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St. Thomas Anglican Church, St, John's

Marriages 1830 - 1893, complete

PANL: Volume 30A (Part 2)
The information was transcribed by JILL MARSHALL ~ July 2002 from the microfilm on loan from the Church of JC of LDS Library, Utah USA. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

Corrected or updated since original posting

Marriage Date Place of Marriage Groom Bride Witnesses Remarks
The next group of marriages are out of chronological order with respect to the previous entries.

Nov 6 1856Christ Church, Quidi VidiThomas HENNEBURY, bach, Quidi VidiDiana CHAFE, spinster, Petty HarbourEllen Walsh, W.H. Charles
Dec 10 1856Christ Church, Quidi VidiRichard HORWOOD, bach, Quidi VidiHarriet BATSTONE, spinster, Quidi VidiWilliam Horwood, Emma Batstone
June 7 1860Christ Church, Quidi VidiMark George BROWN, bach, St JohnsAgnes CADWELL, spinster, Quidi VidiE. Humphrey, D. H. Miller
Nov 30 1869Christ Church, Quidi VidiSamuel DAWE, bach, GreenspondEliza Jane HENNEBURY, spinster, Quidi VidiJ. Hennebury, Edward Martin

Dec 31 1869St. JohnsJames NORMORE, bach, Belle Isle BeachAnn SCANES (SKANES), spinster, St JohnsRichard Mullins, Catherine Squires
Mar 14 1868St. JohnsPhilip WHEELER, widower, St JohnsEllen McCARTHY, widow, St JohnsPhilip Lacey, William Lacey
June 10 1868St. JohnsWilliam CLARK, bach, St JohnsSelina SNOW, spinster, St JohnsHugh Carter, Mary Barter
Oct 6 1868St. JohnsGeorge BRANNEN, bach, Frederickton, New BrunswickHannah ARMSTRONG, spinster, St JohnsSarah Donneley, George Armstrong
Oct 7 1868St. JohnsHenry Maynard SKINNER, bach, clergyman, FerrylandEmily BRADSHAW, spinster, KelligrewsA. Goodridge, P. Kelligrew
Oct 19 1868St. JohnsMark GILES, bach, GreenspondAdelaide PRITCHARD, spinster, Brigus, CBWilliam Pritchard, John Dimke?/ Dimlie?
Oct 28 1868St. JohnsIsaac Moore SHEPHERD, bach, Spaniards BaySarah NOSEWORTHY, spinster, Spaniards BayWilliam Hewardine, Mary E. Janes
Dec 9 1868St. JohnsJohn William HAYWARD, bach, St JohnsLouisa BOWDEN, spinster, St JohnsJohn Hayward, Henry Cooke
Apr 29 1869St. JohnsJames SKAINS (SKANES), bach, St JohnsLouisa Jane DODD, spinster, St JohnsC.D. Dodd, Reuben Locke
May 29 1869St. JohnsRobert MURREN, bach, St JohnsMary Ann RENDER, spinster, St J ohnsThomas Murren, John Hennebury
June 20 1869St. JohnsJoshua CHIPMAN, bach, St JohnsEllen FENLAN, spinster, St JohnsJames Vavasour, John Carter
Aug 29 1869St. JohnsFrancis FERRIS, bach, Halifax, N. ScotiaElizabeth HARVEY, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Ferris, Ann White
Sep 9 1869St. JohnsWilliam Thomas GODLEY, bach, London, EnglandSarah Ann MURREN, spinster, St JohnsJohn Thomas Murren, Susannah Murren
Nov 3 1869St. JohnsJonas Augustus BODEN, bach, SwedenMary Elizabeth PEACH, spinster, St JohnsNils Ohman, John Webber
Nov 18 1869St. JohnsSamuel SOPER, bach, St JohnsDiana F. Whitten, spinster, St JohnsElizabeth Anderson, Henry Whitten
Nov 25 1869St. JohnsJoseph COOK, bach, St JohnsHannah CODNER, spinster, St JohnsUriah Codner, William Cook
Dec 2 1869St. JohnsGeorge WILLIAMS, bach, St JohnsSarah Jane FRAMPTON, widow, St JohnsN.J. Collier, (other not legible)
Dec 18 1869St. JohnsSamuel HOOKEY, bach, St JohnsAnna ABBOTT, spinster, St JohnsJoseph Hookey, Eli Hodder
Jan 15 1870St. JohnsWilliam Ralph MINCKTON, bach, St JohnsMargaret NORMORE, spinster, Belle IsleRichard Pynn, Mary Hewardine
July 9 1870St. JohnsRobert Collins LAWRENCE, bach, BrigusNora HACKET, spinster, St JohnsChristina Hackett, J.W. Withens
Sep 1 1870St. JohnsJohn TRIBBLE, widower, St JohnsPhoebe SEELEY (SEALEY), widow, St JohnsMary Waddicott, Sarah WilliamsPhoebe (nee MARSHALL, widow Sealey) Tribble was bc 1811 - d Dec 25 1883 Hoylestown, St Johns; she is believed to be the daughter of George MARSHALL & Ann Earle, and was previously married to John Sealey.
Oct 8 1870St. JohnsJacob SNOOKS, bach, New PerlicanElizabeth Jane MURREN, spinster, St Johns"not legible"
Oct 13 1870St. JohnsHenry George McDONALD, bach, St JohnsMary Louisa GEAR, spinster, St JohnsMary Barter, John Cook
Nov 1 1870St. JohnsWilliam Cawley SIMMS, bach, St JohnsJuliana HAYWARD, spinster, St JohnsJohn Hayward, Katie Hayward
Nov 8 1870St. JohnsRichard SCOTT, bach, St JohnsFanny JANES, spinster, St JohnsMary Janes, Hatten? F. Wood
Nov 16 1870St. JohnsAbel ROLLS, bach, St JohnsSusan Jane HEALE, spinster, St JohnsDavid Hoskins, John Heale
Nov 22 1870St. JohnsSamuel James VAVASOR, bach, St JohnsMaria Ann JOHNSTON, spinster, FerrylandLouisa Carrington, John Carter
Jan 23 1871St. JohnsJames Lyons NOONAN, widower, St JohnsSarah Ann LEWIS, widow, St JohnsEmma Gaden, William S. Canning
May 21 1871St. JohnsJoseph WHEELER, bach, St JohnsMary Hannah GOSS, spinster, TorbayJames Wheeler, John Wheeler
May 25 1871St. JohnsJohn HALL, bach, FreshwaterFanny NORMORE, spinster, St JohnsR.W. Down, Samuel Down
June 28 1871St. JohnsJoseph MOIST, bach, St JohnsRebecca NOSEWORTHY, spinster, Pouch CoveCharles (n/g), Elizabeth Noseworthy
July 4 1871St. JohnsJohn HENNEBURY, bach, Quidi VidiHannah MARTIN, spinster, White HillsRichard Martin, John Cooke
Sep 7 1871St. JohnsGeorge Theodore THOMPSON, widower, St JohnsJessie CHURCHILL, spinster, St JohnsAlfred Parsons, E.G. WarrenHe was first married Feb 12 1861 St Marys Ang Ch to Jessie Eliza Coyell.
Oct 15 1871St. JohnsThomas HARDY, bach, Jersey Harbour F.B.Leah WHITTEN, spinster, St JohnsJ.T. Whitten, June (?Jane) WhittenThomas Hardy was bc 1848 and d 1900; Leah Whitten was bc 1851 and died 1927; both buried Jersey Harbour.
Oct 21 1871St. JohnsGeorge ENGLAND, bach, St JohnsEliza Mary WARREN, spinster, St JohnsRobert Lawrence, Ann Lawrence
Nov 12 1871St. JohnsJosiah PACK, bach, St JohnsAnn GOSS, spinster, St JohnsRichard Parsons, Hannah HeathChildren baptized at St Marys Ang Church.
Nov 21 1871St. JohnsHenry NIXEN (NIXON), bach, St JohnsCaroline ROBERTS, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Roberts, James Roberts
Dec 7 1871St. JohnsJob COATES, bach, Upper Gullies CBEliza GILBERT, spinster, Harbour Buffett, P.BayJohn Haddon, Thomas GruchyJob Coates was b Sep 3 1843 - d Apr 15 1920, the son of Charles Coates & Susanna Roberts, grandson of James Roberts & Mary Antle, and the grandson of Ralph & Sarah Coates (of England); Eliza Gilbert died July 1 1924, buried Hopewell Cemetery, Upper Gullies.
Jan 17 1872St. JohnsJohn FRY, widower, Portugal CoveElizabeth GIFFORD, widow, St JohnsSelina Campin, Rhoda Slade
Feb 12 1872St. JohnsHenry William LEMESSURIER, bach, St JohnsElizabeth ARNOTT, spinster, St JohnsHy. LeMessurier, Henry Cooke
Feb 12 1872St. JohnsWilliam TUFFIN, widower, St JohnsMary IVEY, widow, St JohnsIsaac Newell, Ann Mills
Feb 13 1872St. JohnsWilliam CARLSON*, bach, seaman, SwedenAnnie DROWNS, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Roberts, Mary Ann RobertsFrom baptismal records of children, his full name was Frederick William Carlson.
Mar 21 1872St. JohnsJohn WEBBER, bach, St JohnsJessie Norris COLE, spinster, St JohnsElizabeth Cole, Thomas Cole
May 21 1872St. JohnsJoseph PIPPY, bach, St JohnsLucretia LUSCOMBE, spinster, St JohnsSarah Daniel, Robert DavidsonLucretia Luscombe was b Oct 4 1844 St Johns, the dau of Philip Luscombe of Devon and Maria MARSHALL of St Johns; she was the granddau of John Marshall & Lydia Partridge, and the great g-dau of David & Amy Marshall
June 4 1872St. JohnsJohn SQUIRES, widower, St JohnsEliza TAYLOR, widow, St JohnsWilliam Dodd, Margaret Dodd
June 7 1872St. JohnsThomas GIFFORD, bach, St JohnsJessie SMITH, widow, St JohnsGeorge Ivey, Louisa Joliffe
Aug 27 1872St. JohnsWilliam James HAMMOND, bach, St JohnsCatherine Elizabeth HORWOOD*, widow, St JohnsJohn Collier, Charles Hammond*nee Catherine Elizabeth COLLIER, first married 1860 to John Horwood.
Sep 8 1872St. JohnsFrederick MEMORY, bach, Dartmouth, EnglandFanny BADCOCK, widow, St JohnsMary Ann Mule, John Memory
Sep 22 1872St. JohnsWilliam NORMOUR (NORMORE), widower, St JohnsLavinia BOOTH, widow, St JohnsMary A Normour, William Hewardine
Sep 24 1872St. JohnsWilliam BAKER, bach, London, EnglandSarah STAMP, widow, St JohnsFanny Memory, B. Thomas
Oct 19 1872St. JohnsThomas RYANS, bach, Pouch CoveCatherine DOLTON, spinster, St JohnsSamuel Honeywell, William Hewardine
Oct 23 1872St. JohnsDavid HOSKINS, bach, St JohnsJane EVERETT, spinster, St JohnsB. Everett, Thomas Bell
Nov 30 1872St. JohnsCharles MOXOM, bach, TwillingateSarah DANIEL, spinster, St JohnsJ. Hawkins, Eliza Daniel
Jan 30 1873St. JohnsWilliam WINSBORROW, bach, St JohnsElizabeth Jane COLE, spinster, St JohnsCharles Seymour, H. Cole
Feb 24 1873St. JohnsGeorge LASKEY, bach, St JohnsMary Ann JONES, widow, St JohnsGeorge Anthony, Elizabeth McGowan?
Mar 2 1873St. JohnsSimeon Robert PIKE, bach, St JohnsMargaret Emma BURFORD, spinster, St JohnsGeorge Anderson, Archibald Taylor Corrected from BANFORD TO BURFORD with information provided by Geoff Martin. This was Margaret Emma Jones BURFORD b Oct 8 1850 St. Johns, dau of Edward Burford & Mary Ann Hennebury.
Mar 23 1873St. JohnsGeorge CRITCH, bach, St JohnsFrances MERCER, spinster, St JohnsGeorge Mercer, Elizabeth Moran?
May 21 1873St. JohnsJohn MOORE, bach, TrinityBetsy NEWHOOK, spinster, TrinityJohn Newhook, Elizabeth Newhook
May 27 1873St. JohnsWilliam COLLINS, bach, St JohnsAmelia KNIGHT, spinster, St JohnsS.G. Knight (one only)
June 3 1873St. JohnsEdward Francis COAKER, bach, St JohnsHannah RUSSELL, spinster, St JohnsHelen Coaker, William MartinEdward F Coaker was b May 1 1844 St Johns, the son of John Coaker & Anne Kendall; Hannah (aka Joanna) Russell was b Dec 26 1846 St Johns, the dau of Joseph Russell & Elizabeth Nurse, & gdau of Thomas & Mary Nurse.
Aug 2 1873St. JohnsJohn VERGE, bach, TrinityHannah SEXTON, spinster, TrinityRichard Hiscock, Hannah Ryall
Aug 25 1873St. JohnsJohn Robert COOKE, widower, St JohnsEllen CHURCHILL, spinster, Portugal CoveMary McDonald, Henry McDonald
Aug 30 1873St. JohnsJohn ABBOTT, bach, St JohnsDinah HOOKEY, spinster, St JohnsJohn Newhook, Miriam Pitcher
Sep 24 1873St. JohnsJames WISEMAN, bach, TrinitySarah Elizabeth MAYBE, spinster, TrinityGeorge Fleet, Annie Maybe
Oct 5 1873St. JohnsJohn VERGE, bach, St JohnsDorcas BABSTOCK, spinster, (n/g)Julia Brown, Joseph Verge
Oct 13 1873St. JohnsClement MERRISION? / MORRISON?, bach, Parrsboro, Nova ScotiaMary Frances HANLON, spinster, St JohnsJane Hanlon, Sarah Butler
Oct 14 1873St. JohnsJacob CROCKER, bach, TrinityPheobe STOREY, spinster, TrinityRichard Carberry, William Morris
Oct 15 1873St. JohnsJames TILLEY, widower, St JohnsProvidence SNOW, widow, St JohnsWilliam Tilley, Annie White
Oct 22 1873St. JohnsNathan MILLS, bach, Petty HarbourDrusilla CLUNEY, spinster, KelligrewsE. Pynn, Elizabeth Cluney
Oct 22 1873St. JohnsJohn READ, bach, Harbour BuffettIsabella SLADE, spinster, OderinAbel Watkins, E. Haynes
Oct 25 1873St. JohnsJohn WOODFINE, bach, TorbaySarah BARRETT, spinster, Spaniards BayWilliam Field, John Newell
Oct 30 1873St. JohnsWilliam BELL, bach, St JohnsElizabeth Pitman GENT, spinster, St JohnsC. Gent, Mary Gent
Nov 8 1873St. JohnsFrederick SYKES, bach, EnglandCharlotte MALONEY, spinster, St JohnsJohn Howley, Catherine Smith
Nov 8 1873St. JohnsJohn NOSEWORTHY, bach, St JohnsSarah Louisa SNELGROVE, spinster, Lower Island Cove (CB)William Reed, A. Abbott
Nov 13 1873St. JohnsWilliam FIELD, bach, TorbayElizabeth WOODFINE, spinster, TorbayGeorge England, John Woodfine
Nov 20 1873St. JohnsEli HODDER, bach, TrinityJane HANLON, spinster, TrinityDorcas Chafe, Caroline Chafe
Jan 14 1874St. JohnsSamuel Frederick PEACH, bach, St JohnsEmma Amelia Rogerson READER, spinster, St JohnsRobert Reader, John B. Milley
Jan 22 1874St. JohnsWilliam WYLIE, bach, Ayrshire, ScotlandFrances CONROY, widow, St JohnsCharles Stone, Isaac Kirby
May 1 1874St. JohnsJames COLLINS, bach, Herring NeckMary HIBBS, widow, St JohnsStephen Reed, Hannah RyallThis couple had 3 children baptized at Herring Neck between 1875 - 1879.
