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St. John's - Old Street and Property Guide

"St. John's Old Street and Property Guide" is transcribed with permission from Paul O'Neill's book, "The Oldest City The Story of St. John's Newfoundland" by Paul O'Neill ISBN# 0-88878-070-2. Author's Note: This list has been carefully checked against maps, deeds, and other available sources, but errors are possible in locating old places. Paul has given permission to transcribe and post this to the NFGenWebsite. If you find any errors or have any additions to add then please you the form at the bottom of the page.

This document was transcribed by SUE O'NEILL, June, 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

Adams PlantationNew Gower St. (Vicinity City Hall)
Albion St.Vic. junct. Monkstown and Rennie's Mill Rds.
Alfred St.Vic. Penitentiary
Allan's LaneOff S. side Duckworth St.
Allandale Rd (South)Bonaventure Ave (Empire to Ft. Townshend)
Amherst Heights ExtColville St.
Apple Tree WellS.E. Corner Pleasant St. at New Gower
Archibald's MeadowForest Rd.
Arundel Cottage Rd.From Ft. Townshend to Long Pond (via Newtown, Mayor, and Bonaventure)
Avalon Terrace (Bee Orchis)Queen's Rd. E. of Victoria St.
Baird's CoveClift's-Baird's Cove
Bake House (Lion) Sq.Off New Gower St. E. of Barters' Hill
Ball Park (St. Pat's)N.E. corner Carpasian at Empire Ave.
Barking Kettle Vic. junct. New Gower and Duckworth Sts.
Barrens, TheMilitary Rd. (Vic. Bannerman Park)
Barnes LaneBarnes Rd.
Beaver Pond RdPart of Portugal Cove Rd.
Beech St.Monchy St.
Bell's ShuteBell St.
Belvedere Place Bonanenture Ave (opp. Hayward Ave)
Bennett's CoveS. side Water St. (W. of Steer's Cove)
Best's FarmOff LeMarchant Rd. (Vic. Barter's Hill)
Biskin HillPossibly Hill o' Chips (or E of there)
Bishop's Farm, TheVic. Patrick St. and Plank Rd.
Blockmaker's Hall RdWaterford Bridge Rd
Blockmaker's LaneMahon's Lane
Boat House Lane (Clare St)Lakeview Ave
Bolland's MeadowVic. Ft. William
Brookfield Rd. (Old)Topsail Rd. W. from Crossroads
Branscomb's HillSpringdale St.
Branscomb's Ridge RdPennywell Rd
Branscomb's StCentral St.
Brazil's FieldBeaumont St. W.
Brewery (Collier's) LaneFactory Lane
Brine's FarmBetween Patrick and Brine Sts.
Break Heart HillCarter's Hill
Broom's (John) EstateRennie's Mill Rd.
Buckley's LaneGeorge St.
Buckley's RangeFt. William N. side Plymouth Rd.
Buckmaster's Field Between Golf Ave. and Prince of Wales St.
Bulley's LaneBulley St. to Duckworth, W. of Bell St.
Burke's Sq. On Pope St.
Burst Heart HillCarter's Hill
Busset St. FirebreakOff Duckworth St. (nr. Prescott St.)
Butler PlaceHamilton St. (lower part)
Cameron St.Richmond St.
Cantfield's LaneFrom Duckworth St. to Military Rd.
Carew AveBarnes Place
Caul's LaneOff Cathedral St.
Carpasian AveEmpire Ave (Carpasian Rd. to Allandale Rd.)
Carter's MeadowW. Side Carter's hill
Casey's RdMundy Pond Rd.
Castle RennieSignal Hill Rd. (opp. Walsh's Sq.)
Cathedral hillChurch Hill
Chancey's LaneOff Prescott St.
Chapel LaneOff Duckworth St. (nr. Prescott)
Clapp's PlantationWater St. (area W. of Prescott St.)
Clare St. (Boat House Lane)Lakeview Ave
Cliff Hill FarmGlenbrook (W. side of Torbay Rd., N. of Mt. Cashel Rd.)
Cochrane's (Patrick's) PinchHill on Monkstown Rd. leading to Carpasian Rd. (W. of Circular Rd.)
