1935 Census

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1935 Census

South Coast Region ~ Ramea East District

Fox Island Harbour

Section from Cul de Sac East(exc) to Fox Is. Hr.(inc). District of Fortune Bay, Burgeo-LaPoile
Microfilm Reel # M-8049, Vol 7 & 8, Pages 430-436
Age is age at last birthday. Column Headings: Surname, Given Name(s), REL=Relationship to head of household, G=Gender, STA=Status of person (M=Married, S=Single, W=Widow, or Widower). ?=unreadable. Where handwriting is difficult to decipher, the word will be in brackets with a question mark to indicate that that's what it looks like. Place of birth, when readable, will be noted only when it is other than Nfld.

Transcribed by RON ST. CROIX, March 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be errors.

McDONALD John Thomas Head M W 29
McDONALD Ezekiel Father M M 79
McDONALD Emma Mother F M 74
McDONALD Edith Niece F S 19

McDONALD Edward Head M M 48
McDONALD Augusta Wife F M 39
McDONALD Cyril Son M S 5

BUNTER John Thomas Head M M 38
BUNTER Violet Wife F M 32
BUNTER Louisa Dau F S 12
BUNTER Emily Mother F W 67

PORTER Elizabeth Head M W 57
PORTER Dora Dau F S 28
PORTER Alan Son M S 24
PORTER Florence Dau F S 20

WARREN Albert Head M S 55
WARREN John Brother M S 44

BUNTER James Head M M 41
BUNTER Beatrice Wife F M 35
BUNTER Myrtly Dau F S 12
BUNTER Dorman Son M S 9
BUNTER Elizabeth Dau F S 7
BUNTER Harvey Son M S 5
BUNTER James Son M S 2

YOUNG Thomas Head M S 24
YOUNG Rita May Wife F M 17

VARDY Edward Head M S 40
VARDY Annie Mother F W 73

HAYMAN John Head M M 32
HAYMAN Josephine Wife F M 27
HAYMAN Annie Elizabeth Dau F S

MARKS John Head M M 66
MARKS Annie Wife F M 60
MARKS John Thomas Son M S 21

WARREN Samuel Edward Head M M 48
WARREN Elizabeth Frances Wife F M 42
WARREN Gladys Dau F S 15
WARREN James Son M S 82

VARDY George Head M M 42
VARDY Annie Wife F M 37
VARDY Florence Dau F S 18
VARDY Abram Son M S 14
VARDY Stanley Son M S 10
VARDY Samuel Son M S 6
VARDY Minnie Dau F S 3
VARDY Louis Norman Son M S 1mo

VARDY John Head M M 47
VARDY Lucy Maud Wife F M 40
VARDY Ward Son M S 23
VARDY George Son M S 15
VARDY Annie Dau F S 13
VARDY Ettie Dau F S 11
VARDY Thelma Dau F S 9
VARDY Ethel Jane Dau F S 7
VARDY Norman Son M S 4
VARDY Raymond Son M S 2

COLEY John William Head M M 66
COLEY Sarah Wife F M 51

COLEY Elizabeth Ann Head F W 60

WARREN Fred Head M M 28
WARREN Bertha Wife F M 23
WARREN Annie Dau F S 6
WARREN Dorothy Dau F S 3
WARREN Elizabeth Dau F S 8mos

HAYMAN John Abram Head M M 24
HAYMAN Diana Wife F M 21
HAYMAN Hilda Dau F S 4
HAYMAN Hartley Son M S 2
HAYMAN Grace Dau F S 8mos
HAYMAN Emma Mother F W 60

COLEY Joseph Head M M 51
COLEY Mary Wife F M 44
COLEY Kenneth Son M S 25
COLEY Joseph Son M S 22
COLEY Emma Dau F S 19
COLEY James Son M S 17
COLEY John Son M S 15
COLEY Cassie Dau F S 13
COLEY Sarah Dau F S 12

COLEY Minnie Head F W 38
COLEY George Son M S 18
COLEY Emily Dau F S 15
COLEY Ivan Son M S 11
COLEY Hester Jane Dau F S 8

COLEY James Head M M 41
COLEY Elsie Wife F M 31
COLEY Wilhelmina Dau F S 11
COLEY Rubina Dau F S 4mos
COLEY Elizabeth Mother F W 86

COLEY Reuben Head M M 54
COLEY Susan Wife F M 54
COLEY Alexander Son M S 22

COLEY William Head M M 32
COLEY Ellen Jane Wife F M 28
COLEY Thomas Reuben Son M S 6
COLEY Michael Son M S 4
KEEPING Ellen Aunt-in-law F W 65