May 3 1874St. JohnsRobert Whiting HEATH, bach, St JohnsSarah CARTER, spinster, St JohnsJohn Carter, John Wiseman
June 11 1874St. JohnsWilliam R. STIRLING, bach, Sydney, Cape BretonMary Jane GADEN, spinster, St JohnsGeorge Carter, G.M. Gaden
June 20 1874St. JohnsThomas WAKEHAM, bach, St JohnsIsabella COLLINS, spinster, St JohnsEliza Hodder, Joseph Adams
June 27 1874St. JohnsGeorge SPENCE, bach, TrinityElizabeth CROCKER, spinster, TrinityWilliam Cross, Richard Hiscock
Jul 26 1874St. JohnsThomas LIDSTROM, bach, St JohnsPriscilla LILLY, spinster, St JohnsJames Pennock, Harriet Pennock
Aug 15 1874St. JohnsJohn Ford HIGGINS, bach, St JohnsMartha BENDELL, spinster, St JohnsJacob Bendell, Sophia Bendell
Aug 18 1874St. JohnsCharles LING, bach, Suffolk, EnglandSarah Jane LANGDON, spinster, Torbay RoadCharles Langdon, John Thomas Carr
May 5 1874St. JohnsJohn Thomas BARROWS, bach, LondonLucy Louisa MURREN, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Codner, Mary Abbott
Aug 25 1874St. JohnsAlexander GRIFFITHS, bach, St JohnsAnnie COLLINS, spinster, St JohnsMargaret Coady, Jean (n/g)
Sep 11 1874St. JohnsJohn Garland MARTIN, bach, Grates CoveSarah WILCOX, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Sheppard, Priscilla Rogers
Sep 12?* 1874St. JohnsJohn Young McGregor MOWAT, bach, Inverness, ScotlandElizabeth Ann HARRIS, spinster, St JohnsEliza Woods, Thomas Gale*Date appeared as Sept "121": unsure if date should be Sep 12th or Sep 21st.
Sep 23 1874St. JohnsEdward R. LAKEMAN, bach, London, EnglandMary Ann SKAINS, spinster, St JohnsLouisa White, William Power
Sep 27 1874St. JohnsThomas EWING, bach, St JohnsSelina HOLWELL, spinster, St JohnsJohn Holwell, Julia HolwellThomas Ewing (died Jan 15 1917) was the son of James Reid Ewing & Mary Brown; Selina Holwell (b June 14 1842 St Johns - d Aug 6 1912 St Johns) was the dau of John HOLWELL & Elizabeth MARSHALL, the g-dau of Philip Marshall & Jane Fry, & g-gdau of David & Amy Marshall.
Oct 4 1874St. JohnsThomas SQUIRES, bach, TorbayLydia HISCOCK, spinster, TrinityGeorge Dodd, William Harvey
Oct 10 1874St. JohnsJohn Anton NORBERG, bach, SwedenMiana Landford FRENCH, spinster, St JohnsRichard Harvey, Charlotte Harvey
Oct 15 1874St. JohnsPhilip Beer JONES, bach, Bideford, EnglandEllen WATERMAN, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Penson, William Harvey
Oct 22 1874St. JohnsJohn Thomas MURANT, bach, St JohnsSusan HAMILTON, spinster, Isle ValenGeorge Rumsey, Joseph Babstock
Oct 28 1874St. JohnsAugustus HOLWELL, bach, St JohnsCharlotte Ann TUFFIN, spinster, St JohnsJohn Burry, John HolwellAugustus Holwell was b Dec 17 1845 St Johns - d 1915, the son of John HOLWELL & Elizabeth MARSHALL, g-son of Philip MARSHALL & Jane FRY, & g-gson of David & Amy Marshall.
Oct 31 1874St. JohnsDuncan BAXTER, bach, Greenock, Penfrewshire, "England" (Scotland)Hannah Louisa WEBBER, spinster (widow), St JohnsE. James, J. CarnellHer marital status is in error; she was Hannah Louisa CARNELL, b Feb 12 1847 St Johns, the dau of Samuel George CARNELL & Ann Elizabeth GREEN; first married to George Webber. She was the g-dau of John Carnell & Hannah Gill Harris.
Nov 1 1874St. JohnsGeorge James SMITH, widower, St JohnsAgnes STRICKLIN (STUCKLESS*), spinster, TwillingateF.R. Murray, Eliza StricklinHer family name was actually STUCKLESS, and STRICKLIN is incorrect, per Amalie Tuffin.
Nov 3 1874St. JohnsEli GRUNTER (?GRANTER), widower, GreenspondLouisa WAY, widow, St JohnsJohn Wiseman, Stephen Brooks
Nov 5 1874St. JohnsEdward Joseph SNOW, bach, Quidi VidiNaomi GEARY, spinster, St JohnsE. Snow, Janie Goudie
Nov 18 1874St. JohnsAbsalom HIBBS, bach, Portugal CoveMary Ann GRALEY (?GREELEY), spinster, Portugal CoveAnne Picco, Eliza Wadland
Nov 19 1874St. JohnsPhilip FIELD, bach, TorbayJane WHEELER, spin, St JohnsJoseph Wheeler, Margaret Murren
Nov 26 1874St. JohnsFrancis BENNETT, bach, Belle Isle BeachTheresa MOORE, spinster, St JohnsSarah Tiller, E. Nichol
Dec 3 1874St. JohnsGeorge William MARSHALL, bach, St JohnsMary Jane DAVIS, spinster, Harbour GraceFrederica Davis, William PippyBelieved to be the George William Marshall b Oct 10 1839 St Johns, son of John MARSHALL & Lydia PARTRIDGE.
Dec 29 1874St. JohnsWilliam James MOIST, bach, St JohnsElizabeth WILLIAMS, spinster, Harbour GraceJohn Moist, William WeirWilliam James Moist was b Feb 15 1850 St Johns, the son of Constable William & Emma Moist.
Feb 6 1875St. JohnsAlfred FIFIELD, bach, TrinityMary TERRY, spinster, St JohnsJohn Abbott, Dinah Abbott
Feb 8 1875St. JohnsJoshua MARTIN, bach, Grates CoveMary WALSH, widow, St JohnsThomas Sansford, Louisa Cooper
Apr 26 1875St. JohnsHenry SUTTON, bach, Kent, EnglandElizabeth Ann STEPHENS, spinster, St JohnsJames Young, John Butler
May 30 1875St. JohnsGeorge COYSH, bach, St JohnsMary Ann WILLIAMS, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Coysh, Thomas Noseworthy
May 25 1875St. JohnsDavid DAVIES, widower, Chester, EnglandEllen Mary NICHOLAS, widow, Harbour GraceLevi Spurrell, Eliza Baldwin
May 28 1875St. JohnsHenry DIX, bach, Harbour BuffettMary Ann BARTER, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Normour, John Chaplin
June 2 1875St. JohnsJohn MAYO, bach, St JohnsSarah JAYNES, spinster, St JohnsEmma Haynes, Patrick Quick
July 6 1875St. JohnsGeorge SQUIRES, bach, St JohnsEllen RYAN, spinster, St JohnsLydia Squires, John Squires
July 7 1875St. JohnsAlexander JACKSON, bach, Belfast, "England"Delphine WILCOX, widow, BrigusE. Doyle, S. Roberts
July 8 1875St. JohnsRobert Joseph GEAR, bach, St JohnsElizabeth RYALL, spinster, St JohnsCharles Gear, W. Ryall
July 11 1875St. JohnsJohn Thomas Tertius CARR, bach, Newcastle on TyneCaroline WHEELER, spinster, Torbay RoadJoseph Baldwin, John Wheeler
Aug 3 1875St. JohnsCharles NEILSON, bach, SwedenSarah BUTLER, widow, St JohnsCharlotte Barnes, John Caughey
Aug 31 1875St. JohnsJoshua EASTERBROOK, bach, St JohnsMary Anne Johanna PROWSE, spinster, St JohnsE.A. Prowse, M.E. Blackler
Sep 11 1875St. JohnsOwen PYNE, bach, Beloram FBElizabeth MURREN, spinster, Outer Cove RoadGeorge Biddescombe, Margaret Murren
Oct 12 1875St. JohnsWilliam BARNES, bach, Halifax NSMary Ann ARAND, spinster, BonavistaSophia Hiscock, Mary Nichols
Oct 19 1875St. JohnsSamuel CHAFE, bach, St JohnsMary Jane GENT, spinster, St JohnsSamuel Gent, Caroline Chafe
Oct 19 1875St. JohnsJohn SUMMERS, bach, Portugal CoveSusannah SQUIRES, spinster, St JohnsMary Ann Simmons, Henry Lester
Oct 23 1875St. JohnsThomas BELLOWS, bach, TrinityHannah EVELLY, spinster, TrinityJohn Laurence, Jacob Bellows
Oct 27 1875St. JohnsJoseph TUCKER, bach, Broad Cove CBMary Jane MILLAR (MILLER), spinster, Portugal CoveEmily Tucker, Abraham Tucker
Oct 27 1875St. JohnsAlbert William PERCIVAL, bach, Worcester, EnglandSophia Howard KNIGHT, spinster, St JohnsJohn Howley, Annie Knight
Nov 18 1875St. JohnsNeil WHITE, bach, Isley, ScotlandCharlotte KENT, widow, St JohnsRobert Martin, John Bussey
Dec 2 1875St. JohnsSamuel BARTER, widower, St JohnsLouisa PIPPY, widow, St JohnsWilliam Collis, Martha Maidment
Dec 2 1875St. JohnsWilliam James COLLIS, bach, St JohnsMartha Jane MAIDMENT, spinster, TrinityJohn Barter, Louisa Pippy
Dec 3 1875St. JohnsFrederick LEWIS, bach, St JohnsMargaret Ann EBSARY, spinster, St JohnsRichard Lewis, Annie Ebsary
Dec 23 1875St. JohnsGeorge DAW, bach, Port de GraveEmma Louisa EFFORD, spinster, St JohnsGeorge Mercer, H. Dawe
Jan 8 1876St. JohnsAbraham LAWRENCE, bach, BridportSarah RAINS, spinster, St JohnsThomas Rains, William Dalton
Jan 20 1876St. JohnsAdam CURRAN, bach, St JohnsEliza Jane HILL, spinster, St JohnsJohn B. Hill, Emma Hill
Feb 15 1876St. JohnsWalter WILLIAMS, bach, St JohnsAnn McLarty McCOUBREY, spinster, St JohnsGeorge McCoubrey, E.G. WilliamsGroom's full name: Walter Banks Williams; their son Walter Banks Williams Jr married (1) Mary Payne and (2) Georgina ISABELLE COOK (1895-1948), dau of George Ambrose Cook & Martha Ann Pyles.
Apr 23 1876St. JohnsJames EARLE, bach, Portugal CoveElizabeth ROBERTS, spinster, BrigusSamuel White, Susan White
Apr 24 1876St. JohnsJohn REED, widower, St JohnsHannah PERFECT, widow, St JohnsSamuel Edney, Martha Edney
May 17 1876St. JohnsSamuel MARSHALL, bach, St JohnsJulia HOLWELL, spinster, St JohnsJohn Holwell, Elizabeth MarshallSamuel Marshall was b Nov 20 1850 St Johns, the son of George Marshall & Hannah Nurse; Julia Holwell was b Sep 5 1847 St Johns, the dau of John Holwell & Elizabeth Marshall; they were 1st cousins, both the grandchildren of Philip Marshall & Jane Fry.
May 26 1876St. JohnsRichard MURREN, bach, St JohnsAnn MAUNDER, spinster, St JohnsJohn Murren, William Ryall
June 3 1876St. JohnsJohn James SEARLE, bach, St JohnsEmily MERCER, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Dalton, Harriet Mercer
June 7 1876St. JohnsPhilip Henry MARSHALL, bach, St JohnsMary Jane EBSARY, spinster, St JohnsRichard Ebsary, Elizabeth MarshallHe was the son of Philip J Marshall & Hannah Pilley; baptismal record is missing. This couple converted to the Congregational Church, and later moved to Montreal.
Aug 1 1876St. JohnsThomas BUCKINGHAM, widower, Devonshire, EnglandMary MATTHEWS, widow, St JohnsElizabeth Hennebury, William Hammond
Aug 16 1876St. JohnsThomas ELARS?, bach, HMS ECLIPSEMary Ann MURRAY, spinster, St JohnsGeorge Ward, Martha Williams
Aug 23 1876St. JohnsSamuel DAVIS, bach, Sussex, EnglandMary Ann WESCOTT, spinster, St JohnsEdward Baldwin, John Langmead
Sep 2 1876St. JohnsGustaf ANDERSON, bach, SwedenRebecca BOONE, spinster, St JohnsC. Froude?, Hannah Jones
Sep 3 1876St. JohnsWilliam NORRIS, bach, Barton Gloster, EnglandMaria BARNES, spinster, St JohnsJohn Pack, John Phillips
Sep 11 1876St. JohnsGeorge EASTMAN, bach, St JohnsMary Jane MARTIN, spinster, St JohnsJohn Martin, Sarah Martincorrectd from GAUTMAN?. Known from baptism of child and other inforamtion
Sep 13 1876St. JohnsJames WHEELER, bach, St JohnsMary Jane SQUIRES, spinster, St JohnsRichard Cook, John Dowden
Oct 4 1876St. JohnsJohn FOX, widower, St JohnsElizabeth STANSBURY, spinster, St JohnsManuel Lake, Ellen Ryan
Oct 7 1876St. JohnsWilliam ANDREWS, bach, Port de GraveGrace HUSSEY, spinster, Clarks BeachElijah Dawe, Josie TaylorWilliam Andrews was the son of Henry ANDREWS & Elizabeth DAWE, per Mona Dawe Petten.
Oct 10 1876St. JohnsJohn HUSH, bach, North? Shield, EnglandElizabeth Harriet HORWOOD, spinster, Quidi VidiJohn Horwood, Jacob Horwood
Oct 19 1876St. JohnsJames WAUGH, bach, HMS ECLIPSEAnn Elizabeth WAUGH, spinster, Topsail RoadM. Waugh, Edward Waugh
Oct 19 1876St. JohnsThomas JOY, widower, HMS ECLIPSEMaria CODNER, spinster, TorbayHenry Willoughby, Emily Codner
Oct 24 1876St. JohnsRichard GEORGE, bach, New Harbour, TBMaria REED, spinster, Sound Island, PBnot given
Oct 26 1876St. JohnsGeorge Aubyn BROWN, bach, HMS ECLIPSEHenrietta WILLIAMS, spinster, St JohnsGeorge H. Ward, Elizabeth Bright
Oct 29 1876St. JohnsWilliam GRANT, bach, TrinityTryphena GOVER, spinster, TrinityJohn White, William Morris
Nov 1 1876St. JohnsWilliam COOK, bach, St JohnsMaria SINE?, spinster, St JohnsJohn Cook, Charlotte Cook
Nov 6 1876St. JohnsCharles GEAR, bach, St JohnsSarah HARDING, spinster, St JohnsH.G. McDonald, George Williams
Nov 8 1876St. JohnsLevi MAUNDER, bach, St JohnsFanny Louisa REID, spinster, Hants HarbourThomas Skinner, Henry Mandle
Nov 12 1876St. JohnsWilliam HANN, widower, Harbour BuffettEmma BRENTON, spinster, BurinThomas Heale, Mary Ann Heale
Nov 14 1876St. JohnsThomas BENSON, bach, St JohnsSarah ROLLS, spinster, St JohnsSarah Jane Benson, Ellen Rolls
Nov 23 1876St. JohnsJacob DAW, bach, KelligrewsElizabeth TUCKER, spinster, Broad CoveAlfred Burke (one only)Jacob Daw was b Apr 3 1847 Kelligrews - d Dec 8 1934 Morton, Manitoba, the son of Nicholas Dawe & Anne Parsons & grandson of Abraham Daw & Mary Kelligrew; Elizabeth Tucker was the dau of Nathaniel Tucker, and died Sep 27 1937 Brandon, Manitoba (per Randy Whitten).