Cochrane's Pinch (Road to)Monkstown Rd.
Cochrane PlaceS. side Military Rd. (bet. Gower and Cochrane Sts.)
Cockpit Rd.Craigmillar Ave.
Codner's CoveBishop's Cove
Codner's LaneOff W. side Adelaide St. (N. of New Gower St.)
Cody's LaneN. Linscott St. (Freshwater Rd. to Merrymeeting Rd.)
Coefield's LaneW. from James St.
Collier's (Brewery) LaneFactory Lane
Commercial Building (Old)S. side Duckworth St. (E. of McBride's Hill)
Conduit LaneParallel bet. Duckworth and Water Sts. (orig. from McBride's Hill to War Memorial)
Congregational St.Chapel St.
Cook's Hill (Hunt's Lane)Water St. W. of Temperance St.
CookstownArea at top of Long's Hill
Cottage FarmN. side Quidi Vidi Lake
Courting Lane (St.)Wickford St.
Covel's LaneOff Duckworth St. (Vic. War Memorial)
Cress St.Off N. side of Duckworth St.
Crop Rd.Off Newtown Rd. (Vic. Goodridge St.)
Cuddihy's Lane (River)Off N. side New Gower ST. (E. of Barter's Hill)
Cumming St.King's Rd. To Colonial St. (N. of Gower St.)
Dammerill's LaneOff S.E. side Adelaide St. (N. of New Gower. Site of City Hall)
Darby's-O'Gallivan's Vic. Brazil Sq. and Casey St.
Darkuse's (Roopes) RoomsGeneral area of Waldegrave St. to E. of Bishop's Cove
Darling St. (Old)Bond St. (King's Rd. to Cochrane St.)
Deady's LaneE. of Brazil's Sq. (Leading from N. Side New Gower St. to Casey St.)
Diamond March Rd.Vic Brookfield and Heavy Tree Rds.
DogstownOff Duckworth St. E.
Doolan's Rd.Freshwater Rd. E. (to Harvey Rd.)
Dowling's PondVic. Blackmarsh Rd.
Dover's HillRobinson's Hill
Dreeland's Well Rd.Brazil Sq. and Casey St.
Duggan St.Off S.E. Side Flower Hill (Nr. New Gower)
Duggin's GullyBonaventure Ave. at Mayor Ave.
Duke of York St.Duckworth St. 120 ft E. of Cochrane (N. to corner of Cochrane & Gower)
Dunscomb's (Pour's) BridgeBetween Duckworth St. E. and Signal Hill Rd. (nr. Top Temperance St.)
Dunscomb's RdVicinity of Old Placentia Rd.
East St.Bond St. (E. of Bannerman St)
Edgell's (Capt) FarmTop Gooseberry Lane. Vic Confederation Building
Electric Ave (St. )Flavin St.
Elford's (Colonel) PlantationVic Quidi Vidi and Signal Hill Rds.
The Exchange S. side Duckworth St. (opp Victoria St.)
Father Walsh's HillFrom Queen's Rd to Military Rd. E. of top of Victoria St. (now a park)
Fergus PlaceDuggan St.
Finn's LaneOff W. side Adelaide St. (N. of New Gower)
Flower Hill FirebreakSpringdale St. (Water to LeMarchant)
Flowerhill St.Flower Hill
Foote's LaneAlexander St.
Fortune's (Webber's) Field Off Hamilton Ave.
Fort Waldegrave (Old)S. side Duckworth St. at Devon Row
Fowler's RdOff Empire Ave.
FreshwaterRennie's River
Friendly HallPortugal Cove Rd. (nr. Gooseberry Lane)
Frog MarshWater St. E. of Prescott St.
Funny LaneScanlan's Lane (E. of Nfld. Museum)
Gallagher's (Galgay's) RangeWater St. (Alexander St. to Victoria Pk)
Gallow's HillJunct. Queen's Rd. and Duckworth St.
Gambier St. (Old)Duckworth to Water (E. of Holloway St.)
Gas Works FirebreakLower Patrick St.
Georgetown Rd.Hayward Ave
Gill's FieldMonkstown Rd. at Fleming St.
