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NLGenWeb 1904 McAlpines Directory

Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - B

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by LORETTA BARBER from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible there could be errors.

BABSTER Joseph watchman (S. S. Diana) h 20 Wickford
BADCOCK James laborer h 6 Nunnery Hill
BADCOCK James steward bds 6 Nunnery Hill
BADCOCK Robert carpenter bds 38 Brazil
BADCOCK Teresa barmaid (James J. Tobin) bds 6 Nunnery Hill
BAGGS Charles laborer (Job Bros.) h South Side
BAGGS Isaac homemaker Parker & Munroe  
BAGGS Minnie tailoress (John Maunder) bds Wickford
BAGGS William   h 6 Young
BAILEY Edward blacksmith (J. C. Oaks) h 1 New Gower
BAILEY Edward seaman h 34 1/2 Colonial
BAILEY James oiler h 36 Springdale
BAILEY John shoemaker (F. Smallwood) h 13 Bell
BAILEY Mary tailoress H. Vasey's  
BAILEY Richard laborer h 8 Hunt's Lane
BAILEY Thomas laborer 88 Springdale
BAILEY Thomas shoemaker (92 Duckworth) h 15 Bell
BAILEY T. teamster Knowling's  
BAILEY William cooper h 5 Bulley
BAINE JOHNSTON & CO Walter B. Grieve mgr. general exporters fish and oil h 203 Water
BAIRDS COOPERAGE Baird Gordon & Co prop 15 George  
BAIRD D. accountant (Terra Nova Engine & Boiler Works) h 35 Henry
BAIRD DAVID of Baird Gordon & Co h 267 Duckworth
BAIRD GORDON & CO (Hon James Baird James Gordon Hugh Baird David Baird) General Importers and Exporters 183 Water  
BAIRD Henry fireman Job Bros.  
BAIRD Henry laborer h 291 Hamilton Avenue
BAIRD Hugh of Baird Gordon & Co h 3 Church Hill Scotland Row
BAIRD James laborer h 24 1/2 Stephens
BAIRD James painter h Mount Scio
BAIRD Hon. James of Baird Gordon & Co. h Hawthorndale Cathedral Hill.
BAIRD JAMES C Grocer and Wine Merchant 181 Water and Duckworth h 4 Devon Row See adv.
BAIRD John cabman h 50 Cookstown
BAIRD John laborer (Job Bros. Water) h 29 Patrick
BAIRD Margaret tailoress bds 291 Hamilton Avenue
BAIRD Mary wid Daniel h 46 1/2 Barter's Hill
BAIRD Michael cooper h 29 Pleasant
BAIRD & PETERS prop Vim Tea McBride's Hill  
BAIRD Rebecca dressmaker h 196 Water
BAIRDS Retail Store 183 Rear Water  
BAIRD Robert shoemaker h 56 1/2 Lime
BAIRD Samuel fisherman h South Side
BAIRD Samuel laborer (Job Bros.) South Side
BAIRD Samuel laborer bds 24 1/2 Stephens
BAGDEN Lionel carman E. J. Horwood Livingstone
BAGDEN Walter picture framer Dicks & Co.  
BAKER Alice employee Harvey's Tobacco Co. h 31 Patrick
BAKER Henry fisherman h Battery Road Chain Rock
BAKER James sail maker h 46 Colonial
BAKER John cabman h South Side
BAKER John fisherman bds Battery Road Chain Rock
BAKER John sea captain bds 134 Duckworth
BAKER Noah fisherman bds Battery Road Chain Rock
BAKER Sophia employee Harvey's Tobacco Works h 31 Patrick
BAKER Thomas sanitary inspector h 148 New Gower
BAKER Wm. engineer Imperial Tobacco Fac. bds 148 New Gower
BALDWIN Azariah seaman h 56 Carter's Hill
BALDWIN Elizabeth assistant restaurant bds 56 Carter's Hill
BALDWIN J. shoemaker (James H Evans) h 56 Carter's Hill
BALDWIN Moses fireman bds 12 Barter's Hill
BALFOUR Francis H. surveyor (Agr. & Mines.) h Rennie Mill Road
BALL Albert carpenter h 62 Spencer
BALL William wheelwright h 7 Spencer
BALMORAL HOTEL Mrs P Stewart proprietress 351 Water.  
BALSAM Place Mrs. E. R. Burgess prop. 3 Barnes Road  
BAMBRICK Francis shoemaker h 239 1/2 West
BAMBRICK Frank shoemaker Boot & Shoe h 240 Water W
BAMBRICK George truckman bds 23 Hamilton
BAMBRICK James J. laborer h 228 Water
BAMBRICK Martin cooper N. Cousins h 43 Angel Place
BAMBRICK Mary wid James bds 228 Water
BAMBRICK Michael Mrs. wid h 23 Hamilton
BAMBRICK Michael Municipal Office bds 23 Hamilton
BAMBRICK Samuel laborer h 230 Water
BANCRAFT Alice milliner bds 42 Brazil
BANCRAFT Herbert clerk W. Frew bds 37 Johns
BANCRAFT James clerk William Frew  
BANK OF MONTREAL J A Paddon mgrGazette Bldg 240 Water  
BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA W W Watson manager 242 Water  
BANNERMAN Henry carpenter h 26 Young
BARGMANN Hartley piano tuner Ayre & Sons Ltd. bds 223 Gower
BARKER William commission agent Water h 24 Freshwater
BARNES Allan cash boy Henry Blair bds Cook
BARNES Dennis fisherman h 85 Signal Hill Road
BARNES E. cash boy Bowering Bros. Ltd.  
BARNES Frederick watchmaker 126 Water h 28 Livingstone
BARNES Frederick watchmaker bds 28 Livingstone
BARNES George sexton Gower St. Church h 7 Boggan
BARNES & CO K S Barnes Manager Booksellers and Stationers 421 Water See adv p. 86
BARNES Hannah school teacher h 32 Fleming
BARNES Henry commission agent h 41 Merry Meeting Road
BARNES James hardware G. Knowling bds 41 Merry Meeting Road
BARNES Jemutia wid Arthur 128 Livingstone h 128 Livingstone
BARNES Johannah wid Wm. h 32 Fleming
BARNES John carpenter h 12 John
BARNES Joseph moulder Consolidated Foundry bds 7 Boggan
BARNES J. clerk Hon. Geo. Knowling  
BARNES K. S. of BARNES & Co. h 21 Water
BARNES Levi carpenter h 266 Hamilton Avenue
BARNES Miss L. (Artist) Studio 305 Water See adv above
BARNES Michael laborer h 89 Signal Hill Road
BARNES Peter   h 3 Damarel's Lane
BARNES Richard laborer h 10 Dumford
BARNES Richard A. accountant T. & M. Winter h 59 Queen's Road
BARNES William carpenter h 159 Le Merchant Road
BARNES William sea captain h 131 Gower
BARNES William truckman bds 28 Livingstone
BARNES W. J. (Gear & Co.)   h 1 LeMerchant Road
BARNES William T. cooper h 8 Carnell
BARR George M. General Exporter of Lobsters Codfish Oil Herring Salmon Furs etc Water h Circular road.