Nov 24 1876St. JohnsWilliam MURPHY, bach, St JohnsElizabeth ROBERTS, spinster, St JohnsR. Roberts, William Roberts
Nov 30 1876St. JohnsNoel HANMER, widower, St JohnsEmma Elizabeth GADEN, spinster, St JohnsH. Cooke, C. Carter
Dec 2 1876St. JohnsJames BUTLER, bach, St JohnsFanny ALCOTT, spinster, Harbour GraceJohn Cook, Ellen Cook
Dec 7 1876St. JohnsRichard GRIFFITHS, bach, St JohnsSarah LAMPERT, spinster, St JohnsA.T. Wescott, Christine Wescott
Dec 12 1876St. JohnsJames CAMERON, bach, Brighton, EnglandMary Ann LANGDON, spinster, Torbay RoadPhilip Field, Albert Langdon
Dec 26 1876St. JohnsSamuel George COLLIER, bach, St JohnsCharlotte Augusta WILKIE, spinster, St JohnsGeorge W. Udle, N.J. CollierSamuel George Collier was b June 23 1853 St Johns - d Jan 27 1939, the son of Chas Fred Collier & Sarah Ann Carnell, & grandson of John Carnell & Hannah Gill Harris; Charlotte A Wilkie was b Sep 7 1854 St Johns, the dau of Thoams & Charlotte Wilkie.
Feb 8 1877St. JohnsDavid MARSHALL, bach, St JohnsMary Ann ADLEM, widow, St JohnsCharles Chafe, Luke MartinDavid Marshall was b July 22 1848 St Johns, the son of John Marshall & Charity Waterman, gson of George Marshall & Ann Earle, & g-gson of David & Amy Marshall.
Feb 26 1877St. JohnsJoseph CLARK, bach, Huntington, EnglandEmma Jane CHURCHILL, spinster, St JohnsJames Wiseman, John Wiseman
Apr 7 1877St. JohnsPeter James McDONALD, bach, St JohnsMary Jane HILLYER, spinster, St JohnsJohn Hillyer, Sarah Hillyer
Apr 7 1877St. JohnsAlfred Henry SEYMOUR, bach, St JohnsJessie SPENCER, spinster, Harbour GraceCharles Lewis, Emily Lewis
May 27 1877St. JohnsEnigebnet? AMONSON, bach, Christiana, NorwayMary Ann WATERMAN, spinster, St JohnsJohn Peach, Charlotte Hussey
Jul 30 1877St. JohnsWilliam MITCHELL, bach, Glasgow, ScotlandHannah Bennett SPENCE, spinster, Harbour GraceWilliam Taylor, L.J. Williams
Aug 22 1877St. JohnsGeorge John CARTER, bach, St JohnsElizabeth Viola GOODRIDGE, spinster, St JohnsS.C. Goodridge, P.M. LeMessurierElizabeth Viola Goodridge was b May 2 1855 St Johns, the dau of Allan & Grace Goodridge.
Sep 20 1877St. JohnsBenjamin CHAFE, bach, Petty HarbourPatience COVEYDUCK, spinster, Indian Pond, Hopewell, KelligrewsNathan Mills, Druscilla MillsBenjamin Jenkins Chafe (1847-1900) was the son of Philip Chafe, per Randy Whitten.
Oct 7 1877St. JohnsGeorge Richard LILLY, bach, St JohnsRosa LEMESSURIER, spinster, St JohnsHenry C. LeMessurier, R. Lilly
Oct 20 1877St. JohnsWilliam Henry TILLY (TILLEY), bach, St JohnsRebecca SEELY (SEALEY), spinster, St JohnsJames Tilly, Jane WhiteWilliam Tilley died Jan 4 1913 age 63 yrs, Duckworth St; Rebecca Sealey was b Apr 1 1851 St Johns - d June 5 1925 St Johns, Duckworth St, the dau of John SEALEY & Phoebe MARSHALL.
Oct 24 1877St. JohnsJohn CODNER, bach, St JohnsHannah BUTLER, spinster, Port de GraveJohn Butler, Margaret Nicholl
Oct 31 1877St. JohnsJoseph HOUSE, bach, St JohnsEmma SAUNDERS, spinster, GreenspondCharles Field, Sarah Way
Nov 8 1877St. JohnsJohn SEXTON, widower, St JohnsMary Ann PIPPY, spinster, St JohnsEdward Pynn, William Penny
Nov 19 1877St. JohnsGeorge BENSON, bach, RandomRachel NOEL, spinster, Grates CoveEdward Benson, James Frost
Dec 8 1877St. JohnsJames JEWER, widower, Harbour GraceEmma BRADBURY, spinster, Portugal CoveSamuel Earl, Benjamin Earl
Jan 12 1878St. JohnsPhilip FIELD, bach, Torbay RoadMargaret Hannah MURREN, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Field, Louisa Martin
Feb 28 1878St. JohnsIsaac John GOVER, bach, TrinityElizabeth WISEMAN, spinster, St JohnsAlfred Fifield, Eli Hodder
Apr 8 1878St. JohnsJoseph GREY, widower, St JohnsElizabeth BALDWIN, widow, St JohnsFrederick Page, Nehemiah Grey
May 9 1878St. JohnsJohn EDGAR, bach, GreenspondHannah STRIKLY?, spinster, GreenspondJ.R. Smith, Susan Carter
June 16 1878St. JohnsPeter Joseph POWER, bach, St JohnsRachel BUSSEY, spinster, St JohnsJames Bussey, William Hammond
June 18 1878St. JohnsIsaac Robert McNEILLY, bach, St JohnsAlice Maud REID, spinster, St JohnsH.C. Carter, A. Whiteford
July 25 1878St. JohnsThomas CHARLES, bach, Torquay, EnglandSarah Ann HILLYER, spinster, St JohnsRobert Brown, John Hillyer
Oct 12 1878St. JohnsWilliam POTTS, bach, London, EnglandLavinia SNOW, spinster, St JohnsHenry Etheridge (one only)
Oct 24 1878St. JohnsJames GLIBBERY, bach, HMS PEST?Elizabeth WILLIAMS, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Bailey, Martha Williams
Oct 28 1878St. JohnsRichard CONGDON, bach, Harbour GraceCatherine FAGAN, spinster, St JohnsG. Congdon, William Jewer
Nov 2 1878St. JohnsThomas HALL, bach, TrinityElizabeth CHURCHILL, spinster, TrinityJohn White, Lydia Squires
Nov 3 1878St. JohnsJohn James GORDON, bach, Edinburgh, ScotlandEsther Ann JONES, spinster, St JohnsCyprian McCoubrey, John Jones
Nov 3 1878St. JohnsThomas George OLIVER, widower, St JohnsCatherine SHEA, spinster, Portugal CoveJames Reed, Martha Jaynes
Nov 11 1878St. JohnsJohn HEWITT, bach, Betts CoveAnn Rebecca HAYWARD, St JohnsKate Hayward, Maude HaywardJohn Hewitt was an Anglican "priest-in-charge" at Herring Neck in the 1880s; he & Annie Rebecca had 2 children baptized at Herring Neck in 1881 & 1884.
Nov 24 1878St. JohnsSamuel CONGDON, widower, Harbour GraceJane HORWOOD, spinster, Harbour GraceGeorge Smith, Agnes Smith
Dec 21 1878St. JohnsRobert McINTOSH, widower, Rosshine, ScotlandSarah Frances LUNDY, spinster, County Mayo, IrelandWilliam Irving, Clara Butler
Dec 29 1878St. JohnsWilliam John CLOUSTON, bach, St JohnsMargaret Ellen BLACKLER, spinster, St JohnsW.J. Crocker, James Clouston
Dec 31 1878St. JohnsJoseph POWER, widower, Quidi VidiMaria HISCOCK, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Stansbury, Jane Stansbury
Jan 7 1879St. JohnsAlexander McMILLAN, bach, St JohnsRebecca STONE, spinster, St JohnsElizabeth Winter, N. Winter
Jan 12 1879St. JohnsHenry Albert TATE, bach, Brixham, EnglandMary YOUNG, widow, St JohnsMaria Stephney, Uriah Stephney
Jan 24 1879St. JohnsNils Nilson?, bach, St JohnsElizabeth FRAMPTON, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Frampton, Anna Payne
Feb 7 1879St. JohnsEusebius LEWIS, bach, St JohnsAnn Amelia EBSARY, spinster, St JohnsJohn Ebsary, Frederick Lewis
Mar 13 1879St. JohnsGeorge WESCOTT, bach, St JohnsDruscilla BARNES, spinster, St JohnsChristiana Wescott, William James Hammond
Mar 23 1879St. JohnsJames ROIL JR, widower, St JohnsAnna Maria THOMAS, spinster, St JohnsGeorge T. Oliver, Catherine Nichol
Apr 15 1879St. JohnsRobert John ROBERTSON, bach, St JohnsMary Ellen COLE, spinster, St JohnsThomas Cole, Alexander McKenzie
Apr 23 1879St. JohnsJohn Thomas HARRIS, bach, Manchester, EnglandLucy Ann PELLEY, spinster, RandomThomas Cavell, Annie Loughlan
May 20 1879St. JohnsJohann Eric Albert ERIKSEN, widower, Copenhagen (Denmark)Emily LANGDON, spinster, St JohnsJames Cameron, Elizabeth Cole
May 18 1879St. JohnsRobert John LEDREW, bach, St JohnsHannah JONES, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Hammond, Philip Bennett
June 10 1879St. JohnsCharles JOHNSON, bach, SwedenMay WOOLRIDGE, spinster, St JohnsAlexander Morrison, Mary Stentaford
June 25 1879St. JohnsJames Mifflin LAURENCE, bach, St JohnsFanny JACKMAN, spinster, St JohnsThomas Nichols, N.J. Collier
July 10 1879St. JohnsJames Richard JOHNSTON, bach, St JohnsHarriet MERCER, spinster, St JohnsJ.J. Heale, John Squires
Sep 13 1879St. JohnsEdward PYNN, bach, St JohnsElizabeth COLE, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Hammond, Mary Ann Heale
Sep 24 1879St. JohnsCharles Leonard PAYNE, bach, Totham, EssexKate Edgar HAYWARD, spinster, St JohnsJohn Hayward, Frederick J.J. Smith
Sep 29 1879St. JohnsJohn Samuel FIELD, bach, TorbayRosalie CODNER, spinster, St JohnsJohn Cole, A. Codner
Oct 29 1879St. JohnsJohn Albert CLUNEY, 24, bach, Quidi VidiElizabeth Jane BRIGHT, 22, spinster, Fort WilliamWilliam Bright Sr, William Bright Jr
Nov 6 1879St. JohnsHenry John WHITTEN, 31, bach, St JohnsCharlotte BUSSEY, 29, spinster, St JohnsRobert Whitten, Catherine Whiteway
Nov 17 1879St. JohnsJohn Alexander WHITE, 29, bach, cooper, TrinityMargaret ASH, 33, widow, TrinityJohn White, Louisa White
Nov 18 1879St. JohnsWilliam JONES, 27, bach, laborer, St JohnsJane RAINS, 23, spinster, St JohnsJohn Gordon, Albert Rains
Nov 23 1879St. JohnsJohn SPENCE, 64, widower, master mariner, Harbour GraceFrances Elizabetth GARLAND, 49, spinster, Quidi VidiCharles Garland, Mary Garland
Dec 4 1879St. JohnsJoseph Barter SNOW, 28, widower, seaman, Quidi VidiJane WHITE, 24, spinster, St JohnsGeorge Snow, Elizabeth Churchill
Dec 10 1879St. JohnsWalter GUZZLE (GUZZWELL), 24, bach, drayman, St JohnsEmily Elvira PAYNE, 23, spinster, St JohnsJames Norman, George Guzzell
Jan 10 1880St. JohnsDavid MENZIES, 22, bach, mariner, St JohnsEliza Jane PACK, 22, spinster, St JohnsJosiah Pack, Albert John Pack
Feb 7 1880St. JohnsThomas WHITTEN, 21, bach, fish, Patrick StreetJane SMITH, 20, spin, Petty HarbourHarvey Whitten, Robert Whitten
Mar 10 1880St. JohnsGeorge MERCER, 59, widower, laborer, St JohnsSarah HARRIS, 47, widow, St JohnsF. Bursell, William Gosbey?
Apr 19 1880St. JohnsJohn WILLIAMS, 23, bach, seaman, St JohnsMary Ann JAYNES, 20, spin, St JohnsWilliam Strong, Mary Poole
Apr 25 1880St. JohnsGeorge William Buchan CARTER, 57, widower, C. of Civil Service, St JohnsJessie EMERSON, 42, widow, St JohnsThomas Clift, Blanche Brown
Apr 27 1880St. JohnsFrederick YOUNG, 24, bach, laborer, St JohnsNaomi MARTIN, 22, spin, St JohnsStephen Bragg, Charlotte Martin
May 23 1880St. JohnsRobert STONE, 40, widower, fish, South Side T.BayJane Ann GARDINER, 36, widow, St JohnsCharlie Miller, Hannah Way
June 17 1880St. JohnsJames Martin CONGDON, 29, bach, seaman, St JohnsMary Elizabeth SEARLE, 22, spin, St JohnsWilliam Congdon, Katie Hunt
June 24 1880St. JohnsWilliam James HODDER, 24, bach, painter, St JohnsMary Grace NICHOLS, 21, spinster, St JohnsThomas Nichels, Mary Lamb
July 6 1880St. JohnsWilliam Eli HARRIS, 23, bach, seaman, St JohnsMary Jane CAINES, 24, spinster, St JohnsF. Bursell, Mary Ritham?
July 7 1880St. JohnsJacob CHURCHILL, 26, bach, shoemaker, BonavistaMatilda MICHELL (?MITCHELL), 23, spinster, Portugal CoveWilliam Bradbrook, William Voisey
July 10 1880St. JohnsHenry KENSING, 29, bach, engineer, St JohnsCatherine Jane REED, 25, spinster, St JohnsH. McCoubrey, Louisa Taylor
July 10 1880St. JohnsCharles MILLER, 28, bach, mariner, St JohnsHannah WAY, 27, spinster, St JohnsArthur Miller, Sarah Way
July 31 1880St. JohnsPleeman TAYLOR, 24, bach, cooper, St JohnsZillah PACK, 24, spinster, St JohnsRichard Yabsley, Susan Pack
Aug 24 1880St. JohnsDavid Vaughn GWILLYM, 28, widower, Clerk in Holy Orders, Spaniards BayMary Ann HISCOCK, 25, spinster, St JohnsGeorge Hiscock, Frederick Collier
Oct 14? 1880St. JohnsThomas NORMORE, 40, bach, farmer, Bell IsleMary Jane POTTLE, 31, spinster, English HarbourThomas Searle, Hannah Ryall
Nov 2 1880St. JohnsWilliam John FORD, 22, bach, fish, St JohnsEmma Jane HAWKINS?, 23, spinster, St JohnsGeo. Oliver, Richard Ford
Nov 3 1880St. JohnsGeorge COOK, 25, bach, farmer, St JohnsElizabeth NEWHOOK, 28, spinster, (n/g)John Moore, Eliza Roberts
Nov 8 1880St. JohnsWilliam BATE?, 27, bach, master mariner, Clovelly, DevonshireFrancis Harriet BENDELL, 22, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Bendell, J. Higgins
Nov 11 1880St. JohnsAzarias DEARIN, 28, bach, fish, St JohnsAnastasia WHITE, 24, spinster, St JohnsI. Ruby, William Gullivan?/Gallivan?
