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Newfoundland Probate/Admon & Estate Files. 1805-1927 (Random extractions)

Transcribed and contributed by David Anstey, Dec. 2018. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be errors.

*There are cases where probate/admon reference info only, is provided. In these cases the author “has not found” the body content of the probate/admon as index referenced. The sometimes normality of briefly searching older handwritten archival records. A little additional info to what is extracted here; “may” possibly be found in the original record. The Court districts changed over time in 1800's Newfoundland. Ie: Northern and Central districts, etc.

Northern District, Newfoundland, Supreme Court Probate Register, Administration book of Harbour Grace,1805 - 1825.

Page 2.

Newfoundland. In the Supreme Court, first day of August, 1805.

Whereas diverse persons have taken upon themselves the management, and distribution of the effects of Intestates and others, without being duly authorized,

the High Sheriff of Newfoundland and all others whom it may concern, are hereby required not to make payments, except to such persons as may be legally

authorized by Probates, Letters of Administration or otherwise. Signed: Thomas Tremlett, Chief Justice.

*Payments being interpreted above here as financial debts due to the estate of a deceased, financial disbursements to heirs of a deceased, financial debts due to others from the estate of a deceased, etc. In early Newfoundland, plantation ownership changed hands when one became deceased. When a plantation owner/occupier could not discharge a debt to a merchant, the merchant most often took guardianship/ownership of the plantation. Whether it was eventually returned to the family upon a later era payment, or rented/sold to other parties, or remained vacant. Plantations may have been assigned or taken, by various Commodores/Governors/Admirals, etc., based on their prerogative. When no interested party wanted a plantation, it simply remained void of occupation.

Nov 18, 1807. Folio/Page 33.

John Noel of Brigus says that Stephen Noel his son, about 18 years old was lost at the Ice, the 1st day of April last, being then in the service

of William Piercey of Brigus; that he has left a balance of 4 Pounds, 7 Shillings, 9 Pence which was lodged in the hands of the deputy Sheriff

by order of the Supreme Court, and prays for authority to reclaim the same. Granted him a Certificate of Administration.

Dec 1, 1807. Page 33.

William Piercey of Bearneed appears, praying that Administration with Will annexed may be granted him of the effects of George Picot late of Bearneed,

which was done accordingly, he having given the usual security. Signed, Lewis Amad. Anspach. Surrogate.

Dec 8, 1807. Page 34.

Administration was this day granted to Mr. George Smith of Port de Grave, of the effects of David Mallard, Michael Kavanagh, Cornelius Reardon,

and Dennis Mc'Carthy, late of Port de Grave, deceased, and of Simon Grace?, late of Colliers. ( Cornelius Reardon's wife Anne, at Cork, Ireland; Widow. )

Jan 18, 1808. Page 35.

This day Administration was granted to James Cowan of Harbour Grace, of the effects of Peter Russell late of Harbour Grace, Cooper. ( James Cowan out of Greenock? )

April 5, 1808. Page 35.

This day Administration was granted to George Smith of Port de Grave, of the effects of John Wotton, late of Port de Grave, under 20 Pounds.

*Was surname Smith at Port de Grave generally, "out of Teignmouth"?

Oct 20, 1808. Page 49.

Mr. Alexander Campbell of Harbour Grace Merchant appeared, and exhibits a letter of Attorney from Jane and Sarah Mallet of the Island of Jersey, spinsters;

only daughters of David Mallet late of Port de Grave, dated July 18, 1808. And prays that letters of Administration may be granted him for the effects etc.,

of the said David Mallet, which letters were granted accordingly, security being first given by the said Alex. Campbell.

Sworn: 200 Pounds. Lewis Amad. Anspach, Surrogate. ( Campbell of Greenock? ) ( Plural Mallet families in the 1851 Census, Island of Jersey. )

Feb 8, 1809. Page 60.

This day granted letters of Administration with Will annexed, to John Gosse, Merchant, and William Taylor, Planter, both of Carbonear, of the Estate of Elizabeth Hayward, late of Carbonear, Widow, security being given. Sworn under 2000 Pounds. *More info provided, per the record. At page 35, and forward. [ - three sons William, Richard & Henry to get the Plantation. - sons William, Bazil, Henry, & Richard rights to the schooner "Joseph". - son Joseph Taylor gets 10 Pounds. - son Robert Hayward gets one bible... Grand-daughter Elizabeth Bickham ( Buckingham? ) ] Son Richard Hayward Taylor moved to Moreton's Harbour?

Feb 8, 1809. Page 60.

Granted letters of Administration to John Gosse, Merchant, and Sarah Parsons, Widow, of the Estate of George Parsons, late of Clown's Cove, Planter, Intestate,

security being given. Sworn under 300 Pounds.

Dec 27, 1824.

Elijah and Eli Mercer of Bay Roberts, obtained Administration of their father Charles Mercer. Signed Elijah Merser and Eli Merser. With seals attached.

George Williams, Schoolmaster at Bay Roberts, also signed, with seal attached.

Also Elijah Merser Administrated late James Mercer's Bay Roberts Estate. Witnessed by George Williams, Schoolmaster at Bay Roberts.

*Ancient surname spellings at Ringwood, Hampshire locale, include "Messer". *Possible Society of Friends descended family? ?Protestant dissenters?

Dec 13, 1824.

Henry ( William ) Russell of Bay Roberts, Planter & Francis Churchill, Widow of the late Samuel Russell; Administrators of the Estate & Effects, of the late Samuel Russell of Bay Roberts, Planter. William Parsons and Bishop Bradley of Harbour Grace, Planters bound. Signed: Henry's mark, Frances' mark. William Parsons & Charles Bradbury signed. [ Bishop and Charles Bradbury appears to be the same individual. ]

Dec 31, 1825.

Patience Bishop & William Gifford of Port de Grave, Administrate the Estate & Effects of the late William Gifford of Port de Grave.

Bondsmen include Richard Anderson of Harbour Grace, Gent., and William Hampton of Port de Grave, Carpenter.

Patience Bishop's mark. William Gifford signed. Richard Anderson signed. William Hampton signed.

Dec 31, 1825.

William Hile/Hele of Port de Grave, Planter; and Henry Corbin Watts of Carbonear, Gent., bound to Administrate the Estate & Effects of

Richard Brooking of Carbonear. William Hele, cousin to the deceased.

Newfoundland Supreme Court Administration books, probate records, Central District, 1825-1838. ( Random extractions ).

Oct 17, 1825. Probate and Admon.

Will of John Cooper, Twillingate. Admon issued to Mary Cooper.

*( Court fee for admon of Cooper's estate of 2 Pounds, 12 Shillings, and 6 Pence, was paid on Sept 17, 1825. )

?Mary ( nee Young ) Cooper?

Oct 2, 1827. Admon.

Andrew Pearce, Merchant, James Slade, Merchant, & Thomas Maxmillian Lyte, Merchant, all of Twillingate, signed a 60 Lb. bond for Andrew Pearce to Administer the intestate estate of John Bath, Planter, late of Twillingate. Estate granted to Andrew Pearce.

All three signed neatly. Issued Oct 2, 1827. Court admon fee was 10 Shillings.

*( These Court probate_admon fees provide "some comparative" insight into the various estate values for the era.)

April 24, 1828. Probate and Admon.

Phillip Holmes to Elizabeth Holmes and Matthew Hudson. Issued Nov 20, 1828. ( Admon fee was 1 Pound. )

April 18, 1829. Probate and Admon.

Mary Tucker to Thomas Martin & Robert Prowse. Issued May 31, 1829. ( Admon fee of 1 Pound, Paid Mar 31, 1829. )

*( Probate and Admon file not found by the author. Missed during search process? Original not surviving? )

Jan 14, 1831. Probate and Admon.

Jacob Moors' Twillingate Will. Probate granted to James Moors & James Blackler. Admon issued Sep 3, 1831. Estate sworn under 400 Pounds.

Oct 28, 1823. Charles Peckford of Stowel, Somerset, but now of Exploit’s Bay, Newfoundland.

*Earlier John & William Peckford show on Slade Ledgers, 1784. Their origins?

Feb 4, 1831. Admon.

Phillip Tocque to Ann Tocque. Estate sworn under 2500 Pounds. Issued Feb 17, 1831.

*( The sworn estate value is entered in the index. Providing "comparative" insight, into the amount of estate owned by the folk listed. )

Feb 22, 1832. Admon.

Thomas Slade to John Slade. Estate sworn under 500 Pounds. Issued May 28, 1832.

( *This admon likely involving "only his Newfoundland estate". Poole, Dorset?, and PCC probates/admon, as well. )

Dec 16, 1833. Probate and Admon.

Abraham Martin to Juliana Martin. Estate sworn under 250 Pounds. Issued Jan 16, 1834.

Jan 17, 1838. Probate and Admon.

Robert Slade to James Slade. Estate sworn under 15,000 Pounds. Issued Mar 27, 1838.

Newfoundland Supreme Court Estate files, 1830-1927. ( Random extractions ).

John Badcock, Bay Roberts, 1833, Probate.

Estate value sworn under 1900 Pounds.

Wife Nancy Badcock. John Badcock's Jan 23, 1833 Will made. Jesse Hooper & Edward French were witnesses.

