalina86 years
Dec 24 1912Edward PearceCatalina21 years
Dec 27 1912Ethel Anne RoweCatalina20 years
Jan 02 1913Janie Belle ClouterCatalina10 weeks
May 11 1913Ernest PearceCatalina20 years
June 20 1913John Thomas PearceCatalina16 years
June 29 1913Lizzie Belle HiscockCatalina4 years 5 months
Aug 03 1913William HigginsCatalina69 years
Aug 04 1913Stephen RussellCatalina01 year
Aug 30 1913John--(?)--68 years
Sept 27 1913Gordon ShepherdCatalina8 or 87 years
Sept 30 1913Edward BedacombeCatalina78 years
Oct 05 1913Thomas ManuelCatalina07 weeks
Oct 10 1913Esther BedacombeCatalina74 years
Oct 11 1913William AshfordCatalina79 years
Oct 19 1913Elizabeth BrownCatalina68 years
Dec 13 1913Joseph HiscockCatalina34 years
Jan 23 1914Dora Belle WhiteCatalina18 years
Mar 24 1914John HigginsCatalina20 years
Apr 05 1914Jessie GibbsCatalina21 years
May 10 1914Elizabeth M. GibbsCatalina56 years
May 15 1914Stella Adrienne MifflinSt. John's22 years
July 22 1914Mary Maria FowlurCatalina35 years
Aug 07 1914Robert BrineCatalina56 years
Aug 29 1914Mary Ann WhiteCatalina67 years
Sept 09 1914Samuel HigginsCatalina73 years
Sept 14 1914Stephen StickleyCatalina01 day
Oct 18 1914Maria ShepherdCatalina80 years
Nov 01 1914William RodgersCatalina52 years
Feb 04 1915Edmund DuffettCatalina19 years
Feb 09 1915Joseph ShepherdCatalina99 years
Feb 22 1915Walter Clayton PearceCatalina20 months
Apr 01 1915John MifflinGreenland21 years
Apr 06 1915Elizabeth BrightCatalina60 years
May 09 1915William Joseph WhiteCatalina07 months
May 24 1915Mary --(?)--Catalina--
Aug 26 1915Henry AdyCatalina81 years
Sept 24 1915Dinah Marbey(?) HainesCatalina01 year
Nov 30 1915Ellen EdwardsCatalina82 years
Feb 14 1916--(?)-- GullageCatalina82 years
Mar 07 1916Edward --(?)-- RogersCatalina12 (?)
Mar 13 1916William DuffettCatalina82 years
May 12 1916Charles GrangerCatalina78 years
May 16 1916Samuel ManuelCatalina62 years
June 13 1916Caroline PearceCatalina60 years
July 12 1916Thomas RussellCatalina78 years
July 29 1916Frederick Jabez ManuelCatalina01 year
Nov 10 1916George Albert JeansCatalina29 years
Jan 23 1917Jane BrightCatalina78 years
Jan 30 1917Moses BrightCatalina78 years
Mar 21 1917Jessie ShepherdCatalina41 years
July 17 1917William ClouterCatalina41 years
Sept 01 1917Elizabeth --(?)--Twillingate75 years
Dec 21 1917Alfreda WhiteCatalina27 years
Feb 07 1918John BrightCatalina83 years
Mar 09 1918Jane HiscockCatalina63 years 7 months
Mar 15 1918Johanna WhiteCatalina82 years
Mar 15 1918William CarpenterLittle Catalina86 years
Apr 05 1918Mary BrineCatalina58 years
May 17 1918William ManuelCatalina18 or 78
July 12 1918Phebe Ann ShepherdCatalina50 years
Oct 18 1918Elizabeth DuffettCatalina20 years
Nov 11 1918Alice ManuelCatalina17 months
Nov 11 1918Mary ManuelCatalina12 years
Nov 22 1918Albert Clarence SweetlandCatalina7 years 4 months
Dec 08 1918Robert Edison WhiteCatalina14 months
Feb 10 1919Robert BakerCatalina01 month
Mar 18 1919Mary Ann RussellCatalina54 years
Apr 09 1919Susanna EdgecombeCatalina65 years
June 04 1919Elizabeth GullageCatalina74 years
July 03 1919Stephen StickleyCatalina80 years
July 24 1919Elizabeth ShepherdCatalina61 years
Sept 14 1919Elizabeth WhiteCatalina88 years
Sept 30 1919Jemima RussellCatalina34 years
Dec 19 1919Charlotte ShepherdCatalina04 days
Jan 29 1920Mary Jane ManuelCatalina69 years
Feb 06 1920James GouldCatalina05 weeks
Apr 10 1920Amelia SamsonCatalina32 years
June 25 1920Robert RandellCatalina57 years
July 03 1920Nellie Estelle HouseCatalina20 years 9 months
July 24 1920Mary Anne ShepherdCatalina55 years
July 26 1920Leonard StickleyCatalina10 months
Aug 03 1920Gertrude NewmanJoe Batt's Arm25 years
Aug 18 1920Jane HouseCatalina33 years
Jan 19 1921Frederick SamsonCatalina27 years
Mar 02 1921Robert Elias GillardCatalina07 weeks
Mar 26 1921Edmund William StickleyCatalina02 days
Apr 29 1921Stella May WhiteCatalina20 years 7 months
May 09 1921Amelia WellsCatalina70 years
June 12 1921Frances HaynesCatalina59 years
June 16 1921Mary Menetha WhiteCatalina09 months
July 14 1921Sarah HiscockCatalina41 years
--Florence Muriel GillardCatalina1 year 7 months
Aug 16 1921Violet May ManuelCatalina09 months
Sept 12 1921Samson Elias RoweCatalina1 year 6 months
Oct 21 1921Rachel GouldCatalina02 months
Jan 02 1922Ellen ManuelCatalina78 years
Jan 23 1922Mariam BurseyPort Union25 years
May 28 1922Phema(?) MercerCatalina25 years
Aug 05 1922Stewart ShepherdCatalina27 years
Aug 07 1922Albert ShepherdCatalina35 years
Aug 08 1922Lewis ShepherdCatalina22 years
June 05 1922Ellen GullageCatalina34 years
Sept 09 1922Austin John B. BrownCatalina2 months 10 days
Dec 01 1922Effie WhiteCatalina25 years
Dec 08 1922Ellen HiscockCatalina77 years
Jan 03 1923Thomas ManuelCatalina48 years
Jan 05 1923John Alexander JeansCatalina1year 6 months
Jan 22 1923John WhiteCatalina02 days
Jan 28 1923--(?)--Catalina21 years 6 months
Mar 11 1923Esau GibbsCatalina64 years
Apr 20 1923--(?)--Catalina35 years
Apr 24 1923Donald BurseyCatalina69 years
Mar 05 1923--(?)-- Hope MercerCatalina1 year 3 months
May 13 1923James RaymondCatalina77 years
May 18 1923Ronald HouseCatalina31 years
May 25 1923Lawetta Pearl HouseCatalina07 months
May 26 1923John WhiteCatalina05 weeks
Nov 13 1923Robert RussellCatalina59 years
Nov 18 1923Lucy BrownPort Union70 years
Nov 27 1923Eli RussellPort Union01 year
Feb 07 1924Ludwig AnthonyCatalina39 years
Lost at Sea near Cape BallardNorman ShepherdCatalina29 years
Lost at Sea near Cape BallardHarold ShepherdCatalina31 years
Lost at Sea near Cape BallardGeorge HouseCatalina41 years
Lost at Sea near Cape BallardAlfred ShepherdCatalina45 years
Feb 09 1924Edward H. HeffertonCatalina06 months
Feb 12 1924Mary ManuelCatalina48 years
Apr 04 1924Allan Benjamin StickleyCatalina01 year
Apr 06 1924Amelia ChamberlainCatalina64 years
Apr 07 1924Elizabeth RussellCatalina76 years
Apr 17 1924Beatrice HouseCatalina33 years
Apr 18 1924Mark GuyCatalina72 years
Apr 28 1924George PearceCatalina75 years
May 24 1924Lucy HouseCatalina40 years
June -- 1924Archibald DuffettCatalina58 years
July 18 1924Elizabeth SweetlandCatalina53 years
July 27 1924Elizabeth JeansCatalina22 years
Aug 04 1924William WhiteCatalina77 years
Aug 05 1924Theophilus ShepherdCatalina70 years
Aug 17 1924Isaac ManuelCatalina12 years
Oct 12 1924Maria RussellCatalina89 years
Oct 13 1924Violet May BrownCatalina14 years
Nov 05 1924Vivian HigginsCatalina47 years
Nov 15 1924William SweetlandCatalina17 years
Dec 08 1924Sarah StaggCatalina73 years
Feb 09 1925Frederick GullageCatalina84 years
Mar 06 1925Mary Ann GullageCatalina74 years
June 10 1925Moses DuffettCatalina23 years
July 04 1925Clayton Crawford StaggCatalina06 months
Aug 20 1925Grace RoweSt. John's83 years
Oct 17 1925Gertrude DuffettCatalina22 years
Nov 23 1925Typhena DuffettCatalina15 years
Dec 11 1925Esther RoweCatalina85 years
Feb 02 1926Katherine RussellCatalina70 years
Feb 14 1926William RussellCatalina81 years
Mar 05 1926Anna HouseCatalina64 years
Mar 12 1926Hannah DuffettCatalina91 years
Mar 14 1926Mary StreetPort Union27 years
Mar 17 1926Eric KingPort Union01 day
Mar 18 1926Priscillia BurseyCatalina80 years
Apr 26 1926John CollinsCatalina87 years
May 16 1926William SheppardCatalina57 years
July 29 1926Martha DuffittCatalina32 years
Aug 13 1926Dougald BurseyCatalina65 years 6 months
Sept 18 1926Elizabeth HiscockCatalina81 years
Oct 04 1926Arthur Robert StaggCatalina06 days
Nov 09 1926Thomas Haynes DuffittCatalina18 years
Dec 20 1926Stephen JeansCatalina84 years
Dec 23 1926Ann DrakeCatalina82 years
Apr 13 1927Maria HiscockCatalina78 years 4 months
June 14 1927-- ephania BlundonCatalina24 hours
--Ralph BlundonCatalina09 hours
--Still Born MaleCatalinaStill Born
Aug 28 1927Elsie Snowden BrownPort Union28 hours
--A female still born buried with her.Port Union--
July 31 1927Lenora StoneCatalina87 years
Sept 06 1927Rachel Mary WhiteCatalina14 years
Oct 12 1927Hubert SheppardCatalina23 years
Oct 23 1927Abel StoneCatalina75 years
Dec 26 1927Norma WhiteCatalina23 years 6 months
Feb 28 1928Mary Jane WhiteCatalina58 years
Mar 06 1928Fanny WhiteCatalina17 years
Mar 08 1928Elizah Gerald SheppardCatalina02 months
Apr 09 1928Arthur WhiteCatalina58 years
May 31 1928Douglas CookPort Union09 years
June 26 1928William H. SheppardCatalina18 years
July 24 1928George Stewart ClouterCatalina20 years
Oct 04 1928Jessie Frances HaynesCatalina08 months
Nov 19 1928Flora KielCatalina51 years
Jan 04 1929George Seymour ChamberlainCatalina89 years
Jan 04 1929William SamsonPort Union78 years
Jan 19 1929Clara Joyce BlundonCatalina03 months
Mar 03 1929Susanna HaynesCatalina30 years
Mar 12 1929William ManuelCatalina81 years
Apr 15 1929Simeon SheppardCatalina66 years
Apr 17 1929Charles HaynesCatalina71 years
May 31 1929Jessie WhiteCatalina21 years
June 19 1929George DuffettCatalina64 years
July 28 1929Andrew DuffittPort Union17 days
Aug 05 1929Sarah Jane DuffittCatalina57 years
Aug 26 1929William BrownCatalina29 years 9 months
Sept 24 1929Sarah Maude BrownCatalina26 years
Feb 15 1930Henry SheppardCatalina76 years
Mar 07 1930Margaret JeansCatalina07 monyhs
Mar 23 1930Joseph GullageCatalina71 years
May 17 1930Sarah RussellPort Union64 years
June 23 1930Kathleen KingPort Union01 day
June 23 1930Mary KingPort Union02 days
June 29 1930Ada RussellCatalina21 years
Sept 05 1930Frances CollinsCatalina59 years
Sept 08 1930Cleveland GullageCatalina03 years
Sept 10 1930Isaac StaggCatalina47 years
Jan 01 1931Robert StaggCatalina85 years 6 months
Jan 28 1931Joanna StickleyCatalina86 years
Feb 16 1931William JeansCatalina80 years
Mar 06 1931Naomi SheppardCatalina20 years
Mar 30 1931Thomas SheppardCatalina75 years
Apr 08 1931Olive Blanche StaggCatalina04 days
Apr 08 1931Alma Gertrude StaggCatalina04 days
June 14 1931Robert GullageCatalina82 years
June 25 1931Edgar Francis DuffettCatalina05 years
Aug 06 1931Dougald DuffittPort Union64 years
Aug 07 1931Amelia Maud ManuelCatalina08 months
Aug 26 1931John BurseyCatalina76 years
Sept 06 1931Neomi SheppardCatalina04 months
Nov 08 1931William HaynesCatalina73 years
Feb 20 1932William BrightCatalina24 years
Apr 03 1932Wilson BurseyNew Haven U.S.A03 years
Aug 20 1932William HaynesCatalina12 years 9 months
Sept 03 1932Frederick George Francis --Catalina2 years 6 months
Sept 19 1932John KingPort Union09 months
Sept 24 1932Mark SheppardCatalina68 years
Dec 20 1932Maria HaynesCatalina83 years
Jan 15 1933Stella Mabel JeansCatalina01 month
Feb 02 1933Daisy ManuelCatalina26 years
Mar 08 1933Philip Charles HaynesCatalina44 years
June 18 1933Miriam Lydia RoweCatalina69 years
Aug 27 1933James RussellPort Union46 years
Oct 18 1933Frederick BrownCatalina03 months
Dec 13 1933William RoweCatalina63 years
Dec 25 1933Hannah HigginsCatalina80 years
Jan 21 1934John StoneCatalina58 years
Apr 19 1934Frederick BrushettCatalina84 years
June 07 1934Gillard SheppardPort Union01 year
Aug 22 1934Margaret ClouterCatalina57 years
Sept 04 1934Edward HouseCatalina73 years
Oct 14 1934Arthur RussellPort Union18 years
Jan 19 1935Archibald ClouterCatalina79 years
Feb 21 1935Anna SamsonPort Union81 years
Apr 14 1935John RaymondCatalina81 years
Apr 24 1935Jane JonesCatalina66 years
June 25 1935Yvonne SheppardCatalina02 months
July 25 1935Annie GullageCatalina80 years
July 29 1935Jemima JeansCatalina81 years
Sept 15 1935Margaret SheppardPort Union25 years
Oct 07 1935Frances HigginsCatalina58 years
Oct 27 1935Arthur SheppardCatalina63 years
Jan 25 1936Mary StaggCatalina08 years
Mar 21 1936Hannah WhiteCatalina85 years
Apr 13 1936Susan CookPort Union92 years
Apr 17 1936James SheppardCatalina81 years
May 20 1936Gordon BrownCatalina05 weeks
May 26 1936Florence BrownCatalina06 weeks
June 04 1936Mary Jemima RussellCatalina01 week
July 02 1936Annie Maria HiscockCatalina01 month
July 10 1936Martha Maud HiscockCatalina06 weeks
July 11 1936Maria EadyCatalina94 years
Nov 04 1936Gordon RoweCatalina23 years
Feb 05 1937Lois Elizabeth KingPort Union1 month &1/2
Mar 16 1937Eva StickleyCatalina53 years
Apr 03 1937Priscilla GullageCatalina75 years
June 13 1937Elizabeth ManuelCatalina84 years
Sept 27 1937Cyril BaileyCatalina06 years
Dec 09 1937Rachel GullageCatalina71 years
Dec 22 1937Annie SheppardCatalina24 years
Mar 23 1938Isaac ManuelCatalina80 years
Apr 23 1938Frederick HiscockCatalina04 years
Apr 28 1938Mary Marina StaggCatalina01 day
--Also still born male----
Aug 05 1938Elizabeth EadyCatalin89 years
Aug 15 1938Randolph BlundonCatalina06 years
Aug 26 1938Albert Clarence SweetlandCatalina10 years
Sept 03 1938Charles BrightCatalina73 years
Sept 08 1938Isabella BurseyCatalina75 years
Oct 04 1938Dinah HaynesCatalina77 years
Nov 04 1938Sir WM. E. CoakerPort Union67 years
Jan 14 1939James Raymond HaynesCatalina35 years
Feb 13 1939Clayton DuffettPort Union01 day
Feb 15 1939Frances ColeridgeCatalina71 years
Mar 09 1939Alva RussellPort Union27 years
May 28 1939Alice Agnes TemplemanCatalina47 years
July 02 1939Helena StaggCatalina44 years
Aug 02 1939John JonesCatalina69 years
Aug 17 1939Albert Edmund SamsonPort Union52 years
Oct 12 1939Emily BurseyCatalina78 years
Jan 21 1940John KingPort Union74 years
Feb 09 1940Moses BlundonCatalina38 years
Feb 29 1940Harriet CollinsCatalina94 years 6 months
Mar 17 1940Francis SamsonPort Union17 years
June 29 1940Mary Ann SheppardCatalina73 years
July 29 1940Alfred SheppardCatalina79 years
Oct 27 1940John MifflinPort Union29 years
Dec 01 1940John ManuelCatalina69 years
Dec 17 1948Eli SheppardCatalina73 years
Dec 18 1940Gordon Crawford ManuelCatalina1 year 5 months
Dec 30 1940Mary JeansCatalina75 years
Dec 31 1940Lavinia BrightCatalina78 years
Feb 07 1941Samuel RussellPort Union43 years
Apr 20 1941Barbara Irene BurseyCatalina04 months
July 10 1941Jessie BrownPort Union69 years
Sept 17 1941Emily RaymondCatalina92 years
Sept 23 1941Eric HuntCatalina20 years
Mar 20 1942Doris Mariam SheppardCatalina04 months

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