Nov 16 1880St. JohnsThomas Parker RENNIE, 34, bach, mariner, St JohnsLouisa CAKE, 32, spinster, Harbour GraceTheresa Cole, Margaret Rennie
Nov 16 1880St. JohnsAlexander WESCOTT, 25, bach, fish, St JohnsJane LITTLE, 21, spinster, Musgrave TownWilliam Wescott, May Little
Nov 16 1880St. JohnsAzariah ROBERTS, 26, bach, fish, St JohnsMary Ann BARTLETT, 26, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Green, Samuel Roberts
Nov 19 1880St. JohnsWilliam James ADAMS, 26, bach, seaman, St JohnsBridget Mary Joseph RYAN, 22, spinster, St JohnsJacob Butt, Mary Ann Crow
Nov 20 1880St. JohnsRobert WISEMAN, 21/31?, bach, fish, TrinityCaroline WISEMAN, 30, spinster, TrinityEli Granter, Emma Ann Wiseman
Nov 20 1880St. JohnsChristopher MUNDY, 26, bach, trader, St JohnsAnastasia DUNN, 27, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Ash, Mary Jane Crowdy?
Nov 26 1880St. JohnsJohn CHURCHILL, 22, bach, fish, Northern BightMary Hannah BREWER, 23, spinster, Grates CoveEdward Benson, William Churchill
Nov 30 1880St. JohnsWilliam Henry RYALL, 27, bach, mariner, St JohnsElizabeth Jane CHURCHILL, 25, spinster, St JohnsGeorge Millar, Hannah Ryall
Dec 6 1880St. JohnsWilliam WEIR, 28, bach, fish, Petty HarbourCharlotte MARTIN, 27, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Guzzle, Caroline Weir
Jan 6 1881St. JohnsSamuel EDNEY, 37, widower, mason, St JohnsElizabeth Ann SMITH, 38, widow, St JohnsJohn Cornick, Elizabeth Seeley
Jan 14 1881St. JohnsRobert Francis STANSBURY, 23, bach, laborer, St JohnsRebecca YOUNG, 21, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Stansbury, A. Snow
Feb 28 1881St. JohnsWilliam John HARVEY, 24, bach, master mariner, St JohnsMargaret Martin SNOW, 21, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Crimp, C. Cadwell
May 11 1881St. JohnsHenry LACE, 24, bach, laborer, St JohnsMary Ann BUCKLER, 21, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Strong, Sarah Rose
May 14 1881St. JohnsBenjamin SEARLE, 21, bach, farmer, Bell IsleMary Ann PARSONS, 21, spinster, St JohnsThomas Searle, J.? J. Searle
May 17 1881St. JohnsJacob KING, 23, bach, fish, Broad CoveIsabella TUCKER, 29, spinster, Broad CoveMartha Young, John Young
May 29 1881St. JohnsJohn CROSSMAN, 33, widower, blacksmith, St JohnsEmily MORRIS, 21, spinster, St JohnsGeorge Morris, Emma Morris
June 15 1881St. JohnsJohn George LUCAS, 27, bach, accountant, TwillingateHarriet TORRAVILLE, 26, spinster, St JohnsArthur Miller, Susan Torraville
June 30 1881St. JohnsAndrew George McCOUBREY, 28, widower, tinsmith, St JohnsJulia Margaret COAKER, 27, spinster, St JohnsEdward Coaker, Sarah Helen CoakerJulia Margaret COAKER was b May 17 1853 St Johns, the dau of John COAKER & Anne KENDALL; she died before 1890 when Andrew G McCoubrey remarried to Adelaide Williams. He died 1929 Lexington MA.
July 6 1881St. JohnsThomas RIGBY, 29, bach, seaman, Liverpool, EnglandRachel Hennebury CHAFE, 21, spinster, St JohnsF. Gustaffson, William Janes?/Jones?Rachel Hennebury Chafe was b Apr 8 1860 Quidi Vidi, the dau of Abraham Chafe & Jane Handelan.
July 10 1881St. JohnsGeorge Harris BARTER?, 25, bach, confectioner, St JohnsTryphena HISCOCK, 20, spinster, St JohnsSilas Rogers, Jonas Barter
July 12 1881St. JohnsWilliam GILES, 24, bach, accountant, St JohnsAngeline PYNN, 20, spinster, St JohnsReuben Giles, Gilbert Pynn
July 18 1881St. JohnsArthur George DUDER, 21, bach, merchant, St JohnsIsabel CLIFT, 20, spinster, St JohnsTheodore Clift, Edwin Duder
Aug 30 1881St. JohnsJames HEDGES, 23, actor, St JohnsViolet RYAN, 32, widow, actress, St JohnsWilliam Bailey, Mary Bailey
Sep 6 1881St. JohnsArthur William MILLER, 26, bach, salesman, St JohnsMary Susanna CARTER, 20, spinster, St JohnsThomas Paton, Eliza Carter
Sep 7 1881St. JohnsHay FARQUHAR, 27, bach, seaman, St JohnsMary AVANDALYA, 26, widow, St JohnsRachel Rigby, William G. Hammond
Sep 8 1881St. JohnsMark Wilson CARR, 25, bach, Ch. Engineer, Stella House, Blaydronsyde?Sophia WHEELER, 21, spinster, St JohnsJames Wheeler, Margaret Wheeler
Oct 17 1881St. JohnsJames CHURCHILL, 24, bach, fish, St JohnsMary Cecilia REID, 20, spinster, St JohnsCaleb Reed, Rebecca Churchill
Oct 19 1881St. JohnsJoseph KANE, 26, bach, fish, St JohnsBridget KENNEDY, 22, spinster, St JohnsJohn Kane, John Kane Jr.
Oct 22 1881St. JohnsJames Spearman WINTER, 36, barrister at law & Queens Counsel, St JohnsEmmie Julia Eliza COEN, 28, spinster, St JohnsAdolph Warren, L.M. CoenJames Spearman Winter was b 1845 Lamaline NF - d Oct 8 1911 Toronto ON, the son of James WINTER & Harriet PITMAN; he later became Prime Minister of Nfld.
Oct 22 1881St. JohnsRobert Hansford MANSE, 29, bach, telegraph operator, St. PierreMinnie BRAY, 27, spinster, Brighton, EnglandE.F. Dickinson, Julia Kelligrew
Oct 26 1881St. JohnsPhilip NEANY?, 32, widower, fish, St JohnsElizabeth BRADFORD, 27, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Congdon, Samuel Whitten
Oct 29 1881St. JohnsJames TILLY (TILLEY), 35, bach, St JohnsAnn WHITE, 38, spinster, TorbayThomas White, Elizabeth SceleyJames Tilley is believed to be the son of Robert TILLEy & Providence DAWE of Kelligrews; he died Aug 29 1930 St Johns.
Oct 31 1881St. JohnsAlexander Patterson MARSHALL, 25, bach, shoemaker, BaddeckEmma Jane ACHLAND, 24, spinster, St JohnsWilliam McKay, Ann AchlandEmma Jane Achland was b June 29 1857 St Johns, the dau of Charles ACHLAND & Emma MARSHALL.
Nov 1 1881St. JohnsEdmund SNOW, 26, bach, fish, Quidi VidiElizabeth Mary MARTIN, 24, spinster, White HillsRichard Martin, Elizabeth Snow
Nov 5 1881St. JohnsWilliam BARTON, 22, bach, fish, GreenspondMary POND, 20, spinster, GreenspondEli Granter, Miriam Coward
Nov 7 1881St. JohnsJohn SINGLETON, 32, bach, fish, Bain Harbour PBAgnes LOONEY, 29, spinster, St JohnsJohn Eans, Daniel Hanlon
Nov 12 1881St. JohnsJohn JAYNES, 21, bach, fish, St JohnsAnn MAYO, 21, spinster, St JohnsNathanile Bradbury, Frances Mayo
Nov 17 1881St. JohnsGeorge PIERCEY, 24, bach, seaman, St JohnsBridget MURPHY, 21, spinster, St JohnsJoshua Martin, Charlotte Atwill
Nov 22 1881St. JohnsJames JACOBS, 27, bach, fish, Bay de VerdRachel BARTER, 22, spinster, St JohnsRobert Norman, Hannah Jacobs
Nov 24 1881St. JohnsWilliam WOODFINE, 32, bach, TorbayAnastasia CODNER, 24, spinster, St JohnsWilliam England, C. Codner
Nov 27 1881St. JohnsFrederick HISCOCK, 27, bach, laborer, St JohnsElizabeth Ann COOK, 26, widow, St JohnsHenry Crawford?, Jane Kates?
Dec 13 1881St. JohnsWilliam ENGLAND, 27, bach, shoemaker, St JohnsDiana SNOW, 20, spinster, St JohnsGeorge England, G. England
Dec 14 1881St. JohnsGeorge EARLE, 25, bach, laborer, St JohnsMary Grace SAUNDERS, 22, spinster, St JohnsPhilip Wheeler, Elizabeth Tremills
Dec 18 1881St. JohnsFrederick William Heath BURSELL, 24, bach, joiner, St JohnsRebecca Louisa KINGSTON, 19, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Kingston, Stephen E. Ebsary
Dec 20 1881St. JohnsJonah Kendle COAKER, 25, bach, farmer, St JohnsJanet Wilson OLIPHANT, 27, spinster, St JohnsF. Collier, Olivia WinsorJonah K Coaker was b Oct 1 1855 St Johns, the son of John COAKER & Anne KENDALL; Janet (Jeanette) Oliphant died Dec 6 1932 age 69 yrs, buried Forest Road Anglican Cemetery.
Dec 20 1881St. JohnsRobert KING, 32, bach, fish, English CoveMary Grace BARTLETT, 28, spinster, Patrick StreetJacob Noseworthy, Matilda Hanns?
Dec 24 1881St. JohnsRobert RUICKLIE?, 29, bach, dealer, St JohnsClarissa BUTLER, 29, spinster, St JohnsP. MacIntosh, Alice Elonsly?
Dec 29 1881St. JohnsCharles Hugh FONTER?/ FOTER?, 24, bach, Clerk in Holy Orders, TrinityMinna EMERSON, n/g, spinster, Brook LodgeG.W?/N? B. Carter, Jessie Simms
Jan 5 1882St. JohnsWilliam Henry EWING, 21, bach, shoemaker, St JohnsFlorence Elizabeth HOLWELL, 22, spinster, St JohnsWilliam G Hammond, Mary Ann MarshallWilliam Henry Ewing was b Forteau, Labrador & died Feb 22 1951 St Johns age 91 yrs, the son of James Reid Ewing & Mary Brown; he remarried Jul 20 1886 to Sarah Reid, the dau of William Reid Sr & Grace Andrews. Florence Elizabeth Holwell (bapt Elizabeth Florence) was b Mar 10 1858 St Johns - d June 13 1884 St Johns, the dau of William John HOLWELL & Mary MURPHY.
Jan 20 1882St. JohnsElias TRUSCOTT?, 24, bach, sailor, St JohnsEllen STEPHENSON, 20, spinster, St JohnsHay Farquhar, Mary Farquhar
Feb 21 1882St. JohnsWilliam Thomas MOORE, 30, bach, sailmaker, St JohnsAmelia WITHELL, 33, spinster, St JohnsRobert W. Down, Samuel Down
Apr 8 1882St. JohnsJoseph Skinner STONE, 28, bach, butcher, St JohnsChristiana Selina HENNEBURY, 23, spinster, St JohnsThomas Hennebury, Joseph Dymond"Christina" Selina Hennebury was b Feb 14 1859 Quidi Vidi, the dau of John & Priscilla Hennebury.
Apr 10 1882St. JohnsRichard Furneaux WILLS, 26, bach, tinsmith, St JohnsMargaret Ann SEIVIER (SCEVIOUR), 21, spinster, St JohnsRichard Seivier, Olivia Williams
Apr 12 1882St. JohnsJohn SHEPPERD, 24, bach, shoemaker, St JohnsMary Amelia WEBBER, 23, spinster, St JohnsRobert Webber, Clara Webber
May 5 1882St. JohnsLewis Edmund BARTON?, 32, bach, mariner, Boston USAAnnie SLADE, 23, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Down, Dan Woolton
May 25 1882St. JohnsJoseph SNOW, 46, widower, mariner, St JohnsCaroline Rose BELLMAN, 25, spinster, St JohnsJoseph Reid, William G Hammond
June 26 1882St. JohnsGeorge Lowell REED, 22, bach, cooper, St JohnsJessie ADAMS, 23, spinster, St JohnsJames Wakeham, Robert Smith
July 8 1882St. JohnsJohn LOCKE, 41, widower, cooper, St JohnsElvira CRANE, 42, spinster, Harbour GraceEdward Waugh, Isabel Crane
July 15 1882St. JohnsGilbert PYNN, 23, bach, carpenter, Harbour GraceMargaret PETERS, 21, spinster, Harbour GraceE.W. Bennett, E. Bennett
Aug 2 1882St. JohnsThomas William PROWSE, 17, bach, upholsterer, Harbour GraceCatherine HORWOOD, 19, spinster, Harbour GraceCatherine Carnell, Hallie F. Wood
Aug 11 1882St. JohnsWilliam PORTER, 26, bach, mariner, Port de GraveSarah Jane WARFORD, 24, spinster, St JohnsJames Morgan, Emily Morgan
Sep 9 1882St. JohnsWilliam BROWN, 38, bach, mariner, NorwayEliza ROBERTS, 33, spinster, St JohnsS.J. McNeill, Rod. McDonald
Oct 7 1882St. Johns?Matthew* Henry HOLWELL, 30, bach, laborer, St JohnsMary Ann ABBOTT, 28, spinster, St JohnsA. Gray, Mary Green*first name was very difficult to read; "Matthew" is only a best guess.
Oct 8 1882St. JohnsWilliam GRIMES, 30, widower, Sergt., T.H.? Rifles, BrigusMiriam WHITTINGHAM, 30, widow, St JohnsS. Congdon, Louisa GranterWilliam GRIMES was baptized 1852 Green Cove, Herring Neck, the son of George GRIMES & Tamar TUFFIN; he md (1) Emma Elizabeth White of Harbour Grace in 1876; Miriam Whittingham died Oct 22 1884 Brigus in her 32nd year. He md (3) Oct 28 1885 to Lavinia Fry.
Oct 30 1882St. JohnsEdward THOMAS, 41, widower, fish, SalvageJemina (?Jemima) POOLE, 24, spinster, St JohnsRichard Earle, William Shepperd
Nov 1 1882St. JohnsGeorge William Henry NUTTALL, 27, bach, accountant, St JohnsChristiana GRAHAM, 23, spinster, St JohnsDaniel C. Currie, Constance Currie
Nov 1 1882St. JohnsWilliam ADAMS, 28, bach, seaman, TrinityMary Jane MORRIS, 26, spinster, TrinityPatrick Crocker, Martha Marrie
Nov 12 1882St. JohnsGeorge CARTER, 42, bach, master mariner, St JohnsJulia TORRAVILLE, 27, spinster, St JohnsThomas Rose, Susan J. Torraville
Nov 14 1882St. JohnsJames BARTLETT, 26, bach, fish, TrinityPhoebe MORRIS, 27, spinster, TrinityJoseph Morris, Amy G (not given)
Nov 14 1882St. JohnsHenry HUNT, 23, bach, fish, TrinityAmy JESTICAN, 25, spinster, St JohnsJames R White, Mary Hunt
Nov 16 1882St. JohnsJohn SKAINES, 32, bach, fish, Bell Isle CBMary Leah MORETON, 28, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Norris, Catherine Skanes
Nov 18 1882St. JohnsThomas HAMMOND, 28, bach, baker, St JohnsMary Elizabeth WHITTEN, 25, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Robert Whitten, R. Hammond
Nov 24 1882St. JohnsHubert PETERSON, 21, bach, baggage master?, St JohnsAnastasia GALLISHEW?, 21, spinster, St JohnsEmma Wall, David Wall
Nov 29 1882St. JohnsJames Gill HUNT, 26, bach, accountant, St JohnsMary Julia Hester NOONAN, 21, spinster, St JohnsJames Lyons Noonan, Fanny Noonan
Dec 14 1882St. JohnsWilliam SNOW, 25, bach, seaman, St JohnsEmma DANIEL, 23, spinster, St JohnsJames Braithwaite?, Mary Jane Braithwaite?
