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Avalon South Region ~ St. John's District

SS Farnorth

Sailing from St. John's Aug 30, 1927 Arriving Boston Sept 3, 1927
The port of departure was St. John's but the passengers came from all over the province.

Abbreviations are: S - Sex; MS - Marital Status; Occ - Occupation; R - Able to Read and Write English; N - Nationality; LPA - Last Permanent Address; Relative - Name and Address of Nearest Relative or Friend, From Where They Came; Dest - Final Destination; W$ - By Whom Passage was Paid; B4 - Whether ever Before in the US; Who - Whether Going to Join Relative, Friend, Name and Address; Stay - Length of Stay; Hea - Condtion of mental and Physical Health; Feature - Complexion, Colour of Hair and Eyes; Marks - Marks of identification; POB - Place of Birth.

Transcribed by a team of people led by SUE KIMMERLE, April 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Name Age S MS Occ R N Race LPA Relative Dest W$ B4 Who Stay Hea Height Feature Marks POB VISA
Doran, Edward M.50MaleMarriedBuliding ContracterYesNewfoundlandEnglishSt John'sBrother William Doran St JohnsWakefield, MassSelfNoBrother In Law Rex Zwicker 2? Franklin St Wakefield, MassIndefinateGood5'11 1/2"Med, Grey-Brown, BrownNoneSt John'sVisa#100 Issued at St John's on July 22, 1927
Doran, Mary45FemaleMarriedHousewifeYesNewfoundlandEnglishSt John'sMother Mrs A. Lewis HolyroodSame As AboveHusbandNoSame As AboveIndefinateGood5'4"Med, Dark Brown, BlueNoneHolyroodVisa#101 Issued at St John's on July 22, 1927
Connelly, Mary Pauline23FemaleSingleClerkYesNewfoundlandEnglishSt John'sFather John T. Connelly St John'sBoston, MassSelfNoCousin Mrs. W. Evans 114 Malden St Boston, MassIndefinateGood5'5"Med, Brown, BrownNoneSt John'sVisa#288 Issued at St John's on Aug 25, 1927
Dwyer, Margaret35FemaleMarriedHousewifeYesNewfoundlandEnglishCambridge, MassBrother Jos. Pickett FogoCambridge, MassSelfYes 1914-27, BostonHusband John Dwyer 2439 Mass. Ave Cambridge, MassIndefinateGood5'4"Med, Brown, BlueNoneFogo
Dwyer, Edward2MaleSingle