Probate granted June 5, 1833 to son Josiah Badcock & George Williams.

( ?Jesse Hooper from Wimborne Minster? ?French from Canford Magna? )


Joseph Barnes, 1891, Black Island, Admin. Vol 5.

Joseph died in March, 1890. Leaving him surviving his widow Alice, and 5 children. Archibald age 21 years, Joseph age 15, Phoebe Jane age 12, Elda Lilly age 6, and Albert John age 17 months. Estate sworn under $550. Admon granted to Archibald Barnes, the eldest son of Joseph Barnes, of Black Island, Fisherman, Feb 21, 1891. Sureties: Thomas Hill & William Taylor.


Thomas Bartlett Sr., 1832, Bareneed. Vol 2. Two daughters Daw. Elizabeth and ??Louisa??.


Estate of William Bartlett of Brigus, Planter, 1830.

Estate value of 750 Pounds. William Bartlett's Will mentions the money that is in the hands of Mr. Gundry in England.

March 3, 1830, Admon granted to Joseph Bussey of Cupids, Planter.

*Expect plural District of Bridport to Brigus connections.

*Bartlett in Conception Bay, appears connected to both Bridport and Teignmouth. Was there some early marriage occurring between these two towns?

Any consideration for: Spracklin, Pearcey, Antle, Munden, Cozens, Hussey, etc.


John Batt, 1856, late of Twillingate in the Northern District, Fisherman, Admin. Vol 3.

Estate value of 40 Pounds sterling. David Lannon, son in Law to John Batt, petitioned the Supreme Court on Oct 11, 1856, for Admon of the estate of John Batt, deceased. John Batt late of Twillingate, Fisherman, died about 25 years ago. Circa 1831. John left him surviving, his widow Bridget Batt since wed Moses Shea, who is now dead. Also four children, viz, Mary Ann, wife of petitioner David Lannon, Ellen, wife of Thomas Quirk, James Batt and Laurence Batt. James Batt is residing in foreign parts and has not resided in Newfoundland for about 14 years. Circa 1842. And has disposed of his interest as heir, to his sisters. Admon granted at St. John's on Oct 11, 1856, to David Lannon of Green Bay, Fisherman. ( Fortune Harbour. ) John Batt his father in Law.

David Lannon, Fisherman; Joseph Walker, Planter; & Martin Henafin, Planter; all of the Green Bay, bound to provide an Inventory of Estate to the Court.

Laurence Batt consented to letters of Admon being granted solely to David Lannon on March 25, 1857. Along with Thomas Quirk, Bridget Shea, & Ellen Quirk

David Glaveen/Glavine witnessed.

*Fortune Harbour, Notre Dame Bay folk. *Henafin, later at Cottles Cove, New Bay. *Thomas Quirk born circa 1809, Ireland?

*The children of John & Bridget Bath are provided. { Surname recorded as Batt, in all estate court documents. }


Lorenzo Bath, 1909, Joe Batt's Arm, Fisherman, Probate. Vol 6.

( Laurence Batt, son of John of Twillingate? Lorenzo = Italian; Laurence = French; Lawrence = English. ) Lorenzo died Oct 11, 1908. Estate value of $750.

Lorenzo's Will dated Oct 7, 1908, at Joe Batts Arm, witnessed by John Donohue of Boyd's Cove, & John Decker of Joe Batts Arm, Fisherman.

Probate granted to William P. Finn, Parish Priest of Tilting, Fogo, on April 27, 1909; the named Executor in Lorenzo's Will.


Alfred Thomas Bath, 1927, Horse Island, Notre Dame Bay, Fisherman, Probate. Vol 8.

Alfred died at the Horse Island, on Jan 7, 1925. Estate value of $2978. Alfred willed his Fishing Room to Pleaman George Bath, and appointed Pleman executor of his Will. By his will ?undated?, Alfred leaves to his wife, 1/2 of the profits of, and 1/2 of the cod traps, 1/2 of the caplin seines, 1/2 of the bark pots, and 1/2 of the grindstone. Witnessed by Andrew Rideout, Norman Stuckless of the Horse Island, & Herbert Rideout. Probate granted to Pleaman G. Bath on Sep 15, 1927.

*This protestant dissenting Bath family, descends from Twillingate.

*Pearl Bath Burt related the story of William Curtis who had left the Horse Island to go sealing. His gun accidently discharged, mangling his leg.

Realizing he could not drag his leg home, he took his sealing knife and amputated his leg on the ice. William was seen for years after rubbing the remaining stub, during church services.


Soloman Beadon, 1833, Twillingate Merchant.

Per his Will of Dec 8, 1832, his wife Deborah to receive his effects. Mentions his daughter Susan, now an Infant.

Mentions his mother Susannah Hussey, the wife of Ishmael Hussey of Bridport, in Dorsetshire.


Thomas S. Bird, 1845, Sturminster Newton. Vol 2.


Jane Bulley, Teignmouth, 1842, Admin, Vol 2.

Nicholas Watts Esq., of Kingsteignton, Devon petitioned the Court, that Jane Bulley of Teignmouth, Widow, became deceased in March, 1840. ( Undated. )

Jane left Newfoundland property to the value of 850 Pounds. Jane was indebted to Nicholas Watts for 500 Pounds. The next of Kin in Newfoundland, is John Bulley Butler, resident at St. John's. Robert Clapp of St. John's, agent for Nicholas Watts, signed an Affidavit to assist probate, on June 29, 1841.

Admon granted September 29, 1842 to John Bulley Butler.


George Bussey of Port de Grave, 1830.

Mentions his father John Bussey. Son Abraham, under age 21 years. Mentions the Eastern Stage & Premisis lately occupied by Thomas Martin & John Jacobs under lease. Probate granted March 15, 1830.

*Thomas Martin of Ringwood, Dissenting; and John Jacobs of Blashford, Ringwood.

Jan 9, 1823; Harbour Grace. John Jacobs of Blashford, England; wed Margaret Denning of Port de Grave. Wit: Robert Prowse, Amelia Furneux.


Joseph Colbourne, Planter, of Twillingate, 1853.

Estate sworn under 100 Pounds value. John Colbourne signed the affidavit with "his mark". Probate granted June 8, 1853, to John Colbourne, Executor.

Per an affidavit by Charles Edmond, Gentleman, of April 30th, 1853; a mention of James Preston, agent to William Cox & Co. And the late Protestant Episcopal Missionary, John Chapman. Both were witnesses to the late Joseph Colbournes' Will. Joseph Colbourne of Twillingate died in Dec, 1852. James Preston died in England, Feb, 1844. John Chapman died in England, Feb, 1851. Charles Edmond declares/attests the known signatures of the witnesses to Joseph Colbournes Will, for probate purposes. John Colbourne also uses "his mark" on a Court affidavit for probate, on April 30, 1853. Joseph Colbournes' Will gives to Thomas Anstey of Bluff Head Cove, the sum of 20 Pounds. Same as he gives his wife Deborah Colbourne. Joseph Colbourne signs his Oct 17, 1838, Will, "fairly neatly". Probate ordered May 20, 1853. Did Joseph Colbourne or his father John Colbourne earlier obtain a portion of Thomas Anstey's land, at North Side Twillingate?


George Daw Sr., 1830, Port de Grave. 2056192.

George Daw, the elder, made his Will on June 13, 1825. His Will registered at Harbour Grace in Vol 2, pages 282/3 of the Registry of Deeds for the Northern District.

In the Name of God, Amen. To all to whom these presents shall come. Know ye that I George Daw the elder being at this time in perfect mind and sound memory. Do hereby make this my last will and testament. First I commend my soul into the hand of Almighty God in sure and certain hope of the resurrection of the Dead.

Item. To my son George I give and bequeath the House he now resides in. One half of the Garden situated between John Daw & Charles Daw's property. To be

divided by drawing a line from the house?, a quarter of the Garden attached to his house, & a quarter of the stage & flakes.

Item. As long as my sons John & Jacob may agree they are to reside together in the House I now dwell in and have the cellar attached thereto. But not until John

may have a house built for himself is he to be obliged to remove from this. Eventually however the house & cellar is to be the property of Jacob with all the

household furniture, the meadows, grass house. Garden that lays to the North of the meadows & hen house in front of the room, is to be equally divided between them. ( Sons, John & Jacob ). Item. To my son Isaac I give and bequeath one half of the Garden situated between John Daw & Charles Daw's property aforesaid, & a quarter of the fishing Room laying Southward. Item. All other parts of the fishing room or Plantation not herein specified is to be divided equally between the four sons. Item. Whatever money may remain in the hand of Mr. William Danson belonging to me at my decease, I give and bequeath to my sons John & Jacob to be equally divided they paying the sum of Two Pounds to each of my Daughters, Nancy, Patience, Frances, & Grace. If so much remains after deducting the Cash attending my funeral which I request may be in a decent & respectable manner. Item. In Confidence of the honor and integrity of Messrs. Robert Prowse and William Andrews ( Robert's son ) I will that they be Executors to this my last will and testament. And I strictly enjoin all concerned herein that they attend to their distinction in the execution hereof. My Executors are to have hatbands & scarfs to be worn at my funeral. In Memory whereof I have hereunto affixed my hand and Seal at Port de Grave the 13th June, 1825. Signed: George Daw Sr. Witnesses: Robert Prowse, Samuel Daw, ( Isaac's son. )

*Samuel Daw's Affidavit of Dec 31, 1829, that he witnessed George's Will of 1825. Estate value of 200 Pounds.