Gilmour St.Off new Gower, E. of Flower Hill (area of City Hall development)
Gorman's LaneOff Barnes Rd. (opp. Barnes Pl.)
Government House Sq.King's Bridge Rd. (Lane to Gov. House)
Governor's WharfClift's-Baird's Cove
Grace's Rd.Off Freshwater Rd.
Granny Bate's HillBates Hill
Greenlaw's PlantationVic. Portugal Cove Rd. (sometimes spelled Greenland's)
Gregory LaneS. side Duckworth St. to Water St. (opp. Victoria St.)
Grove Farm (Golden Grove)John Williams - N. Side of Boulevard (Vic. Pleasantville Ave.)
Haggerty's LaneHaggerty St.
Hawthorn CottageE. side of Carter's Hill
Hill (Samuel Plantation)S. side Water St. (opp. Hill o' Chips)
Hogan's FarmNewtown Rd. (vic. Belvedere Cemetery)
Hog Island RoomN.E. side Quidi Vidi Gut
Horse Gully FarmOn Winter Ave.
Horton's PlantationS. side Water St. (opp. McMurdo's Lane)
Hospital LaneN. from Water St. (W. side Victoria Park)
Hospital ParkVictoria Park
Hospital RoadBannerman Rd.
Hudson's (Ships' Room) CoveOpp. Prescott St.
Hunt's Lane (Cook's Hill)Duckworth to Water St. (W. of Temperance St.)
Hutching's PlantationVic. Waldegrave St.
Irwin Rd.Prince Philip Parkway (Allandale Rd. to Westerland Rd.)
James St.Mullock St.
James St.Off S. side Carter's Hill (site of City Hall garage)
James St.Carew St.
Jersey Cottage (Pinkham's Farm)Near Waterford Bridge
Job's BridgeLong Bridge
Job's CoveHunter's Cove
Job's LaneJob St.
Johny's HillN. end Monkstown Rd. (leading from Circular Rd. To Carpasian Rd.)
Keen's hillPrescott St.
Kennedy's LaneOff Freshwater Rd.
Kenny's LaneSame as Duke of York St.
Kent St.Sailsbury St.
Kerry LaneS. side Water St. (opp. West End Post Office)
Kickham's LaneHolloway St.
Kimberley RowJunct. Henry St. and Dick's Sqr.
King's Bridge HillKing's Bridge Rd. (S. of Empire Ave)
King's WharfGill's Cove (opp. War Memorial)
Kitchin PlaceS.W. side Job St. (Bet. Water St. & Plank Rd.)
Lady's Ship RoomE. side Queen St.
Lang's LaneOff Queen's Rd. W.
Lamb's LaneOff Freshwater Rd. W.
Larkin's Sq. Off Hamilton Ave (below Carnell St.)
Law's LaneVic. Signal Hill
Lazy BankPleasant St.
Lime Kiln HillLime St.
Lindbergh CastleMt. Scio Rd. (later moved to Castle Rennie)
Lion's HillPossibly Southside and Blackhead Rds.
Lion (Bake House) Sq. Off N. side New Gower on Cuddihy's Lane (E. of Barter's Hill ) City Hall Site
Livinston's FarmN. end Monkstown Rd.
Llewelly GroundsOn Forest Rd. (nr. Anglican Cemetery)
Long Pond Rd. (old)From Carpasian Rd. up E. side Smithville Cres. To Long Pond Bridge on Parkway
Love LaneFrom Rennie's Bridge W. along riverbank into Pine Bud Ave. to Allandale
Low Back Car RdCity Terrace - open to traffic on Duckworth St.
Lower PathWater St.
MacKie St.Monroe St
Maddock's (Maddox) LaneAyre's Cove and McBride's Hill
Maggotty CoveE. end of Water St. area
Marine Parade (Promenade)S. side Water St. (Long Bridge to op. Alexander St.)
Market House HillCourt House Steps
Marsh HillKing's Rd.
McBride's CoveAyre's Cove and McBride's Hill
McCalman's (McCallum's) LaneMcMurdo's Lane
McCarthy's (McLarty's) LaneLower Prescott St. (or St. John's Lane)
McCowan St.Quidi Vidi Rd. to lake
Meeting House LaneVictoria St.