HAYMAN John Head M M 70
HAYMAN Edith Wife F M 62

HAYMAN Samuel Head M M 39
HAYMAN Blanche Wife F M 33
HAYMAN Ernest Son M S 15
HAYMAN Elizabeth Jane Dau F S 13
HAYMAN Maggie Dau F S 11
HAYMAN Edgar Dau F S 6

ROSE Hubert Head M W 64
ROSE George Son M M 24
ROSE Harriet DIL F M 21

COLEY Thomas Head M W 58
COLEY Ward Son M M 24
COLEY Bessie DIL F M 23
COLEY Sadie Grand dau F S 6
COLEY Ada Grand dau F S 8mos

WARREN Henry Head M M 47
WARREN Rebecca Wife F M 47
WARREN Gertrude Dau F S 15

PORTER Edwin Head M M 31
PORTER Anna Belle Wife F M 26
PORTER Beulah Dau F S 7
PORTER Rosanna Dau F S 5
PORTER Edna Dau F S 2

ROSE Simeon Head M M 39
ROSE Christina Wife F M 31
ROSE Mary Dau F S 10
ROSE Irene Dau F S 9
ROSE Maxwell Son M S 7
ROSE Vera Dau F S 4

HAYMAN Benjamin Head M W 56
HAYMAN Benjamin (Jr.) Son M S 23
HAYMAN Millie Dau F S 19
HAYMAN Annie Dau F S 16
HAYMAN Samuel Son M S 12

PORTER Louis Head M M 37
PORTER Bessie Wife F M 34
PORTER Gilbert Son M S 13
PORTER Maud Dau F S 11
PORTER Frank Son M S 8
PORTER Cecil Son M S 6
PORTER Leona Dau F S 3
PORTER Claude Son M S 7mos
YOUNG Minnie Domestic F S 19

HAYMAN George Head M M 33
HAYMAN Winifred Wife F M 29
HAYMAN Ellen Dau F S 6
HAYMAN Margaret Dau F S 4
HAYMAN Gerald Son M S 2

WARREN Henry Edward Head M M 40
WARREN Mary Ann Wife F M 34
WARREN Menorah Dau F S 15
WARREN Rosanna Dau F S 15
WARREN Freeman Son M S 11
WARREN Dorothy Dau F S 8
WARREN Leah Dau F S 4
WARREN Melinda Dau F S 1
WARREN Edward Father M W 73

WARREN James Wm. Head M W 52
WARREN Leah Dau F S 25
WARREN Alice Dau F S 22
WARREN John Francis Son M S 20
WARREN Susanna Dau F S 18
WARREN Bridget Grace Dau F S 12
WARREN Nathan Son M S 10
WARREN Annie Morris Grand dau F S 7mos

HAYMAN Hugh William Head M M 66
HAYMAN Maria Wife F M 57
HAYMAN Jessie Dau F S 15
HAYMAN Benjamin Son M S 15
HAYMAN Rosanna Niece F S 10

HAYMAN Walter Head M W 22
HAYMAN Wilfred Son M S 4
ROSE John Head M M 22
ROSE Deborah Wife F M 21

HAYMAN Alfred Head M M 42
HAYMAN Lily Wife F M 37
HAYMAN Gordon Son M S 16
HAYMAN Maria Jane Dau F S 14
HAYMAN Annie Dau F S 12
HAYMAN Henry Son M S 8
HAYMAN Grace Dau F S 6
HAYMAN John William Son M S 8 days

WARREN George S. Head M M 50
WARREN Elizabeth Wife F M 46
WARREN John Henry Son M S 23
WARREN Emanuel Son M S 19
WARREN Edgar Son M S 16

McDONALD Edward Head M M 65
McDONALD John William Son M S 40
McDONALD Muriel Grand dau F S 12
McDONALD Nathan Grand son M S 9

WARREN George Head M M 60
WARREN Fanny Wife F M 55
WARREN John Son M S 13

ROSE Ernest Head M M 31
ROSE Sarah Melinda Wife F M 28
ROSE Susy Dau F S 6
ROSE Clara Dau F S 4

HAYMAN Samuel F. Head M M 38
HAYMAN Esther Jane Wife F M 41
HAYMAN Winifred Dau F S 16
GRANDY William H. Nephew-in-law M S 18
McDONALD Ernest Servant M S 23

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