UsaEnglishCambridge, MassUncle Same As AboveCambridge, Mass

Father Same As AboveIndefinateGood2'6"Med, Black, BlackNoneCambridge, Mass
Pickett, Pierce63MaleMarriedCarpenterYesNewfoundlandEnglishCambridge, MassSon Mark Pickett FogoCambridge, MassSelfYes 1923-27,CambridgeWife - Family 2439 Mass Ave Cambridge, MassIndefinateGood5'10"Med, Grey, BlueNoneFogo
Dormedy, Catherine25FemaleSingleClerkYesNewfoundlandEnglishSt John'sFather Patrick Dormedy BrigusBoston, MassSelfNoFriend Winifred Shaw 37 1/2 Hansen St Boston, MassIndefinateGood5'4"Med, Dark Brown, BrownNoneBrigusVisa#290 Issued at St John's on Aug 25, 1927
Delaney, Hasel17FemaleSingleDomesticYesNewfoundlandEnglishFogoFather John Delaney FogoBrookline, MassFatherNoBrother William Delaney 33 Villa Lane Brookline, MassIndefinateGood5'4"Med, Dark Brown, BrownNoneFogoVisa# 264 Issued at St John's on Aug 23, 1927
Elliott, Alice22FemaleSingleStudent NurseYesNewfoundlandEnglishNewton, Lower FallsFather John Elliott St John'sNewton, Lower FallsSelfYes 1925-27, NewtonNewton Hospital NewtownIndefinateGood5'6 1/2"Med, Brown, BlueNoneSt John's
Farrrell, Catherine24FemaleSingleDomesticYesNewfoundlandEnglishCambridge, MassFather Pierce Farrell FogoCambridge, MassSelfYes 1921-27, BostonMrs N.C. Nash 1 Reservoir St Cambridge, MassIndefinateGood5'4 1/2"Med, Brown, BlueNoneFogo
O'dea, May47FemaleMarriedVisitYesNewfoundlandEnglishSt John'sHusband J.V. O'dea St John'sNew York, New YorkSelfYesOur Lady Of Peace 225 West 14th St New York, Ny2 WeeksGood5'7"Med, Brown, BlueNoneSt John's
O'dea, Agnes16FemaleSingleVisitYesNewfoundlandEnglishSt John'sFather Same As AboveSame As AboveMotherNoSame As Above2 WeeksGood5'5"Med, Brown, BlueNoneSt John's
Lamb, Elizabeth34FemaleSingleHousekeeperYesNewfoundlandEnglishJackson, Mich.Mother Mrs Murron St John'sJackson, MichSelfYes 13 YearsMrs Crosby 434 Wildweed Ave Jackson, MichIndefinateGood4'10"Med, Brown, BlueNoneSt John's
Winner, Jennie35FemaleMarriedHousewifeYesNewfoundlandEnglishHartford, CtFather John Neftall Broad CoveHartford, CtSelfYes 1916-27 ConnHusband H. Winner Or Winser 38 Arnold St Hartford, CtIndefinateGood5'8"Med, Dark Brown, BrownNoneBay De Verde
Winner, Willliam A.10MaleSingleStudentYesUsaEnglishHartford, CtGrandfather Same As AboveHartford, CtMotherSame As AboveFather Same As AboveIndefinateGood4'9"Med, Light, BrownNoneBridgeport, Ct
O'reilly, Belle27FemaleMarriedHousewifeYesNewfoundlandEnglishWoodside L.I.Sister Steele Goss St John'sWoodside, NySelfYes 1923-27,CambridgeHusband Edward O'reilly Woodside, L.I.IndefinateGood5'4"Med, Light, BlueNoneSt John's
O'reilly, Albert2MaleSingle