BARR William building inspector bds Balsam Place 3 Barnes Rd
BARETT Elizer seaman h 48 Haywards Avenue
BARRETT Elisha grocer h 79 Pleasant
BARRETT Geo. clerk J. & W. Pitts h 50 Freshwater
BARRETT George seaman h 13 Young
BARETT Harold apprentice (J. Roper) bds Cook
BARRETT Jacob H. seaman bds 11 Springdale
BARRETT James laborer h 36 Cuddihy
BARRETT James laborer h 16 Springdale
BARRET James seaman h 125 Gower
BARRETT James stoker Gas Works  
BARRET John cabinet maker (J. Martins) h 5 Long's Hill
BARRETT John cabinet maker bds 12 1/2 Prospect
BARRETT Olsen Baker bds 12 1/2 Prospect
BARRETT Simson fisherman h 12 1/2 Prospect
BARRETT Thomas tailor h 5 Mullock
BARRETT William cooper h 24 Carew
BARRINGTON Ann wid John h 7 Howe Place
BARRINGTON Isaac laborer h 33 McDougall
BARRIE Bridget wid Denis Huxter Shop 157 New Gower h 157 New Gower
BARRON Chester carman R. Templeman  
BARRON Dennis tel. operator Anglo American T. Co. h Patrick
BARRON Dennis telegraph operator h 193 LeMerchant Road
BARRON Edward laborer h 27 Duggan
BARRON Edward stewart bds 27 Duggan
BARRON James fireman h 2 Bannerman
BARRON James machinist h South Side
BARRON James wharfinger h South Side
BARRON Jas. F. employee R. N. Co. 7 Gower
BARRON John manager J. Barron & Co. h South Side
BARRON John & Co (John Barron) Gen Importer and Commission Merchts 241 Water  
BARRON Martin laborer Thorburn & Tessier h 66 1/2 Livingstone
BARRON Mary wid Peter h 4 Wickford
BARRON Michael laborer bds 45 Plank Road
BARRON Richard   h 4 Wickford
BARRON Thomas Mgr. Jackman the Tailor h 27 Gower
BARRY Hanorah wid David h 46 Colonial
BARREY James   h 40 Codner's Lane
BARRY Patrick clerk (W. A. Slattery) bds Shuns Shute Flower Hill
BARTER Hannah wid Jonas h 59 Prescott
BARTER James boilermaker (Reid Nfld. Foundry) h Springdale
BARTER Joudo carter h Mundy Pond Road
BARTER Jonas contracter h 269 Gower
BARTER Richard carpenter h 10 Cathedral
BARTLETT Abraham laborer h 17 Pleasant
BARTLETT Albert tailor bds 17 Pleasant
BARTLETT Albert tailor (E. J. Malone) bds 19 Pleasant
BARTLETTE Belle clerk (Geo. Knowlings) bds 17 Pleasant
BARTLETT Miss B. clerk Hon. Geo. Knowling  
BARTLETTE Denis cooper h 55 Pleasant
BARTLETT E. Railway h 18 Gower
BARTLETT George clerk h 30 Barnes
BARTLETT George messenger John Maunder h Barnes Road
BARTLETT Henry laborer h 10 James
BARTLETT Henry stevedore Waterford Bridge Road
BARTLETT James carpenter h 222 New Gower
BARTLETT John cooper McGrath's h 72 Patrick
BARTLETT John painter h 30 Barnes Road
BARTLETT John shoemaker Boot & Shoe h 8 Power
BARTLETT John W. laborer h 5 Carter's Hill
BARTLETT Joseph W. clerk R. Templeton's bds 14 Johns
BARTLETT Louisa wid John h 33 Adelaide
BARTLETT Louise wid John h South Side East
BARTLETT Richard T. hairdresser h 56 New Gower
BARTLETT Robert carpet layer Ayre & Sons Ltd  
BARTLETT Robert draper bds 14 Johns
BARTLETT Robert porter (Baird Gordon & Co.) h 118 Hamilton
BARTLETTE Sarah clerk Byrnes bds 177 Pleasant
BARTLETT Thomas hair dresser (W. H. Bartlett) h 56 New Gower
BARTLETT Thomas laborer Job Bros. South Side
BARTLETT William foreman Gas Works  
BARTLETT William laborer Gas & Co. Nfld. h 38 Angel Place
BARTLETT W. H. Hairdresser 160 Water h 12 Victoria
BASSETT George carpenter h 4 Cuddihy
BASSET William cabinet maker Martin's New Gower h Tank Lane
BASSETT William laborer bds 44 Cuddihy
BASTOW A. E. truckman h 9 Cook
BASTOW Fredk. laborer bds Carbassion Farm Deeder Avenue
BASTOW Hugh clerk Bowering Bros. bds 203 Pleasant
BASTOW Marldon A. Commission Merchant and Auctioneer Beck's Cove Hill h 203 Pleasant
BASTOW William clerk M. A. Bastow h 203 Pleasant
BATES James storekeeper h 165 Gower
BATES Thomas accountant bds 169 Gower
BATES Thomas tinsmith h 49 Military Road
BATSON Arthur R. clerk bds 22 Mullock
BATSON Charlotte clerk A. Scotts bds 22 Mullock
BATSON John clerk H. M. C. h 22 Mullock
BATSON Sarah Miss typewriter Martin Hardware Co.  