*Probate granted March 18, 1830, to Robert Prowse & William Andrews, ( Robert Andrew's son ).


John Daw, Ship Cove, Port de Grave.

Estate valued at 100 Pounds. John died November 23, 1842. George Andrews, son of William; and Robert Daw, son of Samuel of Church Hill, executors of John Daw's Will. Made his Will on November 19, 1842. Left his Widow, Amy Daw. Left issue: Frances Daw aged about 18 years, Rachel Daw sged about 15 years, John Daw about 13 years, William Daw about 10 years, Abraham Daw about 7 years, George Daw about 1 year. John leaves his all to his wife Amy Daw. If Amy remarries, sons John & George gets the dwelling house, Plantation, Gardens, Meadows, etc at Ship Cove. If any dispute... Room and Plantation at Sandy Cove, Port de Grave, called Skain's Room, goes to sons William & Abraham. Sons John & William gets a Watch and a Gun. A Gun to the remaining sons.

John Daw signs with a mark. William Andrews Sr. signs with a mark. Schoolmaster George H. Collier, signed his name.


Nicholas Daw Sr. 1839, Ship Cove, Port de Grave, Probate. Vol 2.

Nicholas Daw died Dec 17, 1837, leaving Widow Grace Daw, and issue: Jane Daw, aged about 39 years, Jordan Daw aged about 26 Years, Nicholas Daw aged about 24 years, Samuel Daw aged about 22, Ann Daw aged about 18 years, & Mary Mugford aged about 43 years, issue by his first wife.


Samuel Daw, Probate, 1843, Vol 2.

John Daw, Probate, 1844, Vol 2.

Samuel Daw. Son of Isaac Daw, Ship Cove.

Probate granted May 23, 1843 to Isaac Daw & Elijah Daw, Executors. Estate: 500 Pounds. Samuel died February last past. Leaving Widow Elizabeth Daw and the following issue: Viz. Isaac Daw, about 41 years old, Emma Daw about 38 years, Elijah Daw about 36 years, Sarah Andrews about 34 years, Jonathan Daw about 32 years, Thomas Daw about 30 years, Rebecca Andrews about 28 years, Joseph Daw about 26 years, Isabella Taylor about 24 years.

Samuel left part interest in the Schooner "Glenfalloch", about 100 Tons, used for Sealing, and Property. Isaac Daw used his mark, while Elijah signed his name.

Vessel to Isaac & Elijah. Plantation to Jonathan and Joseph. Fishing Boat, craft, cod and caplin seines to sons Thomas & Joseph. Other Rooms to Isaac & Elijah at East Cove. Cupids Plantation to be sold. John Jacob Esquire, witnessed his Will. And son Joseph Daw. Signatures.


George Earle, 1919, Moreton's Harbour, Admin, Vol 7.

George Earle of Moreton's Harbour, #3684, Royal Newfoundland Regiment. Died of wounds, March 13th, 1918.

Surviving him his father William Earle of Moreton's Harbour; his brother Archibald; his sister Mrs. John Hicks.

Admin granted to William Earle, May 30, 1919, at St. John's. Value of Estate was $35.39 cash.


William Earle, 1835, Bay Roberts. Admin, Vol 2. *( Admon file not found. )


William Elms Senior, of Bay Roberts, 1853.

Estate sworn under 150 Pounds, in a May 28, 1853, affidavit; by Rev. Martin Blackmore and William Seagar Green, Esq., both of Bay Roberts. Probate granted June 8, 1853. William Elms Senior left him surviving his Widow Frances Elms, and the following children, all of full age: Henry Elms, William Elms, John Elms, Mahella Snow, Mary Mercer, Ann Cave, and Patience Beasant.


John Fifield, 1832, Vol 2. Late of Christchurch, Mariner. Estate at 12 Pounds Sterling.

John Fifield, 1842, Twillingate. Admin. Vol 2. Twillingate Boat Keeper.

Estate valued at 250 Pounds. Admon granted to Widow Lydia Fifield, & son George Fifield, June 7, 1842.

*If an early 1800's Newfoundland resident wasn't a Merchant, Agent, Taylor, other tradesman, Planter, Servant, etc.; then they were generally titled as Boat Keepers by the Court.


John Gates, 1869, Twillingate, Admin. Vol 4. Admin Granted to James Blandford, creditor.


James Gould/Gold Sr., 1832, Carbonear, Admin. Vol 2.

*( Thomas Newell wed March, 1727, at Poole, Dorset, Judith Gold. )


John Gushue of Brigus.

The 1830 Court financial disbursements of the estate of John Gushue of Brigus, deceased. To: Mary Gushue; Alfred Mayne, attorney; Honora Gushue; Mary Power; Margaret Skehan; Elizabeth Lewis; Ann Corbert; Charles Gushue; and George Gushue. The family members status indicated, and the sale of John Gushue's 1/3 portion of the Jersey Room at Harbour Grace, lately sold by public auction. *A considerable estate.


James Gushue, 1839, Brigus, Probate, Vol 2. Estate value of 400 Pounds.

James Gushue made his Will on March 4, 1807. Gives his schooner "Industry", to his son John Gushue, who is currently the Master of same. Desires M. John Rowe and M. Beckford of Saint John's, to settle their business with him. James Gushue died 1810. His widow Mary Gushue died the 10th Instant. Dated Nov 33, 1839. James Gushue left four sons and one daughter, John, James, Thomas & George Gushue. Daughter Mary wed Thomas Spracklin.


James Inder, 1852, Twillingate, Admin. Vol 3.

James Inder Admin. Estate value of 20 Pounds Sterling. Admon granted to John Barron, St. John's, Merchant, Dec 13, 1851. James Inder died "in the course of last Spring". Oct 27, 1851, Phoebe Inder, Job Inder, & Asennath Oxford, "certain of Jame Inder's issue", received court notice from James Rice, Baliff. John Peyton signed as Commissioner of the Court. That the Court would give Admin to James Inder's creditor, John Barron, St. John's Merchant, unless the Widow, or "Next of Kin", requested Admin. Mr. John Barron, a creditor of James Inder's Estate to the value of 15 Pounds, 2 Shillings & 2 Pence.


James Hender, 1912, Weir's Cove, Twillingate. Admin. Vol 6.

Admin for James Hender. Admon granted Nov 16, 1912, to Donald M. Browning, Court Registrar, St. John's. Estate value of $162, per James W. Boyde's Petition, Little Bay Shopkeeper. James Hender died about June 28th, 1908, leaving surviving him, a Widow, 3 sons, & 1 daughter. The daughter under age 21 years as of June, 1912. June 12, 1912. James Clift, Solicitor for James W. Boyde of Little Bay, Shopkeeper, who was a creditor of James Hender deceased, made appliation to the Court for Admin. James W. Boyde was owed $97.26, by James Hender. Thomas Wells of Little Bay, Court Commissioner, formerly of Port de Grave, signed. "Prowse & Wells". { ?Wells family of Shaldon, Devon? }


Matthew Hudson, 1839, Blackhead, Admin, Vol 2.

Matthew died Jan, 1839., leaving Widow Susannah, sons: Thomas aged about 34 years, John about 33,

Peter about 30, Hugh about 27, Edward about 18, daughters: Elizabeth Moores about 31, Mary Hudson about 22, Martha Hudson about 14. Thomas Butt & George Hudson witnessed a Petition for Admin dated May, 1839, along with the Widow and Children. Dec 7, 1839, Widow Susannah Hudson, son John Hudson, Planter, Hugh Hudson, Fisherman, & Edward Janes, Constable & Planter, all of Blackhead appeared in Court, as bondees. Admon granted to John Hudson, of Blackhead, on Dec 20, 1839. Estate value of 100 Pounds. *Sons to get Fishing Room, and provide for their mother, and unmarried ( daughters/sisters ). Etc...

Rev. George Ellidge, Wesleyan Minister present when the Will was made on January 21, 1839.

Robert Wesley Hudson, 1913, Adam's Cove, Admin, Vol 6.

Levi Hudson, 1918, Adam's Cove, Admin, Vol 7.

Louis G. Hudson, 1923, Adam's Cove, Admin, Vol 8.

John Charles Hudson, 1942, Adams Cove, Probate, Vol 10.

*Matthew & Clement Hudson of Pouch Cove. Plural entries.


John Jacob, 1846, Port de Grave, Admin. Vol 2.

John Jacobs deceased in April, 1846; intestate. Left surviving him, Widow Hannah Jacobs, dau Elizabeth Jacobs, about age 15, son John about 13, dau Louisa about 10, and dau Selina about 8 years of age. Estate valued at 900 Lbs Sterling. Admon proved June 15, 1846 to Hannah Jacobs, Widow.

*Thomas Martin, Dissenter of Ringwood; and John Jacobs of Blashford, Ringwood. Also of Port de Grave.

