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NLGenWeb 1904 McAlpines Directory

Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - M

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by LORETTA BARBER from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible there could be errors.

MABIN H. J. bookkeeper Evening Telegram h 27 Adelaide
MECHANICS BUILDING 1 Custom House Hill    
MACKIN Bridget wid James h 11 Deady's Lane
MADDEN George clerk Bishop & Monroe h 2 Monroe
MADDEN Henry accountant Evening Telegram bds 27 Adelaide
MADDEN John emp. B. & S. Co. bds 122 Water
MADDEN Louisa wid John h 5 Stephen
MADDEN Patrick stone cutter Standard Mble Wks. bds Gower
MADDEN Patrick laborer h 122 Water
MADDICK Charles butcher bds 91 King's Road
MADDICK Wm. plumber bds. 91 King's Road
MADDICK Wm. H. plumber b 91 King's Road
MADDIGAN Alice wid.. Michael h 41 Lime
MADDIGAN Frank laborer h 10 Brennan
MADDIGAN James messenger Jackman  
MADDIGAN James laborer h 20 Damaril's Lane
MADDIGAN John fisherman h 33 Bambrick
MADDIGAN Michael engineer h 314 Water
MADDIGAN Richard laborer h 320 Water
MADDIGAN Richard tanner Thompson's Tannery  
MADDIGAN William laborer Bowring Bros. h Water
MAGUIRE Benard emp. B. & S. Co. bds 22 Henry
MAGUIRE George clerk bds 22 Henry
MAGUIRE John sailmaker b 22 Henry
MAGUIRE John barber bds. 22 Henry
MAHONEY Mary A. wid George h 27 York
MAHER Agnes dressmaker bds 7 Allen
MAHER Annie dressmaker bds 7Allen
MAHER Bridget beer shop 24 Waldegrave h 24 Waldegrve
MAHER Daniel teamster h 41 William
MAHER Daniel teamster h 13 Signal Hill Road
MAHER Edward laborer h 32 Lime
MAHER Miss Flora   h 54 Cochrane
MAHER Frank engineer h 114 Duckworth
MAHER James accountant A. Harvey & Co. h 58 Prescott
MAHER James laborer h 5 Temperance
MAHER James bartender Tobin bds 34 Adelaide
MAHER Johanna wid Edward h. 9 Allen Square
MAHER John engineer bds 7 Allen Square
MAHER John emp. Imp. Tobacco Co. h. 12 Alexander
MAHER John clerk Marshall Bros. 124 Water h 124 Water
MAHER Kate wid Thos h 11 Holloway
MAHER Julia wid James h 18 Hayward Ave.
MAHER Miss Lucy bookkeeper bds 7 Allen Square
MAHER Maggie emp. Terra Laundry bds 2 William
MAHER Maggie A. emp. Imp. Tobacco Co. bds. 34 Adelaide
MAHER Mary Ann tailoress bds 34 Adelaide
MAHER Moses shoemaker h 9 Catherine
MAHER Neil laborer bds 5 Temperance
MAHER Patrick boots and shoe 144 Duckworth h 144 Duckworth
MAHER Patrick clerk 2 Williams
MAHER Peter seaman bds 34 Adelaide
MAHER Peter   h 31 Cuddihy
MAHER Richard tinsmith and stores 124 Water h 124 Water
MAHER Sylvester laborer h 5 Lime Kiln Lane
MAHER Thomas A. clerk Col. Secy. Office bds Cochrane Hotel
MAHER William laborer h 2 William
MAHER William laborer h 34 Adelaide
MAHON John laborer h 32 Bannerman
MAHONEY Annie wid Richard 5 Simms
MAHONEY John bookkeeper bds 11 Allen
MAHONEY William shoemaker h 11 Allen
MAHONEY William printer Herald Office bds 11 Allen
MAIDMONT E. printer Bowder & Co. bds 11 Allen
MAIDMENT Frank clerk bds 5 Knight
MAIDMENT William clerk bds 5 Knight
MAJOR Eliza wid John h 45 ˝ Cabot
MAJOR Robert cabman h 24 William
MALCOLM Mary wid William  bds 400 Water
MALCOLM William tinsmith 400 Water h 400 Water
MALCOLMSON clerk Knowling  
MALLAM Miss Evelyn grocer 146 Gower h 146 Gower
MALLAM Mrs.   bds 146 Gower
MALLARD Eliza wid James h Hanley's Place
MALLARD Frank laborer h 26 York
MALLARD Lizzie tailoress John Mannder bds Barter's Hill
MALLARD Patrick currier McCaffrey & Johnson h 26 York
MALLARD William street paver h 10 Barter's Hill
MALONE Anne tailoress bds South Side
MALONE Edward cooper bds 10 Brazil
MALONE Edward seaman bds 10 Queen's Road
MALONE E. J.  tailor 266 Water h 368 Duckworth
MALONE James laborer 52 Bond
MALONEY Francis carpenter h Washburn
MALONE James cooper h 10 Brazil
MALONE John clerk Edens h 56 King's Road
MALONE Martin laborer h South side
MALONE Martin laborer h 26 McDougall
MALONE Mary tailoress bds 20 Queen's Road
MALONE Maurice liquors 410 Water h 410 Water
MALONE Michael grocer h 71 King's Road
MALONE Michael shoemaker bds 10 Brazil
MALONE Michael laborer h 4 Hunt's Lane
MALONE Michael seaman h 20 Queen's Road
MALONE Nelly tailoress Shortall's bds South side
MALONE Philip stoker Gas Works  
MALONE Richard J. printer bds 26 McDougall
MALONE Thomas fireman bds 52 Bond
MALONE Thomas truckman J. J. St. John's bds Torbay Road
MALONE Thomas cooper bds 7 Queen's
