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Newfoundland and Labrador
Gleanings from The Complete Book of Emigrants 1607-1660, by Peter Wilson Coldham.

Additonal details from The Complete Book of Emigrants, by Peter Wilson Coldham.

Early Historical Snippets - Interesting reading about the bygone era of our Newfoundland ancestors.

Richard Whitbourne’s 1622 Discourse on Newfoundland

Newfoundland census of 1675, 1682 & 1708

Bristol Newfoundland Merchant Adventurers & Captains, mid-1700's

Newfoundland Probate/Admon & Estate Files. 1805-1927 (Random extractions)

Early Newfoundland Voyages in Foreign Newspapers & Journals (Incomplete)

Mid 17th Century trade between Newfoundland and Boston

Newfoundland History - Passengers in the early Newfoundland Fishery

Newspaper account of the Newfoundland storm of 1846

Paris Exhibition of 1867. List of Exhibitors in Newfoundland to whom space has been allotted by the local committee

Lloyds Voyages to and from Newfoundland
1741 Lloyd's List
1743-1744 Lloyd's List
1747-1750 Lloyd's List
1751-1760 Lloyd's List
1761-1770 Lloyd's List
1764-1799 Register of Ships: Part I / Part II
1776 Lloyd's Register of Ships
1779 Lloyd's Register of Ships
1771-1780 Lloyd's List
1781-1790 Lloyd's List
1791-1800 Lloyd's List
1801-1845 Lloyd's List

Samples of Anglo-American Telegraph Co. Invoices-Receipts & Weather Reports

Licensed Guides in Newfoundland in 1911

Sinking of the SS Florizel

Early Newfoundland History 1738 - 1831 from British Newspapers, Journals & Registers

People living in Newfoundland & Labrador 1785-1786, from Slade & Sons records

Ship lists of passengers leaving NL

Community name changes

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