Dec 17 1882St. JohnsAbraham BUSSEY, 22, bach, cabinet maker, St JohnsSarah Jane MILLS, 22, spinster, St JohnsRobert Oke, Elizabeth Ann Mills
Jan 28 1883St. JohnsAlbert LANGDON, 22, bach, farmer, St JohnsAnastasia THORNE?, 21, spinster, St JohnsRichard Clements, Emma Jane Tricko
Feb 5 1883St. JohnsTheodore Frederick THOMPSON, 21, bach, trader, St JohnsEleanor Ann OAKLEY, 42, widow, St JohnsGeorge T. Thompson, Lavinia Blandford
Apr 28 1883St. JohnsJames John TAYLOR, 23, bach, stonecutter, St JohnsCatherine CADWELL, 23, spinster, St JohnsElias Cadwell, Sarah Cadwell
May 3 1883St. JohnsGeorge Joseph WRIGHT, 32, bach, seaman, St JohnsMahala DAY, 23, spinster, St JohnsC.H. Edwards, C.E. Young
May 15 1883St. JohnsThomas ROBERTS, 21, bach, mariner, St JohnsMary Margaret SKAINS, 19, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Bradbrook, Sarah Ann Bradbrook
May 18 1883St. JohnsRobert Walter DOWNS, 25, bach, mariner, St JohnsMary BAIRD, 26, spinster, St JohnsHenry Baird, Mary Baird
May 26 1883St. JohnsEdmund SEWARD, 27, bach, planter, Random Sound TBMaria BENSON, 22, spinster, Random Sound TBW. Whiteway, Elizabeth Seward
May 26 1883St. JohnsWilliam Thomas BENSON, 26, bach, Random Sound TBMary Susanna FROST, 21, spinster, Random Sound TBW. Whiteway, Eli Frost
June 2 1883St. JohnsCharles Spence PINSENT, 44, bach, bank accountant, St JohnsBlanche BROWN, 32, spinster, St JohnsRobert J. Pinsent, Jean McNab
June 2 1883St. JohnsAlfred Joseph HARVEY, 27, bach, physician, St JohnsAnn Elizabeth SIMMS, 22, spinster, St JohnsW.C. Simms, Moses Harvey
June 28 1883St. JohnsWilliam James SNOW, 22, bach, planter, St JohnsAlice Frances KELLY, 23, spinster, Sydney, Cape BretonEdward Snow, Annie Giles
July 31 1883St. JohnsRichard HISCOCK, 29, bach, trader, St JohnsEmma PITTMAN, 24, spinster, St JohnsKelson? Pittman, Ada M. Mews
Aug 13 1883St. JohnsHenry TAPPER, 22, bach, clerk, St JohnsEmma DAWE, 21, spinster, St JohnsGrace Dimond, Jesse Whiteway
Aug 15 1883St. JohnsJohn WHELAN, 23, bach, seaman, St JohnsAnn REID, 20, spinster, (not given)Elizabeth Reid, Mary W. Churchill
Sep 6 1883St. JohnsJohn SUMMERTON (SOMERTON), 33, widower, fish, Portugal CoveMargaret MILLER, 21, spinster, Portugal CoveRobert Summerton, Fanny Grichy
Sep 14 1883St. Johnswilliam John STEES?, 23, bach, accountant, St JohnsEmma Beatrick KILPATRICK, 17, spinster, St JohnsF.W. Kilpatrick, William G. Hammond
Sep 29 1883St. JohnsRobert Davy? TUCKER, 25, bach, tanner, St JohnsMary Jane MAJOR?, 22, spinster, St JohnsAmos? Knight, Philip Wheeler
Oct 8 1883St. JohnsThomas REES, 25, bach, fish, St JohnsElizabeth WATERMAN, 18, spinster, FogoRichard Mc (not given), James A Hiscock
Oct 10 1883St. JohnsMarmaduke George WINTER, 26, bach, merchant, St JohnsAlice Augusta LILLY, 25, spinster, St JohnsH.J.B. Wood, J.S. WinterMarmaduke G Winter was b 1857 Lamaline - d 1936, the son of James WINTER & Harriet PITMAN. He later md (2) Florence Hayward. He was the brother of James Spearman Winter
Oct 19 1883St. JohnsJoseph CLARKE, 24, bach, fish, Kerleys Harbour TBMary Elizabeth FIFIELD, 21, spinster, North Side TBNathaniel Cook, Delphina Andrews
Oct 26 1883St. JohnsWilliam BRIGHT, 24, bach, printer, St JohnsIsabella THISTLE, 19, spinster, St JohnsGeorge Hammond, George Bright
Oct 27 1883St. JohnsFrancis Cyrus BERTEAU, 27, bach, HM Customs, St JohnsMargaret Alice Irvin COEN, 21, spinster, St JohnsJ.S. Winter, Fanny C. Coen
Oct 28 1883St. JohnsJoseph BUTLER, 24, bach, fish, Robin Hood near Trinity Lucretia JESTICAN, 24, spinster, Robin Hood near TrinityWilliam G Hammond, Thomas Randell
Oct 30 1883St. JohnsJames GREELEY, 32, bach, fish, Portugal CoveEllen PIPPY, 34, widow, Harbour GraceEsau Greeley, Ricahrd Summerton
Oct 31 1883St. JohnsJoseph GAREN?/ GAVEN?, 26, bach, fish, Trinity W.Mary Catherine DECKHAM?, 25, spinster, St JohnsJacob Morris, Alice Churchill
Nov 5 1883St. JohnsAlfred ROBBINS, 27, bach, fish, CatalinaElizabeth Jane DUFFETT, 24, spinster, CatalinaJohn Saturley, Sarah Duffett
Nov 6 1883St. JohnsGeorge Higham PEARCE, 30, widower, merchant, Leading TicklesAmelia Johanna LOCKYER, 24, spinster, GreenspondJames D. Lockyer, Jessie LockeyGeorge H Pearce was bap 30 Nov 1852 Fogo, the son of Andrew & Ann Pearce. He was first md 1877 Herring Neck to Emily Squires.
Nov 11 1883St. JohnsRichard James WILLAR, 25, bach, sailmaker, St JohnsElizabeth GOODLAND, 22, spinster, St JohnsJoshua Cliftman, Jane Goodland
Nov 11 1883St. JohnsJoseph HENNEBURY, 26, bach, farmer, Quidi VidiElizabeth WATERMAN, 22, spinster, St JohnsEngbert Amonsson, Mary Jane Mitchell
Nov 13 1883St. JohnsJohn Robert ROBERTSON, 21, bach, draper, St JohnsLucy Maria KILPATRICK, 18, spinster, St JohnsF.N.? Kilpatrick, S.O. Steele
Nov 27 1883St. JohnsStuart PIPPY, 27, bach, cooper, St JohnsSusan KING, 23, spinster, BrigusJames Wiseman, Bertha Wiseman
Nov 29 1883St. JohnsJames IVANY, 27, bach, fish, St JohnsMaria Jane REID, 22, spinster, St JohnsEdward Knight, John Thomas Ivany
Nov 17 1883St. JohnsJacob CHURCHILL, 33, bach, fish, Portugal CoveJane PRESCOTT, 32, spinster, Portugal CoveJohn Cook, Ellen Cooke
Jan 3 1884St. JohnsAdolph George WARREN, 29, bach, accountant, St JohnsFrances Clarissa COEN, 26, spinster, St JohnsE.R. Bowring, Ethel Bowring
Jan 9 1884St. JohnsHenry Cook SQUIRES, 26, bach, fish, Broad CoveJulia Ann SQUIRES, 19, spinster, Broad CoveWilliam Harris, Catherine Harris
Jan 10 1884St. JohnsWilliam Thomas COOK, 22, bach, cooper, St JohnsFanny Louisa COLLINS, 22, spinster, St JohnsCharles Cook, Louisa Wiseman
Jan 11 1884St. JohnsRobert WEIR, 22, bach, fish, St JohnsMary Jane WHITTEN, 19, spinster, Petty HarbourWilliam Antle, Carrie Antle
Jan 20 1884St. JohnsRobert ASH, 28, bach, seaman, St JohnsSarah DOHERTY, 25, spinster, St JohnsJohn Moore, Ellen Rowe
Jan 25 1884St. JohnsJohn Thomas WILCOX, 23, bach, mariner, St JohnsBridget MERLES? / MARLES, 20, spinster, St JohnsGeorge Shepherd, Jane Shepherd
Jan 29 1884St. JohnsSamuel PICCOT, 23, bach, fish, Portugal CoveEliza Ann MILLER, 20, spinster, St JohnsMatthew Piccot, John Miller
Feb 10 1884St. JohnsJohn SHEPHERD, 27, bach, mariner, St JohnsAnnie SULLIVAN, 25, spinster, St JohnsJohn Martin, George Hibbs
May 5 1884St. JohnsRobert TUCKER, 28, bach, fish, Broad CoveCharlotte SQUIRES, 21, spinster, St JohnsJonas Tucker, Mary Ann Tucker
May 13 1884St. JohnsThomas COLLINS, 22, bach, laborer, St JohnsSusannah CLARK, 22, spinster, St JohnsJacob Morris, Susanna Butt
May 15 1884St. JohnsWilliam Henry KING, 24, bach, fish, Broad CoveAnnie Rebecca TUCKER, 23, spinster, Broad CoveElizabeth Tucker, William G Hammond
May 15 1884St. JohnsHenry John WHITTEN, 35, widower, fish, St JohnsLouisa WISEMAN, 23, spinster, St JohnsEli Granter, Susan Wiseman
May 23 1884St. JohnsHenry HALL, 34, bach, fish, AquaforteEsther SQUIRES, 22, spinster, Broad CoveJohn Squires, Mary Payne
May 31 1884St. JohnsBenjamin KEEPING, 24, bach, Member, House of Assembly, St JohnsLouisa CHAFE, 22, spinster, St JohnsWilliam F. Chafe, E. Cunningham
June 4 1884St. JohnsGeorge DOWNTON, 26, bach, carpenter, St JohnsSarah Ann HUNTER, 25, spinster, St JohnsFrederick Downton, Elizabeth DowntonBelieved to be the George Downton bap Dec 7 1858 Exploits, Burnt Island, son of Aram DOWNTON & Julia MILLS.
June 18 1884St. JohnsGeorge LeMESSURIER, 25, bach, barrister at law, St JohnsEmma Maud HAYWARD, 25, spinster, St JohnsW.? C. Simms, H.R. Hayward
June 26 1884St. JohnsJames TRIBBLE, 24, bach, fish, St JohnsEllen KEHOE, 23, spinster, St JohnsLevi Caines, Alice Richardson
June 30 1884St. JohnsEdwin William LYON, 38, bach, photographer, St JohnsMary Elizabeth BODEN, 32, widow, St JohnsW.U. Wills, H.G. Mott?Likely nee Mary Elizabeth PEACH: md 1869 to Jonas Augustus Boden of Sweden.
July 23 1884St. JohnsMartin EVOY, 21, bach, seaman, St JohnsHannah IVY, 20, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Undrey, Elizabeth Undrey
Aug 26 1884St. JohnsDavid MELVILLE, 23, bach, engine room artificer, HMS TENDOS, St JohnsMaria Patience ANDREWS, 21, spinster, St JohnsJohn Andrews, Delphine AndrewsMaria Patience Andrews was b Feb 19 1863 Ship Cove, Port de Grave, the dau of Charles ANDREWS & Ann DAWE.
Aug 28 1884St. JohnsWilliam Henry STANSBURY, 34, bach, laborer, St JohnsLouisa Ann MARTIn, 39, spinster, St JohnsRichard Hammond, Louisa Brooks
Oct 7 1884St. JohnsStephen NOSEWORTHY, 24, bach, police constable, St JohnsRosanna HENNEBURY, 29, spinster, St JohnsPhilip Lacey, Julia Hennebury
Oct 14 1884St. JohnsAbel OLSON, 27, bach, seaman, St JohnsMary Ann GIBBONS, 20, spinster, St JohnsHenry Garratt?, Sarah Norman
Oct 18 1884St. JohnsWilliam Henry GOUGH, 23, bach, plumber, St JohnsAnnie Maria ACHLAND, 23, spinster, St JohnsHenry Crawford, Annie WilliamsAnn Maria Achland was b Apr 2 1858 St Johns, the dau of Charles ACHLAND & Emma MARSHALL
Oct 25 1884St. JohnsJoseph CRANIFORD, 21, bach, cooper, St JohnsJane KATER, 20, spinster, St JohnsHenry Craniford, Richard Kater
Oct 26 1884St. JohnsJacob BELLOWS, 33, widower, fish, Trinity EastRoxanne GOVER, 40, spinster, Trinity EastGeorge Gover, Sarah Lawrence
Oct 30 1884St. JohnsJames TAYLOR, 50, bach, master mariner, St JohnsSusanna LINDBURG?, 45, widow, St JohnsMary Ann Down, Joan Wilson
Oct 31 1884St. JohnsCaleb REID, 25, bach, mariner, St JohnsSelina MILLER, 23, spinster, Portugal CoveWilliam Miller, Rebecca Churchill
Nov 18 1884St. JohnsAlbert Charles CUTLER, 25, bach, mariner, St JohnsTheodosia Ann MAYBEE, 28, spinster, St JohnsCharles Kane?, George Morris
Nov 19 1884St. JohnsThomas Richard VOISEY, 19, bach, carman, St JohnsEunice SNELGROVE, 23, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Simmons, Elizabeth SimmonsThomas Richard Voisey was b Feb 16 1866 St Johns, the son of John VOISEY & Margaret MARTIN.
Nov 29 1884St. JohnsJohn Joseph HARRIS, 23, bach, mariner, St JohnsEmily Ann THORNE, 19, spinster, Portugal CoveWilliam Eli Hannes?, Susie Craniford
Nov 29 1884St. JohnsIshmael WILTSHIRE, 37, widower, carpenter, St JohnsJane GOUDIE, 27, spinster, St JohnsW.H. Goudie, Fanny H. GoudieIshmael Wiltshire was b May 24 1846 Lower Island Cove, the son of William WILTSHIRE & Elizabeth BURSEY; he was 1st md to Elizabeth Searle in 1871. Jane Goudie was b Jul 29 1856 St Johns, the dau of George GOUDIE & Elizabeth SNOW.
Dec 8 1884St. JohnsAbraham MOULTON, 23, bach, clerk, St JohnsCaroline GOULD, 23, spinster, St JohnsJames Gould, Emily Gould
Dec 8 1884St. JohnsJohn SULLIVAN, 30, bach, seaman, St JohnsCharlotte SPARKES, 28, spinster, St JohnsRichard Buckley, Sarah "Mouland?"
Dec 11 1884St. JohnsJohn BRAZIL, 31, bach, fish, St JohnsSarah COLLINS, 25, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Philpott, George Hennebury
Jan 20 1885St. JohnsDavid CHAFE, 28, bach, fish, St JohnsLouisa COOK, 30, spinster, St JohnsJames Chafe, Eunice Martin
Jan 29 1885St. JohnsJohn Charles COOK, 31, bach, farmer, VirginiaOlivia CUMMINS, 23, spinster, St JohnsJoseph Cummins, Charlotte Ann CookOlivia Cummins was b May __ 1860 Lower Island Cove CB, the dau of Joseph CUMMINS & Lavinia LOUIS, & granddau of Philip & Elizabeth LOUIS.
