1935 Census

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1935 Census

South Coast Region ~ Ramea East District

Red Island

Section from Fox Is. Hr. (exc) to Grand Bruit (inc). District of Fortune Bay, Burgeo-LaPoile
Microfilm Reel # M-8049, Vol 7 & 8, Pages 477-480
Age is age at last birthday. Column Headings: Surname, Given Name(s), REL=Relationship to head of household, G=Gender, STA=Status of person (M=Married, S=Single, W=Widow, or Widower). ?=unreadable. Where handwriting is difficult to decipher, the word will be in brackets with a question mark to indicate that that's what it looks like. Place of birth, when readable, will be noted only when it is other than Nfld.

Transcribed by RON ST. CROIX, May 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be errors.

FOOTE John Head M M 5-
FOOTE Martha Wife F M 47

FOOTE Robert Head M M 69
FOOTE (Damerse ?) Wife F M 48
FOOTE James Son M S 28
FOOTE William Son M S 23
FOOTE Norman Son M S 20
FOOTE Ward Son M S 18
FOOTE Ernest Son M S 15
FOOTE Francis Dau F S 2-
SCOTT George Nephew M S 10

FOOTE William Head M M 64
FOOTE Elizabeth Wife F M 58
FOOTE John Son M S 27

COSSAR Thomas Head M M 4-
COSSAR Laura Wife F M 34
COSSAR Georgina Dau F S 14
COSSAR Marian Dau F S 12
COSSAR John Son M S 1-
COSSAR William Son M S 7
COSSAR Given Son M S 6
COSSAR Eva Nornan Dau F S 3mts
COSSAR William Son M M 29

FOOTE Fred Head M M (44 ?)
FOOTE Mary Wife F M 42
FOOTE Voilet Dau F S 13
FOOTE Mildred Dau F S 11
FOOTE Hilda Dau F S 8
FOOTE Walter Son M S ?
FOOTE Albert Son M S 6mts

SCOTT Francis Head F W 63
KINSLOW Wallace SIL M M 33
KINSLOW Lillian Dau F M 29
KINSLOW Joseph Grand Son M S 6
KINSLOW Wallace Grand Son M S 11
KINSLOW John Grand Son M S 13
KINSLOW Mabel Grand Dau F S 8
KINSLOW Theo Grand Son M S 4
KINSLOW Claude Grand Son M S 1

FOOTE Lewis Head M M 35
FOOTE Mary Wife F M 33
FOOTE Harry Son M S 12
FOOTE Kenneth Son M S 6

KINSLOW Owen Head M M 55
KINSLOW Elizabeth Wife F M 50

KINSLOW William Head M W 43
KINSLOW Cecil Son M S 16
KINSLOW Sarah Sister F S 40
KINSLOW Thomas Son M S 15
KINSLOW Hilda Dau F S 12
KINSLOW Gerald Son M S 5

HATCHER Robert Head M M 61
HATCHER Elizabeth Wife F M 53
HATCHER Lydia Dau F W 31
HATCHER Allan Son M S 23
HATCHER (Robert ?) * Son M S 15
HATCHER Reta Grand Dau F S 5

CREWE Samuel Head M M 53
CREWE Maude Wife F M 43
CREWE Nathan Son M S 18
CREWE Jessie Dau F S 17
CREWE Frank Son M S 15
CREWE Augustus Son M S 11
CREWE Edwin Son M S 9
CREWE Cyril Son M S 4
CREWE Gladys Dau F S 2
CREWE Ethel * Dau F S 20
* Transcriber's Note: The entry for Ethel was crossed out.

