Will of Albert Edgar Moulton
Newfoundland will books, volume 11 pages 507 & 508 probate year 1920

This will was read, recorded and transcribed by JUDY BENSON
While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors

Albert Edgar Moulton
In re 
Albert Edgar Moulton deceased. 

I Albert Edgar Moulton of Burgeo, Nfld. Clerk being of sound mind and memory and considering the uncertainty of life do therefore make and declare this to be my first, last, and only will and testament. 

First. I will name of my assets: they are as follows:- 1 Insurance Policy worth at my death [$1000] one thousand dollars in the Mutual Life of New York U.S.A. Policy in possession of my father, Thomas Moulton of Burgeo, Nfld. Merchant. 25 - one hundred dollar shares in the Burgeo Co-operative Fox Bruders Co. Ltd. of Burgeo Nfld. 1, One hundred dollar share in the Rayner International Fox Co. of Summerside P.E.I. 6. Twenty-five dollar shares in the Glenaladale Silver Black Fox Co. of Glenaladale P.E.I 332. One dollar shares in the Canada Nfld Development Co. of North Sydney, Cape Breton. 1 Dwelling House, land on which it stands, and a small space around it, furniture and household goods. 1 motorboat and engine. 1/2 share in Billiard Board. 1 Island situated in Big Barachois near Burgeo known as the Eastern Duck Island, of which I hold the grant. 1 Salmon rod. Fly-hooks. Lines. Reels. Traces etc. and my personal effects. Liabilities as far as I know I have none. If there happen to be any, after they are paid. I desire to be handed back to my father the said Thomas Moulton the shares I hold in the Burgeo Co-operative Fox Breeders Co., who gave them to me. I next desire to be handed back to my brother George Robert Moulton his heirs or assigns the shares I hold in the Glenaladale Silver Black Fox Co., given to me by him. All the rest and residue of my possessions real and personal I give and bequeath to my infant child "Ena Amy Moulton" now under the guardianship of her grandparents John C. Cunningham of Burgeo Nfld Sub-Collector and his wife. If my father the said Thomas Moulton predecease my child the shares in the Burgeo Fox Breeders Co., goes to her also. If my child predeceases me I desire a headstone to be erected to her and a division of my property as follows:- The dwelling-house and land belonging to it to be handed back to my father the said Thomas Moulton. My motor-boat and engine to be given to my brother Lewis Moulton of Burgeo, Newfoundland. Clerk. My salmon rod, fly hooks, lines, reels, traces, etc. I bequeath to my father the said Thomas Moulton. My shares in the Rayner International Fur Co. of Summerside of P.E.I. of which my late wife held a half interest, all silverware, all that can be recognized as wedding presents, all cushions, embroidered work and anything of that nature of which I am unable to name, all linen, my late wife's jewelry, trinkets etc. and her personal effects to be handed over to my late wife's parents the said John C. Cunningham and his wife, to be distributed among their sons and daughters as they deem best. All the rest and residue of my possessions to be divided or sold and money divided equally among my brothers and sisters as follows:- George Robert Moulton, Clarinda Emily Mercer [wife of Rev. R.F. Mercer now at Hr. Breton, Nfld] Maud Mary Moulton, Agnes Lydia Moulton and Lewis Moulton. In case of any of their deaths, their children to have their father's or mother's portion as the case may be. If leaving no issue, then it is to be equally divided among those remaining. I hereby appoint John C. Cunningham and his wife guardians of my child during their lifetime and failing them her Aunt "Amy Mary Cunningham" I also appoint my father Thomas Moulton and John C. Cunningham Executors of this my only will and testament and in case of their demise, George Robert Moulton to replace the former and Victor Ward Cunningham of Burgeo Nfld to replace the latter. 

In witness whereof I the testator have hereunto set my hand this second day of June in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and sixteen. Signed Albert Edgar Moulton. Witnesses to signature W.H. Moulton Jno A. Matthews. 

Correct William F. Lloyd 
Registrar of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland. (Listed in the margin next to this will the following) 

Fiat Aug 21/20 

Johnson J. 
Probate granted to
John C. Cunningham
August 27/20
Estate sworn
at $24?50.00 ( Page damaged, difficult to read)

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