Merchant's BlockWater St. E. of McMurdo's Lane
Mill BridgeFt. Mill Lane (over Waterford River)
Mill Dam LaneMill Lane
Monday's Pond Rd.Mundy Pond Rd. and St Clare Ave.
Moore St.Off S.W. side Carter's Hill (site of City Hall parking garage)
Moreton's (Moultan's) LaneSame as Duke of York St.
Morley's Marsh Rd.Shaw St.
Mount CochraneMount Pearl Agricultural Station
Mount KenS. side Kenmount Rd. W.
Murphy Ave Anthony Avenue
Murphy's FieldOff Gower St. E (behind Military Rd.)
Murphy's RangeS. side LeMarchant Rd. (W. Cookstown Rd.)
Musgrave TerraceN. side Gower St. (E. of Cochrane St.)
Norrice Rd.Vic. New Gower St.
North RiverWaterford River (also Big Castor)
North StreetBannerman St. N. of Bond St.
Northwest St.Colonial St. N. of Bond St.
Notre Dame St.Off N. side New Gower - W. of upper Adelaide St. (city Hall area)
Nunnery LaneHolloway St. (N. of Duckworth St.)
Oak St.Hammel St.
Old-chapel LaneFrom Henry St. To City Terrace
Old Topsail Rd.Kenmount Road
O'Neill's LaneLinscott St.
Ordnance WharfOpp. Hill o' Chips
Ordnance YardDuckworth St. (Bet Ordnance and Wood Sts.)
Oxenham Rd.Vic Aldershot St.
Palk's HillOld Topsail Rd. from Crossroads
Pancake (Pankham) LanePossibly Catherdral St. and/or Market House Hill
Parsley BedWater St. W. opp. Alexander St.
Parsons LaneWater St. (Between Telegram steps and Scanlan's Lane)
Patrick's PinchProbably Cochrane's pinch
Penny's LaneFrom Prescott St. to King's Rd.
Plank Rd.Deanery Ave. (from Patrick to Job Sts.)
Playhouse HillQueen's Rd. from Long's Hill to New Gower St.
Pleasant St. NorthCampbell Ave
Plum St.Aldershot St.
Pokeham PathHamilton Ave
Poor House LaneSudbury St.
Pope St.Off S.W. side Barter's Hill, N. of New Gower St. (area W. of City Hall)
Pour's (Dunscomb's) BridgeBetween Duckworth St. and Signal Hill Rd. (nr. Top Temperance St.)
Pour's HillCharter Ave.
Portugal Cove Rd. (Old)Winter Ave. to Portugal Cove Rd.
Powers Court (11 houses) Off N. side Signal Hill Rd. (opp. Walsh's Sq.)
Powder House FieldJunct. Monkstown and Rennie's Mill Rds.
Princess CoveWater St. E. (Vic. Temperance St.)
Pringles BridgeFrom Rennie's Mill Rd. to Robinson's Hill over Rennie's River
PringlesdalePringle Place
Promenade (Marine Parade)Water St. W. from Job's Bridge to opp. Alexander St.
Public Wharf, TheClift's-Baird's Cove
Quan's (Quin's) Rd.Off Old Topsail Rd. (W. of cemetery)
Queen's BridgeN. end King's Bridge Rd. (opp. Foot of Kenna's Hill)
Rankin's LaneCairo St.
Rennie's CoveSteer's Cove
Ridge Rd.Included London Rd.
RiversideMcGrath property s. side Elizabeth Ave. (bet Long Pond Rd. and Rennie's River)
Riverside DriveEmpire Ave.
Rd. Across Barrens to FreshwaterRenie's Mill Rd.
Rd. to AllandaleBonaventure Ave
Rd. to Wakeham's FarmPennywell Rd.
Rd. to Quidi VidiPlymouth Rd.
Robinson's FarmVirginia Water(s)
Rocky LanePower St. (N. end above Patrick St.)
Rocky Rd.Prince of Wales St.
Rogerson's MeadowNr. Casey St.
