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Newfoundland and Labrador
Newfoundland Probate/Admon & Estate Files. 1805-1927 (Random extractions)

Early Newfoundland Voyages in Foreign Newspapers & Journals (Incomplete)

Mid 17th Century trade between Newfoundland and Boston

Newfoundland History - Passengers in the early Newfoundland Fishery

Newfoundland census of 1675, 1682 & 1708

Paris Exhibition of 1867. List of Exhibitors in Newfoundland to whom space has been allotted by the local committee

Lloyds Voyages to and from Newfoundland
1741 Lloyd's List
1743-1744 Lloyd's List
1747-1750 Lloyd's List
1751-1760 Lloyd's List
1761-1770 Lloyd's List
1764-1799 Register of Ships: Part I / Part II
1776 Lloyd's Register of Ships
1779 Lloyd's Register of Ships
1771-1780 Lloyd's List
1781-1790 Lloyd's List
1791-1800 Lloyd's List
1801-1845 Lloyd's List

Samples of Anglo-American Telegraph Co. Invoices-Receipts & Weather Reports

Licensed Guides in Newfoundland in 1911

Sinking of the SS Florizel

Early Newfoundland History 1738 - 1831 from British Newspapers, Journals & Registers
People living in Newfoundland & Labrador 1785-1786, from Slade & Sons records

Ship lists of passengers leaving NL

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