BATSTONE Robert G. engineer h 3 Forest Road
BATTON Edward laborer h 37 Bambrick
BAXTER Thomas steward h 4 Bond
BAXTROM Frank laborer Dry Dock h 140 Water West
BAXTROM Frank Jr. teamster bds 140 Water West
BAYLES Joseph laborer h 10 Fleming
BAYLEY William cooper Kelley's h 5 Bulley
BAYLEY William cooper Kelley's 127 Georges h 5 Bulley
BEARNS Alice Mrs. groceries 72 Water  
BEARNS Alexaner[sic] clerk (I. F. Perlin) bds 72 Water
BEARNS Alexander clerk (I. F. Perlin's) bds 72 Water
BEARNS Alice wid Thomas h 5 Hutchings
BEARNS Annie wid Thomas h 132 Military Road
BEARNS Samuel barber 20 Prescott bds New Town Road
BEARNS William E. Grocer 152-4 Duckworth h Hay Market Square
BESANT W. clerk Hon. Geo. Knowling h 66 Flower's Hill
BECK J. J. painter 15 New Gower h 22 Flower's Hill
BEER William cabman h 11 Long's
BELL F. George expressman h 46 Field
BELL George truckman T. J. Edens Military Road
BELL James laborer bds Mount Scio
BELL John laborer h 31 Hayward's Avenue
BELL S. K. prop (Crosbie Hotel) 218 Duckworth  
BELL William gardener h Mount Scio Road
BELL William teamster bds Mount Scio Road
BELLINGHAM John cutter bds 181 Gower
BELLINGHAM J. assistant foreman Royal Store Clothing Factory  
BELLINGHAM Absolam laborer h 40 Quidi Vidi Road
BELLINGHAM Jacob laborer h 113 Cabot
BELLOWS John carpenter Martin Bros. h 64 Alexander
BELLOWS Mary wid George bds 64 Alexander
BELLOWS William fisherman h Brazil's Field
BENDELL Lilla Miss refreshment rm 115 New Gower h 90 Georges
BENDELL William carpenter h 90 George
BENDLE William gardener bds 235 Water West
BENDLE W. Norman engineer h 235 Water West
BENEY Henry laborer h 57 Casey
BENNETT Alice employee match fact. bds 33 Pleasant
BENNETT Ann wid Harry h 121 Signal Hill Road
BENNETT Arch laborer Soap Factory bds 4 Haywards Avenue
BENNETT Arthur accountant (McPherson & Job) bds 40 Georges
BENNETT BREWING CO LTD THE 258 and 260 Water  
BENNETT A. C. book keeper (Job Bros. & Co.) bds 40 George
BENNETT C F & CO R G Rendell Mgr General Importers and Commission Merchants 385 Water  
BENNETT David blacksmith bds 121 Signal Hill Road
BENNETT Edward laborer (Bowering Bros.) h 34 Angel Place
BENNETT Elizabeth wid Edward h 124 Water
BENNETT Elizabeth wid Kenneth employee Boot & Shoe bds 74 Springdale
BENNETT Harry messenger (F. Parnell) bds Duckworth
BENNETT James cooper Bowering Bros. h Cabot
BENNETT James cooper h 21 Goodview
BENNETT Jermiah employee Boot & Shoe bds 34 Angel Place
BENNETT Job employee Boot & Shoe bds 30 Angel Place
BENNETT John band master h 121 Duckworth
BENNETT John cabinet maker Callahan & Glass h 305 Water West
BENNETT John cabinet maker (Joseph Daymond) h Water West
BENNETT John employee Imperial Tobacco Co. bds 34 Angel Place
BENNETT John laborer h 11 Cuddihy
BENNETT Joseph shoemaker Boot & Shoe Co. bds 34 Angel Place
BENNETT Joseph tallyman h 20 Field
BENNETT J R prop Aerated Water Works h 168 Duckworth
BENNETT Leo harness maker (F. J. Connors) h South Side
BENNETT Louisa wid Edward h 40 George
BENNETT Michael carman E. J. Horwood 12 York
BENNETT Michael cooper bds 12 Rositers Lane
BENNETT Michael cooper h 27 Water
BENNETT Michael laborer h 26 York
BENNETT Philip laborer h 4 Haywards Avenue
BENNETT Thos. Baker 27 New Gower h 27 New Gower
BENNETT Thomas Baker h 13 Cuddihy
BENNETT Thomas Baker (James Snow's) bds 121 Duckworth
BENNETT Thomas clerk bds 33 Pleasant
BENNETT Thomas fisherman h 12 Rositers Lane
BENNETT Thomas A. clerk Knowlings h 186 New Gower
BENNETT Thomas W. shipwright 74 Springdale
BENNETT William laborer h 24 Simms
BENNETT William ship carpenter h 33 Pleasant
BENNETT William tinsmith (Wm. Malcolm) bds South Side
BENSON Alex. seaman h Port Cove Road
BENSON Druscilla tailoress John Maunder bds Carter's Hill
BENSON Edgar clerk bds Port Cove Road
BENSON Elisha carpenter h 47 Carter's Hill
BENSON George cash boy Ayre & Sons Ltd.  
BENSON Joseph seaman h 244 Water West
BENSON Joshua ship carpenter h 17 Parade
BENSON Nathaniel laborer Job Bros. South Side
BENSON Samuel tinsmith (L. Diamond) h 111 Cabot
BENSON Thomas storekeeper Goodridges h 111 Cabot
BENSON William cabinet maker bds Port Cove Road
BENSON Wm. cabinet maker bds Kings Bridge Road
BENSON William F. clerk (Bank of Montreal) bds 45 Cochrane
BENTLEY Daniel linesman h 16 Dicks
BENTLEY William inspector telegraph lines h 70 Long's Hill
BERNARD A. E. Professor of French bds h[sic]
BERNAY Michael   h 28 Queen's Road
BERNE Charles tailor John Maunder bds Prescott
BERNE Michael cooper h 42 Kings Road
BERRIGAN Edward farmer bds 209 Gower
BERRIGAN Patrick accountant h 215 Gower
BERRIGAN Patrick J. accountant Baird Gordon & Co.  
BERRIGAN Pierce laborer h 54 Gower
BERRIGAN William grocer 209 Gower h 209 Gower
BERRY George cooper bds 4 Duckworth
BERRY James mason h 4 Duckworth
BERRY Mary wid John h 12 Gorman's Lane
BERTEAU A Le C Barrister Duckworth h 3 Devon Row
BERTEAU E. H. engineer bds Sunny Bank Torbay Road
BERTEAU Fortesque clerk Col. Sec. Office bds Sunny Bank
BERTEAU Frank C Comptroller and Auditor General office Departmental Building h Sunny Bank Torbay Road
BERTEAU Gerald electrician bds Sunny Bank
BEST Richard accountant Horwoods bds 14 Dunford
BEST William laborer h 14 Dunford
BILLINGS John C. cooper bds 33 Cochrane
BIGGS George book binder bds 77 Flower Hill
BIGGS Josiah cooper Henry Long h 31 Angel Place
BIGGS Nathaniel fitter h 254 Hamilton Avenue
BILLINGS Susan wid James h 30 Duckworth
BILLINGSBY John assistant Boot & Shoe bds 74 Hamilton
BILLINGSBY William clerk (Parker & Monroe) bds 74 Hamilton
BILLINGSBY William shoemaker Boot & Shoe Fact. h 74 Hamilton
BINDON John H. M. Customs h Lake Avenue
BINDON Louisa Miss dressmaker Lake Avenue bds Lake Avenue
BINDON William clerk bds Lake Avenue
BIRD George sea captain h 70 Brazil
BIRD James laborer h 4 Brennan
BIRD James laborer Bowering Bros. bds 4 Brennan's Lane
BIRD James seaman h 1 Lime Kiln Lane
BIRD James seaman bds 1 Flowers Hill
BIRD James teamster (R. G. Reid) h Topsail Road
BIRD Patrick laborer h 4 Tank Lane
BIRD Thomas laborer Municipal Council h 10 Livingstone
BISHOP Elizah engineer h 21 Holdsworth
BISHOP Field College W. W. Blackall Principal Bond
BISHOP Fredrick seaman h 22 Damaril's Lane
BISHOP George engineer h 17 Johns
BISHOP Harold accountant (Bishop & Monroe) bds 63 Le Merchant
BISHOP Henry carpenter bds 38 Brazil
BISHOP Isaac fireman h 16 1/2 Brine
BISHOP Jacob ship carpenter h 109 Cabot
BISHOP John clerk bds 42 Water
BISHOP Joseph fireman h 108 Casey
BISHOP & MONROE (Hon. R K Bishop W S Monroe General Importers and Exporters 313-341 Water  
BISHOP Ralph accountant (Bishop & Monroe) bds 63 LeMerchant
BISHOP Richard laborer h 34 Lime
BISHOP Robt K Hon of Bishop & Monroe h 63 LeMercht
BISHOP Samuel fireman h 80 Lime
BISHOP Spencer college Queen's Road  
BISHOP Stephen grocer 42 Water h 42 Water
BISHOP Walter clerk (Bishop & Monroe) h 94 Pleasant
BISSETT F. W. fish merchant bds Balmoral Hotel
BLACK James draper 276 1/2 Gower h 34 Freshwater Road
BLACKALL Wm. Walker Principal Bishop College h Bond
BLACKEM George fruit and candy 34 Water h 34 Water
BLASKER Alfred cooper h 25 Adelaide
BLACKER Edward cooper and lumber surveyor h 25 Adelaide
BLACKER George cooper h 14 Hutchings
BLACKER Maria wid William h South Side
BLACKLAR William mail clerk R. N. Co. h 241 Gower
BLACKLER William seaman bds South Side
BLACKLER Miss Minnie milliner Steer Bros.  