Feb 14 1885St. JohnsFrederick William RENNIE, 29, bach, accountant, St JohnsJessie EMERSON, 19, spinster, St JohnsK.E. Rennie, May/Mary? Emerson
Feb 14 1885St. JohnsAlfred MITCHELL, 21, bach, cabinet maker, St JohnsMary Jane PRICE, 23, spinster, St JohnsJoseph Price, John Price
May 16 1885St. JohnsEsau GREELEY, 34, widower, fish, Portugal CoveSarah WRIGHT, 36, spinster, Portugal CoveJames Greeley, Fanny May Greeley
May 16 1885St. JohnsLevi CAINES, 28, widower, laborer, St JohnsFrances Jessie GREEN, 19, spinster, St JohnsAlfred Buckley, George F. Bell
May 22 1885St. JohnsWilliam John MORGAN, 23, bach, fish, Port de GraveDeborah MORGAN, 24, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Morgan, Eliza Peckham
May 23 1885St. JohnsJonathan BRETT, 34, widower, fish, FogoMary Ann HUMPHRIES, 35, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Pilot, Eliza A. Meek
May 23 1885St. JohnsAbraham FOWLOW, 27, bach, fish, Trinity EastMary Frances MALONE, 23, spinster, St JohnsRobert Fowlow, Margaret Dicks
May 30 1885St. JohnsAlfred BURTONSHAW, 22, bach, coachman, St JohnsAndrea WULFF, 25, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Morris, Antoinette Brown
June 6 1885St. JohnsThomas M. PERCIVAL, 35, widower, solicitor, St JohnsMargaret Georgina McLeod* BALFOUR, 23, VirginiaF.H. Balfour, F.B.T. Carter*There was a Margaret Georgina McLean BALFOUR born Nov 29 1861 St Johns, dau of James Bower Balfour & Martha Maria Emerson.
June 10 1885St. JohnsJohn EDGAR, 35, widower, master mariner, St JohnsHannah Elizabeth GOULDING, 22, spinster, St JohnsJoseph House, Jessie Lockyer
June 15 1885St. JohnsJoseph CHURCHILL, 29, bach, mariner, St JohnsRosetta CHURCHILL, 25, spinster, Portugal CoveWilliam Down, Jessie Churchill
June 27 1885St. JohnsWilliam Henry RYALL, 33, widower, carpenter, St JohnsMary JACKMAN, n/g, spinster, St JohnsJohn Wiseman, William Pippy
July 16 1885St. JohnsArthur HODGKINS, 38, bach, mariner, St JohnsMary Jane BRAITHWAITE, 35, widow, St JohnsA. McCauley, Elizabeth McCauley
July 23 1885St. JohnsThomas KITCHEN, 30, bach, mason, St JohnsDinah BENSON, 20, spinster, St JohnsNathanael Stevenson, Jessica Driscoll
July 25 1885St. JohnsJohn Thomas DOHERTY, 23, bach, mariner, St JohnsSophia BUGDEN, 22, spinster, St JohnsGeorge Hiscock, Mary Johnston
July 28 1885St. JohnsWallace Kyle PENNIGER, 30, bach, draper, St JohnsMary OKE, 21, spinster, St JohnsJohn McKenzie, Minnie Oke(possibly dau of William Robert Oke & Mary Jane Harris Carnell)
July 19 1885St. JohnsAaron PUTT, 30, bach, seaman, St JohnsOlivia DRISCOLL, 23, spinster, St JohnsThomas Kitchen, Esther GordonOlivia Driscoll was b Apr 1 1862 Lower Island Cove CB, dau of Benjamin & Catherine Driscoll; per newspaper acct of marriage Aaron Putt was actually from England
July 20 1885St. JohnsSamuel PARMITER, 25, bach, carpenter, TopsailMary HIBBS, 24, spinster, St JohnsJames Moyes, Charles Barnes
Sep 11 1885St. JohnsWilliam Henry GULLIVER?, 26, bac, drayman, Quidi VidiDiana TUCKER, 23, spinster, Broad CoveWilliam Horwood, Rebecca Tucker
Sep 29 1885St. JohnsJohn Beaumont CURRAN, 32, bach, commission merchant, St JohnsDinah BOX, 30, spinster, Plymouth, EnglandMary Tessier, H. MacPherson
Oct 15 1885St. JohnsFrederick FIFIELD, 28, bach, fish, St JohnsCatherine SKAINES, 24, spinster, St JohnsIsaac Newell, Martin Ivany
Oct 28 1885St. JohnsJosiah BARTON, 21, bach, trader, Harbour BuffettEdith Emmeline BUTLER, 18, spinster, Harbour BuffettSusan Stevens, Thomas Hunt
Oct 31 1885St. JohnsAlfred George KING, 28, bach, carpenter, Hoylestown {St Johns}Mary Ann WILCOX, 19, spinster, Dammerils LaneJohn Martin, Richard King
Nov 3 1885St. JohnsWilliam Frederick PYNN, 25, bach, mariner, St JohnsCatherine RAINS, 27, widow, Kings Bridge RoadSelina Stansbury, Robert StansburyWilliam Frederick Pynn was b Apr 13 1860 St Johns, the son of Levi & Mary Pynn.
Nov 5 1885St. JohnsFrederick COOPER, 24, bach, mariner, Malvern, EnglandAbigail SNOW, 20, spinster, Forest RoadAlfred Rose, Thomas Voisey
Nov 7 1885St. JohnsJohn HARDY, 30, bach, fish, Pokeham Path {now Hamilton Avenue}Catherine Frances NEILL, 24, spinster, Gower StreetGeorge M. Power, Catherine Bishop
Nov 7 1885St. JohnsGeorge Frederick BELL, 26, bach, coachman, South West StreetMartha CLARK, 26, spinster, South West StreetLevi Kane, Frances Kane
Nov 12 1885St. JohnsGeorge MORRIS, 28, bach, mariner, TrinitySelina Mary WOOLRIDGE?/ WOOLIDGE?, 27, spinster, Gower St.Fanny Ivany, Eli Adams
Nov 13 1885St. JohnsJames GOSSE, 30, widower, fish, Salmon Cove TBAmy Ann BUTLER, 23, widow, Salmon Cove TBArthur Denny, Alice Stone
Nov 19 1885St. JohnsCarl Oxton ANDERSSEN, 24, bach, mariner, Christiana, NorwayProvidence VERGE, 21, spinster, Rennies Mill RoadLevi Spurrell, Charlotte Reine?
Nov 25 1885St. JohnsCharles ADAMS, 48, bach, laborer, Rennies Mills RoadMary Ann ETSELL, 30, spinster, BonavistaWilliam Hewardine, Elizabeth Hewardine
Nov 29 1885St. JohnsRichard FRAMPTON, 25, bach, fish, Smith Sound TBMary Alice STONE, 21?, spinster, College LaneFrances Stephenson, Jas. Morgan
Dec 4 1885St. JohnsEdward HARDING, 32, bach, fish, South West StreetBelinda HIBBS, 26, spinster, Cochrane StreetJames Harding, Mary Churchill
Dec 15 1885St. JohnsAlfred HUSSON, 24, widower, fish, Hunts Harbour (?Hants Harbour)Jessie PORTER, 21, spinster, Belle StraitsHenry Dawe, Eliza Peckham
Jan 4 1886St. JohnsColin CAMERON, 25, bach, seaman, Lime Kiln HillRebekah Maria CHURCHILL, 24, spinster, Lime Kiln HillStephen Reid, Mary Churchill
Jan 10 1886St. JohnsGeorge Allen RAIN, 27, bach, mariner, South Shields?Annie Selina COX, 21, spinster, British SquareJacob Cox, William Booth
Jan 13 1886St. JohnsEdward Charles HILL, 25, bach, mariner, Isle of WightSusan REED, 24, spinster, South SideHenry Craniford, Frederick Gough
Jan 14 1886St. JohnsJohn LANGMEAD, 36, widower, mariner, St JohnsElizabeth MERCER, 39, widow, St JohnsAgnes E.W. Pilot, Edward Langmead
Jan 23 1886St. JohnsJohn Frederick NOEL, 37, widower, master mariner, Harbour GraceEmily SPARKES, 24, spinster, Harbour GraceThomas Noble, Jessie Noble
May 1 1886St. JohnsGeorge James HUDSON, 20, bach, tinsmith, George StreetMary Elizabeth SWATRIDGE, 21, spinster, Maxse StreetJohn Hudson, Elizabeth Dowden
May 5 1886St. JohnsJohn ABBOTT, 35, widower, mariner, Longs HillLucy BARNES, 25, spinster, LeMarchant RoadJ.W. Nichols, Thomas Dimond
May 5 1886St. JohnsCharles John Lee HOOKEY/?LeHOOKEY?, 26, bach, mason, Circular RoadMartha IVAMY, 23, spinster, Circular RoadJames Ivamy, Harriet Greene
May 15 1886St. JohnsThomas STEVENS, 23, bach, blacksmith, Prescott StreetJohanna Frances SNOW, 23, spinster, FogoRobert Churchill, Barbara Caldwell
May 20 1886St. JohnsStephen RODGERS, 37, widower, fish, Fair Island, Bonavista BayMary Ann FIRMAGE, 24, widow, Fair Island, Bonavista BayMoses Rodgers, Elizabeth Jane RodgersStephen Rodgers was bap Jul 1 1849 Fair Island BB, the son of Robert & Ann; he md (1) 1871 to Sarah Hunt and md (2) 1877 to Honour Dyke. He was the grandson of Richard & Jane Rodgers. He died Oct 27 1918 age 71 yrs.
June 9 1886St. JohnsEdward CUNNINGHAM, 28, bach, carpenter, Cochrane StreetEliza FURNISS?, 22, spinster, Livingstone StreetFrederick Lewis, Jas. Cunningham
June 14 1886St. JohnsWilliam Thomas PENNEY, 22, bach, carpenter, Kings RoadHelena Augusta HODDER, 28, spinster, Gower StreetWilliam James Hodder, Alfred Hodder
June 15 1886St. JohnsHenry DUNFIELD, 36, widower, Clerk in Holy Orders, Military RoadHelen Maria Isobel BREMNER, 25, spinster, Cathedral StreetR.S. Bremner, Marian Bremner
June 15 1886St. JohnsGeorge HAMMOND, 26, bach, carpenter, Duckworth StreetCharlotte Ann COOK, 22, spinster, Outer Cove RoadGeorge Rex Cook, Jessie Ann Hammond
June 17 1886St. JohnsWilliam Henry WILLAR, 21, bach, sailmaker, Cavel? LaneElizabeth Ann SNOW, 20, spinster, Quidi VidiEdmund Snow, Walter S. Poutt?
July 3 1886St. JohnsWilliam REDMAN, 68, widower, laborer, Gower StreetAnn HISCOCK, 46, spinster, Military RoadJohn Marshall, Agnes Squires
Aug 11 1886St. JohnsLevi KING, 28, bach, machinist, Prescott StreetHannah Elizabeth COOPER, 26, spinster, Irelands Eye T.BayBenjamin Bailey, Dora King
Aug 21 1886St. JohnsJames BARRETT, 52, widower, watchman, Prospect Harbour, Maine USAMary Hannah SINCLAIR, 26, spinster, Monks Town RoadDrusilla Luscomb, James Sinclair
Aug 24 1886St. JohnsWilliam SQUIRES, 24, bach, shipwright, Duckworth StreetRebecca Jane VETT, 22, spinster, St JohnsWilliam Vett, Bessie DoreyRebecca Jane Vett was b Dec 24 1863 St Johns, the dau of William VETT of Rodby, Denmark and Elizabeth Webber.
Aug 28 1886St. JohnsCharles Robert DUDER, 24, bach, accountant, Portugal Cove RoadIda Marion CARTER, 28, spinster, Kings Bridge RoadH.D. Carter, C. Crowdy
Oct 1 1886St. JohnsJames GARDNER, 28, bach, cabinet maker, North StreetEsther Mary ENGLAND, 22, spinster, James StreetCharles England, Martha Pynn
Oct 20 1886St. JohnsRobert Sweetland BREMNER, 25, bach, merchant, TrinityMay/Mary? EMERSON, 24, spinster, Brook LodgeC.H. Emerson, Marion Bremner
Oct 20 1886St. JohnsArchibald BLANDFORD, 28, bach, fish, Herring NeckSarah Mary LOCKYER, 22, spinster, Prescott StreetRichard Peters, John LockyerArchibald Blandford was bap June 22 1856 Clarkes Cove, Herring Neck & died Sep 24 1927 St Johns, the son of Esau BLANDFORD and Selina BENNETT.
Oct 22 1886St. JohnsJohn Alexander KENDELL?, 24, bach, mariner, ChannelElizabeth Jane CHALKER, 23, spinster, Kickhams LaneR. Lawrence, Susanna Mythson?
Oct 23 1886St. JohnsCharles KNIGHT, 23, bach, shipwright, Hunts LanePheobe MASTERS, 23, spinster, Water StreetAmy Knight, John Taylor
Nov 6 1886St. JohnsGeorge F. HARDY, 30, bach, fish, LeMarchant RoadElizabeth REID, 27, spinster, Hoyles TownJohn Taylor, Mary Garrett
Nov 10 1886St. JohnsJohn YOUNG, 23, bach, baker, Water StreetPatience BATTEN, 22, spinster, Cochrane StreetMary LeMessurier, C. Lilly
Nov 16 1886St. JohnsEli ADAMS, 28, bach, seaman, George Town {St Johns}Amy Hannah IVANY, 23, spinster, Longs HillJ.G. Ivany, Mary Stone
Nov 17 1886St. JohnsGeorge Charles SNOW, 28, bach, cabinet maker, Southeast StreetMartha READER, 24, spinster, Kings Bridge RoadE.J. Snow, Lizzie Reader
Nov 18 1886St. JohnsWilliam RUXTON, 38, widower, engineer, Flower HillEllen Amelia BLANDFORD, 37, spinster, Circular RoadSamuel Blandford, Lavinia Blandford
Nov 20 1886St. JohnsJoseph GORMAN, 25, bach, mariner, Gower StreetSarah Ann BRADBURY, 20, spinster, Portugal Cove RoadNathaniel Bradbury, Charles Sevier
Nov 21 1886St. JohnsJohn Charles SNOW, 23, bach, cabman, Quidi VidiCatherine VOISEY, 27, spinster, Quidi Vidi RoadThomas Voisey, Eunice Voisey
Nov 23 1886St. JohnsBenjamin BURFITT, 26, bach, fish, BurinMary Jane SMEARDON, 23, spinster, Hutchings StreetR. Smeardon, Margaret Smeardon
Dec 8 1886St. JohnsJohn Jonas COAKER, 23, bach, carpenter, South SideSusannah COOK, 22, spinster, South SideWilliam Coaker, Elizabeth CoakerJohn Jonas Coaker was b June 11 1863 St Johns & d Mar 22 1930 St Johns, the son of William COAKER & Elizabeth Eliza Ebsary FORD.
