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Transcribed and contributed by David Anstey, March, 2022. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible there may be errors. Please compare with original documents when possible.

The History of Salem, Massachusetts. By: Sidney Perley. Salem, Mass. 1928. Page 379.

John Garland who came from Newfoundland, died here August 20, 1708, in his seventy-seven year.

[ Born circa 1631/2, John Garland was about 43/4 years old in 1675. ]

His daughter Jane married William Liscomb of Salem.

Page 190.

William Liscomb, housewright of Salem, married Jane Garland. William died in the Winter of 1733/4. Jane Garland Liscomb survived William, and died pre 1740.

Their children: 1. Mary born May 7, 1700; married John Mugford. 2. John born Oct 23, 1703. 3. Frances born Oct 14, 1706; died Sep 15, 1707.

4. Jane born Oct 14, 1707, married in 1726. 5. William born Feb 25, 1709/10; died March 5, 1709/10. 6. Sarah born Aug 8, 1712; died Oct 8, 1714.

7. William born March 17, 1716/17.

*The Mugford family continued for generations, at Salem. John Mugford, Captains James Mugford, Captain William Mugford, etc.


The probate records of Essex County, Massachusetts. Volume 2. 1665 - 1674. ( 1917. ) Page 202.

Estate of John Croade of Salem, Essex, Massachusetts Bay Colony, British Colonial America.

Mr. John Croade died intestate, and without an administrator.

Sep 29, 1670. The court appointed 3 individuals to present an inventory of the estate. ) Salem Quarterly Court Records, Volume 5, leafs 41 & 48.

April 27, 1671. An inventory of the debts and credits of Mr. John Croade as found upon his books. Includes:

Pages 204/5. Accounts of bills due to Mr. Croade by divers in Newfoundland:

Bartholomew Caynes, 125li. 4s. 8d. ( Pounds, Shillings & Pence. Ie: libra for Pounds sterling. )

Mr. John Horton, 44li. 19s. 2d.

Henry Codner, 33li. 4s.

Tho. Ganson, 11li. 14s. 7d.

Ezekiel Minter, 5li.

Tho. Lowrey, 27li. 17s.

Tho. Penny, 4li. 14s. 6d.

Wm. Rixon, 24li. 4s. 6d.

Major Spry, 36li.

Trustrum Dodge, 2li. 15s.

George Kocke, 50li. 15s. [ George Kirke ]

Wm. Pike, 3li. 16s.

Wm. Tavemer, 81li. Is. Id.

James Thomas, 70li. 12s. lid.

John and Tho. Hibbs, 36li. 5s. 4d.

Tho. Brenson, 15li. 3s. 6d.

Hugh Chamberlane, 27li. 15s. 6d.

Wm. Daves, jr., 94li. 2s. 5d. [ Davys/Davis ]

Christopher Browning, 1li. 10s.

Tho. Brookes, 14li. 7s. 3d.

Mr. Jno. Trevorgy, 300li.

Walter Taylor, 12li.

Edward Horton, 6li. 16s.

Richard Maynard, 20li.

Edward Speare, 6li. 13s. 4d.

TOTAL: 996li. 17s. 3d.

More by several bills taken In Mr. John Parthridge's name, yet due by several in ye Newfoundland & do: belong to Mr. Croad:

Wm. Daves, Sr., 227li. 13s. 6d.

Henry Pyn, 119li. 11s. 11d.

George Piersey, 13li. 16s. 7 & 1/2d.

John Petton, 40li. 5s. 2d.

Thomas Fortune, 8li. 19s. 2d.

Edward Horton, 97li. 6s. 5d.

More by Robt. Shelton of Bay Robberts, 28li. 19s. l0d.

TOTAL: 1,533li. 9s. 10 & 1/2d.


*The early Newfoundland Schemes of The Fishery contains most of these names.

*Fish into Wine. The Newfoundland Plantation in the Seventeenth Century. Peter E. Pope. 2004. Page 157 discusses some of the names listed above here.

*John Croade's wife and relict, Elizabeth ( Price ) Croade, remarried John Ruck at Salem, on Dec 26, 1672. ( Elizabeth Price, a daughter of Walter Price. )

A son Samuel Ruck was born on June 24, 1676. Samuel Ruck had Croade siblings.

*Samuel Ruck of Salem, Shipwright, 1707. Samuel Ruck noted at Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, in 1708; with 8 servants. ( Continuing the family tradition. )

*Mary Taylor born Jun 12, 1658, Newfoundland, dau of Walter & Alice Taylor, wed Francis Davis Jun 20, 1673, Amesbury, MA. Died May 21, 1733, Amesbury.

*Thomas Ganson. ( Thomas Gammon? )


Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Massachusetts: 1656 - 1662. Higginson Book Company. 1995. Page 126. Massachusetts. County Court (Essex County) - 1995.

Mr. John Ruck v. Timothy Prout. Adventure to Newfoundland. For three hundred and ninety pounds of sugar which was adventured by him

to Newfoundland, for Ruck in 1654. Withdrawn.


The following book provides information for some names, as mentioned within this file.

New England Marriages Prior to 1700. By: Clarence Almon Torrey · 1985.


Nathan Parker born Sep 12, 1753, Malden Massachusetts. Died Aug 22, 1830, aged 77 years.

A merchant of St. John's, Newfoundland, and of London, England, before the American Revolution.

At the height of his career, he was worth 200,000 Lbs. sterling.

"Parker, Knight, and Bulley" of St. John's and London.

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