UsaEnglishWoodside L.I.Aunt Same As AboveWoodside, Ny

Father Same As AboveIndefinateGood2'9"Fair, Light,BlueNoneWoodside, L.I.
Reynolds, Thomas21MaleSingleConstruction WorkerYesNewfoundlandEnglishHarbour GraceFather F.Reynolds Harbour GraceWilmington, MassSelfNoUncle Gerald Mackay Silver Lake Wilmington, MassIndefinateGood5'9"Med, Light Brown, BlueNoneHarbour GraceVisa# 336 Issued at St John's on Aug 29, 1927
Tucker, James26MaleSingle Paper FinisherYesNewfoundlandEnglishGrand FallsMother Phoebe Tucker EllistownElizabeth Port, N. J.SelfNoBrother Job Tucker 125 52nd St Elizabeth Port, NjIndefinateGood5'11"Med, Light Brown, BlueNoneEllistownVisa# 310 Issued at St John's on Aug 26, 1927
Chaulk, Charles18MaleSingleFishermanYesNewfoundlandEnglishEllistownFather Alfred Chaulk EllistownBrooklyn, NySelfNoCousin Peter Tucker 423 A, 1st St Brooklyn, NyIndefinateGood5'6"Med, Light Brown, BlueNoneEllistownVisa# 315 Issued at St John's on Aug 26, 1927
Devereaux, John73MaleWidowedRetiredYesNewfoundlandEnglishAvondaleBrother Jas. Devereaux AvondaleRoxbury, MassSelfNoDaughter Mrs. Mary Costigan 146 Ward St Roxbury, MassIndefinateGood5'9 1/2"Med, Grey, BlueNoneSalmon CoveVisa# 273 Issued at St John's on Aug 23, 1927
Gaul, Michael William42MaleMarriedStore KeeperYesNewfoundlandEnglishFraminghamWife Bride Gaul BrigusFramingham, MassSelfYes 1926-27 FraminghamState Normal School Framingham, MassIndefinateGood5'6"Med, Grey, BlueNoneBrigus
Connnelly, May Philomena27FemaleSingleNurseYesNewfoundlandEnglishRoxbury, MassMother Mrs B. Connelly RenewsRoxbury, MassSelfYes 1922-27, RoxburyBrother John J. Connelly 11 Bainbridge St Roxbury, MassIndefinateGood5'5"Med, Brown, BlueNoneRenews
Power, Sarah17FemaleSingleDomesticYesNewfoundlandEnglishPlacentiaFather John P. Power PlacentiaBoston, MassSisterNoSister Nellie Power 64 Bay State Rd Boston, MassIndefinateGood5'3"Med, Auburn, BlueNonePlacentiaVisa#342 Issued at St John's on Aug 30, 1927
Griffin, Bridget Mary17FemaleSingleTeacherYesNewfoundlandEnglishPlacentiaFather Matthew Griffin ArgentiaBoston, MassMotherNoCousin Mrs Thomas Quinn 16 Chestnut Ave Jamaica PlainIndefinateGood5'1"Med, Dark Brown, BrownNoneArgentiaVisa# 337 Issued at St John's on Aug 29, 1927
House, Florence Ethel21FemaleSingleNoneYesNewfoundlandEnglishCatalinaFather Ronald House CatalineChelsea, MassFatherNoAunt Mary Slade 5? Marble St ChelseaIndefinateGood5'5"Med, Dark Brown, BlueNoneCatalinaVisa# 343 Issued at St John's on Aug 30, 1927
George, Gertrude18FemaleSingleSales LadyYesNewfoundlandEnglishCarbonearFather Matthew George CarbonearEast Boston, MassFatherYes 1927 BostonFriend Mrs Mary A. Keough 17 Liverpool St East Boston, MassIndefinateGood5'3"Med, Dark Brown, BrownNoneCarbonearVisa# 344 Issued at St John's on Aug 30,1927
Glavine, Elizabeth27FemaleSingleDomesticYesNewfoundlandEnglishHarbour GraceFather Jas. Glavine Harbour GraceSouth Boston, MassSelfNoSister Mrs. William Coady 617, 3rd St South Boston, MassIndefinateGood5'4"Med, Dark Brown, BlueNoneHarbour GraceVisa# 340 Issued at St John's on Aug 29, 1927
Chevalier, Mary Julia23FemaleSingleTelephone OperatorYesCanadaFrenchSt Pauls RiverBrother Wilfred Chevalier St Pauls River, CanadaNewton Centre, MassSelfNoSister Gertrude Chevalier 28 Manment Rd Newton Centre, MassIndefinateGood5'1"Med, Brown, BlueNoneSt Pauls RiverVisa#317 Issued at St John's on Aug 25, 1927
Elliott, Phoebe57FemaleMarriedHousewifeYesNewfoundlandEnglishTwillingateBrother Archiblad Hicks St John'sHarrisburg, TxHusbandNoHusband Arthur Elliott Harrisburg, TexasIndefinateGood5'2"Med, Grey, BrownNoneTwillingateVisa# 324 Issued at St John's on Aug 27, 1927
Marshall, Ronald Lloyd15MaleSingleStudentYesNewfoundlandEnglishTwillingateFather Ambrose Marshall 28 Albert St St John'sHarrisburg, TxGrandfatherNoGrandfather Same As AboveIndefinateGood5'1"Med, Light Brown, BlueNoneStjohn'sVisa#326 Issued at St John's on Aug 27,1927
Marshall, Loretta Grace10FemaleSingleStudentYesNewfoundlandEnglishTwillingateSame As AboveSame As AboveSame As AboveNoSame As AboveIndefinateGood4'4"Med, Light Brown, BlueNoneStjohn'sVisa# 325 Issued at St John's on Aug 27,1927