Nov 27 1886St. JohnsStephen BROOKS, 20, bach, shoemaker, James StreetMary Jane CHARD, 22, spinster, Prescott StreetN. Drower?, Ann Brooks
Dec 23 1886St. JohnsIsaac BUTLER, 24, bach, fish, Long Pond CBAbigail DAWE, 21, spinster, Georges TownWilliam Dowden, Elizabeth Dowden
Feb 7 1887St. JohnsJohn Charles MOORE, 26, bach, shoemaker, Waldegrave StreetEuphemia L. SMITH, 25, spinster, Waldegrave StreetGeorge Cook, Edward L. Oke
Mar 14 1887St. JohnsWilliam Henry ANTLE, 24, bach, cooper, Patrick StreetElizabeth Ann HARDING, 24, spinster, Water StreetJohn Hennebury, John Charles Whitten
Apr 20 1887St. JohnsJohn George MUNN, 25, bach, draper, Water StreetMary Edina SCOTT, 23, spinster, Military RoadJ.P. Parsons, Fenwick Crane
Apr 30 1887St. JohnsJohn Carnell OKE, 29, bach, carriage builder, Quidi Vidi RoadFlorence Jane JEANS, 24, spinster, Cochrane StreetJohn Jeans, Robert OkeJohn Carnell Oke was b Jul 19 1857 St Johns, the son of William Robert OKE & Mary Jane Harris CARNELL, & grandson of John Carnell & Hannah Gill Harris.
Apr 30 1887St. JohnsCharles Henry THOMAS, 25, bach, blacksmith, Freshwater RoadIsabel PRETTY, 25, spinster, Duckworth StreetG.F. Bell, Jane Rose
Feb 21 1887St. JohnsWilliam George BRADSHAW, 42, bach, HM Customs, Gt. PlacentiaSarah Jane WINDSOR, 27, spinster, AquaforteHenry Windsor, Mary WindsorSarah Jane Windsor was the dau of Peter Winsor & Anna Jennings Winsor, the g-dau of Peter Winsor Sr & Sarah Payne, and the g-dau of Jacob Winsor & Anna Jennings.
Apr 30 1887St. JohnsGeorge HALL, 25, bach, coachman, Barnes RoadMary Ann HUTCHINGS, 24, spinster, Rennies Mill RoadJames Hutchings, Harriet Allen
May 7 1887St. JohnsCharles Allyn GAULTON, 27, bach, mason, Hoyles TownCharlotte BUSSEY, 26, spinster, South West StreetJohn Burry, Mary Garrett
May 10 1887St. JohnsHenry YETMAN, 43, widower, builder, Selby Cove BBJane MARSH, 42, widow, Keels BBThomas Yetman, James Prince
May 12 1887St. JohnsThomas TUCKER, 36, widower, fish, Longs HillElizabeth TUCKER, 35, spinster, St Johns HospitalJohn Mayo, Elizabeth Morgan
June 8 1887St. JohnsEugene PARSONS, 28, bach, draper, Duckworth StreetBella CARNELL, 25, spinster, Quidi Vidi RoadWilliam Carnell, Hannah CarnellBella Carnell was b Apr 2 1861 St Johns, the dau of William CARNELL & Hannah Maria BARTER, & g-dau of John Carnell & Hannah Gill Harris.
June 17 1887St. JohnsJohn HOOKEY, 48, widower, laborer, Lime Kiln HillMaria MERCER, 39, widow, domestic servant, Ordnance HouseE.W. Pilot, Bessie Pilot
July 4 1887St. JohnsRobert George RENDELL, 26, bach, merchant, Cathedral HillHelen Williamson MACKEY, 25, spinster, Gower StreetA.M. Mackey, T. Rendell
July 20 1887St. JohnsWilliam BARNES, 26, bach, carpenter, Gower StreetMary Grace SNOW, 23, spinster, Balsam StreetN. Snow, Emily Goodwin
July 21 1887St. JohnsJames EDWARDS, 27, bach, blacksmith, Kings RoadElizabeth Ann DOWDEN, 25, spinster, James StreetWilliam Dowden, Mary Ann PhillipsJames Edwards was b Jul 29 1858 - d Feb 4 1933 (headstone); Elizabeth Ann Dowden was b Aug 1 1861 St Johns, the dau of William Dowden & Susanna Allen & g-dau of William Dowden Sr & Anne Sceviour; she died July 18 1946 St Johns (buried Forest Road Ang Cem).
Aug 2 1887St. JohnsJames Lyons NOONAN, 23, bach, clerk, Plymouth RoadMinnie OKE, 20, spinster, Forest RoadRobert Oke, Mary Pinnigar (aka Penniger, nee Oke)(possibly dau of William Robert Oke & Mary Jane Harris Carnell)
Aug 4 1887St. JohnsGeorge Augustus LILLY, 43, widower, carpenter, South West StreetHarriet NEWHOOK, 42, spinster, North StreetJohn Newhook, Ceclia Ann Lilly
Aug 15 1887St. JohnsWilliam Joseph COLLINS, 37, bach, tinsmith, TrinityEmma Sarah STEWART, 26, spinster, TrinityColin Stewart, Elizabeth Stewart
Aug 15 1887St. JohnsJohn LUSCOMBE, 37, bach, baker, Gower StreetElizabeth PETERS, 29, spinster, Harbour GraceClara Payne, David LuscombeJohn Marshall Luscombe was b Dec 15 1847 St Johns - d Aug 21 1920 St Johns, the son of Philip LUSCOMBE & Maria MARSHALL, g-son of John Marshall & Lydia Partridge, & g-gson of David & Amy Marshall. Elizabeth Peters Luscombe died Apr 24 1938 age 79 yrs.
Oct 13 1887St. JohnsRobert Josiah GREEN, 26, bach, engineer, LeMarchant RoadSusan Emma EAST, 23, spinster, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, EnglandJohn Green, Sarah Hippisley
Oct 15 1887St. JohnsFrancis PICKETT, 29, bach, bombadier R.M? Artillery, HMS EMERALD?Maria SQUIRES, 25, spinster, Signal Hill RoadWilliam Squires, Hugh Carter
Oct 24 1887St. JohnsCornelius MAJOR, 24, bach, drayman, Freshwater RoadCaroline AUKINLECK (aka AUCHINLECK), 22, spinster, Freshwater RoadWilliam Bell, Elizabeth Bell
Nov 3 1887St. JohnsJoseph DAYMOND, 30, bach, cabinet maker, Duckworth StreetAnnie HENNEBURY, 25, spinster, Water StreetHenry Hennebury, Emma Daymond
Nov 23 1887St. JohnsGeorge Perrelt HUTCHINGS, 34, widower, draper, Scott StreetOlivia Elizabeth WILLIAMS, 23, spinster, William StreetGeorge Williams, Louisa Williams
Dec 1 1887St. JohnsJames WHEELER, 27, bach, fish, James Cove, Goose BayLouisa CANE, 26, spinster, Longs HillJohn Cane, George Cane
Dec 8 1887St. JohnsMoses Bartlett WELLMAN, 27, bach, painter, Gower StreetEmily GOODLAND, 26, spinster, Gower StreetJames M. Lawrence, Pheobe Noseworthy
Dec 11 1887St. JohnsAmbrose FRAMPTON, 24, bach, fish, Smith Sound TBRosanna NOFTAL, 21, spinster, Kings RoadNathan Bursey, Levi Caines
Jan 12 1888St. JohnsWilliam FIELD, 28, bach, farmer, Old Cove RoadMary KING, 23, spinster, Balline (?Bauline)William Field, Elizabeth King
Jan 26 1888St. JohnsThomas Peter WITHYCOMBE, 56, widower, Inspector, South SideSophia GARLAND, 40, spinster, TorbayWilliam Campbell, Harriet Carmichael
Feb 11 1888St. JohnsWilliam McKINNON, 38, bach, physician, Bay BullsMary Jane STEER, 49, spinster, Rennies Mill RoadD. Curran, B. Horwood
Apr 8 1888St. JohnsGeorge GOULD, 34, widower, fish, Pouch CoveCharlotte LANGMEAD, 43, widow, Pouch CoveJ. Lyle, Reuben Ryan
Apr 10 1888St. JohnsMoses HORWOOD, 32, bach, fish, Quidi VidiEllen PURCELL, 30, widow, Quidi VidiHenry Thomas Snow, Emma Horwood
June 11 1888St. JohnsJames CALVERT, 42, widower, clothier, Queens RoadFrances Ruth NOONAN, 25, spinster, Henry StreetAch.e? G. Gibbs, Lucy Noonan
Aug 11 1888St. JohnsSamuel SQUIRES, 28, bach, constable, Fort TownsendCatherine Frances EAGAN, 21, spinster, Military RoadThomas Goodland, Nathan Andrews
Aug 16 1888St. JohnsWilliam Joseph COLLINS, 35, widower, seaman, HMS EMERALDAnne Jane CHAPLIN, 30, spinster, Knight StreetMark Chaplin, Emily Chaplin
Aug 20 1888St. JohnsJohn Withens LAWRENCE, 26, bach, tinsmith, BonavistaJessie Ann GENT, 20, spinster, Hoyles TownJ.M. Lawrence, Hannah Gent
Oct 27 1888St. JohnsJohn MILLEY, 50, widower, seaman, Trinity NorthHannah BELLOWS, 38, widow, Trinity NorthJohn Lawrence, Lizzie Eveley
Oct 30 1888St. JohnsWilliam STONEMAN, 27, bach, plumber, Kings RoadSophia Louisa WINSOR, 26, spinster, AquaforteS. Stone, Mary Lester
Nov 8 1888St. JohnsWilliam Thomas LONG, 25, bach, constable, Knight StreetJessie Elizabeth CROCKER, 25, spinster, Duckworth StreetThomas Goodland, Catherine Parrott
Aug 27 1888St. JohnsJoseph PEARCEY, 30, bach, draper, North StreetJessie LOCKYER, 25, spinster, James StreetJohn Lockyer, Lucy Lockyer
Nov 19 1888St. JohnsJames RENDELL, 29, widower, fish, Ship Cove, T. EastAlice BUTLER, 29, spinster, Ship Cove, T. EastWilliam Butler, Martha Bannister
Nov 25 1888St. JohnsJohn COOK, 22, bach, fish, Ship Cove, T. EastJane DODGE, 21, spinster, Ship Cove, T. EastPeter Rendell, Elizabeth Cook
Nov 29 1888St. JohnsThomas Robert PAYNE, 28, bach, mariner, AquaforteEva Matilda WINSOR, 31, spinster, AquaforteEliza Payne, Jacob Winsor
Nov 30 1888St. JohnsJohn CRITCH, 30, bach, St JohnsSelina ANDREWS, 27, spinster, Hoyles TownE.J. Morgan, W. HammondBelieved to be the dau of Henry Andrews & Elizabeth Dawe, originally of Port de Grave.
Dec 2 1888St. JohnsJoseph VERGE, 28, bach, farmer, Ross's FarmRachel Ann SHAW, 20, spinster, Kings Bridge (Rd)Mary Shaw, W. Hammond
Dec 12 1888St. JohnsWilliam Thomas GODLEY, 42, widower, seaman, William StreetSelina RENDELL, 31, spinster, Hearts ContentCharles Rendell, Maud Bartlett
Dec 16 1888St. JohnsJohn SNOW, 59, widower, fish, Quidi VidiFrances FRENCH, 39, widow, Quidi VidiW.R. Shiting?, Sarah Horwood
Jan 1 1889St. JohnsWilliam Henry MARTIN, 22, bach, clerk, Forest RoadMary Elizabeth DAVIS, 17, spinster, Forest RoadWilliam Horwood, Annie Brooks
Jan 9 1889St. JohnsStephen RUSSELL, 24, bach, seaman, Bay RobertsSelina DAWE, 25, spinster, Burnt HeadWilliam Bartlett, Annie Newell
Jan 9 1889St. JohnsWilliam O'BRIEN, 23, bach, 13 East StreetMargaret Ann STANSBURY, 25, spinster, 13 East StreetRobert Stansbury, Patience Young
Mar 5 1889St. JohnsGeorge Thomas PHILLIPS, 25, bach, lobster packer, Hoyles TownSarah Ann ANTHONY, 24, spinster, Duckworth StreetGeorge Anthony, Elizabeth Anthony
Apr 21 1889St. JohnsElias VOISEY, 28, bach, tailor, North StreetSarah Ann FIELD, 25, spinster, British SquareJohn Voisey, William Voisey
Apr 28 1889St. JohnsGeorge Frederic BALLAM, 26, bach, seaman, BrigusEmma Harriet PITTMAN, 20, spinster, New PerlicanGeorge Pittman, Ella Coughlan
Apr 29 1889St. JohnsEdward Frederick JOHNSTON, 28, bach, blacksmith, Hoyles TownCharlotte BRADBURY, 23, spinster, British SquareWilliam Godden, C. Johnson
May 10 1889St. JohnsJames Edward WHITTEN, 26, bach, fish, South SideSarah Agnes BAIRD, 22, spinster, South SideRobert Davis, Sarah Whitten
June 11 1889St. JohnsWilliam WILLIAMS, 36, bach, coachman, Patrick StreetSusanna Jane TORRAVILLE, 27, spinster, Military RoadGeorge Carter, John Williams
Jul 24 1889St. JohnsSidney COX, 22, bach, seaman, Bideford, N. Devon, EnglandAnnie TULK, 20, spinster, Hoyles TownDavid Tulk, Hettie Budden
Aug 13 1889St. JohnsRobert JOHNSON, 28, bach, tailor, Water StreetAnnie McDonald WILLIAMS, 21, spinster, William StreetGeorge Williams, John WilliamsAnnie McDonald Williams was b Feb 9 1868 St Johns, the dau of George & Annie Williams.
Aug 18 1889St. JohnsRobert PEARCEY, 34, widower, blacksmith, North StreetMary Jane SEIVIER (SCEVIOUR), 24, spinster, North StreetW. Hammond, Hannah Seivier
Oct 9 1889St. JohnsMoses MARTIN, 25, bach, farmer, White HillsJane COOK, 21, spinster, Outer Cove RoadEdward Martin, Tasker Cook
Oct 15 1889St. JohnsFrederick Jackson GLASGOW, 27, bach, engine driver, Branscombe StreetJulia REID, 18, spinster, Forest RoadM. Morison, Thomas Pollock
Nov 2 1889St. JohnsJohn Charles GENT, 28, bach, laborer, Hoyles TownLydia SCOTT, 26, spinster, Buchannan StreetJohn Scott, Hannah Gent
Nov 5 1889St. JohnsJohn ENGLAND, 25, bach, shoemaker, Prescott StreetDiana BULLEY, 27, spinster, Gower StreetGeorge Bulley, William England
Nov 5 1889St. JohnsWilliam Henry CLERK, 25, farmer, Torbay RoadPhoebe BIDDLECOME, 20, spinster, Rennies Mill RoadJoseph Hewardine, Annie Hewardine
Dec 5 1889St. JohnsStephen Aaron BRIGHT, 22, bach, tinsmith, Prescott StreetBarbara Ethel CALDWELL, 21, spinster, Prescott StreetThomas Gosse, Jessie Gosse
Dec 19 1889St. JohnsJames Archibald DROVER, 23, bach, founder, Lazy Bank Road*Eliza STRICKLEY, 23, spinster, LeMarchant RoadStephen Brooks, Bertha Perfect*Lazy Bank Road is the old name for Pleasant Street.
