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Transcribed by C. HAYNES from microfilm reels at LDS Center
While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors

Will of Mary Ann Cunningham of Burgeo



I Mary Ann Cunningham of Burgeo in the District of Burgeo and La Poile and in the Island of Newfoundland realizing the uncertainty of life and being of feeble health but thank God of sound mind do make and declare this to be my Last will and Testament in manner and form following  To Wit

First I Give and bequeath unto my son John C Cunningham all claims I may have in the House and property situated at Burgeo and of which he is now in possession.

Second I Give and bequeath unto my son Edward Cunningham the Land (Lease?) of the House and Property situated at Burgeo and on hand granted to the Division? Squad? of Newfoundland.

Third I Give and bequeath unto my Daughter Hannah Small all the household furniture I may die possessed of.

Fourth All other moneys I may die possessed of or may be find to my executors after my death to be equally divided between my nine children or their heirs.

I hereby appoint my Son  John C Cunningham and my Son in law Joseph H Small the executors of this my last Will and Testament.

Signed at Burgeo    M A Cunningham
on the sixteenth day of April 1896
in presence of

Herbert Coffin
Selina Hann ?

     Conciliation ??  B           
If my daughter Hannah Small should require the use of the House and property bequeathed to my Son Edward Cunningham she shall have the use thereof for as long as a period as she may require the same for a dwelling, without any charge for rent but in case of her death or removal to another dwelling to revert to my son Edward Cunningham.

Signed at Burgeo  M A Cunningham
On the 14th day of November 1896?
In presence of   Rebeca Kelland
    Margaret Kelland

Note: G.Q.H. was written by the B and under those letters was written something like Cournife.

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