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1921 Census

Avalon South Region ~ St. John's District

Reel #8033 Pages 653 - 655

*entered in this order on census.

Note, the age denotes age of last birthday. It was read, recorded and transcribed by SUE O'NEILL, November 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

SAWYERS, RuthCourt HouseFDaughterSingle1921Nov1 mosSt. John's

HARVEY, ChristineDuckworth St.FHeadWidow1862Aug59St. John's
HARVEY, WilfredDuckworth St.MSonSingle1896Jan25St. John's

MORRIS, Ellen61 Queens RdFBoarderSingle1871May50St. John's

OAKLEY, WmGower StMSonSingle1921Nov1 moSt. John's

MURPHY, LillianGower St.FDaughterSingle1921Nov1 moSt. John's

PIPPY, Chesley21 Prescott St.MHeadMarried1894Nov27St. John's
PIPPY, Edna21 Prescott St.FWifeMarried1895May26St. John's

CANNING, Alfred26 Victoria StMHeadMarried1876July48St. John's
CANNING, Florence26 Victoria StFWifeMarried1877Nov44St. John's
CANNING, Edith26 Victoria StFSisterSingle1868Nov53Hr. Grace

NOSEWORTHY, Matthew145 Gower StMHeadMarried1878Nov43Hr. Grace
NOSEWORTHY, Clara145 Gower StFWifeMarried1879Aug42St. John's
NOSEWORTHY, Trixie145 Gower StFDaughterSingle1907Sept14St. John's
NOSEWORTHY, John145 Gower St.MSonSingle1909May12St. John's
NOSEWORHTY, Louise145 Gower StFDaughterSingle1911Sept10St. John's
NOSEWORHTY, Gerald145 Gower StMSonSingle1921Apr8 mosSt. John's

LOCKYER, TheodoreCircular RdMSonSingle1907Nov14Burin
LOCKYER, FrancisCircular RdFHeadWidow1868Apr53Burin

RUSSELL, JaneC of E RectoryFServantSingle1904Sept17Brooklyn

WILTSHIRE, Jno171 Gower St.MHeadMarried1872Feb50Catalina
WILTSHIRE, Amelia171 Gower St.FWifeMarried1871Aug50Bonavista
WILTSHIRE, Stella171 Gower St.FDaughterSingle1904Oct17Catalina
BAKER, Rebecca171 Gower St.FServantSingle1900Dec21St. John's
DOUTEREY, Mary171 Gower St.FBoarderSingle1877Jan55St. John's
CLARKE, Herb171 Gower St.MSonSingle1921Oct2 mosSt. John's

FRASER, StewartDuckworth St.MSonSingle1896Nov25St. John's
FRASER, OliphantDuckworth St.MSonSingle1898Oct23St. John's
FRASER, DouglasDuckworth St.MSonSingle1904Aug17St. John's

LEARNING, Wm.111 Longs HillMSonSingle1921Nov1 moSt. John's

STONE, James35 Prescott StMSonSingle1921Dec2 weeksSt. John's

HOLMES, LouiseHarvey RdFDaughterSingle1921Dec3 weeksSt. John's

MULLALY, Jno J.136 Bond St.MHeadWidower1863June58St. John's

ROSS, John35 Queens RdMBoarderSingle1875July46St. John's

RENDELL, James133 Bond StMHeadMarried1881Nov40Fogo
RENDELL, Annie133 Bond StFWifeMarried1882Apr39St. John's
RENDELL, G?133 Bond StFDaughterSingle1904May17St. John's
RENDELL, Fred133 Bond StMSonSingle1906Nov15St. John's
RENDELL, Evelyn133 Bond StFDaughterSingle1908Nov13St. John's
RENDELL, Jean133 Bond StFDaughterSingle1914Nov7St. John's

BUGDEN, Wm36 Queens RdMHeadMarried1867June54Trinity
BUGDEN, Surely[sic]36 Queens RdFWifeMarried1867July54Trinity
BUGDEN, Phoebe36 Queens RdFDaughterSingle1899Sept22St. John's
BUGDEN, Edith36 Queens RdFDaughterSingle1901Dec20St. John's
KNIGHT, Mary36 Queens RdFBoarderWidow1836Feb86St. John's

ROBERTS, Joseph71 Harvey RdMHeadMarried1855June66Brigus
ROBERTS, Emma71 Harvey RdFWifeMarried1855June66Brigus

SYMONDS, Chas71 Harvey RdMHeadMarried1894Nov27St. John's
SYMONDS, Rosie71 Harvey RdFWifeMarried1894Dec27Brigus
SYMONDS, Raymond71 Harvey RdMSonSingle1921Sept3 mosSt. John's

JOHNSON, Thos177 Gower St.MSonSingle1901Oct20Placentia
JOHNSON, James177 Gower St.MSonSingle1900May21Placentia

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