*John Jacob married Margaret Denning Jan 9, 1823, Port de Grave. Wife & 3 children from first marriage burnt to death, Dec 16, 1828.

*John Jacob remarried Hannah Garland on July 13, 1830, at Harbour Grace. *The son John Jacob, & family, apparently left Newfoundland for Ontario.

*Google books. A Cyclopaedia of Canadian Biography: Being Chiefly Men of the Time ..., Volume 1. George Maclean Rose. Toronto, 1886. Page 77.

The eldest daughter of the late John Jacob of Port de Grave, Elizabeth Mary Jacob; married on May 6, 1856, Alexander George Drew of Elora, Wellington, Ontario. On July 6, 1865, Alexander Drew, widower; remarried Elizabeth's sister, Mary Louise Jacob, the 2nd daughter of John Jacob of Port de Grave.

*John Kennedy married Selina Jacob, Oct 16, 1860, Wellington, Ontario. Alexander Drew witnessed. John Kennedy born Glengary, C W. ( Ontario Township? County Wellington? )

*There was a George Jacobs at Port de Grave early 1800's as well.


John Leamon/Lemon, 1866, Brigus, Probate. Vol 3. Estate value of $16,000. Merchant. Wife Susanna.


Robert Linfield Sr., 1860, Twillingate, Admin, Vol 3.

Estate Value of 1400 Pounds. Admon granted on May 31, 1860, to sons George & John Linfield.


Joseph Manuel Sr., 1835, Catalina, Admin. Vol 2. Planter.

Estate value of 300 Pounds.

Sons Joseph, William, John & Thomas.


Andrew Manuel, 1839, Exploit's, Probate, Vol 2. Estate value of 100 Pounds. Exploits Burnt Island.

Andrew died Dec, 1836, leaving no wife or children. Probate granted to brother Samuel Manuel, Aug 20, 1839. William Manuel Sr. & John Dalton, witnessed Andrew's Will.


Thomas Manuel, 1885, Twillingate, Probate, Vol 4. Estate value of $650.

Probate granted to Thomas James Manuel, May 23, 1885. Thomas Manuel late of Twillingate, and now of Loon Bay made his Wiil on May 31, 1875.

Thomas Manuel died at Loon Bay in the winter of 1881. No widow surviving. 3 sons and 3 daughterd survived him. Gave his Loon Bay Property to his son Thomas James Manuel. Sons Obadiah and Titus Manuel. Youngest daughter Lydia Jane Manuel, under age 21 years. Daughter Sarah Matilda, wife of Thomas Guy. Daughter Amelia Ann, wife of Frederick Slade. Daughter Joanna Clara, wife of Francis Forward.


Titus Manuel, 1910, Lower Harbour, Exploits, Probate, Vol 6.

Titus made his Will on April 8, 1909. William Budgell & Eliphaz Seceviour witnessed his Will. Titus died at Exploits Lower Harbour, Oct 20, 1909.

Probate granted to William Budgell of Exploit's Harbour, July 9, 1910. Estate value of $600. Titus left surviving, his Widow, Mary Jane Manuel, Ambrose aged about 30, Stephen aged 25, Fred aged 23, Dora aged 21, Ann aged 18, Alpheaus aged 16, & Silvester aged 10. *All at Exploits.


George Marshall, 1837, St. John's, Admin, Vol 2.

George Marshall of St. John's, Yeoman, died intestate on March 5, 1833. Estate value of 40 Pounds. George left him surviving a his Widow, Ann Marshall, and 6 children, 2 sons & 4 daughters. Supreme Court Petitioner George Lewis, Carpenter and husband of Emma Marshall, daughter of George Marshall. On April 20, 1837, George Lewis Prays for Ann Marshall to obtain Admon of George's Estate. David Marshall, Carpenter of St. John's, & John Marshall, Fisherman of St. John's, were bonded to see Ann Marshall fulfill her administrative role as executrix. May 26, 1837.


Phillip Marshall, 1855, St. John's, Fisherman, Admin, Vol 3.

Phillip died Nov 4, 1834, intestate. His son Robert, died Jan, 1835. Phillip left 2 daughters Elizabeth Marshall, & Mary Askells. Estate value of 30 Pounds.

Sons George and Phillip, petitioned for Admon on May 18, 1855. Phillip's property consisted of a Moise or Tenement, bounded on South by Mr. Gills. Situate between Gower Street and Duckworth Street, near Mrs. Sawer. Bounded on the East and North by Mr. Ellis's property. Admon granted on May 22, 1855 to George Marshall and Phillip Marshall, sons of the deceased. ( ?Fifth Division, in 1794 Census? )

*An Ellis family of Devon and Newfoundland : based on the work of C. Archer Ellis (1859-1943) of St. John's, Newfoundland

Street, John C. (John Charles), 1930-; Ellis, C. Archer, 1859-1943.


Abraham Martin, 1833, Harbour Grace, Probate, Vol 2. Planter.

Will made August 13, 1833. Probate granted to Widow, Julia Martin, Dec 10, 1833. Julianna. Estate of value 250 Pounds. Son Absalom Martin.


William Martin, 1842, Vol 2. Harbour Grace, High Constable. ( "Far advanced in years." )

Will made March 23, 1833. Estate value of 350 Pounds. William Martin died in July, 1840, leaving him surviving no widow, children, father or mother.

Thomas Danson, merchant, signed an Affidavit to perform an Inventory of Estate for the Court on March 21, 1842. Probate granted to Thomas Danson, March 29, 1842. William's Will gives estate in trust to Thomas Danson, merchant; for Julia Martin, the wife of his nephew Jonathan Martin, son of William's brother John Martin, Fisherman. Mentions William Martin, son of his brother Robert Martin, Harbour Grace Planter. Mentions niece Elizabeth Davis, wife of William Davis of Harbour Grace, Master of the schooner "Repulse". William Parsons his Harbour Grace waterside neighbor.


Isaac Martin, Harbour Grace, 1842. Admon, Vol 2.

Isaac Martin died in March, 1838. Leaving him surviving, his Widow Sarah & children: Benjamin Martin, aged 23 years, Amelia Snow aged about 22 years, Abraham Martin aged about 19 years, Catherine Martin aged about 18 years, Margaret Martin aged about 14 years, Susannah Martin aged about 9 years.

Nov 1, 1842, Sarah Martin & Benjamin Martin, singed an Affidavit that Isaac Martin, Cooper, died without a Will. Also an Admon application.

Isaac's estate value was 30 Pounds. Admon granted Nov 18, 1842 to the Widow Sarah Martin, and the eldest son of the intestate, Benjamin Martin.


Thomas Mercer, 1831, Bay Roberts, Probate, Vol 2.

Thomas made his Will on Dec 17, 1830. Estate value of 550 Pounds. Probate granted to Elijah & Eli Mercer on June 25, 1831.


Johnathan Merser, 1839, Bay Roberts, Admin, Vol 2.


1852. John Miller Maddock, Portugal Cove, Schoolmaster in January, 1832.


Estate of Jacob Moors, Twillingate.

Real Property valued at 320 Pounds. James Moors and James Blackler signed a court affidavit for Admon, Oct, 1830. Estate value sworn under 400 Pounds.

Probate granted Jan 14, 1831. Jacob's signature on his Will. Also Jacob and Samuel Wheeler's signature.


James Moors, 1862, Twillingate, Admin, Vol 3.

James made his Will on July 31, 1861. Estate value of 300 Pounds sterling. The Reverend Thomas Harris of Brigus, Wesleyan Minister Witnessed the Initial Will of James Moors of Twillingate. Thomas Harris' affidavit dated at Brigus, Oct 6, 1862. An "Act and Deed" was written on Jan 20, 1862. Witnessed by Charles Comben, Wesleyan Minister. Charles' affidavit of March 14th, 1862, signed by William Wells & John Freeman. James Moor(e)s died Jan 22, 1862. James left him surviving 4? sons and 2 daughters. Viz. Edmund, Isaac, John, Lionel, and Thomas. Also Lydia, wed to George Dove?; & Martha, Widow of John Pride. Estate Administered to his wife Elizabeth Moors, on Oct 30, 1862.


Elizabeth Moors, 1868, Back Harbour, Twillingate, Probate, Vol 4.

Daughters Lydia Jones & Martha Pride. Sons Edmund, Isaac, Thomas, & Lionel Moors. Elizabeth died July 10, 1868. Estate value of 250 Pounds.

Edmund and Isaac signed a petition for Probate of Elizabeth's Will on Aug 24, 1868. Probate was granted to Edmund and Isaac Moors of Back Harbour, Twillingate, on Oct 24, 1868.


John Moors, 1874, Twillingate, Probate, Vol 4.

John's Will dated April 6, 1867. John died August 7, 1873. Estate value of $2000. Probate granted to Joseph Roberts of Bluff Head Cove, one of the named executors. William Wells, late of Back Harbour, but now of Three Arms Island, named an executor in John's Will. On June 23, 1874, William renounced being executor via Affidavit. Left his wife Susanna, his Back Harbour dwelling, and all his Chattels and effects. John's aged mother Elizabeth Moors, now resides in his dwelling, per his Will. John owns a schooner named "Susan".