BLACKMORE Lizzie nurse General Hospital  
BLACKWOOD Andrew commission agent 10 Adelaide h Hamilton Avenue
BLACKWOOD Andrew   Hamilton Avenue
BLACKWOOD James P. barrister bds Hamilton Avenue
BLAIR Francis accountant H. Blair bds 3 Willicots Lane
BLAIR HENRY General Importer Dry Goods 243 Water h Masonic Terrace
BLAIR Henry merchant Water h 3 Willicots Lane
BLAIR Henmore? (HENNIURE) accountant Henry Blair h 1 Masonic Terrace
BLAIR Kenmeure? (KENINEURE) clerk H. Blair bds 3 Willicots Lane
BLANDFORD Archibald chief officer S. S. "Ethic" h 172 Gower
BLANDFORD John carpenter h 84 Carter's Hill
BLANDFORD Samuel ships' husband Reid Co. h Hopedale Circular R
BLANDFORD SYDNEY Barrister & Solicitor Agent for Mutual Life Assce of Canada 280 Duckworth bds Circular
BLATCH Harry electrician bds Rennywell Road
BLATCH Hy. general steamboat manager Harvey & Co. Boncloddy Collage Penney Well Road
BLEVINS Thomas engineer (S. S. Glencoe) bds 112 Duckworth
BLIDE John laborer h 18 Belvidere
BLUMENTHAL Lewis N. F. L. D. Furnishing Co. bds 21 Barter's Hill
BLUNDON S. clerk W. Frew  
BOGGAN Allan cooper bds 15 Long's
BOGGAN James cooper Harvey & Co. bds 15 Long's
BOGGAN James cooper shop 8 Boggan h 237 Theatre Hill
BOGGAN James cooper h 237 Gower
BOGGAN John accountant h 225 Gower
BOGGAN John cooper h 100 Duckworth
BOGGAN John storekeeper C. F. Bennett & Co.  
BOGGAN Richard cooper 15 Long's
BOGGAN Richard Jr. cooper James Boggan bds 15 Long's
BOLAN Marion clerk W. E. Bearns bds Flower Hill
BOLAND David laborer h 13 Buchanan
BOLAND James clerk (J. J. St. Johns) bds Pilot Hill
BOLAND James laborer 22 Pope
BOLAND John laborer Bowering Bros.  
BOLAND Josie Miss dressmaker bds 126 Duckworth
BOLAND Margaret wid Wm. bds 5 Quidi Vidi Road
BOLAND Michael messenger (Board of Works) h Duckworth
BOLAND Stephen laborer h Mundy Pond Road
BOLAND William Jr. painter bds 126 Duckworth
BOLAND William Sr. Printer Gazette Building h 126 Duckworth
BOLAND Wm. P. printer (Gazette) h 126 Duckworth
BOLAR Eliza wid George h 25 Stephens
BOLT Rev George Church England h Spencer Lodge
BOLT Lawrence laborer bds 277 Hamilton Avenue
BOLT Robert Mrs. wid h 277 Hamilton Avenue
BOLT Thomas brewer bds 277 Hamilton Avenue
BOLT William master cooper h 60 Patrick
BOND Charlie machinist Reid Nfld. Foundry bds LeMerchant Rd
BOND Charles seaman h 3 Simms
BOND Chesley boilermaker bds 5 Gilbert
BOND James boiler maker h 5 Gilbert
BOND James machinist Reid Nfld Foundry h LeMerchant Road
BOND SIR Robert KCMG Premier & P C Colonial Secretary office Departmental Building Duckworth bds Cochrane House
BOND Thomas seaman bds 3 Simms
BOONE Andrew cutter Nfld. Clothing Co. Factory  
BOONE Edward employee Boot & Shoe h 8 Alexander
BOONE Frederick brakeman h 85 Hamilton
BOONE George laborer bds 22 Scott
BOONE E. V. A. A. engineering student Queen's Road
BOONE Henry laborer 16 Power
BOONE Henry laborer bds 34 1/2 Buchanan
BOONE James laborer h 21 Fleming
BOONE James seaman h 8 Codner's Lane
BOONE John block and pump maker 6 Carnell h 6 Carnell
BOONE John laborer h 22 Scott
BOONE John teamster bds 21 Fleming
BOONE Joseph shipwright h South Side East
BOONE Samuel   h 40 Queen's Road
BOONE William block and pump maker 21 Springdale h 6 Carnell
BOONE William laborer h 216 Water
BOONE Henry V. draper bds Colonial bldg. Military Road
BOULIN Richard laborer h 11 Waldegrave
BOULOS Brothers (Edward Joseph) dry goods 426 Water  
BOULOS Domick pedler bds Waldegrave
BOULAS Edward Boulas Bros. bds Waldegrave
BOULOS Joseph Boulos Bros. Water bds 3 Waldegrave
BOULOS Michael pedler bds 3 Waldegrave
BOUNDRIDGE John laborer bds 17 Bambrick
BOUNDRIDGE Patrick laborer 17 Bambrick
BOVIDGE Evan sea captain h 55 Gower
BOWDEN Charles Wm. foreman tailor J. Adrain h Lime
BOWDEN & Co. printers 220 Duckworth  
BOWDEN E. assistant storekeeper Bowering Bros. Ltd.  