MALONE Thomas cooper h 19 Barnes' Place
MALONE William tailor Kelley's bds 10 Brazil
MALONEY Alexander laborer h 5 Lime
MANEY Thomas carpenter h South side
MANN Aaron butcher 196 Duckworth h 196 Duckworth
MANN John butcher h 41 Parade
MANN Winifred wid Michael h 61 Hanley Road
MANNING Mary wid Patrick h. 27 Dicks
MANNING Michael clerk Richard Fennell bds 27 Dicks' Square
MANNING Michael constable h 8 Colonial
MANNING William emp. N. B. & S. Co. h 11 Allen Square
MANSFIELD James fisherman h 117 New Gower
MANSOUR Jos Shartette groceries and provisions 398 Water h 398 Water
MANUEL Ann   h 32 John
MANUEL Eli laborer bds 41 Brazil
MANUEL Joseph carpenter h 80 Cabot
MANUEL Moses shoemaker h 18 Monroe
MANUEL Samuel seaman h 120 Hamilton
MANUEL William messenger C. L. Marsh  
Manufacturer's Life Insurance Co. S. J. Foote Agt 197 Water  
MARCH CHARLES L. bookseller and stationer Etc 299 Water h 3 Atlantic Ave
MARCH Elias baker h 180 LeMarchant Road
MARCH George boiler maker h 53 Plymouth Road
MARCH John baker h 180 LeMarchant road
MARCH John W. accountant bds 50 Circular Road
MARCH J. William police constable h 52 Spencer
MARCH Nathaniel of S. March & Sons h 50 Circular Road
MARCH Stephen laborer h 14 Pilot's Hill
MARCH Stephen of S. March & Sons h 9 Garrison Hill
MARCH Stephen & Sons ship owners and coal merchants 85 Water east  
MARCH William joiner h 83 King's Road
MARCH Weston laborer bds 14 Pilot's Hill
MARE Cyril bds 98 Military Road  
MARE Robert L. fire ins. Agent 193 Water h Military Road
MARKEY Peter stone mason h 61 Bannerman
MARNELL John P. bookkeeper Trade Review h 67 Cochrane
MARR Sylvester laborer h 5 Flower Hill
MARSHALL Alex of Nfld. Timber Estates bds Crosbie Hotel
MARSHALL Alexander jr. bank clerk bds 9 Rennie's Mill Road
MARSHALL Alexander of Marshall Bros. h 49 Rennie's Mill Road
MARSHALL BROS. General Importers J. C. Marshall W. A. Marshall 127 129 131 Water  
MARSHALL Davis printer h 4 Cummings
MARSHALL Elizabeth wid Charles h 5 LeMarchant Road
MARSHALL George assistant manager Marshall Bros. bds 49 Rennie's Mill Road
MARSHALL John shoemaker 146 ˝ New Gower h 146 ˝ New Gower
MARSHALL John accountant Ayer & Sons Ltd.  
MARSHALL John laborer Battery Road
MARSHALL Joseph shoemaker 27 Carter's Hill h 24 Hutchings
MARSHALL J. Charles of Marshall Bros. h 9 Military Road
MARSHALL Louisa wid John h 12 Gill
MARSHALL Mark coacjman h 6 Plymouth Road
MARSHALL Mary wid Ambrose h 46 ˝ Barter's Hill
MARSHALL Mary dressmaker bds 101 Bond
MARSHALL Matthew tailor Nfld. Clothing bds 46 ˝ Barter's Hill
MARSHALL Philip laborer h 101 Bond
MARSHALL Richard laborer h 5 Cuddihy
MARSHALL Robert cooper h 13 Long's Hill
MARSHALL Thomas mason h 133 Gower
MARSHALL Walter baker bds 5 Cuddihy
MARSHALL William joiner h 29 Quidi Vidi Road
MARSHALL William A. of Marshall Bros. bds 49 Rennie's Mill Rd
MARTIN Abraham fisherman h 30 Casey
MARTIN Albert H. of Martin Bros. h 25 Forest Road
MARTIN Alfred clerk T. J. Edens bds Barter's Hill
MARTIN Alfred machinist h 274 Hamilton Ave
MARTIN Arthur post office clerk h 69 New Gower
MARTIN Arthur W. asst. accountant G. P. O.  
MARTIN Azariah fisherman h 46 ˝ Cabot
MARTIN Benjamin fisherman h Lower Battery Road
MARTIN BROS A. H. Mrtin W. J. Martin Importers of Produce and Lumber Etc. 159 r Water
MARTIN Miss B. M. typewriter Baird Gordon & Co.  
MARTIN Charles A. butcher Edmond Cheater bds 135 N Gower
MARTIN Edward fireman h 15 Field
MARTIN Eliza emp. Tobacco Fcty. bds 8 Pilot's Hill
MARTIN Elisha cooper Springdale h 8 John
MARTIN Ernest engineer bds 110 ˝ Duckworth
MARTIN Ernest G. contractor h 8 Notre Dame
MARTIN Frank of Martin Hardware Co. h 16 Rennie's Mill Road
MARTIN Fred engineer h 110 ˝ Duckworth
MARTIN Frederick moulder bds 52 ˝ Barter's Hill
MARTIN George teamster h 40 Barter's Hill
MARTIN George laborer h 48 Pleasant
MARTIN George apprentice H. Diamond bds 20 Duggan
MARTIN Hardware Company Importers of Hardware 159 Water  
MARTIN Henry coachman bds 42 Hayward's Ave
MARTIN Hugh W. storekeeper Ayre & Sons h 52 ˝ Barter's Hill
MARTIN James laborer h 82 McFarlane's
MARTIN James fisherman h 24 Casey
MARTIN James coachman h 11 John
MARTIN James laborer bds 20 Duggan's
MARTIN James laborer h 42 Hayward's Avenue
MARTIN James . cabinetmaker 38 New Gower h 38 New Gower
MARTIN John cabman h 6 Pennywell Road
MARTIN John expressman Ayre & Son Ltd.  