Thomas Mudford, 1909, Twillingate, Admin, Vol 6.

Thomas died July 24, 1907. Estate value of $400. Left him surviving son George Mudford, and certain daughters, some of whom live abroad. At the time of his death Thomas Mudford was indebted to William J. Scott, Twillingate merchant; for $80. A letter was sent to Thomas' son, George Mudford at Tilt Cove; on Sept 3, 1908, by Charles Mayne. Per direction of the Supreme Court. Asking George if he would consent to merchant Scott administrating his father, Thomas' estate. Merchant Scott had petitioned the Court for Administration of the estate of Thomas Mudford, to collect the debt owed.

George Mudford, by a letter of Sept 19, 1908, replies: "Yours of the 3rd. Just to hand in a reply. I would say that I do not feel inclined to give my consent to have Mr. W. J. Scott appointed Administrator. Not for what I ever expect to recover from the Estate. But if he is appointed, I presume his object is to sell the property to get the amount claimed, and put my father's wife on the streets." George Mudford states he left his father's house at age 17 years. And knows little of his father's affairs since. Whether money is legally owed, or not.

What became of George's non-consent to the Court, isn't recorded to enlighten the reader here. But it is eye opening that the son George Mudford left his father's house at Twillingate, and never returned in 17 years. When Tilt Cove lay just across the Bay, from Twillingate. Admon was granted to mercantile agent, Charles D, Mayne, June 22, 1909. Sureties of Francis Roberts, Master Mariner; & John Curtis Sr., Mill owner & Carpenter.

*George Mudford's words in his letter, echo what often occurred in early Newfoundland. More so in generations, before the era of George.

In a bad fishery season, "many" planter folk and families lost their plantations. The merchant having a mortgage or Indenture on the property. Sometimes a deceased plantation owner_occupier owed a debt to his supplying merchant. When the owner_occupier couldn't meet his/her bills on barter account with the merchant, for whatever the reason, the Court decided with the merchant's petition to take ownership of the "Room" or property. Granting the merchant Admon/custody of the plantation, in hope of recovering his financial losses. Whether he leased or sold the plantation, or it remained vacant. Research could bring to light plural such cases. Where some families migrated to different locales and bays in Newfoundland. And restarted the cycle with another merchant. Imagine the labourious days. Manually tilling new land, and rebuilding a new plantation. While fishing and trying to feed a family. Western Bay, CB, descended folks hands, physically tilled land in Northern Harbour, west of Exploits Island, Notre Dame Bay. One of the nicest spots of land the eyes could behold today. Even though it is said to have been vacant since a merchant at Exploits Island, took custody for a debt, many decades ago. Just one example of numerous. It wasn't an era when adoption was out of the goodness of the heart. Rather more often for the returns of sweat equity. Thomas Noseworthy of Cupids deceased, owed a debt to a Brigus merchant in 1831. The widow had no means to repay the debt to the merchant. The merchant petitioned the Court for Admon of the estate, to recover the debt. What happened to Noseworthy's wife? Plantations sometimes changed hands in early Newfoundland, pre the 1805 record.

*A more well known case is found here: Lundrigan-Butler Affair


Anthony Mugford Sr., 1840, Port de Grave, Admin, Vol 2.

Anthony made his Will on Oct 16, 1835. Charles Blackmore & James Butler witnessed. Anthony Mugford Sr. died in Sept, 1839. Estate value of 100 Pounds.

Anthony left him surviving, his Widow Mary Mugford, and 3 children. Son William, daughter Amy, wife of Matthew Anthony of Port de Grave, and daughter Jane, the wife of Phillip Plowman, of Brigus. All named males were fishermen. All children were of the full age of 21 years. Thomas Butler, Constable witnessed Widow Mary's Petition for Probate. Owned two plantations, one at Port de Grave, and one at Port de Grave Northern Gut. Anthony's Will mentions grandsons, sons of William Mugford, named William and Anthony. Anthony being younger. His residence plantation goes to grandsons William & Anthony, equally divided. William to have the Eastern part; & Anthony to have the Western part, including the Dwelling house. Admon granted Sept 19, 1840, to Widow Mary Mugford.


Richard Newman, 1838, Twillingate, Admin, Vol 2.

Richard died in August, 1834, intestate. Left him children surviving: Frances age 13, John age 10, Priscilla age 8, James age 6, & Richard age 4. Admon granted to Widow Mary Newman on Oct 23, 1838. Estate value of 100 Pounds. Luke Cook made bond to see Admon properly executed.


Samuel Newman, 1842, Twillingate, Admin, Vol 2. ( Out of sequence in the records. )

Samuel died about November, 1827. Estate value of 150 Pounds. Ann Newman, Widow of the late Samuel Newman. They had issue: 2 daughters & 4 sons; Probate per the year 1842, Eliza the wife of James Hodder, and Elizabeth, the wife of Edward White. Four sons, John Newman, Samuel Newman, George Newman, & Charles Newman. Admon issued on June 7, 1842, to widow Ann Newman.


Susan Noble, 1843, Twillingate, Probate, Vol 2.

Susan of Twillingate. Estate Value of 110 Pounds. Susan died in Nov, 1841, leaving her surviving: By her first husband William Brown, George Brown aged about 60 Years, Ann Yates aged about 46 years, Ruth Hacket aged about 38 years, Elizabeth Noble aged about 35 Years, Daniel Brown aged about 32 years, Susan Rowsell aged about 30 years, Samuel Brown aged about 29 years. Probate granted to executrix, William Rowsell of Leading Tickles, Nov 15, 1843.

Simon Ward of Leading Tickles was present when Susan Noble made her Will. Susan Noble gives to her daughter Susan Rowsell, her Gold Ring. Names grand-daughter Hannah Spencer. Names of persons to take equal share of Susan's Estate. Four daughters and one grand-daughter, viz, John Yeats, Ruth Haggett, Elizabeth Noble, Susan Rowsell, & Hannah Spencer. Simon Ward & Henry Head witnessed Susan's Will.


John Noble, 1839, Vol 2. Nipper's Harbour, Planter.

John made his Will on June 5, 1834. Richard Langdon & Thomas Starks witnessed John's Will, at Nipper's Harbour. John Noble died Dec, 1838.

Estate value of 350 Pounds. Probate granted Nov 5, 1839, to William Noble. John Gives to son William Noble, his Nipper's Harbour "Room" & Fishing craft, etc. To daughter Rose, the wife of John Dolling/Dolland of Nipper's Harbour, 40 Pounds. Wife Susanna Noble, sons: John, Thomas, & William Noble. Daughters: Elizabeth Starks, Jane Bower & Mary King.


John Noel, 1848, Brigus, Admin, Vol 3.

John died in February, 1829, intestate. Estate value of 140 Pounds. Left him surviving, Widow Mary Noel, 2 sons & 3 daughters. Sons, John & James Noel. Daughters Ann, Charlotte & Patience Noel. Ann since wed Ambrose Sparks, Charlotte wed Robert Penny, & Patience wed John Antle, all of Brigus.

In Laws? John & Jane Spracklin? Of Brigus. Widow Mary Noel died August last, Ie: (1847). Admon granted May 26, 1848, to sons John & James Noel. Estate value of 125 Pounds.


Joseph Osmond, 1866, Moreton's Harbour, Admin, Vol 3.

Joseph Osmond died Dec 3, 1863, intestate. Leaving him surviving his Widow, Ann Osmond, 6 daughters, & 3 sons. Mark aged 36 years, Ambrose aged 18 years, Joseph William aged 13 years, Elizabeth wed to George Jure of Moreton's Harbour, Alice wed to William Wills of Moreton's Harbour, Amelia wed to James Jones of Western Head, Mary Ann since deceased, ? the wife of Elijah Jennings of Moreton's Harbour, Mahala wed to Johnathan Jennings of Moreton's Harbour, & Rachel aged 19, unmarried, per Mark Osmond's Sept 6, 1866, Petition for Admon. Estate value of $2100. Admon granted to Mark Osmond, Nov 13, 1866.


Will of Henry Parsons of Carbonear, June 14, 1823. Formerly of Wincanton, Sommerset.

Wife Catherine Parsons. Witnessed by Thomas Newell ( of Carbonear ), & Caleb Bartlett. Landed Property valued at 100 Pounds.


Thomas Parsons, 1838, Twillingate, Admin, Vol 2.

Thomas died May, 1837, intestate; leaving him surviving, 2 sons. No Widow. Thomas aged about 9 years; and Benjamin aged about 6 years. Thomas Parsons had a brother John Parsons of Twillingate, Planter; who petitioned for Admon on Sept 22, 1838. Estate value of 150 Pounds. Admon granted Oct 23, 1838, to John Parsons.


Richard Philpott, 1885, Herring Neck, Probate, Vol 4.