BOWDEN James cooper h 81 Hamilton
BOWDEN Pierce engineer bds 30 A Lime
BOWDEN Samuel sail maker h 30 A Lime
BOWDEN William printer Bowden & Co. h 37 Merry Meeting Road
BOWDEN W. H. of Bowden & Co. h 37 Merry Meeting Road
BOWDRIGE Ellen wid Martin h 12 Catherine
BOWERS Eli laborer bds 230 New Gower
BOWLEN John laborer h 24 Lime
BOWMAN William shoemaker 42 New Gower h 42 New Gower
BOWRING BROTHERS Ltd (Hon. Edgar R Bowring Mang Director Henry A Bowring Director) General Importers and Exporters 269-275 Water  
BOWRING Edgar R. Hon of Bowring Bros Ltd h 1 Devon Place Forrest Rd
BOWRING Henry A of Bowring Bros. Ltd h 28 Monkston Road
BOYD Sarah wid Joseph bds 20 Buchanan
BOYLE Ann Harvey Tobacco Factory bds 51 Fleming
BOYLE Sir Cavendish K C M G Governor of Newfoundland and its Dependencies res Government House Military Road
BOYLE Mary Jane wid Henry h 51 Fleming
BOYLES William laborer h 60 Barnes Road
BRACE Edward shoe maker Boot & Shoe bds 27 Water West
BRACE James baker Bowring's Bakery  
BRADBROCK James laborer h 7 Cabot
BRADBURY Charles joiner h 21 Maxese
BRADBURY Harry carman (Reid Nfld. Foundry) h off Pleasant
BRADBURY James Jr. clerk bds 158 Gower
BRADBURY James engineer h 158 Gower
BRADBURY James teamster h 13 Colonial
BRADBURY John laborer h 18 1/2 Fleming
BRADBURY J. clerk Hon. Geo. Knowling  
BRADBURY Margaret wid Jeremiah h 13 Colonial
BRADBURY Myra Clerk G. Knowling bds 68 Lime
BRADBURY Miss M. clerk Geo. Knowling  
BRADBURY Nathanial laborer h 39 McDougall
BRADBURY Samuel clerk G. P. O. bds 68 Lime
BRADBURY Samuel G. Third letter carrier G. P. O.  
BRADBURY Stephen agent Harvey Co. h 68 Lime
BRADBURY S. J. Third letter carrier Post Office  
BRADBURY William laborer h 23 Rositer's Lane
BRADLEY Addie clerk Klondike store bds 1 Alexander
BRADLEY Albert carpenter bds 1 1/2 Brazil
BRADLEY Carrie clerk Klondyke Store Gower bds 1 Alexander
BRADLEY Charles accountant (R. N. Co.) dry d. h 153 Gower
BRADLEY George grocer 208 Water h 256 Hamilton Avenue
BRADLEY Nathan cabinet maker h 15 Victoria
BRADLEY Sarah wid Thomas h 1 Alexander
BRADSHAW F W Commission Merchant McBrides Hill h 41 Military Road
BRADSHAW Henry com. merchant h 39 Military Road
BRADY Frank shoemaker h 13 Field
BRADY F. clerk Hon. Geo. Knowling  
BRAGG James tailor (W. P. Shortall) h 48 Long's Hill
BRAGG John laborer Harvey & Co. h 48 Long's Hill
BRAGG John seaman Duder's Water bds 48 Long's Hill
BRAHM Otto gardener h 67 Monkstown Road
BRAITHWAITE George sea captain h 17 1/2 Spencer
BRAKER Mrs Charles grocer 8 New Gower h 8 New Gower
BRAKER Miss Florence   bds 8 New Gower
BRAKER Ronald blacksmith 57 George's h 343 Duckworth
BRAMICK John butcher bds 23 Hamilton
BRAN Thomas laborer Goodridge & Sons h 5 Alexander
BRANSCOMBE James A. accountant Harvey & Co. h 4 Gower
BRANSFIELD William laborer bds 105 George's
BRAZEL David   h 180 New Gower
BRAZIL William seaman bds 109 New Gower
BRAZIL Frederick A Prop Octogan Castle Hotel Topsail Road See adv
BREAR J. R. clerk (Royal Store Ltd.) bds 206 Duckworth
BREAKER Ronald Blacksmith 57 George h Duckworth
BREAKER Roland blacksmith h 343 Duckworth
BREEN Bridie tailoress bds 121 Pleasant
BREEN Edward laborer h 80 George
BREEN Francis laborer h 10 Nunnery Hill
BREEN Herbert clerk Bishop & Monroe bds 27 York
BREEN Isaac painter Collier h 27 York
BREEN Jacob shoemaker h 32 Barter's Hill
BREEN James laborer h 27 York
BREEN John barber bds 121 Pleasant
BREEN John laborer h 48 1/2 George
BREEN John laborer bds 48 1/2 George
BREEN John   h 52 1/2 Monkstown Road
BREEN John tinsmith McCoubery bds 27 York
BREEN John tinsmith A. G. McCoubry h York
BREEN Kate   h 12 Nunnery Hill
BREEN Maurice seaman h 121 Pleasant
BREEN Patrick cooper bds 121 Pleasant
BREEN Patrick laborer h 12 Nunnery Hill
BREEN Patrick shoemaker Boot & Shoe h 49 Job
BREEN Peter fisherman bds 48 1/2 George
BREEN Robert truckman bds 121 Pleasant
BREEN Vincent ship carpenter h 80 George
BREHM Almon.? physician bds Circular Road
BREHM Frank book keeper Butterine Factory bds 18 Circular Rd
BREHM Robert A. Mangr. Butterine Factory h 18 Circular Road
BREMNER Isabella music teacher bds 99 Military Road
BREMNER Mary music teacher bds h 99 Military Road
BREMNER Priscilla wid Alexander h 2 Barnes Road
BREMNER Robert accountant h 99 Military Road
BRENNAN D. B. instructor bds Mount Cashil Torbay Road
BRENNAN Edward baker h 49 LeMerchant Road
BRENNAN James blacksmith Prescott h New Gower
BRENNAN James shoemaker h 303 Water West
BRENNAN James truckman h 230 Gower
BRENNAN Myra wid John 18 Bell
BRENNAN Patrick laborer h 73 George
BREMNER Walter laborer bds 32 Pleasant
BRENNAN William blacksmith 62 McFarlane's
BREWER Arthur messenger J. Squires bds 95 Pleasant
BRENNOCK John Mrs Prop Forrest Pond House Forest Pond Road
BREWER Isaac fisherman h 95 Pleasant
BREWER Thomas truckman bds 11 Pleasant
BRIAS J. clerk Royal Store  
BRICK John blacksmith h 14 Brine
BRIDDEN John mason h 4 Plymouth Road Cook Hill
BRIDGEMAN Miss   h 217 Gower
BRIAN David laborer h 50 Signal Hill Road
BRIEN Elizabeth wid John h Mundy Pond Road
BRIEN Fred. W. typewriter (Board Works) bds Water West
BRIEN Gustavus clerk G? Bryan bds 18 1/2 Lime
BRIEN James grocer 45 Job h 45 Job
BRIEN John carpenter Municipal Council h 85 Patrick
BRIEN John fireman h 14 Stephens
BRIEN John fisherman h 32 Lime
BRIEN John grocer New Gower bds 45 Job
BRIEN Michael laborer h 20 Lime