FOOTE Ivan Head M M 39
FOOTE Eliza Wife F M 28
FOOTE Ada Dau F S 3

FOOTE Robert Sr Head M M 78
FOOTE Martha Wife F M 74
FOOTE Victor Son M S 31

SCOTT (Melida ?) Head F W 27
SCOTT Seaward Son M S 5
SCOTT Mary Dau F S 1

COSSAR Albert Head M M 47
COSSAR Francis Wife F M 45
COSSAR Thomas Son M S 18
COSSAR Hannah Dau F S 17
COSSAR Irene Dau F S 15
COSSAR Edna Dau F S 12
COSSAR Eliza Dau F S 9
SCOTT Howard Nephew M S 16

COSSAR Helen Head F W 67
LUSHMAN William Lodger M S 18

COSSAR Samuel Head M M 78
COSSAR Elizabeth Wife F M 687
COSSAR Peter Son M S 20
SCOTT Frederick Grand Son M S 12

INGRAM Robert Head M M 51
INGRAM Agnes Wife F M 47
INGRAM George Son M S 20
KINSLOW Agnes Dau F W 22
KINSLOW Annie Grand Dau F S 3
INGRAM Pearl Dau F S 16
INGRAM John Son M S 14
INGRAM Harvey Son M S 12

COSSAR George Head M S 59
COSSAR Lot Brother M S 50
COSSAR Arthur Head M M 63
COSSAR Caroline Wife F M 62
COSSAR Lot Son M M 28
COSSAR Jack * Son M S 25
COSSAR Mary Mother F W 83
* Transcriber's Note: The entry for Jack was crossed out.


CARROLL Garfield Son M S 26
FUDGE David Adop Son M S 21
FOOTE Myrtle Dau F S 16
KINSLOW Andrew Son M S 20
FOOTE laurs MIL F W 67
LAWRENCE Elsie Cousin F S 14
FOOTE Wallace Son M S 27
COSSAR Hannah Dau F S 23
SPENCER Cecil Son M S 24
MADSEN Rita Dau F M 24
MADSEN Hope Grand Dau F S 10mts
ROSE James Son M S 17
DICKS Edna Dau F S 25
(SAMWAYS ?) Deborah Dau F S 29
(MOULTEN ?) (Nellie ?) Dau F S 25
DOMINEY Genevieve SIL F S 19
MATTHEWS Sarah Wife F M 72
ANDERSON Charley Lodger M S 25
LAWRENCE Rosie Servant F S 16

Transcriber's Notes:
Place of Residence for the first two entries in the Missions group was recorded as "Deer Island". For entries 3-8 Place of Residence was recorded as "Red Island". For entries 9-20 Place of Residence was recorded as "Red Island".

Family and Residence numbers were recorded for all Families in this census. Cross referencing these numbers with the family and residence numbers recorded for each person in the "Missions" group shows the following:
Garfield Carroll is s/o Albert & Susanna Carroll - See 1935 Deer Island.
David Fudge is s/o John & Annabel Dominey - See 1935 Deer Island.
Myrtle Foote is d/o Fred & Mary Foote - See this census
Andrew Kinslow is s/o Owen and Elizabeth Kinslow - See this census
Laura Foote is MIL of Samuel Carroll (h/o Maude) - See this census
Elsie Lawrence is cousin of Ivan Foote - See this census
Wallace Foote is s/o Robert Sr & Martha Foote - See this census
Hannah Cossar is d/o Helen Cossar - See this census
Cecil Spencer is s/o Edith Spencer - See 1935 Burgeo
Rita and Hope Madsen are possibly Dau & Gr Dau of John & Elizabeth Remo - See 1935 Burgeo.
James Rose is s/o Maude Rose - See 1935 Burgeo.
Edan Dicks is d/o Edwin and Maria Dicks - See 1935 Burgeo.
Deborah (Samways ?) is d/o George & May (Samways ?) - See 1935 Burgeo.
(Nellie ?) (Moulten ?) is d/o John T. & Valencis Moulten - See 1935 Burgeo.
Fred Beauchamp is s/o Abraham & Louisa Beauchamp - See 1935 Burgeo.
Genevieve Dominey is SIL of Henry Parsons (h/o Greta) - See 1935 Burgeo.
Sarah Matthews is w/o George Matthews (age 73) - See 1935 Burgeo.
Charles Anderson is a Lodger with family of Johathan & Isabel Bowdridge - See 1935 Burgeo.
Rosie Lawrence is Servant with family of Eleazer & Jessie Brace - See 1935 Burgeo.

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