Richard made his Will on August 24, 1882. Son John Philpott to get house, fishing gear, etc. 2 youngest daus, Kerley and Hussey his household furniture. Wife Susannah, daughters Amy Florence, Mary Ann Warren, Miriam Kerley, Charlotte Hussey, and son Joseph Philpott. Richard's Codicil dated Aug 24, 1882. 6 Pounds to the Church of England clergyman, to be spent on St. Mary's Church, Herring Neck. His wife Susannah. Son John Philpott gets Richard's share of the schooner "Flora", by which it is to become entirely his. Son Joseph Philpott. Daughter Charlotte Hussey. Daughter Miriam Carely. Richard's second Codicil of April 8, 1884, mentions his son Alfred, deceased. Alfred had a daughter Miriam Flora Philpott. Richard makes his Will July 11? or 21?, 1884. He gives 10 Pounds to the Wesleyan Church at Herring Neck. Richard died Nov 30, 1884. Left him surviving his Widow Susannah, 2 sons Joseph & John, 4 daughters, Amy, Mary Ann, Miriam, & Charlotte. Richard left a Will & 3 Codicils. Estate value of $3600. Rev John Hewitt and George Florence applied for Admon, Jan 12, 1885.


William Randle Sr., 1853, Twillingate, Probate, Vol 3.

William died in June, 1853. Estate value of 1000 Pounds. Wife Lydia Randle. Sons William & Adam Randle. Unmarried daughter Eliza. Other children.

Probate granted Nov 5, 1853, to Charles Edmonds, Esq., of Twillingate.


Elizabeth Richards, 1831, Brigus, Admin. Vol 2.

A Petition written at Port de Grave, Newfoundland, November 1st, 1830. To: Mr. John Fry, St. John's.

Sir, Please pay to William Antle Jr., whom we have hereby appointed our Attorney in this matter, the sum of Six Pounds due to us in the right of our late Mother

[ Elizabeth Richards ], for Rent of Premises basis, by William as Executor, under our Grandmother Mary Butler's Will, to Messrs. Prowse & Wells, Port de Grave. Signed: Mary Antle, Amy Listen, Elizabeth Hussey, Jane Batten, Rebecca Butler, Ann Bartlett, William Richards, John Richards. ( All signed with marks only. ) Witnesses to the document and Signatures of each, William Antle Jr., Charles Fowler.

A petition of November 17, 1830, Port de Grave.

We the Undersigned Children and Heirs at Law of the late Elizabeth Richards do hereby request the Honorable Supreme Court will be pleased to cause Administration of the Goods Effects and Estate of the said Elizabeth Richards to be granted to William Antle Jr., in whom we have all great confidence.

Mary Antle, Nancy Bartlett, William Richards, John Richards, Jane Batten, Amey Listen, Rebecca Butler, Elizabeth Hussey.

*( All used their marks except sons William & John Richards, who signed. )


John Rideout, 1862, Twillingate, Admin, Vol 3.

Estate under 50 Pounds. John Had a son William Rideout. William Rideout, & William Wells of Twillingate along with James Gillett of Exploits signed a bond for Admon performance. On May 26, 1862, William Rideout signs a Petition for Admon. States that his father John Rideout died almost 50 years ago, leaving him surviving, his wife Susan, petitioner's mother, & 3 children besides petitioner. The 3 children since died, as children. Susan remarried to Benjamin Brooks of Twillingate, Planter, formerly of Ringwood, Hampshire. But Susan has been dead now for 30 years. Benjamin Brooks died nearly 20 years ago. Ben & Susan Brooks had no children. Ben Brooks third married to Mary Guy, who died last winter 1861/2. No children by this marriage. John & Susan Ridout both died intestate. May 31, 1862, Admon granted to William Rideout of Twillingate. *Benjamin Brooks made his Will on Jan 16, 1836. His then wife Mary Brooks.

*Did this Ridout_Rideout family originate at Ringwood, Hampshire?


Jonathan Rideout, 1886, Exploits, Admin.

Late of Exploits, Planter/Fisherman. Jonathan died intestate at Exploits on Feb 2, 1885. Leaving widow Rhoda, & 8 children. Estate value of $1100.

Rhoda Rideout, Widow, signs Affidavit on Aug 6, 1886, to perform Admon. Rhoda signs a petition for Admon on July 10, 1886. Admon granted Aug 10, 1886 to widow Rhoda Rideout. Rhoda Rideout, James Hutchings & Daniel Rideout, witnessed the grant of Admon. *( Nee Rhoda Lee of Twillingate, dau of George Lee of Twillingate? )


Joseph Ridout, 1840, Rogues Harbour, Admin, Vol 2. Widower.

1200 Pounds Estate value. James White and John Noble, Planters of Rogues Harbour, witnessed Joseph Rideout's Will. Joseph Ridout of Rogues Harbour, Green Bay, died April 29, 1840. Leaving 12 children, 3 boys & 9 girls, all resident at or near Rogues Harbour. Viz: Elizabeth Hulet, Renny? Hulet, Rosanna Coal, Giles Rideout, Maria Noble, John Noble, Gilbert Rideout, Joseph Rideout, Jemima Rideout, Ann Rowsell, John Rowsell, & Julia Burt. Thomas Knight, Nippers Harbour Dealer, petitioned the Court for Admon on July 31, 1840, at Rogues Harbour. Stated that the Rideout family of Rogues Harbour, had & did still deal with him the petitioner, Thomas Knight of Nipper's Harbour. Admon granted August, 1840 to Thomas Knight of St. John's, Planter. Thomas Knight, Planter of St. John's, and William Thomas, Merchant of St. John's; bonded for Admon performance, on Sept 8, 1840. * ( Thomas Knight, resident of St. John's, held business in the Green Bay, at the time. Kin of Henry Knight of Moreton's Harbour, who migrated there from Carbonear. The family previously from Poole, Dorset. )


Richard Ridout, 1834, South Shore, Conception Bay, Probate, Vol 2.

Richard died March 21, 1834. Estate value of 200 Pounds. Left him surviving his widow Susanna, & 7 children, 1 daughter & 6 sons. All minors. Susanna was Richard's second wife, by whom he had 4 children. Probate granted April 8, 1834 to Richard Parmiter, Planter, Reader & Catechist; of the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge; South Shore, CB. *( Richard Rideout from Sturminster Newton, Dorset? )


William Rideout, 1840, New Bay, Admin, Vol 2.

Estate value of 45 Pounds. William Rideout died at New Bay on Aug 3, 1840, Bachelor. William Ridout left him surviving, 1 brother, Richard Ridout of Western Head, & 2 sisters. Ann, wife of John Warrick of Fogo; & Sarah, the widow of the late George Rowsell of New Bay; the mother of this petitioner, who is the Nephew of the testator. Josiah/Joseph Spencer and Thomas Manuel witnessed William Rideout's Will of March 4, 1840. On Aug 8, 1840, Joseph Rowsell & Josiah Spencer signed an Affidavit/Bond for Admon. Joseph Rowsell signed a Petition for Admon. Probate was granted on Oct 28, 1840, to Joseph Rowsell of New Bay.


John Roberts, 1842, Twillingate, Admin, Vol 2. *( Not Found by the author. )


John Rowsell, 1844, Halls Bay, Probate, Vol 2.

John Rousell made his Will on June 24, 1840. Halls Bay Fishery Estate to sons Henry & James Rousell jointly. Money equally to sons Thomas, William, John, & Joseph. Sons William & Henry Rousell, appointed executors of John Rousell's Will. William & Henry Rousell bound at Twillingate on Sept. 10, 1844, to perform an Inventory of Estate for the Court. And petitioned for probate. John Rousell died December, 1843. Estate value of 300 Pounds. No Widow surviving. Surviving children are: Thomas Rowsell, age about 45 years, William Rowsell age about 37 years, John Rowsell, age about 35 years, Joseph Rowsell, age about 33 years, James Rousell, age about 30 years, Jane Paddock, age about 40 Years, Sarah May, age about 27 years, & Mary Heath?, age about 25 Years. ( One Petitioner Henry Rousell is stated as John's son, and was thus likely omitted from John Rousell's, issue listing. The petitioner not usually named twice. ) Probate granted Nov 2, 1844 to William Rowsell aka Rousell, Executor. *John's wife Emma Rousell, died August, 1835?

From the Halls Bay Bible: Children of John & Emma Rowsell: Thomas born Oct 31, 1799. Jane born Feb 24, 1801. George born Nov 26, 1802. John born Mar 16, 1805. William born Dec 31, 1806. Joseph born Jan 18, 1808. Mary born Feb 28, 1811. Henry & James born July 8, 1813. Sarah born July 13, 1816. Mary born Oct 14, 1818.


Peter Sacrey, 1840, Bryant's Cove, Vol 2.

Peter died in Dec last. Estate value of 70 Pounds. Made his Will on Oct 14, 1839. Names William Charles St. John, Guardian & Trustee, of his daughters. Thomas Danson, John Chippett, & Richard Coughlan witnessed the Will. Left him surviving his Widow Ann Sacrey, and 3 daughters. Ann Robinson, wife of Charles Robinson, Eleanor Anstice, wife of William Anstice, & Mary Hicks/Hix/Hyx, wife of George. South Side Harbour Grace property purchased of Charles Parsons of Bears Cove, given to daughter Mary Hicks. Bryant's Cove Feather Point property, given to daughter Eleanor Anstice. William Charles St. John, Gentleman, petitioned the Court for Admon, on Nov 27, 1840. Probate granted to William Charles St. John, Harbour Grace Merchant, on Dec 3, 1840.