BRIAN Michael laborer h 17 Walsh Square Signal Hill Road
BRIAN Michael laborer h 18 Lime
BRIEN Michael laborer h 1 Wood
BRIEN Michael packer Ropewalk bds Mundy Pond Road
BRIEN Michael rope maker Col. Cordage Co. Ltd. h Mundy Pond Road
BRIEN Patrick laborer h 41 Cuddihy
BRIEN Peirce beer shop 394 Water h 394 Water
BRIEN Richard laborer h 71 Merry Meeting Road
BRIEN Thomas laborer h 9 College Square
BRIEN Thomas laborer h 18 1/2 Lime
BRIEN Thomas seamen h 27 James
BRIEN Thomas laborer h 4 Pope
BRIEN William seaman h 7 Larkins Square
BRIGHT Stephen tinsmith bds 12 Stuart
BRIGHT Stephen tinsmith W. J. Clouston h 12 Stuart Ave
BRINE Henry truckman bds 51 Cook
BRINE John laborer h 51 Cook
BRINE William laborer bds 194 New Gower
BRITISH America Fire Assurance Toronto Canada R. G. Rendell Co. agent  
BROCKLEHURST Charles accountant h 2 Carew
BROCKLEHURST Charles messenger (Col. Secy. office) h Carew
BROCKLEHURST Francis messenger (Col. Secy. office) h Carew
BROCKLEHURST Francis messenger h 7 Howe Place
BROCKLEHURST John printer Times office bds Carew
BROCKLEHURST John printer h 2 Carew
BROCKLEHURST Samuel shoemaker bds h 2 Carew
BRODERICK Edward motorman N. F. Co. h 6 Hutchings
BRODERICKS Mary wid Michael h 25 Waldegrave
BRODERICK Patrick ship carpenter h 69 Lime
BRODERICK Thomas joiner h 30 Fleming
BRODERICK Timothy H. M. Service 30 Prospect
BRODERICK William seaman h 30 Prospect
BRODERICK William tinsmith h 69 Lime
BRODERICK William tinsmith W. J. Clouston h 79 Lime
BROOKS John laborer h 63 Carter's Hill
BROOM Mary wid Bart h 3 Wood
BROPHY Agnes tailoress bds 42 Signal Hill Road
BROPHY Edward brewer h 42 Signal Hill Road
BROPHY Edward machinist bds 25 Plymouth Road
BROPHY Edward shoemaker bds 16 Walsh Square Signal Hill Rd
BROPHY Miss Ellie tailoress E. M. Jackman  
BROPHY H. J. clerk (J. J. St. John's) bds 42 Signal Hill Road
BROPHY James painter bds 16 Walsh Square Signal Hill Road
BROPHY Jeremiah laborer bds 16 Walsh Square Signal Hill Road
BROPHY John machinist bds 25 Plymouth Road
BROPHY John watchman N. F. R. h 16 Walsh Sq. Signal Hill Rd
BROPHY Kate dressmaker bds 42 Signal Hill Road
BROPHY Mary wid Richard bds 29 Patrick
BROPHY Minnie tailoress bds 25 Plymouth Road
BROPHY Patrick laborer h 25 Plymouth Road
BROPHY Stephen seaman bds 25 Plymouth Road
BROPHY William clerk Marshall Bros  
BROPHY William clerk bds 42 Signal Hill Road
BROWN Alexander engineer h 128 Hamilton
BROWN Alexander D. manager Reid Nfld. Foundry h Hamilton
BROWN Anna boarding house keeper h 8 Bulley
BROWN Elias carriage blacksmith J. C. Oake bds Bell
BROWN Ellen wid John prop. Terra Nova House 11 George
BROWN James clerk Bank Montreal bds 70 Duckworth
BROWN James laborer bds 2 Hunt's Lane
BROWN Johannah wid Patrick h 334 Water
BROWN John boilermaker bds 21 Hamilton
BROWN John cooper h 10 LeMerchant Road
BROWN Joseph carpenter h 24 Codners Lane
BROWN J. messenger Bank Montreal  
BROWN Libarius carpenter h 89 Casey
BROWN Miss Martha   h 50 Sheehan
BROWN Mary wid Donnell h 54 Barnes Road
BROWN Mary wid Wm. h 15 Tessier Place
BROWN Nicholas laborer bds 10 LeMerchant Bond
BROWN Patrick fisherman bds 34 Adelaide
BROWN Patrick tanner McKeen's Tannery South side
BROWN Philip clerk G. K. Knowling's bds 6 Bulley
BROWN Phillip store keeper Goodridge h 25 Victoria
BROWN Robert carpenter N. W. Chown bds 15 Carter's Hill
BROWN Timothy salesman h 7 Holdsworth
BROWN Thomas B. draper Ayre & Sons Ltd.  
BROWN Thomas laborer h 2 Moore
BROWN William carpenter bds Whitten's Hotel
BROWN William fisherman h 38 Wickford
BROWN William laborer h 118 Casey
BROWN William moulder (Nfld. Fry.) bds 220 Hamilton Avenue
BROWN William tanner McKeen Tannery h Water West
BROWN William tanner h 334 Water
BROWN Mrs. wid h 179 Gower
BROWN clerk (Ayre & Sons) bds 284 Duckworth
BROWNING Donald M. Hon MHA Barrister and Solicitor Shaws Lane h Water West
BROWNING G & SON John Browning Mgr Plain & Fancy Biscuit Manufacturers 371 r Water
BROWNING John of G. Browning & Son h 17 1/2 Military Road
BROWNRIGG Garret Jr. clerk 102 Water h 102 Water
BROWNRIGG Garret liquor 102 Water h 102 Water
BROWNRIGG Henry liquors 408 Water h 408 Water
BRUCE Charles agent life insurance h 42 Circular Road
BRUSHETT Archibald laborer bds 37 York
BRUSHETT John laborer h 37 York
BRUSHETT Samuel engineer h 29 Brazil
BRYDEN ALEXANDER Mgr Sun Life Insurance Co h 1 Duckworth
BRYDEN James agent h 339 Duckworth
BRYNE John engineer h 14 Plymouth Road
BRYNE Michael cooper bds 3 Cochrane
BUCHANAN George baker J. B. Ayre bds 11 Parade
BUCHANAN George engineer h 11 Parade
BUCHANAN Hugh engineer bds 11 Parade
BUCHANAN Hugh machinist ( Reid Nfld. Foundry) bds Parade
BUCHANAN Richard engineer bds 11 Parade
BUCK Patrick clerk J. J. St. Johns bds 16 Queens
BUCKLEY Alice clerk bds 59 Plymouth Road
BUCKLEY Miss Bridie milliner Mrs. A. Mitchell h 385 Waterford Bridge Road
BUCKLEY Catherine wid Thomas h 37 Duckworth
BUCKLEY Cornelius janitor St. Patrick's Hall h 89 Military Road
BUCKLEY Edward cooper h 20 1/2 Pleasant
BUCKLEY Henry clerk bds 16 Bond
BUCKLEY James clerk bds 16 Bond
BUCKLEY James cooper h 16 Bond
BUCKLEY James cooper bds 37 Duckworth
BUCKLEY James printer Bowden & Co. bds 6 Gorman Lane
BUCKLEY John cooper bds 37 Duckworth
BUCKLEY J. clerk Hon. Geo. Knowling  
BUCKLEY Maggie wid Thomas h 6 James
BUCKLEY Michael clerk bds 16 Bond
