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Salvation Army Cemetery at Whitbourne, NL

Surname 1st Name 2nd Name Relation Born Died Age Notes
Vokey Phillip   son of Bert and Remona   1971    
Vokey Bertram   husband of Remona 1922 1994    
Vokey Remona   wife of Bertram 1933 2000   nee Drover
Cooper William     1878 1956    
Bradbury Wayne Ross   Sept 21 1984 Dec 19 1984    
Bradbury Shirley   wife of John   2003    
Hutchings Jonathan   husband of Providence   May 4 1930 86   
Hutchings Cyril   husband of Gertrude   Dec 21 1969 71  Private
Royal Nfld Regiment WWI
Hutchings Richard       Mar 30 1918 17  Private
Royal Nfld Regiment # 3860 WWI Killed in Action
Hutchings George Henry     July 31 1940 44   
Hutchings Provy       Dec 5 1945 39   
Hutchings Phebe       Nov 22 1909 18   
Hutchings Stephen       Mar 19 1910 16   
Hutchings William Bramwell   1920 1995   Nfld Overseas Forestry Unit WWII
Hutchings Thomas            
Hutchings Naomi   wife of Jonathan        
Hutchings Jonathan   husband of Naomi   Sept 5 1951 85   
Drover Uriah   husband of Rebecca 1864 1935    
Drover Rebecca   wife of Uriah 1876 1967   nee Peddle 
These records are complete, as to headstones found at the Cemetery. However, there are many unmarked graves. A search of the Salvation Army Records may provide you with additional information. Please verify any and all info you make use of from this page.


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