Mentions William St. John to be Guardian of his daughter Ann Sacrey Robinson.


William Sceviour, 1854, Exploits, Burnt Islands, Probate, Vol 3.

Estate value of 250 Pounds. Probate granted Nov 11, 1854 to son Joseph Sceviour.


Robert Sealey, 1844, Bareneed, Joiner, Admin, Vol 3.

William Littlejohn, Bay Roberts Planter; & Jonathan Martin of Harbour Grace, Housekeeper & Constable, were bonded for Admon. William Littlejohn petitioned for Admon on April 29, 1843. States Robert Sealey died about 1830 leaving him surviving: Viz: Widow Elizabeth Sealey, & children William Sealey aged about 22 years, Ann Morgan aged about 20 years, Mary Ann Sealey aged about 14 years. William Littlejohn wed widow Elizabeth Sealey, about 7 years ago. Admon granted March 6, 1844 to William Littlejohn.


Joseph Sims, 1832, Twillingate, Admin, Vol 2. *( Not Found by the author. )


Robert Slade, 1838.

Robert Slade died March 17, 1833. Probate granted Jan 7, 1848, to James Slade Esquire of Trinity, Newfoundland, and Poole, Dorset, England. Estate value of 15,000 Pounds. *( Probated in the PCC earlier. Possible third probate at Poole, Dorset. )


Thomas Slade, 1839, Vol 2. A lengthy 17 page Will. Newfoundland Estate valued at 10,000 Pounds.

Thomas Slade died 1816. His Will dated June 15, 1816. Appointed his Cousin Robert Slade, executor. This Robert Slade was deceased in 1839. Thomas had a sister Jane Thomas, wife of George Thomas, aka Thomas Thomas. Elizabeth Talbot, daughter of sister Jane Thomas, wife of Richard Talbot. Thomas had a brother James Slade who had wife Ann. Their daughters Elizabeth & Sophia Slade, under age 25 years. Also Mary Slade. Mary Slade, dau of James Slade, now living with Thomas Slade. Thomas had a sister Elizabeth Cox, wife of William Cox. Their children: Jane, Thomas, Mary, & Hannah Cox. Names John Slade, son of my late niece Mary Slade, late wife of Cousin Robert Slade, named executor of Thomas' Will. Also Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah (under age 21 ), Robert, James, Thomas & Anna; children of late niece Mary Slade. Names John & George Hooper, children of my late niece Mary Hooper. Names brother David Slade, who has children: Robert, John, Thomas, David, James, George, Mary, Richard, Sarah, & Samuel Slade. Names late Cousin James Slade, who has children Susanna, Martha, & Robert Slade. Names Cousin Robert Standley. Lydia Swaffield, late Lydia Slade, now the wife of Samuel Swaffield, Gentleman of Lychet Minster, Dorset. Lydia was the wife of Thomas Slade Sr. of Poole, Merchant; who died Intestate June 14th, 1836. Letters of Admin granted by the PCC to Lydia, Aug 9, 1836. Oct 8, 1839, Lydia requests with her Attorney, George Frampton of Greenspond, to be granted Admin of Thomas' Newfoundland Estate, in the Newfoundland Supreme Court. Also with her agent Stephen Lawlor, of Fogo Island. Robert Slade, son of James Slade also requested Admon, on behalf of Robert Slade deceased, who was named executor in the Will of Thomas Slade, June 15, 1816. Admon granted to George Frampton, October 8, 1839.

*( George Frampton was a Greenspond merchant. )


William Skinner of Fogo, 1860, Admin, Vol 3.

William Skinner died March 2, 1854. Leaving him surviving his Widow Ann, 3 sons, & 5 daughters. Viz: John age 38 years, & William age 20, residing in Twillingate, Rebecca age 36 wed to Stephen Roberts, Elizabeth age 34, wed to George Cook, Phoebe age 30 wed to Elias Roberts, Mary Ann age 25 wed to Samuel Roberts, & Naomi wed to Thomas Jacobs, since dead. Estate value of 400 Pounds. John Skinner petitioned for Admon on Oct 9, 1860. Admon granted to John Skinner, Nov 23, 1860. *( John Roberts of Twillingate witnessed Sarah Rousell's Will of November, 1818. Rousell family of Fogo/New Bay/Halls Bay, close to Skinner family. )


Jacob Snow of Bearneed. 1830.

The last Will and testament of Jacob Snow ( John's son ) of Bearneed; bearing date March 16, 1830. Secondly: I bequeath to my wife Olive Snow and my children by her all my right, title, and interest in my Room or Plantation at Bearneed aforesaid ( left to me by the Will of my Grandfather Jacob Snow ) consisting of a dwelling house, two flakes, and one stage, together with all the ground & gardens belonging to the said Room. And I also give to my wife Olive Snow & her children by me all & everything I may die possessed of what kind or nature so ever. And I do appoint my wife sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament.

Given under my hand & seal at Bearneed the 16th day of March in the year of our Lord 1830. In the presence of us: C. Blackmore, Amy Daw, Johann Newell. ( Amy & Joanne used their marks. Blackmore signed. ) *Real Property valued at 9 Pounds by the Court.


John Snow, 1834, Port de Grave, Admin, Vol 2.

Estate value of 200 Pounds. Intestate. John Snow's property would have been worth much more, but for the act, lately perpetrated on it. A letter from Henry Boulton of the High Sheriff's Office, dated April 22, 1834, states John and Catherine Snow left 7 Children living. 2 Boys & 5 girls, besides the infant lately born in prison. The eldest is a girl age 14 years. John owned a large fishing boat, nets and other fishing tackle. Mr. Snow has a brother resident at Harbour Grace, who is a Carpenter by trade. He wishes to take one of the daughters. A clerk of the Court letter of April 25, 1834, mentions 8 children, 3 boys & 5 girls. The minor children would require Guardians. He recommends Robert J. Pinsent be Administrator of John's estate. John's local relatives being illiterate, and very unlikely to petition for Admon. Admon granted May 2, 1834, to Robert J. Pinsent, Guard of the Court. Named Guardian by the Supreme Court, of John and Catherine Snow's children. Robert Pinsent was bonded for 200 Pounds in the event of default of Admon. The condition of the obligation written on May 15, 1835, mentions Martin Snow, Maria Snow & Joanna Snow, the infant children of the late John & Catherine Snow.


Thomas Spencer, 1852, Twillingate, Admin, Vol 3. Intestate.

Estate value of 100 Pounds. George Early Ridout's petition for Admon dated Sept 29, 1852, states that Thomas Spencer died in 1851. Thomas left him surviving 4 sons & 6 daughters. Viz: John Spencer, James Spencer, William Spencer, & Eliakim Spencer. Mary the wife of Cornelius Linfield, Elizabeth the wife of John Purchase, Hannah the wife of Samuel Lacey, Rebecca the wife of Cornelius Fudge, Martha the wife of James May, & Susannah the wife of Phillip Wills, all resident of Twillingate, and of age, ie: the English legal adult age of 21 years. George Early Ridout, Esq., Gentleman, of Fogo, signed with a neat cursive writing signature. *( In 1852, George Early Rideout was agent to Robert Slade of Poole, Dorset. ) *Was George Early Rideout born 1815 at Ringwood, Hampshire? Dissenter family of the Great or Upper Meeting House, Ringwood.


Mary Spracklin, relict of Samuel Spracklin the younger, 1831, Cubits_Cupids, Probate, Vol 2.

Mary's Will of Jan 25, 1831, names 3 childern: Simon, John & Priscilla. John & Priscilla under age 21 years. Children given the Room now occupied by Charles Cozens/Cousins of Brigus, Merchant, the Room adjoining that of John Bonnell of Cupits. Mentions her father ( in Law? ) Simon Spracklin the elder of Brigus, Planter. Names the said Charles Cozens & Nathaniel Munden of Brigus, Planter, as executors of her Will. Charles Cozens to be Guardian of Mary Spracklin's 2 underage children, John & Priscilla. John Noon witnessed Mary's Will. Estate value of 950 Pounds. Nathaniel Munden renounced executing Mary Spracklin's Will on March 5, 1831. Mary's Will proved the same day by the Oath of John Noon. Probate granted to Charles Cousins.


Samuel Spracklin, 1839, # 295, Brigus, Admin, Vol 2.

Made his Will on March 6, 1838. Samuel H. Cozens & Nathaniel Munden witnessed. Samuel's widow Elizabeth Spracklin & son Thomas Spracklin. Samuel Spracklin died April 4, 1839. Named in his Will executors Robert Pinsent, Esq, & John Lemon of Brigus. John Noon witnessed Samuel's Will. Son Thomas gets the Western part of his Room, bounded by premises formerly belonging to Simon Spracklin on the West. Mentions his brother Simon Spracklin. Names daughters Hannah Tucker, Elizabeth Wilcox, Mary Mercer, Susan Munden, & Ann Gushue, who has a daughter Susan. Samuel left an Estate value of 500 Pounds. Son Thomas and 4 daughters, of which the daughters were all married as of Sep 3, 1839. Admon granted Oct 12, 1839, to Elizabeth & Thomas Spracklin. Robert Pinsent renounced right as executor, before Charles Cousins, Commissioner of Affidavits in the Supreme Court, on June 18, 1839. Charles Hiscock Cozens & Joseph Cozens of St. John's, & Samuel Cozens, witnessed that Samuel Spracklin set his mark, to his Will.