BUCKLEY Michael electrician apprentice Power House
BUCKLEY Patrick Sr. grocer 283-285 Water West h 285 Water West
BUCKLEY Patrick A. clerk bds h 384 Waterford Bridge Road
BUCKLEY Richard weigh master Harvey's h 6 Gorman's Lane
BUCKLEY Thomas planter h 384 Waterford Bridge Road
BUCKLEY Thomas printer Trade Review bds Theatre Hill
BUCKLEY T. L. clerk Hon. Geo. Knowling  
BUCKLEY William cooper h 82 New Gower
BUCKLEY William line foreman telephone dept. bds Harvey Road
BUCKMASTER John employee Buckmaster bds 17 New Gower
BUCKMASTER Patrick butcher 17 New Gower h 17 New Gower
BUDDEN Herbert clerk h 4 Atlantic Avenue
BUGDEN Andrew shoemaker h 29 Spencer
BUGDEN Benjiman (sic) printer h 38 Mullock
BUGDEN Eliza wid John bds 51 Job
BUGDEN George carpenter h 13 Field
BUGDEN Geo. clerk Hon. Geo. Knowling  
BUGDEN George laborer h 23 Cookstown
BUGDEN Harry fireman h 15 Parade
BUGDEN James draper Jackson & Co. h 51 Job
BUGDEN James L. draper Jackson & Co. 51 Job
BUGDEN Loval truckman h 53 Cook
BUGDEN Wilbert clerk Dicks & Co. bds 7 Boggan
BUGDEN William clerk Knowling h 13 Allans
BUGDEN W. J. clerk Hon. Geo. Knowling  
BULGER Edward printer Trade Review bds 13 Bogan
BULGER Gertrude tailoress bds 10 Pilot's Hill
BULGER Hannah book binder bds 10 Pilot's Hill
BULGER James joiner bds 10 Pilot Hill
BULGER John shoemaker bds 63 King's Bridge Road
BULGER Joseph joiner h 10 Pilot's Hill
BULGER Martin shoemaker h 63 King's Bridge Road
BULGER Nicholas moulder h 115 Pleasant
BULGER Patrick blacksmith forge 6 York h Portugal Cove Road
BULGER T. E. mem. Christian Bros. Mount St. Francis
BULGER Sarah dress maker 22 John
BULLARD T E Dentist 216 Water. See adv
BULLEY Arthur accountant bds 2 Stuart Ave
BULLEY Charles accountant h 2 Stuart Avenue
BULLEY Fannie dress clerk bds 41 Military Road
BULLEY Francis Jr. clerk bds 2 Stuart Avenue
BULLEY Francis music dealer Duckworth h 2 Stuart Avenue
BULLEY Gordon W. clerk Thomas Smythe bds 2 Stuart Ave
BULLEY James laborer h 44 Quidi Vidi Road
BULLEY Jessie clerk bds 41 Military Road
BULLEY Jessie clerk bds 2 Stuart Avenue
BULLEY Thomas coachman Hon. J. B. Ayre h South side
BULMAN A D Manufacturers Agent 234 Water bds Balmoral Hotel
BUNTING Margaret wid Fred. George bds Belair King's Road
BURCHELL H C civil engineer h "Avalon" Cottage Topsail Road
BURFITT Thomas clerk (M. Connors) bds Theater Hill
BURFIT Thomas drug clerk M. Connors h 214 Gower
BURGESS Albert seaman h 35 Adelaide
BURGESS Mrs. E. R. prop. Balsam House h 3 Barnes Road
BURGESS Thomas seaman h 46 Wickford
BURK Catherine Miss   bds 25 Stephens
BURKE James bailiff h 51 Gower
BURKE John auctioneer h 62 Prescott
BURKE John caterer h 115 Bond
BURKE John crier Supreme Court h 51 Gower
BURKE John laborer h 247 Water
BURKE John shoemaker Boot & Shoe bds 8 Murphy
BURKE John ship carpenter h 62 Lime
BURKE Joseph painter bds 115 Bond
BURKE Martin laborer Bishop & Monroe h 4 Murphy's Square
BURKE Michael laborer h 4 James
BURKE M. N. accountant (Thomas Smyth) bds 88 Circular Road
BURKE Norbert accountant bds h 88 Circular Road
BURKE Vincent supt. Catholic schools bds 88 Circular Road
BURKE William cooper bds 247 Water West
BURKE William fisherman h 86 McFarlane's
BURKETT Leander agent h 13 Larkin's Square
BURN Anne wid James h 15 Flavin
BURNS Charles employee Boot & Shoe h Buckley Lane
BURN Elizabeth employee Parker & Monroe bds 24 Hutchings
BURN James boilermaker h 7 Wood
BURN James engineer bds 24 Hutchings
BURN Jas. salesman Thistle & Co. lumber merchants h 15 Flavin
BURN Jerry laborer h 74 Barnes Road
BURNS John bartender h 7 Wood
BURN Lawrence cooper h 44 Cabot
BURN Martha employee Ropewalk bds 24 Hutchings
BURN Michael store keeper G. Neal 4 Bannerman
BURN Patrick engineer Reid N. F. Co. bds 24 Hutchings
BURNS William fireman  
BURNHAM Frederick buyer G. Knowling's h 17 Military Road
BURNSTEIN J. The Ladies Tailor 307 Water h 307 Water
BURRIDGE Charles mason h Battery Road
BURRIDGE Charles mason h 1 Convent Lane
BURRIDGE Cyprian mason h 7 Murray
BURRIDGE Donald clerk h South Side
BURRIDGE Ernest mason h 59 Pleasant
BURRY Elizabeth   h 5 Williams Lane
BURRY Henry seaman h 27 LeMerchant Road
BURSETT Frederick undertaker 144? New Gower h 144? New Gower
BURSELL George H. M. accountant ? Bros. Co. bds Sudbury Cottage Water w
BURSELL George clerk Job Bros. & Co. Sudbury Hall Sudbury
BURSELL James R. fruit dealer 13? New Gower h Sudbury ? S. West
BURSELL Jas. K. grocer New Gower bds Sudbury Cottage Water w
BURSELL Sydney clerk Royal Stores ? New Gower
BURSELL Sydney E. cash keeper (Royal Stores)? bds Sudbury Cottage Water West
BURSEY Joseph carpenter h 29 Angel Place
BURT H. Norman delivery dept. Ayre & Sons Ltd  
BURT James carman E. Murray 11 Adelaide h 5 Spencer
BURT James truckman h 5 Spencer
BURT John fisherman h 33 Cook
BURT Joshua draper h 9 Hamilton
BURT March clerk Bowering Bros. Ltd.  
BURT M. S. hardware clerk Bowering Bros. h 87? Freshwater
BURT Norman draper Ayre & Sons h 5 Spencer
BURTON Blanch laundress bds 72 Brazil
BURTON Emily dressmaker bds 6 Williams
BURTON John shoemaker h 17 Colonial
BURTON Patrick engineer h 12 Young
BURTON Thomas clerk Thomas Smyth h 6 Williams
BURTON Thomas store keeper h 6 Williams
BUSH Richard pilot h 6 Duckworth
BUSSEY Cora wid George h 92 Duckworth
BUSSEY Elizabeth wid James h 6 Larkin's Square
BUSSEY John picture framer h 152 Gower
BURSEY Solomon laborer Bowering Bros.  
BUTLER Abner seaman bds 3 Bulley
BUTLER Benjamin telephone repairer bds 16 Queen's
BUTLER Charles accountant bds 64 LeMerchant Road
BUTLER Charles laborer Job Bros. South Side
BUTLER Ebenezer carpenter h 6 Dumford
BUTLER Eliza wid James h 14 William
BUTLER George baker Browning Bakery  
BUTLER George H. M. Customs h 17 Spencer
BUTLER Miss Georgina clerk G. L. Inkpen's h 17 Spencer
BUTLER Heber cash boy bds Hamilton
BUTLER Herbert wireman electric dept. bds Bell
BUTLER Isaac clerk h 14 Williams
BUTLER Isaac clerk W. D. Morrison & Co. bds South Side
BUTLER Isaac laborer Job Bros. h South Side
BUTLER James laborer h 2 Damaril's Lane
BUTLER James laborer h 18 Colonial
BUTLER James seaman h 48 George
BUTLER John Jr. baker Browning's Bakery  
BUTLER John Sr. baker Browning's Bakery  
BUTLER John laborer Job Bros. h South Side
BUTLER John laborer h 17 Young
BUTLER John A. grocer 28 Mullock h 28 Mullock
BUTLER John F. picture framer bds 3 Bulley
BUTLER J. B. clerk Hon. Geo. Knowling  
BUTLER J. M. store keeper R. G. Rendell  
BUTLER Joseph farmer h Cockpit Road
BUTLER Joseph fisherman h 31 Bannerman
BUTLER Joseph laborer h 88 Lime
BUTLER Joseph store keeper W. B. Rendell h 80 Pleasant
BUTLER Joseph E. teamster h South Side
BUTLER Josiah laborer Job Bros. h South Side
BUTLER Mary wid James h 41 McDougall
BUTLER Matthew laborer Bowering Bros. Ltd. h South Side
BUTLER Matthew laborer bds South Side
BUTLER Matthew livery stable h 166 Hamilton
BUTLER Maud tailoress John Maunder bds Spencer
BUTLER Patrick laborer Bowering Bros. h South side
BUTLER Patrick seaman h 109 New Gower
BUTLER Peter clerk bds 6 Dunford
BUTLER Philip brakeman Reid N. F. Co. h 9 Queen's
BUTLER Philip G. school teacher h 50 LeMerchant Road
BUTLER Richard carman Port Cove Road
BUTLER Richard clerk M. Dyer  
BUTLER Richard cooper bds 23 Butler Place off Hamilton
BUTLER Samuel   h 52 Cookstown
BUTLER Simon clerk P. Office h 119 Cabot
BUTLER Simon clerk registry office h Barter's Hill
BUTLER Solomon H. M. C. h 104 Barnes Road
BUTLER Stephen carpenter h 127 Cabot
BUTLER Stephen laborer h 23 Butler Place off Hamilton
BUTLER Theresa Mrs. confectionery etc. 109 New Gower h 109 New Gower
BUTLER Walter farmer h Topsail Road
BUTLER William architect h 5 Bell
BUTLER William cabman h 8 Boncloddy
BUTLER William clerk G. Knowling's h 92 Pleasant
BUTLER William laborer (telephone dept.) bds 16 Queen's Road
BUTLER William R. shoemaker bds 3 Bulley
BUTLER W. P. clerk Hon. Geo. Knowling  
BUTLER Ziporah wid John T. h 3 Bulley
BUTLER W F Architect and Supt of Buildings McBride's Hill h 25 Prescott
BUTTERWORTH George   h 182 Beaumont
BUTT A. packer Marshall Bros.  
BUTT Charles H. clerk bds 2 Maxse
BUTT George laborer h 65 Gower
BUTT George seaman h 15 Cookstown
BUTT Henry foreman Nfld. F. & M. Co. h Plymouth Road
BUTT Henry T. foreman h 114 Quidi Vidi Road
BUTT Jacob laborer h 25 James
BUTT James laborer h 25 Rossiter's Lane
BUTT John lab h 44 Goodview
BUTT John seaman h 22 Damaril's Lane
BUTT John C. carpenter 64 Springdale
BUTT Joseph lab h 16 Barter's Hill
BUTT Moses blacksmith 22 George h 20 George
BUTT Moses blacksmith h 34 George
BUTT Samuel fisherman h 14 Lime
BUTT Solomon carpenter h 139 Cabot
BUTT Solomon lab bds 29 Stephens
BUTT T. Miss dressmaker Royal Stores  
BUTT Thomas F. store keeper h 2 Maxe[sic]
BUTT Wm. clerk W. D. Morrison's & Co.  
BUTT William lab. h 11 Princes
BUTTON George talyman (sic) h Pilot's Hill
BUTTON Levi lab. h Gower
BYERS William H. Adjutant S A h 63 Power
BYRNE Adalade [sic] clerk bds 29 Plymouth Road
BYRNE Charles tailor (Maunders) bds 53 Prescott
BYRNE Dennis cooper h 53 Prescott
BYRNE Edward plumber h 24 Hutchings
BYRNE Edward shoemaker 8 Alexander
BYRNE Elizabeth Miss   h 80 Circular Road
BYRNE Emma wid Patrick h South side
BYRNE Garrett Bookseller & Stationer 357 Water h Topsail Road
BYRNE James cooper bds 133 New Gower
BYRNE James draper bds 221 New Gower
BYRNE James lab. h 4 Bannerman
BYRNE James laborer h 40 Pleasant
BYRNE James sea captain h 221 New Gower
BYRNE James storekeeper D. Thistle & Co.  
BYRNE James H. clerk Baird Gordon & Co.  
BYRNE John cooper h 58 Bannerman
BYRNE John grocer h 7 Wood
BYRNE John policeman h 67 Harvey Road
BYRNE Joseph lab. h 65 Haywards
BYRNE Lizzie employee Parker & Monroe  
BYRNE Margaret wid Michael h 20 Tessier Place
BYRNE Michael clerk bds 4 Bannerman
BYRNE Michael lab. bds 2 Stephen
BYRNE Minnie Miss dressmaker bds 18 Murphy's Square
BYRNE Miss tailoress Royal Stores Clothing Co.  
BYRNE Mrs. wid h 62 Gower
BYRNE Patrick clerk Harris bds 18 Murphy's Square
BYRNE Patrick lab h 15 College Square
BYRNE Patrick lab bds 25 Pleasant
BYRNE Patrick L. lab h 32 Mullock
BYRNE Philip clerk R. N. F. Co. bds 53 Prescott
BYRNE Richard brass moulder h 18 Murphy's Square
BYRNE Richard liquors 362 Water h 362 Water
BYRNE Richard watchman h Mundy Pond Road
BYRNE Thomas cooper h 17 Bannerman
BYRNE Thomas lab h 17 Mullock
BYRNE William sea captain h 3 Cochrane
BYRNE William teamster h New Gower

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