Morrissey, Rita23FemaleSingleClerkYesNewfoundlandEnglishSomerville, MassSister Mrs J.T. Maloney Bay BullsSomerville,MassSelfYes 1924-27 SomervilleAunt Mrs T.F. Mcculleugh 70 Summer St Somerville, MassIndefinateGood5'4"Fair, Light Brown, BlueNoneStjohn's
Shaw, Daniel Francis31MaleSingleIron WorkerYesNewfoundlandEnglishSouth Boston, MassFather Daniel Shaw Hearts EaseSouth Boston, MassSelfYes 1922-27 BostonBrother Jas Shaw 703 East 5th St South Boston, MassIndefinateGood5'8"Med,Light Brown, BrownNoneHeart's Ease
Druken, Philip John21MaleMarriedFarmerYesNewfoundlandEnglishMiddle CoveWife Bridget Druken Middle CoveMedfordSelfNoBrother Pat Druken 89 Princeton St Medford, MassIndefinateGood5'9"Med, Brown, BlueNoneTorbayVisa # 332 Issued at St John's on Aug 29, 1927
Sexton, Edward34MaleSingleElevator OperatorYesNewfoundlandEnglishNew York CityFather Thos. Sexton TiltingNew York, New YorkSelfYes 1921-27 New York CitySt. Francis Home 609 East 5th St New York, NyIndefinateGood5'10"Med, Black, HazelNoneTilting
Doyle, Mary Ellen27FemaleSingleHair DresserYesNewfoundlandEnglishSt John'sFather Moses Doyle Grates CoveSouth Boston, MassSelfYes 1923-26, BostonSister Mrs. J.T. Shaw 357 East 5th St South Boston, MassIndefinateGood5'5"Med, Dark Brown, BlueNoneGrates CoveVisa# 322 Issued at St John's on Aug 27, 1927
Kennedy, Annie39FemaleSingleWaitressYesNewfoundlandEnglishSomerville, MassMother Mrs O. Kennedy CarbonearSomerville,MassSelfYes 1912-27,BostonSister Mrs Rose Devereaux 31 Quincy St Somerville, MassIndefinateGood5'2"Med, Dark Brown, BrownNoneCarbonear
Hartery, Daniel Francis25MaleSingleClerkYesNewfoundlandEnglishJersey City, UsaFather Thomas Hartery Portugal CoveJersey City, NjSelfYes 1926-27 Jersey CityCousin Jas. Curtis 80 Aster Place Jersey City, NfIndefinateGood5'8"Med Black GreyNonePortugal Cove
Buchanan, George Hubert48MaleMarriedFiremanYesNewfoundlandEnglishSt John'sWife Mrs H. Buchanan St John'sCambridge, MassSelfNoSister Mrs Lily Radford 14 1/2 Cottage St Cambridge, MassIndefinateGood5'6"Med, Brown, BlueNoneStjohn's
Deagan, Lee26MaleSingleFishermanYesNewfoundlandEnglishBay BullsFather Pat. Deagan Bay BullsDorchester, MassSelfNoSister Mrs Rose Butts 124 Howard Ave Dorcheter, MassIndefinateGood5'6"Med, Light Brown, BlueNoneBay BullsVisa# 321 Issued at St John's on Aug 27, 1927
Flynn, Patrick7MaleSingleNoneYesNewfoundlandEnglishPlacentiaGrandmother Margaret Flynn PlacentiaBoston, MassMotherNoFather Jas. Flynn 22 Story St. Boston, MassIndefinateGood3'6"Fair, Light, BrownNonePlacentiaVisa# 341 Issued at St John's on Aug 30,1927
Wilson, William Patrick31MaleMarriedClerkYesNewfoundlandEnglishSt John'sWife Catherine Wilson Harbour GraceRoxbury, MassSelfYes 1923-25, BostonMother Mary J. Wilson 48 Bainbridge St Roxbury, MassIndefinateGood5'3"Med, Brown, GreyNoneStjohn'sVisa# 255 Issued at St John's on Aug 22, 1927
Smith, Josephine B.25FemaleSingleHouseworkYesNewfoundlandEnglishBrookline, MassFather William H. Smith ArgentiaBrookline, MassSelfYes 1923-27, BrooklineEmployer Dr. H. Christain 68 Monmouth St Brookline, MassIndefinateGood5'3"Med, Brown, BrownNoneArgentia
Oldford, Gwendolyn24FemaleSingleDomesticYesNewfoundlandEnglishMusgravetownFather Duncan Oldford MusgravetownCambridge, MassFatherNoBrother Robert Oldford 8 Jay St Cambridge, MassIndefinateGood5'5"Med, Brown, BlueNoneMusgravetownVisa# 320 Issued at St John's on Aug 27, 1927
Mitchell, Archibald41MaleMarriedFishermanYesNewfoundlandEnglishPortugal CoveWife Vileet Mitchell Portugal CoveOcean Grove, MassSelfNoBrother Willis Mitchell Ocean Grove, MassIndefinateGood5'10"Med, Brown, BrownNonePortugal CoveVisa# 345 Issued at St John's on Aug 30, 1927
Hearn, Sadie Josephine24FemaleSingleHouse KeeperYesNewfoundlandEnglish?FatherBoston, MassSelf?AuntIndefinateGood5'4"Med, Light Brown, GreyNoneStjohn'sVisa# 267 Issued at St John's on Aug 23, 1927

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