*Azariah Munden in Newfoundland circa 1752, from Bridport, England. Agent for Joseph Gundry, Bridport ropemaker. *Azariah Munden Sr., was a native of Bridport, England, and had first come to Newfoundland in 1756 as agent for ropes and twines for the firm of Messrs. Gundry of Bridport.

*( Consider Netherbury, within the "District of Bridport". A Simon Spracklin at Netherbury, Dorset. A Simon Spracklin at Brigus. See Spracklin info above here. ) A Munden_Cozens marriage at Netherbury. Consider Brigus, Conception Bay, Newfoundland; and the District of Bridport, Dorset, England; further.

*Long term association between early Newfoundland communities and ancestral English communities.

*There are cases where an early Newfoundlander, is said to be native of "a specific English town". Cases wherein one should interpret "the local English District,

or major sea port"; rather than the specific named town itself. Ex: From Sturminster Newton. Did the individual actually originate at Sturminster Newton Castle?

At Sturminster Newton town proper? At Sturminster Newton Commons? Or at another small town within Sturminster Newton District.


Tavernir, 1840, Trinity, Admin, Vol 2.

Andrew Taverner died in 1795, leaving him surviving: his widow Catherine and 4 children. The oldest child Andrew, died unmarried 27 years ago. Sarah wed to William Cross resident in Trinity, Joseph the petitioner for Admon resident in Trinity, & Susannah wed to John Lander, now living in Poole, Dorset.

Estate value of 1400 Pounds. Andrew's widow remarried to Richard Ash, in 1800. There were 2 children. Richard Ash has since died. Joseph Taverner petitioned for Admon on June 2, 1840. Joseph's mother Catherine, was now nearly 80 years of age.

*( Susannah Pynn wed Conway Heightington of Bristol & Harbour Grace. Her sister Catherine Pynn wed Andrew Captain Taverner of Poole, Dorset.

From St. Paul's Marriage s 1757-1820, Trinity Bay - 1799, Aug 21(st) Married Richard Ash Master of the Ship Lion & Catherine [Pynn*] Widow of the late Andrew Taverner of this Harbour. ) [ Niece of Sir Henry Pynn of Harbour Grace, daughter of [Geo.?] Augustis Pynn. ]


Henry Thistle, 1837, Mulley's Cove, Admin, Vol 2.

Michael Dwyer & Francis Ramsey of Mullays Cove, South Shore, CB., petitioned on May 13, 1837, for Admon. States that Henry Thistle of Mullay's Cove was lost in the schooner "Joseph" on a sealing voyage in April, 1837. Leaving no Father, Mother, or sons him surviving. Left 4 daughters, viz. Mary wed to Michael Dwyer, & Eliza wed to Frances Ramsey. Diana wed to George Pippy, resident near the RC Chapel at St. John's. And Jane wed to Francis King resident at Broad Cove, North Shore, CB.


Robert Tuffin's Estate sworn under 20 Pounds value, August, 1829, at St. John's. By his Widow, Mary Tuffin.

Petition of Mary Tuffin for Admon of her late Husband, Robert Tuffin.

To the Chief Judge and Assistant Judges of the Supreme Court, etc.

The humble Petition of Mary Tuffin, the Widow of Robert Tuffin, late of St. John's, Fisherman deceased. Humbly sheweth,

That your Lordships Petitioner said late Husband Robert Tuffin served Benjamin Brooks of Twillingate, Planter, last year as a Boats Master and Fisherman, and on his way to Saint John's in the service of the said Benjamin Brooks last fall was lost on board the said Brooks' Schooner in the month of November. That the said Brooks refuses to give to Petitioner any account of the wages of the said Husband or any satisfaction for the same, and Petitioner therefore prays that your Lordships will be pleased to grant her letters of Administration to the Estate of her said late Husband, and Rule on the said Brooks ( who is now about leaving this Harbour ) to show cause why Petitioner should not be found the balance of her said Husband's wages. That Petitioner has a family of five helpless Children and are in great distress and want. Signed: Mary Tuffin, her mark. St. John's. June 8th, 1829.

St. John's. The Judges in Chambers.

It is ordered that Mr. Benjamin Brooks and Mr. James Stewart Esq., the receivers of his baggage, do this day appear in Court at Eleven o'clock. To shew Cause why the Petitioner of the within Petition, as well as that of others of his Servants who are stated to have been lost in the same vessel, should not be complied with. St. John's. 10th June, 1829.


Charles Tucker Sr., 1833, Ship Cove, Port de Grave, Probate, Vol 2.

Probate granted to his sons John and Charles Tucker.


Thomas Verge, 1846, Trinity, Admin, Vol 2.

Thomas died leaving him surviving, son John age 25 years, who has been on a foreign voyage and not been back since his father's decease. Son's James age 19 years, Mark age 17 years, Benjamin age 15 years, Thomas age 12 years, Joseph age 9 years, & Eli age 3 years. Estate value of 1500 Pounds. Admon granted to widow, Elizabeth Verge on Sept. 16, 1846.


John Vincent, 1839, Twillingate, probate, Vol 2.

John made his Will on April 24, 1832. Leaves Newfoundland property and Chattels, etc. to Ann Wyatt, wife of Charles. Mentions a Fishing Room in Jenkin's Cove under lease to Lawrence Smith for 50 years @ 10 Shillings per year. Leaves 50 Pounds of his money in England to sister Mary Vincent, now living with Mr. Caines of Purbeck. To the children of his late sister Christiana Mitchel of Piddletrentide, Dorset, the residue of his English money and property. Names Charles & Ann Wyatt, executors of his Will. John signs the Will, with his mark. Estate value of 500 Pounds. Probate granted June 11, 1839, to Charles Wyatt.


Joseph Ward, 1839, Twillingate, Probate, Vol 2. Intestate.

Simon Ward signs an Affidavit at Twillingate, on May 16, 1839, to Administer the Estate of Joseph Ward, deceased. For the era and geography, Simon signed with a very impressive neat and flowing signature. Estate value of 150 Pounds. Simon Ward, James Rice & Luke Cook witnessed the bond for Admon of the estate. Simon's petition for Admon dated May 15, 1839, states that Joseph Ward died at Sea about November, 1835. Joseph left him surviving a widow, Rebecca Ward, who died about August, 1836. Also 6 children. Your petitioner, Simon Ward. John & Joseph Ward, since deceased being lost at Sea in November, 1838. Elizabeth the wife of John Cox now residing at Fortune Harbour. Agnes Ward now aged 15 years, & Benjamin Ward, age 12 years, both residing in Twillingate. Admin granted June 11, 1839 to Simon Ward of Fortune Harbour, Planter.


John White, 1832, Twillingate, Admin, Vol 2.

Estate value of 350 Pounds. Will made on Sept 9, 1830. Native of Haselbury Bryan, in Dorsetshire. Daughter Elizabeth, the wife of James Moors of Back Harbour, Twillingate. Daughter Ann, the wife of William Short of Twillingate.

*Haselbury Bryan a Parish in Pimperne Hundred, Sturminster District. Deanery of Whitechurch, Diocese of Salisbury.

“Thus look for possible marriages/Banns at the Parish of Haselbury Bryant, Deanery of Winterborne Whitechurch, and Diocese of Salisbury.

*Possible probates in the Archdeaconry Court of Dorset, or Court of the Bishop of Bristol.


Samuel Woolfreys, 1858, Moreton's Harbour, Probate, Vol 3.

Samuel's Will dated Oct 27, 1842. John & Samuel Newman witnessed. Samuel Woolfries died July 22, 1856. Left Estate value of 200 Pounds. Gave widow Mary his Fishing Room at Moreton's Harbour. Son Robert to get half the Fishing business, craft, seines, etc. Mary also to get the Dwelling House and Gardens at Chance Harbour. After Mary's death, their son Robert to have all, with exceptions named. Son Samuel to get large Bible and Watch. Two daughters, Mary the wife of Edward Bartlett, & Ann Osmond, the wife of Joseph Osmond, the remaining books, equally between them. Also 20 Shillings. Probate granted ? 6, 1858 to Executors John Colbourne & Edward Britt.


Mary Young, 1839, Twillingate, Admin, Vol 2.

Mary Young died May 21, 1833. About 82 years old. Estate value of 110 Pounds. Mary left her surviving 3 sons & 4 daughters, all of full age. John Young, Thomas Young, Mary Hunt, Edith Davey, Stephen Young, Jane Gillett, Ann Newman. Sons John & Stephen Young signed the Administration Bond. Admon granted Oct 8, 1839 to son John Young.

Stephen Young, 1870, Twillingate, Admin. Intestate.

Estate value of $1600. George Young, Simon Young & Jacob Wheeler were bound for Admon. Dec 17, 1869, the sons and daughters of Stephen Young petitioned for Admon to be given to George Young. Viz: William Young, Simon Young, Rebecca Wheeler, Jacob Wheeler, