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The following is an extract of all Pike entries listed in the Slade Ledgers for Trinity, Trinity Bay, housed in the Slade Papers Collection at the Maritime History Archives, Memorial University of Newfoundland. Due to faded nature of the handwriting there were several places in the text that may be interpreted as illegible or difficult to decipher. In such cases, where the form of an entry is in question a question mark (?) immediately follows thereafter. Submitted by an anonymous researcher.


212                          Richd Pike                      __         do         of         Jas. 1     __                                       12/9/


Friday 11th Nov, 1859


212                          Richard Pike                  p. self                &          Barthe? (or Burthe?) James 2


34                            Fr. Cail?                                                                                                                     £3 ” ”


1 If this is the same Richard Pike (or John Richard Pike) of Tickle Harbour (now Bellevue), Jas. (or James) is given as father of Richard Pike. This contrasts with an 1865 Grieves and Bremner Ledger Account Book entry for Richard Pike, of Tickle Harbour, that gives Geo. (George) as father to named account holder. If this is the case, George Pike may have used his middle name George as his first name, while dropping his first or baptismal name James (or Jacob/John), or vice versa. This would give an original baptismal name of either James George Pike, or George James Pike, as father of (John) Richard Pike. The fact that Jacob, James and sometimes John were used interchangeably as first or given baptismal names for members of this extended kin group of Piper’s Hole, P.B.-Tickle Harbour (now Bellevue), T.B. adds some confusion to the interpretation. The ledger entry suggests that Richard Pike was residing at Trinity or had an account from that area. The ledger accountant or record keeper consistently distinguished residents outside of Trinity, T.B., by including place of residence in brackets.

2 This form was difficult to decipher due to the faded nature of the ink. The entry Barthe.? May denote an abbreviated from of the given name Barthalemew or its variant(s). If so, then the form cited above could designate a Barthalamew James, or a James Barthalamew. Note also that Richard is included in the same section of the ledger with an extended group of Helliers, with known connections to the Trinity, T.B. and later New Harbour, T.B. areas.


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