Jan 11 1890St. JohnsGeorge Alfred SIMMS, 27, bach, railway agent, Salmon Cove StationLizzie READER, 23, spinster, Long Pond CBH. Pennock, William Simms
Apr 22 1890St. JohnsArthur HEFFERMAN, 26, bach, carpenter, Barters HillEmma BRADBURY, 25, spinster, Monks Town RoadHenry Bradbury, Leonard Hefferman
Apr 22 1890St. JohnsJohn Franis LINDBERG, 21, bach, student at law, Signal Hill RoadAnnie Hutchings KNOWLING, 23, spinster, Water StreetGeorge Knowling, E. Knowling
June 1 1890St. JohnsWilliam Bond HEWARDINE, 24, bach, shoemaker, Military RoadJessie Elizabeth BUTT, 22, spinster, Torbay RoadA. Moulton, Annie Hewardine
June 3 1890St. JohnsPeter Frederick MORRY, 30, bach, farmer, Caplin BayBridget May COADY, 21, spinster, Cape BroyleWilliam Hammond, Elizabeth Hammond
June 24 1890St. JohnsJohn James GREEN, 27, bach, blacksmith, Trinity WestMary Ann FOWLOW, 25, spinster, Trinity EastCharles Francis Webber, Elizabeth Field
June 24 1890St. JohnsJohn Luke O'DWYER, 29, bach, merchant, Gower StreetEdith Livingstone CARTER, 25, spinster, Kings Bridge RoadW. Munden Allan, Ida Edith Prowse
July 15 1890St. JohnsWilliam Bursell WADLAND, 23, bach, carpenter, Duckworth StreetEliza Matthews BARKER, 22?, spinster, Queens RoadJ.B. Wadland, Lavinia Walsh
July 25 1890St. JohnsMark DAY, 23, bach, mariner, Salmon Cove TBMary RYAN, 21, spinster, Salmon Cove TBJames Strickley, Mary Day
Aug 28 1890St. JohnsWilliam James YATES, 27, bach, harness maker, South West StreetAnetta HIERLIHY, 27, spinster, Holdsworth StreetPeter Power, Eliza Power
Sep 4 1890St. JohnsJohn TIBBO, 26, bach, fish, St Jacques, F. BayMathilda JENKINS, 20, spinster, Darling StreetAzariah Parsons, Lavinia Learning
Oct 8 1890St. JohnsHenry FORD, 28, bach, seaman, HMS EMERALDAnn BROOKS, 25, spinster, James StreetFrank Brooks, R. Wood
Oct 14 1890St. JohnsNathan ANDREWS, 26, bach, police constable, Fort TownsendElfrida MARTIN, 26, spinster, Hoyles TownR. Martin, Selina Andrews
Oct 16 1890St. JohnsWilliam Thomas VOISEY, 28, bach, tailor, Kings RoadJosephine Barbara DODD, 23, spinster, Monks Town RoadWilliam Vett, Margaret Congdon
Nov 10 1890St. JohnsSamuel Elliott GARLAND, 25, bach, bookseller, Barnes RoadAda Jane SOUTHCOTT, 20, spinster, Long Pond RoadJames Southcott, A.J. LeMessurier
Nov 10 1890St. JohnsFrancis WELLS, 25, bach, fish, Alexander BayAnnie NEWELL, 26, spinster, St JohnsRichard Wells, Frances Newell
Nov 19 1890St. JohnsRobert BANNISTER, 26, bach, fish, Ship Cove TBMary Elen RANDELL, 26, spinster, Ship Cove TBCharles Hookey, Charity Randell
Nov 19 1890St. JohnsAdam Robert RANDELL, 25, bach, Ship Cove TBSarah Elizabeth READ, 20, spinster, Ship Cove TBCharles Hookey, Charity Randell
Nov 25 1890St. JohnsHenry Rex COOK, 22, bach, farmer, Outer Cove RoadJessie Ann HAMMOND, 25, spinster, St JohnsW.G. Hammond, Henry Cook
Dec 14 1890St. JohnsJohn Thomas EDNEY, 20, bach, mason, William StreetElizabeth WHITE, 22, spinster, The GouldsJohn Williams, W.H. Edney
Dec 23 1890St. JohnsAnthony TAYLOR, 27, bach, fish, Maxse StreetSarah Jane PAYNE, 28, spinster, Pringsdale?Ford Winsor, Annie Winsor
Jan 14 1891St. JohnsTasker Reed COOK, 24, bach, butcher, Water StreetHenrietta Lucy PENNOCK, 22, spinster, Water StreetE.W. Lyon, A.A. Robertson
Jan 21 1891St. JohnsThomas DOWDEN, 25, bach, tinsmith, James StreetHannah ANDREWS, 23, spinster, Hamilton AvenueElias Reid, Minnie DowdenThomas Dowden was b Jul 10 1865 St Johns & died Feb 3 1945 St Johns, the son of William Dowden Jr & Susanna Allen; & grandson of William Dowden Sr & Anne Sceviour. Hannah Andrews Dowden died Apr 2 1937 St Johns, age 69 yrs.
Jan 25 1891St. JohnsEdwin Spencer GARLAND, 20, bach, carpenter, Parade StreetMaria LONG, 20, spinster, LeMarchant RoadSarah Everkard?, Henry Thomas
Mar 30 1891St. JohnsWilliam PITTMAN, 52, widower, shipbuilder, Seattle, WashingtonEmily HOPKINS, 45, spinster, Hearts ContentGeorge I? Adams, Charlotte Adams
Apr 15 1891St. JohnsWilliam George HEALE, 25, bach, farmer, Outer Cove RoadFrances Elizabeth CLARK, 21, spinster, Outer Cove RoadThomas Cook, Mary J. Heale
May 20 1891St. JohnsFrancis HALL, 29, bach, seaman, Young StreetMargaret CAREY, 22, spinster, Hutching StreetNoah Carter, Tryphena Cotter
June 2 1891St. JohnsJames HARDING, 24, bach, shoemaker, South West StreetMiriam SQUIRES, 25, spinster, Gower StreetJessie Squires, W.G. Hammond
June 6 1891St. JohnsJames Henry WILKINS, 27, bach, mariner, Poole StreetMary Ann Shepheard KINGSTON, 26, spinster, Water StreetS. Spurdens, Bertha Pynn
June 14 1891St. JohnsJohn BUTLER, 53, widower, mariner, Young StreetAnn MURANT, 41, widow, Longs HillGeorge Maunder, Mary Maunder
July 24 1891St. JohnsThomas FRY, 27, bach, seaman, Guernsey G.B.Elizabeth LAMBERT, 23, spinster, Nunnery HillF. Stapleton, Henry McGrath
July 26 1891St. JohnsJohn BALDWIN, 20, bach, coachman, Torbay RoadElizabeth HUDSON, 23, spinster, Rennies Mill RoadDavid Shute, Mary Ann Walsh
Aug 2 1891St. JohnsJohn McGRATH, 25, bach, seaman, Lime Kiln HillMary HARDING, 22, spinster, Lime Kiln HillThomas Hookey, Charlotte Sweetland
Aug 20 1891St. JohnsJohn Frederick NEWMAN, 21, bach, P.O. clerk, LeMarchant RoadCatharine Allen HISCOCK, 19, spinster, St Johns HospitalNoah Cotter, Thomas Lewis
Aug 23 1891St. JohnsGeorge William SMITH, 24, bach, seaman, HMS EMERALDMartha PRICE, 21, spinster, Hoyles TownJoseph Price, John Price
Sep 7 1891St. JohnsSamuel Robert OAKLEY, 24, bach, asst. light house keeper, BonavistaAnn Amelia HOUSE, 21, spinster, Flowers CoveHerbert Mercer, Jane K. House
Sep 9 1891St. JohnsLevi SHEPHERD, 24, bach, police constable, Fort TownsendSelina Jane ANDREWS, 29, spinster, Bell StreetV. Andrews, Elfrida Andrews
Sep 28 1891St. JohnsJohn HUDSON, 31, bach, laborer, Longs HillAmelia APSEY, 40, spinster, Water Street WestWilliam Beer, W.G. Hammond
Oct 10 1891St. JohnsStephen WHITE, 37, widower, fish, Pools IslandJessie RODGERS, 22, spinster, Pools IslandJessie Spurrell, Anna Spurrell
Oct 31 1891St. JohnsEdward BUTLER, 28, bach, coachman, Freshwater RoadSusannah LITTLEJOHN, 22, spinster, Portugal Cove RoadThomas Littlejohn, Mary Ann Walsh
Nov 1 1891St. JohnsJohn BARTLETT, 23, bach, fish, BrigusSarah NOSEWORTHY, 18, spinster, Tank LaneWilliam Anthony, Elizabeth Anthony
Nov 15 1891St. JohnsJames NEIL, 23, bach, farmer, Torbay RoadMary MURPHY, 24, spinster, Torbay RoadJohn Wheeler, Anastasia Murphy
Nov 26 1891St. JohnsGeorge BUGDEN, 22, bach, fish, TrinityMartha PITCHER, 24, spinster, Forest RoadAbraham Bailey, Elizabeth Bugden
Nov 27 1891St. JohnsStephen VOISEY, 21, bach, laborer, Fleming StreetJulia BRADBURY, 22, spinster, Fleming StreetJohn Jaynes, John Voisey
Nov 28 1891St. JohnsHenry THOMAS, 23, bach, drayman, Balsam StreetElizabeth ENGLAND, 24, spinster, Court HouseJoseph Hibbs, Sarah Moores
Nov 29 1891St. JohnsAlbert Edward LONGLAND?/ LANGLAND?, 28, bach, draper, New Gower StreetEmma Bartlett McKENZIE, 31, widow, Duckworth StreetJ.C. Simms, Belle Dicks
Dec 16 1891St. JohnsPeter WHEELER, 46, widower, fish, Alexander StreetSophia BARR, 42, widow, nurse, St Johns HospitalFrederick Bursell, C. Hingston
Dec 20 1891St. JohnsAlbert HISCOCK, 26, bach, fish, Salmon Cove TBCharity RANDELL, 22, spinster, Robin Hoods BayStephen Day, Amy Day
Jan 9 1892St. JohnsDavid George LUSCOMBE, 35, bach, laborer, Gower StreetEliza Ann HODDER, 34, spinster, Hayward AvenueJohn Luscombe, Eliza Whitten
Jan 11 1892St. JohnsJohn CRANE, 29, bach, T.N. Constabulary, Fort TownsendJane BATTEN, 26, spinster, Water StreetJoseph Miller, Mary Hobbes
Jan 21 1892St. JohnsJohn Richard GOODRIDGE, 48, bach, merchant, Monks Town RoadAnnie Lenora Elizabeth TRUMBLE, 23, spinster, LeMarchant RoadAlan C. Goodridge, Grace Carter
Feb 23 1892St. JohnsJames Augustus HODDER, 23, bach, trader, BurinLavinia Minnie MAYO, 19, spinster, Water StreetWilliam Aylward, Charlotte Mayo
Feb 27 1892St. JohnsJohn Martin ENGLAND, 22, bach, blacksmith, Field StreetRebecca Ann TAYLOR, 21, spinster, Rennies Mill RoadGeorge Dawe, Agnes Dawe
Feb 29 1892St. JohnsNicholas G. CHISLETT, 30, bach, carpenter, Duckworth StreetHelen Eliza GREEN, 26, spinster, William StreetWilliam Foster, Harriet Green
Mar 11 1892St. JohnsJohn OTT, 25, bach, blacksmith, South SideEmily KINGSTON, 24, spinster, South SideStephen Ebsary, William Kingston
Apr 19 1892St. JohnsRichard LEE, 23, bach, fish, Roman Catholic, Petty HarbourDrusilla MILLS, 37, widow, Petty HarbourJohn Gent, Lydia Gent
Apr 22 1892St. JohnsJohn Patrick CONROY, 21, bach, seaman, Monks Town RoadAgnes FIELD, 23, spinster, Kings RoadWilliam Hopkins, Sarah Wyllie
Apr 24 1892St. JohnsWilliam LEADSTONE, 27, bach, mariner, Mullock StreetEmily Ann WRIGHT, 23, spinster, Mullock StreetRobert Parsons, Elizabeth Parsons
May 4 1892St. JohnsJohn MILLER, 20, bach, carman, Roman Catholic, Long Pond RoadElizabeth HOBBS, 23, spinster, St JohnsJohn Mayo, Amelia Jane Lewis
June 8 1892St. JohnsJames INGRAM, 28, bach, cable operator, St Pierre (Miquelon)Elizabeth Victoria FRECKER, 24, spinster, St Pierre (Miquelon)J. Furlong, B. Furlong
June 22 1892St. JohnsLewis Corbett PITTMAN, 20, bach, laborer, Pilots HillSarah KIRBY, 20, spinster, Pilots HillHerbert Marshall, Alfred Perry
June 27 1892St. JohnsAlfred Edward McKINNEY, 24, bach, mariner, Duckworth StreetIda Jane HALFYARD, 22, spinster, Duckworth StreetHerbert Churchill, Clara Halfyard
July 9 1892St. JohnsWilliam Carson JOB, 28, bach, merchant, St JohnsEdith Louisa Harvey WARREN, 18, spinster, St JohnsMabel Wood LeMessurier, Harrison R. Hayward
July 17 1892St. JohnsEdward BROOKING, 20, bach, coachman, Mullock StreetAnnie Georgina JACKMAN, 21, spinster, Roman Catholic, Lime Kiln HillEnock Pike, J. Martin England
Aug 1 1892St. JohnsRobert MARTIN, 56, bach, laborer, Military RoadEmily VEY, 46, spinster, Military RoadL. Meek, Hallie F. Wood
Aug 17 1892St. JohnsSamuel George WEBBER, 21, bach, storekeeper, Duckworth StreetMary Margaret RYAN, 25, spinster, Roman Catholic, Quidi Vidi RoadRobert Hammond, Hallie F. Wood
Oct 11 1892St. JohnsIsaac BISHOP, 26, bach, mariner, George StreetHarriet COLLINS, 27, spinster, Bannerman StreetJohn Pike, Sarah Pike
Nov 7 1892St. JohnsCharles Edward SIMMONDS, 24, bach, drayman, Hamilton StreetAnastasia DEWLING, 23, spinster, John StreetWilliam Late?, Thomas Dewling
Nov 12 1892St. JohnsWilliam Henry RADCLIFFE, 40, widower, smith, Bannerman ParkSarah Hannah SMITH, 25, spinster, Manuels CBJohn T. Congdon, Florence E. JamesSarah Hannah Smith was b May 22 1868 Manuels - d May 1949 Ryton-on-the-Dunsmore, England. She md (2) William Duckett of Wales. William H Radcliffe was b Nov 15 1848 Bideford, Devon - d Apr 6 1904 Swansea, Wales.
Oct 25 1892 St. JohnsWilliam Charles BAIRD, 22, bach, mariner, South SidePhoebe JEWER, 23, spinster, Maxse StreetAlbert Edgecombe, Maria Baird
Nov 16 1892St. JohnsAbraham MUNDY, 61, widower, planter, Pouch CoveMary? Ann JELLETT (GILLETT), 50, widow, ExploitsChristopher Mundy, Sarah Ann Barrett?/ Bassett?She may be nee Mary Ann GROUCHY, widow of George Gillett (son of James & Elizabeth Gillett, who died 1887).
Nov 20 1892St. JohnsPhilip FIELD, 40, widower, farmer, Torbay RoadMaria CLEMENTS, 31, widow, Stuart AvenueDavid Surcomb, Eliza Tapper
Nov 27 1892St. JohnsJohn KERLEY, 27, bach, fish, Bay RobertsOlivia FRENCH, 29, spinster, Mullock StreetAbraham Parsons, Fanny Parsons
Dec 19 1892St. JohnsThomas Frederick HENNEBURY, 23, bach, laborer, Quidi VidiAnnie Gertrude HENNEBURY, 19, spinster, Quidi VidiRobert Batstone, Elijah Pendergast
Dec 22 1892St. JohnsRichard THORNE, 24, bach, carpenter, Fleming StreetElizabeth BIDDESCOMBE, 19, spinster, Outer Cove RoadRobert Thorne, Harriet Biddescombe
Dec 31 1892St. JohnsRichard FIELD, 34, bach, fish, TorbayJane CLEMENTS, 23, spinster, Paroborough NS (?Parrsboro)Richard Clements, William Thorne
Jan 14 1893St. JohnsRobert Francis STANSBURY, 36, widower, laborer, Duckworth StreetSarah SEXTON, 39, spinster, New Gower StreetWilliam Henry Stansbury, Sarah Moores
Feb 9 1893St. JohnsGeoffrey GUZZELL (?GUZZWELL), 72, widower, farmer, GouldsMargaret Ann HUSSEY, 46, widow, GouldsAaron Mogridge, Elizabeth Boyles

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