MARTIN John truckman h South Side
MARTIN John teamster h 57 Plymouth Road
MARTIN John clerk Devine & O;Mara h 67 Cochrane
MARTIN John sailmaker h 28 King's Road
MARTIN John baker bds 42 Hayward's Avenue
MARTONY John J. clerk Municipal Offices bds 11 Allen Square
MARTIN J. B. Mining Supplies Etc. Bell Island
MARTIN J. Frank of Martin Hardware Co h Rennie's Mill Road
MARTIN Kate wid Richard h Portugal Cove Road
MARTIN Lona school teacher bds 23 Adelaide
MARTIN Leonora wid James h 8 Notre Dame
MARTIN Margaret packer bds 34 Belvidere
MARTIN Mary wid Patrick h 16 ˝ Duckworth
MARTIN Miss Mary clerk bds 28 King's Road
MARTIN Michael J. accountant Martin Bros. h 115 Gower
MARTIN Moses laborer bds North Bank Cottage Mount Scio Rd
MARTIN Peter laborer bds 42 Hayward's Avenue
MARTIN Robert janitor Municipal Council h 24 Forest Road
MARTIN Robert fisherman h 56 MacFarlane's
MARTIN Robert laborer h 8 Pilot's Hill
MARTIN Robert messenger Chesley Wood's bds 214 New Gower
MARTIN Reuben truckman h 21 James
MARTIN Sarah Ann wid Charles h 135 New Gower
MARTIN Soloman laborer h 20 Duggan
MARTIN Thomas seaman h 21 Boneloddy
MARTIN William jr laborer h 66 Livingstone
MARTIN William seaman h 17 Simm's
MARTIN William laborer bds Port Cove Road
MARTIN William clerk h 105 King's Road
MARTIN William J. of Martin Bros. h 21 Military Road
MARTIN W C clerk h 36 Cochrane
MARTIN W H reporter h 10 Stuart Avenue
MARTIN Willis J seaman h 37 New Gower
MATTREY Augustus seaman bds 14 Rositer's Lane
MacPHERSON Cluncy mgr The Royal Store Co. Ltd. h 32 Queens Rd
MASON ??ide tailoress Royal Stores Ltd bds 247 Hamilton Ave
MASON ???n tailoress Royal Stores bds 247 Hamilton Ave
MASON Johanna tailoress Royal Stores 247 Hamilton Ave
MASON John carpenter h 19 Flower Hill
MASON Thomas miner h 247 Hamilton Ave
MASONIC Temple Cathedral  
MASEY G. H. emp. Reid Nfld. Co. bds 27 Queen's Road
MATTHEWS Arch laborer Bowring Bros  
MATTHEWS Esau laborer h 39 Flemming
MATTHESON John clerk Ayre & Sons Ltd.  
MATTHIAS Robert steward h 120 Bond
MATTHESON John draper Ayre & Sons Ltd.  
MATTHESON John D. buyer Ayre & Sons Ltd.  
MAUNDER Frederick clerk bds 6 Rennie's Mill Road
MAUNDER F. A???? collector Ayre and Sons Ltd.  
MAUNDER George emp. B. & S. Co. h 1 Cabot
MAUNDER Henry shoemaker h 6 Rennie's Mill Road
MAUNDER John Tailor 281 Duckworth h 281 Duckworth
MAY Bernard laborer h 47 Cook
MAYARO Moses manager Nfld. Clothing Factory h 34 York
MAYO James carpenter h 136 Duckworth
MAYO John laborer h 55 Carter's Hill
MAYO William fish dealer h 37 Cookstown
McALLISTER David laborer h 58 Brazil
McALLISTER Michael laborer Bowring Bros. bds 21 Brennan's
McALLISTER William laborer h 27 Rossiter's Lane
MacANDIE William general importer dry goods 367 Water
McBAY Samuel painter h 31 Cook
McCAFFREY & JOHNSON tanners Portugal Cove Road
McCAFFREY Patrick J. of McCaffrey & Johnson h 49 Duckworth
McCANDIE William dry goods 367 Water h 39 Patrick
McCARDEL John manager Empire Book Co. bds 3 Brazil
McCARTHY Catherine wid Martin h 32 Casey
McCARTHY Charles joiner h 22 Bannerman
McCARTHY Charles laborer h 4 Stephen
McCARTHY George coachman h 3 Pennywell
McCARTHY John groceries and provisions 423 Water h Leslie
McCARTHY John seaman h 32 Casey
McCARTHY John laborer Bowring Bros  
McCARTHY Joseph grocer 189 New Gower h 189 New Gower
McCARTHY J. J. Barrister and Solicitor 313 Duckworth bds Leslie
McCARTHY Martin clerk h Leslie
McCARTHY Martin grocer John McCarthy bds Leslie
McCARTHY Michael grocer John McCarthy bds Leslie
McCARTHY P. J. music teacher bds Leslie
McCARTHY Thomas laborer bds 32 Casey
McCARTHY Thomas watchman h 13 Victoria
McCARTHY Thomas grocer h 439 Water
McCARTHY Thomas laborer bds 5 Flower Hill
McCARTHY Walter clerk bds Leslie
McCARTHY William laborer h 230 New Gower
McCARTHY Rev. W. H. Catholic bds Leslie
McCARTHY wid Michael h 5 Flower Hill
McCORMAC Alice machine operator Parker & Monroe  
McCORMACK Edward laborer h South side
McCORMACK John tanner h South side
McCORMACK Mark baker Browning's Bakery  
McCORMACK Martin laborer h South side
McCORMACK William baker Browning's Baker bds South side
McCORMICK & WALSH General Dealers and Importers Catalina
McCOUBREY Adam tinsmith A. G. McCoubrey h 97 Pleasant
McCOUBREY Adam jun. conductor Street Ry. bds 97 Pleasant
McCOUBREY A. G. tinsmith 196 Water h Freshwater Road
McCOUBREY C. V. emp. Reid Nfld. Co. 97 Pleasant
McCOUBREY Geo tinsmith h 17 Gower
MacCOUBREY George A. engineer h 39 Waters w
McCOUBREY Henry mgr Standard Soap Mfy. h 139 Gower
McCOWBRY John printer h 60 Colonial
McCOUBREY J. W. prop. Times Ptg. Office bds Colonial
McCOUBRY Mrs. Mary wid garden seeds etc. 406 Water h 406 Water
McCOURT Eliza wid Philip dry goods and grocer h 190 Duckworth
McCOURT Philip engineer Nfld. Co. bds 190 Duckworth
McCOWAN J. R. Inspector-General h Harvey's Road
McCRINDLE David engineer "Rosiland" h 18 George
McCRINDLE Lizzie clerk Aerated Water Works bds Forest Road
McCRINDLE William collector Wood Kelly & Mews h 23 Forest Road
McCRUDDEN James baker bds 10 King's Road
McCRUDDEN Patrick painter h 10 King's Road
McCULLOCH J. W. physician 68 Water bds 68 Water
McDERMOTT Henry orderly to Governor h 30 Bannerman
McDERMOTT Rev. Roman Catholic St. Patrick's Place
McDONALD Andrew cooper bds 60 MacFarlane's
McDONALD Augustus carpenter bds 60 MacFarlane's
McDONALD Bert. clerk bds 29 Prescott
McDONALD Catherine wid. Michael h 23 Waldegrave
McDONALD Florrie clerk S. E. Garland bds. Belvidere
McDONALD Forest seaman bds 46 George
MacDONALD George clerk Baird Johnson & Co.  
McDONALD George boilermaker h 30 Belvidere
McDONALD George boilermaker Reid Nfld. Co. h Barnes'Road
McDONALD Gwendoline operator Telephone Dept. bds Brazil Sq
McDONALD Harris seaman bds 46 Goerge
McDONALD James clerk Baird Gordon & Co. 284 Duckworth  
McDONALD James laborer h 4 Duggan
McDONALD James cabman h 42 Hayward Ave.
McDONALD James engineer h 160 LeMarchant Road
McDONALD John laborer h 42 McFarlane's
McDONALD Joseph sea captain h 60 McFarlane's
McDONALD Miss Katie emp. Imp. Tobacco Co. h 27 Livingstones
McDONALD Kenneth Shoeing Smith 59 George w. h 13 Bell
McDONALD Margaret   h 2 Flavin
McDONALD Martin trackman Street Railway h Parade
McDONALD Michael laborer h 220 Water
McDONALD Mary L. wid Henry. h 7 King's Road
McDONALD Michael tinsmith h 25 Flower Hill
McDONALD M. truckman T. M. Winter h Portugal Cove Road
McDONALD Richard wood turner h 4 Flavin
McDONALD Robert truckman bds Portugal Cove Road
McDONALD Samuel laborer h Ropewalk
McDONALD Stephen laborer h 14 Barter's Hill
MacDONALD Stephen laborer h 31 Carnell
McDONALD Susan wid Nelson h 26 Brazil
McDONALD S. laborer Cordage Co. h Mundy Pool Road
McDONALD Thomas farmer h Thorburn's Lane
McDONALD William teamster h Ropewalk
McDONALD William tinsmith h 6 British Square
McDONALD William teamster Cordage Co.. h. Murphy Pond Road
McDONALD William seaman bds 42 McFarlane"s
McDONALD Robert drug clerk T. McMurdo & Co. h Victoria
McDOUGALL Alex. Commission merchant h Topsail Road
McDOUGALL Arthur clerk Baird & Gordon bds 123 Hamilton
McDOUGALL Edwin clerk h 58 LeMarchant Road
McDOUGALL Harold clerk Patterson Downing bds 123 Hamilton
McDOUGALL Julia wid John h 123 Hamilton
McDOUGALL Margaret wid John h 123 Hamilton
McELGIN Matthew engineer h Leslie
McEVEY Michael J. dry goods 11 LeMarchant Road h 11 LeMarchant Road
McFARLANE C. clerk bds 144 Gower
McFARLAND David engineer h 35 Temperance
McFARLANE Dennis police constable bds 30 Duckworth
McFARLANE James cooper h South side
McFARLANE James engineer h 31 Duckworth
MacFARLANE John clerk Wood's Candy Store  
McFARLANE John engineer h 31 Duckworth
McFARLANE Kate shopkeeper h 47 McFarlane's
MacGARLY Frank clerk bds 376 Water
McGETTIGAN James engineer h 332 Water
McGILLIVRAY John staff captain S.A. h 61 Power
McGILLIVRAY William machinist Nfld. F. Fety. h 123 Gower
McGINN Edward fireman h 52 Signal Hill Road
McGINN Edward fireman East. F. Sta bds 52 Signal Hill Road
McGOWAN John R. inspector police h Harvey Road
McGRATH Andrew laborer h 15 ˝ Duggan
McGRATH Annie tailoress bds 96 Hamilton
McGRATH Anne wid John h 2 Bulley
McGRATH Bride machinist B. & S. Co. bds 97 New Gower
McGRATH BROS. J. W. McGrath & T. F. McGrath   Painters' Supplies 166 Water  
McGRATH Edward emp. B. & S. Co. h 241 Water w
McGRATH Edward laborer h 43 Cuddihy
McGRATH Ellen wid Thomas h 40 Carter's Hill
McGRATH Ellen wid Rodger h 184 LeMarchant Road
McGRATH Hugh shoemaker bds 45 Angel Place
McGRATH James barrister bds Long Pond Road
McGRATH James J. barrister 362 Duckworth h Long Pond Road
McGRATH James cutter Nfld. Clothing Co.  
McGRATH James laborer h 84 Case
McGRATH James cooper h 97 New Gower
McGRATH James laborer h 13 Holdsworth
McGRATH J. James tidewaiter H.M.C. h 18 Bell
McGRATH Mrs. Johanna prop Tremont Hotel h 295 Water
McGRATH John laborer h 25 Barter's Hill
McGRATH John laborer h 46 McFarlane's
McGRATH John laborer h 11 Lime
McGRATH John fireman h 4 Brine
McGRATH John tailor 185 Gower h do
McGRATH John clerk bds 97 New Gower
McGRATH John painter h Long Pond Road
McGRATH John tailor bds 6 Brazil
McGRATH John cooper bds 41 Springdale
McGRATH Joseph cooper h 9 Dunford
McGRATH J. W. of McGrath Bros. h Long Pond Road
McGRATH Kate wid. John grocer 18 Brine h 18 Brine
McGRATH Leo laborer bds 32 Convent Square
McGRATH Margaret wid. Thos. h 8 William
McGRATH Margaret wid. John h 6 Brazil
McGRATH Mrs. wid. h 16 Pope
McGRATH M. wid. James h Forest Road
McGRATH Nicholas checker Reid Nfld. Co. h 2 Bulley
McGRATH Patrick cooper h 41 Springdale
McGRATH Patrick laborer h 52 Carter's Hill
McGRATH Patrick seaman h 90 Hamilton
McGRATH Patrick laborer h 29 Cuddiby
McGRATH Patrick K. cooper bds 41 Springdale
McGRATH Patrick T. editor Evening Herald h 6 Gower
McGRATH Richard accountant h Forest Road
McGRATH Richard typewriter Auditor-Gen. Office bds Forest rd
McGRATH Thomas laborer Bowring Bros. bds Brine
McGRATH Thomas F. of McGrath Bros.   h 63 Monkstown Rd.
McGRATH Thomas J. cooper bds 41 Springdale
McGRATH Thomas R. mail clerk G. P. O.  
McGRATH Timothy farmer h Long Pond Road
McGRATH William emp. Parker & Monroe bds 32 Convent Sq.
McGRATH William fisherman h 59 Casey
McGRATH William Thomas blacksmith Tremont Hotel
MacGREGOR Edwin G. clerk G. P. O.  
MacGREGOR Emily wid. Edward h 5 Allen
MacGREGOR James gents' furnishings 185 Water h 49 Queen's Rd.
McGREGOR John clerk G.P.O bds 5 Allen
McGRORY David iron worker Reid Nfld. Co. h 85 Patrick
McGUIDE Bernard employee Boot & Shoe Co. bds 22 Henry
McGUIRE George T. clerk Chas. O'Neill Conroy bds 22 Henry
McGUIRE J. T. barber 200 Duckworth bds 22 Henry
McGUIRE Michael laborer h 27 Stephen
McGUIRE Thomas accountant h 36 Angel Place
McHALE Michael laborer h 3 Lime
MacHALE Patrick W.   h 233 Water w
McIINYRE James Manager Standard Marble Works 361 Duckworth h 361 Duckworth
McINTYRE James L. clerk Nfld. Timber Estate bds 71 Duckworth
McINTYRE R. Wood mgr. Terra Nova E. & B. Wks. h 71 Duckworth
McKAY Eliza wid. George liquors 269˝ Water h 269 1/2 Water
McKAY George clerk bds 267-269˝ Water
MacKAY Michael police constable h 8 Queen's Road
McKAY Wm. J. liquors 156 Water  
MacKAY Hon. A. M. General Supt. Anglo-Am. Tel. Co. Ltd. h 47 Duckworth
MacKAY L. G. of W. A. Mackay & Co.   bds 47 Duckworth
MacKAY W. A. of W. A. Mackay & Co.   bds 47 Duckworth
MacKEEN Alex prop. McKeen's Laundry h 357 Water west
McKeen's Tannery Alex McKeen Waterford Bridge Road  
McKELLOP John rope-maker Con Cordage Co. h Mundy Road Pond
McKELLOP John rope-maker h Ropewalk
McKELLOP William coppersmith h Quidi Vidi Road
McKENNEY Leonard seaman h 78 George
MacKENZIE Anna wid. Alexander h 53 Patrick
McKENZIE Mary A. wid. Thomas wall papers etc 296 Water h 296 Water
MacKEY Ellen wid. -- h 19 Waldegrave
MacKEY Ellen Jr. dressmaker Mrs. Mitchell bds 19 Waldegrave
MacKEY James police constable bds 7 Quidi Vidi Road
MacKEY James police constable h 5 Quidi Vidi Road
McKEY John laborer h 7 Gorman's Lane
McKEY J. J. insurance agent bds 29 Monkstown
MacKEY Mary dressmaker bds 19 Waldegrave
McKEY Michael emp. Rennie Bakery h 60 Barnes Road
MacKEY Miss Minnie dressmaker Mrs. A. Mitchell h Waldegrave
McKEY William fisherman h 51 Wickford
McKEY William painter h 48 Barnes' Road
McKINLEY Alexander engineer h 25 Cook
McKNIGHT Sophia   h Leslie
McLACHLAN Alfred Veterinary Surgeon 5 Waldegrave h LeMarchant
McLAUGHLIN Alex inspector boilers H.M.C. h LeMarchant Road
MacLEAN Edward of J. J. MacLean & Sons bds Tor Cottage Waterford Bridge Road
MacLEAN J. J. & Sons Tanners Edward MacLean Prop Water w
McLEAN W. E. emp. Reid Nfld. Co. h 68 Cochrane
McMURDO Thos. & Co. Wholesale and Retail Druggists T. M. McNeil Prop 212 Water  
McLEOD Murdock clerk Reid Nfld. Co. h 12 Cook
MacLEOD Peter draper bds 181 Gower
McLEOUD P. K. clerk Royal Stores  
McLOUGHLAN Hon. James   h 82 Water
McLOUGHLAN Michael carpenter h 30 Lime
McMAN Ann wid. Richard h 18 Dicks'
McMILLAN John seaman h 3 Walsh Square Signal Hill Road
McMANUS Alfred jeweller bds 17 Garrison Hill
McNAMARA Alfred jeweller 302 Water h 17 Garrison Hill
McNAMARA Frank accountant Hearn & Co. h 17 Garrison Hill
McNAMARA John stone cutter h 72 Water
McNAMARA John storekeeper h 4 Mullock
McNAMARA Terence attendant Lunatic Asylum h 223 N Gower
MacNAMARA stone cutter bds 5 Hutchings'
McNEIL Hector auditor Reid Nfld. Co. h LeMarchant Road
NcNeil John H. clerk G. P. O.  
McNEIL Mac seaman h Merry Meeting Road
McNEIL Mrs. Mary Thos. McMurdo & Co. h Water summer res Grove Hill Waterford Road
McNEIL Samuel lumber surveyor h 47 Merry Meeting Road
McNEIL Thomas M. of T. McMurdo & Co. h 212 Water
McNEIL William wheelwright h Merry Meeting Road
McNEIL W. W. & Co. Druggists etc W. J. Morrissey manager 314 Water  
McNEILLY Alex K. C. Barrister-at-Law h 4 Kimberley Row Dicks' Square
McNEILLY Alex R.G. surveyor bds 4 Kimberley Row
McNEILLY Alice wid J. R. h Lakeview King's Bridge Road
McNEILLY James J. R. accountant bds 4 Kimberley Row
McNEILLY J. W. H.M.C. Lakeview King's Bridge Road
McNEILLY Margaret teacher Methodist College bds Lakeview King's Bridge Road
McNEILLY W. W. jr. Barrister-at-Law bds 4 Kimberley Road Dicks' Square
McNEVIN Alexander foreman Parker & Monroe h 17 Hutchings
McNEVIN Frederick shoemaker Parker & Monroe h 40 Angel pl
MacPHERSON Archibald manager Royal Stores 26 Queen's Road  
McPHERSON Archibald clerk Royal Stores h 32 Queen's Road
McPHERSON Campbell importer Royal Stores h Mundy Pond Rd.
McPHERSON Frederick barber M. Murphy bds Atlantic Ave
McPHERSON Harold clerk Royal Stores bds Mundy Pond Road
McPHERSON Samuel J. moulder h 11 Atlantic Ave.
McRAE David apprentice A. McNamara bds Water
McRAE Mrs. E. A. groceries etc 308 Water h 308 Water
McRAE William engineer bds 308 Water
MEADUS Henry laborer h 9 College Square
MEADUS Henry fisherman h 26 Scott
MEADUS John laborer h 9 James
MEADUS William painter J. C. Oake h 22 George
MEALEY Emma wid. David h 10 Murphy's Square
MEALEY Patrick butcher h Mount Scio Road
MEALEY Patrick butcher Wm. Cook h Long Pond Road
MEALEY Richard laborer h 344 Water
MEANEY Daniel fisherman 49 Flemming
MEANEY Dennis laborer h 24 Duggan
MEANEY D. cooper h 7 Field
MEANEY D. cooper h 7 Cabot
MEANEY Elizabeth wid. William h 5 Sebastian
MEANEY Francis laborer h 5 Sebastian
MEANEY James laborer h 10 Queen's Road
MEANEY James planter h 383 Waterford Bridge Road
MEANEY James laborer h 263 Water w
MEANEY James laborer h 261 Water w
MEANEY John tanner McKeen's Tannery bds 383 Waterford Bridge Road
MEANEY John fisherman bds 10 Murphy's Square
MEANEY Miss Maggie   bds 383 Waterford Bridge Road
MEANEY Miss Margaret   h 24 Duggan
MEANEY Thomas fisherman bds 10 Murphy's Square
MEARLS Frederick butcher h Battery Road
MEARNS Annie wid. Andrew h 57 Patrick
MEARNS Mary wid. Frederick h 123 George
MEEHAN Augustus clerk bds 5 Monkstown Road
MEEHAN Charles E. accountant Royal Bank of Canada h 5 Monkstown Road
MEEHAN Frances assistant secy. Higher Education bds 16 Chapel
MEEHAN John liquors h 53 Ducksworth
MEEHAN John T. clerk Thomas Smythe bds 5 Monkstown Road
MEEHAN Lucy Secretary Higher Education bds 16 Chapel
MEEHAN William P. clerk T. J. Edens bds 5 Monkstown Road
MELVIN Arthur Boot & Shoe Factory h 5 James
MELVIN Miss E. clerk Geo. Knowling  
MELVIN Herbert tinsmith J. Pennocks h 5 James
MELVIN James laborer Reid Nfld. Fdy.  
MELVIN John draper Ayre & Sons Ltd.  
MELVIN Miss boarding house h 8 Gower
MELVIN Thomas laborer h 18 Pleasant
MELVIN Thomas cooper h 50 Victoria
MENTION Josiah laborer h 43 MacFarlane's
MENTION Luke seaman h 42 Cabot
MENZIES K. clerk Bishop & Monroe  
MERCER Alexander laborer h Brazil's Field
MERCER Benjamin laborer h 52 Barnes'
MERCER Eli grocer 22 Plymouth Road h 95 Quidi Vidi Road
MERCER Elizabeth wid. Charles h 17 Temperance
MERCER George fisherman bds Mundy Pond Road
MERCER Isaac carpenter h 81 ˝ Casey
MERCER Isaac laborer bds 17 Temperance
MERCER Israel laborer Goodridge & Sons h 24 Livingstone
MERCER James laborer bds 17 Barron
MERCER John cooper h 48 Spencer
MERCER John fireman bds 59 Pleasant
MERCER Jonathan fireman Government yacht h 59 Pleasant
MERCER Lizzie clerk bds 22 Plymouth Road
MERCER Philip fisherman bds Mundy Pond Road
MERCER Richard cutter Nfld. B. & S. Co. bds 90 Springdale
MERCER Samuel carpenter h 90 Springdale
MERCER Thomas porter Ayre & Sons bds 87 McFarlane's
MERCER William laborer h 17 Temperance
MERCER William laborer bds 17 Barron
MERCER William carpenter h 14 Cabot
MERCER William fisherman h Mundy Pond Road
MERCER William clerk bds 90 Springdale
MERCER William draper Steer Bros.  
MERCER William brass finisher Reid Nfld. Fdy. h Mundy Pond Rd.
MERCHANT William clerk bds Whitten's Hotel
MERCHANT William McMurdo's Lane  
MERCHANTS' Protective and Collecting Association Limited J. B. Mitchell Agent 303 Water  
Mercey Convent Military    
MERINDLE David engineer bds 18 George
MERNER Martin expressman Bennet Brewery h 243 Water w
MERNER Patrick   h Belvidere Lodge Allandale Road
MERRILLS Samuel emp. Carnell Car. Factory h 36 Belvidere
MERRY John shoemaker h 47 Flemming
MERRY Margaret wid. John h 28 Plank Road
MERRY Michael laborer h 47 Flemming
Methodist Academy Long's Hill    
Methodist College Hall Long's Hill    
Methodist Orphanage Mrs. Evans Matron h 165 Hamilton
MEWS Alexander accountant D. Thistle & Co.  
MEWS Arthur Deputy Colonial Secretary h 114 Military Road
MEWS Ashton W. clerk bds 82 Pleasant
MEWS A. clerk Bishop & Monroe  
MEWS Frederick A. of Wood Kelley & Mews h 5 Maxse
MEWS James L. accountant h 19 Hamilton
MEWS James C. clerk Hon. G. Knowling h 20 Buchanan
MEWS Leonard C. clerk Selater's bds 82 Pleasant
MEWS William clerk T. M. Winter h 2 Rennie's Mill Road
MEWS William J. clerk H.M.C h 82 Pleasant
MEYERS Moses clothier Telegram Bldg. Water h 34 York
MEYLE Richard W. hardware 246 Water h Gower
MIGNONETTE Annie tailoress bds 25 Pleasant
MIGNONETT Timothy laborer h 25 Pleasant
MILES Anthony laborer h Portugal Cove Road
MILES Frank clerk Harvey & Co. bds 29 Dicks'
MILES William clerk Ayre & Sons Ltd.  
MILLER Arthur messenger A. A. Tel Co. bds Young
MILLER Arthur grocery 41 Young h 41 Young
MILLER Beatrice clerk Knowling bds 15 Balsam
MILLER Benjamin H.M.C h 15 Balsam
MILLER Charles   bds 87 Gower
MILLER Charles clerk Harvey & Co. bds C. E. Orphanage
MILLER Charles steward h 36 Mullock
MILLER Charles H. W.S.P & P. Co. h 74 LeMarchant Road
MILLER Ellen wid Nathaniel h 23 Flemming
MILLER Frank J. clerk h 36 Mullock
MILLER F. emp. R. Nfld. Co. bds 36 Mullock
MILLER James truckman h 16 Belvidere
MILLER Janes plumber bds 50 Signal Hill Road
MILLER James steam fitter Moore & Co. bds Signal Hill Road
MILLER Jean G. stenographer Ayre & Sons Ltd.  
MILLER John jr. laborer bds 9 Plank Road
MILLER John laborer h 9 Plank Road
MILLER John clerk Royal Stores  
MILLER John storekeeper A. Goodridge & Sons h 1 Carter's Hill
MILLER John clerk bds 36 Mullock
MILLER John carpenter 10 Brine
MILLER Joseph Blacksmith 61-62 George w h 103 Cabot w
MILLER Joseph shoemaker h 4 William
MILLER Lawrence F cabinetmaker Hawthorn Cottage off Carter's Hill
MILLER Lewis H. manager Calahan Glass h 26 Power
MILLER Martin teamster h 23 Flemming
MILLER Matthew brewer h 58˝ Mullock
MILLER Michael laborer bds 50 Signal Hill Road
MILLER Nathaniel carpenter h 28 Belvidere
MILLER Robert draper Steer Bros  
MILLER Samuel carpenter h 47 Flower Hill
MILLER Thomas shoemaker h 108 Water
MILLER Mrs. Thomas Restaurant and Confectioner 108 Water h 108 Water
MILLER Thomas shoemaker 97 King's Road  
MILLER Thomas carpenter h 34 Young
MILLER William laborer h 62 Mullock
MILLEY Annie tailoress John Maunder bds 1 Pleasant
MILLEY Amy tailoress John Maunder  
MILLER Frank carpenter h 56 Lime
MILLEY Hubert carpenter bds 79 Flower Hill
MILLEY James laborer h 39 Cuddiby
MILLEY James laborer h 37 Cuddiby
MILLEY John fish culler h 31 Pleasant
MILLEY John F. carpenter h 10 Brine
MILLEY Martha J. saleslady bds 42 William
MILLEY Mary M. wid. John h 42 William
MILLEY Miss May dressmaker h 88 George
MILLEY Samuel General Importer Dry Goods 209 Water & 29 Colonial h 35 Bond
MILLEY Samuel B. watchmaker bds 42 William
MILLEY Thomas laborer bds 34˝ Buchanan
MILLEY William carpenter h 79 Flower Hill
MILLEY William J. hardware Ayre & Sons Ltd. bds 42 William
MILLEY William cooper bds 31 Pleasant
MILLIGAN Archibald H. Stationer and Printer bds Water
MILLIGAN Elizabeth wid. Rev. Geo. S. h 55 LeMarchant Road
MILLIGAN George S. Stationer and Printer 375 Water h 57 LeMarchant Road
MILLS Frederick teamster 24 Signal Hill Road
MILLS Joseph laborer h 95 Signal Hill Road
MILLS Joshua laborer h 11 Quidi Vidi Road
MILLS Thomas laborer bds Battery Road
MILLS William clerk bds 29 Dicks' Square
MINNET John truckman h 5 Deady's Lane
MINNER Joseph truckman h 12 Spencer
MIRON Minnie tailoress John Maunder bds Lime
MIRON Patrick boiler maker h 1 Pennywell Road
MISKILL Francis laborer h 42 Codner's Lane
MITCHAM Miss Mamie clerk Royal Stores
MITCHAM Samuel carpenter h 2 Lyon's Square
MITCHAM William J. carpenter bds 72 Lyons' Square
MITCHELL Mrs. A. milliner 191 Water h 191 Water
MITCHELL George packer g. Knowling h 47 Spencer
MITCHELL Henry storekeeper Martin Bros. h 15 Goodview
MITCHELL John clerk C.F. Bennett & Co.  
MITCHELL John clerk bds 66 Prescott
MITCHELL John laborer bds 93 Signal Hill Road
MITCHELL John carpenter h Beaumont
MITCHELL J. B. Manufacturers' Agent Agent Collecting and Protective Association 305 Water h Cathedral Hill
MITCHELL Mary wid. Bryan h 66 Prescott
MITCHELL Robert joiner h 12 Quidi Vidi Road
MITCHELL Sarah wid. Josiah h 12 Quidi Vidi Road
MITCHELL Thomas baker 67 Prescott h 25 Queen's Road
MITCHELL T. M. Physician 252 Duckworth h 252 Duckwork
MITCHELL William   h 24 Belvidere
MITTS Frank machinist Harvey's Cooperage h 76 Forest Road
MOAKLER Charles cooper h 38 Codner's Lane
MOAKLER Edmund laborer h 50 Bannerman
MOAKLER Thomas laborer h 38 Codner's Lane
MOAKLER Thomas storekeeper Shea & Co. h 9 Woods
MOAKLEY Jonas oiler h 18 Notre Dame
MOICE Thomas engineer Reid Nfld. Co. h 68 George
MOIST Herbert steward bds 9 Barter's Hill
MOIST Joseph laborer bds 9 Barter's Hill
MOLLOY Catherine dressmaker bds 3 Carter's Hill
MOLLOY George laborer h 93 Signal Hill Road
MOLLOY James shoemaker bds 206 Water
MOLLOY James harnessmaker J. Molloy bds 218 New Gower
MOLLOY James laborer h 132 George
MOLLOY James hand spinner Cordage Co. h Leslie
MOLLOY James laborer h 9 Bulley
MOLLOY John J. harness maker 400 Water h 71 Long's Hill
MOLLOY John laborer h Leslie
MOLLOY Joseph shoemaker Parker & Monroe bds 61 Long's Hill
MOLLOY Lyle clerk Simpson bds 61 Long's Hill
MOLLOY Mary wid. James h 3 Carter's Hill
MURPHY Thomas seaman bds 30 Buchanan
MURPHY Thomas laborer h 39 Cookstown
MURPHY Theresa wid. Matthew h 23 Tessier Place
MURPHY Thomas M. M.H.A. Minister Marine & Fisheries h 9 Maxse
MURPHY Thomas carpenter bds 40 Livingstone
MURPHY Timothy butcher bds 58 Carter's Hill
MURPHY Timothy butcher h 323 Water w
MURPHY William watchman Poor Asylum Sudbury  
MURPHY William clerk bds 61 Prescott
MURPHY William cooper bds 20 William
MURPHY William laborer h 39 George
MURPHY William stoker Gas Works h 299 Water w
MURPHY William laborer h 51 Field
MURPHY William laborer h 3 Stephen
MURPHY William mason h 48 Signal Hill Road
MURPHY William sea captain h 26 Boncloddy
MURPHY William clerk A. & S. Rodger  
MURRAY Abraham laborer h 2 Hunt's Lane
MURRAY Absalom laborer h 14 Quidi Vidi Road
MURRAY Andrew H. Broker and Commission Agent bds Sunnyside. Circular Road
MURRAY Anne wid. Anthony h 26 Joy Place
MURRAY Austin stove fitter h 188 Beaumont
MURRAY Bessie dressmaker bds 26 Joy Place
MURRAY Edward laborer bds 28 Brazil
MURRAY Edwin Commission Merchant 11 Adelaide h 88 Circular Road
MURRAY Elizabeth wid. James bds 111 Circular Road
MURRAY Hannah wid. James bds 10 Gilbert
MURRAY James clerk bds 5 LeMarchant
MURRAY James engineer bds 32 Plank Road
MURRAY Jean wid. James h Sunnyside Circular Road
MURRAY John cooper h 5 LeMarchant Road
MURRAY John   bds 13 LeMarchant Road
MURRAY John blacksmith Angel's h 27 Brazil
MURRAY John cooper bds 43 Freshwater
MURRAY John foreman blacksmith Reid Nfld. Co.  
MURRAY Joseph emp. Nail Mfg. Co. bds 10 Convent Lane
MURRAY Lydia wid. William h 44 Water
MURRAY Martin cabman h 13 LeMarchant Road
MURRAY May wid. John grocer 231 Water h 231 Water
MURRAY Mary wid. James h 42 Cookstown
MURRAY Mary wid. William dressmaker h 16 Mullock
MURRAY Michael jr. laborer bds 46 Duckworth
MURRAY Michael sr. laborer bds 45 Duckworth
MURRAY Michael laborer h 9 Buchanan
MURRAY Michael laborer bds 37 Plymouth Road
MURRAY Michael seaman h 4 Sebastian
MURRAY Nicholas clerk R. G. Reid bds Tremont Hotel
MURRAY Patrick blacksmith h 10 Duggan
MURRAY Patrick nail factory h 32 Plank Road
MURRAY Patrick laborer h 37 Plymouth Road
MURRAY Patrick cabman h 14 Belvidere
MURRAY Patrick laborer h 46 Duckworth
MURRAY Stewart nail factory h 82 Patrick
MURRAY Thomas cabman h 43 Freshwater Road
MURRAY T. B. member Christian Brothers Mount St. Francis
MURRAY William shoemaker h 52 Victoria
MURRIN David laborer h Power Ave Signal Hill Road
MURRIN John painter h 80 Carter's Hill
Mutual The Life Assurance Co. Of Canada Sidney Blandford Agent 280 Duckworth  
MURRIN John painter h 80 Carter's Hill
Mutual Life Insurance Of New York A. S. Reynolds Agent Water  
Mutual Marine Insurance Club James R. Moss Sec'y 341Water  
MYLER BROS. John Myler William Myler Matthew Myler Block and Pump Makers 12 Adelaide  
MYLER Charles clerk Bishop & Monroe h 6 George
MYLER JOHN Myler Bros. h 133 New Gower
MYLER MATTHEW of Myler Bros. h 13 Adelaide
MYLER Thomas laborer h 48 George
MYLER WILLIAM of Myler Bros. h 13 Adelaide
MYLER William laborer 48 George
MYLER Charles seaman h 23 Field
MYRICK James carpenter h 12 Knight
MYRICK Michael W. Undertaker 87 Military Road h 87 Military Road
MYRICK Patrick joiner h 12 Nunnery Road
MYRON James shoemaker Evans Water h 103 George
MYRON Thomas boilermaker h 64 Lime

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