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The Petition of John Vatcher concerning the Estate of Stephen Vatcher

Probate year 1893, from the LDS microfilm # 2057390

To the Honourable the Supreme Court or to one of the Honourable the Judges thereof.

The petition of John Vatcher of Burgeo.

Humbly Sheweth

That Stephen Vatcher late of Burgeo Planter deceased died in that vicinity by drowning on or about the 24th day of October AD 1891, intestate.

Said deceased at the time of his death was possessed of property of the probable value of Three thousand five hundred dollars.

Said deceased left him surviving ten children as follows

1. Your petitioner John Vatcher 2. James Vatcher

3. Richard Vatcher 4. Joseph Vatcher

5. George Vatcher 6. Stephen Vatcher

7. Jemina Vatcher 8. Ellen Vatcher

9. Sarah Jane Vatcher 10. Martha Vatcher

All of said children have signed the memorandum of consent which is hereto annexed marked ďAĒ and before it was so signed by James, Richard, and Martha who signed the same by making their marks, it was read over and explained and thoroughly understood by them.

a. Stephen Vatcher the youngest of said children is of the age of about twenty five years.

b. No probate of any will nor letters of administration of the estate of said deceased have been granted to any person.

Petitioner therefore prays that letter of administration of the Estate of said Stephen Vatcher deceased may be granted to him.

And as in duty bound he will ever pray to.

Dated at St. Johnís this 2nd day of December. 1892

John Vatcher

Supreme Court


St. Johnís

I John Vatcher at present of Saint Johnís make oath and say that I am the petitioner named in the foregoing petition and that are several matters and things set forth and contained are correct and true.

Sworn at Saint Johnís

this 2nd day of

December AD 1892 John Vatcher

Before me

Geo. J. Aoaws?



Mr. Stephen Vatcher of Burgeo was drowned through the upsetting? of his point? on the 24th day of October 1891 leaving property to the amount of $3500 in all, but no will.

We the undersigned members of the family, request that Mr. John Vatcher should act in the capacity of Administrator to see the money and other property fairly divided and

Desire that letters of administration be granted to him accordingly.

John Vatcher

James Vatcher

Richard Vatcher

Joseph Vatcher

George Vatcher

Stephen Vatcher

Jemima Vatcher

Ellen Vatcher

Sarah Jane Vatcher

Martha X Vatcher (the X is for her mark, not part of her name)

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