Roman Catholic Cemetery (Old)S.E. side foot of Long's Hill
Rostellan Rd.Originally from junct. Long Pond and Rennie's Mill Rds. (along E. bank of river)
Rotten Row (Pye Corner)Prince's St. to Waldegrave St.
Roupes PlantationWaldegrave St. to Queen St. area
St. Bon's College FarmArea of Maple and Stoneyhouse Sts.
St. Patrick St.S. part Patrick St.
Sclater's CornerWater St. opp. Queen St. (W. side of Stewart's Cove)
Scanlan's LaneDuckworth St. to Water St. (opp. Cathedral St.)
Scotland RowW. side Church Hill
Sebastian St.Off W. side Barter's Hill N. of New Gower St.
Shamrock FieldN.E. corner Newtown and Merrymeeting Rds.
Sheenan's (Sheehan's) ShuteFactory Lane
Sheenan (Sheehan) St.Forest Ave
Simms Lane Portugal Cove Rd. (nr. Junct. New Cove)
Simms St.Off W. side Adelaide St. N. of New Gower St. (City Hall area)
Skerrett's (Gen.) PlantationS. side Military Rd. to Gower St.
Slinking PathS. end Quidi Vidi Rd. (behind Ft. William)
Soldier's pathS. Freshwater and E. LeMarchant Rds
Solomon's LaneSame as Gregory Lane
South St.Bannerman St. S. of Bond St.
Southwest St.Colonial St. S. of Bond St.
Spruce St.Cairo St.
Stephen St.Off New Gower St. W. of Barter's Hill
Stewart's CoveS. side Water St. (opp Queen St.)
Stone Cutter's yardWater St. W. of Cochrane St. (site of Sir Humphrey Gilbert Bldg)
Strawberry Marsh Rd. (Old)Long Pond Rd.
Stream KenLeary's Brook
Street's FarmNewtown Rd. (Vic. Belvedere)
Studdy's LaneHenry St.
Talbot's FarmPortugal Cove Rd.
Tank LaneSee Cuddihy's Lane
Tarahan's (Tarahin's ) TownArea bounded by Queen's Rd., Prescott St., Gower St. and Cathedral St.
Tasker TerraceDuckworth St. (poss. City Terrace)
Tessier PlaceOff Carter's Hill
Theatre HillQueen's Rd. from foot of Long's Hill to junct. New Gower St.
Thomas St.N. side Water St. (E. of Springdale St.)
Thompson's FieldThompson Place
Thompson St.Brazil St. (S. of LeMarchant Rd.)
Thorburn LaneBennett's Lane
Tubrid's TownArea of Barnes Rd.
Twysden St.Off W. side Adelaide St. N. of New Gower St. (City Hall area)
Union TerraceBarnes Rd.
Upper Long Pond Rd. Bonaventure Ave. (Fleming St. to Elizabeth Ave)
Upper PathDuckworth St.
Vinnicomb's HillSignal Hill Rd.
Voy's Lane (15 families)George St. to New Gower St. in middle of block between Queen and Waldegrave Sts.
Wakeham's HillArea Queen's Rd. W. (poss. Theatre Hill)
Walnut St.Winchester St.
Walsh's TownS. side Signal Hill Rd. (area Walsh's Sq.)
Watering CoveHunter's Cove
Waterford PlaceOff Waterford Bridge Rd.
Webber's (Fortune's) FieldVic. Hamilton Ave.
West St.Bond St. from Bannerman to Colonial Sts.
Western Ave.Warbury St.
Weston St.Vic. Carter's Hill
Whiteway's AveRiverview Ave
Widow Bevil's BridgePoss. Junct. Duckworth and Prescott Sts.
Wigmore Gully RdOxen Pond Rd.
Wilcott's LaneS. side Gower St. (just E. of Cathedral St.)
Wildcat HillArea Ft. William (poss. Ordnance St.)
William St.Cabot St.
William's LaneRan from Wickford St. to Water St. (present lane is only south end)
Willow St.Malta St.
Woods RangeWater St. (E. of Temperance St.)
Yellow Marsh Rd.Freshwater Rd. (N. of Merrymeeting Rd.)

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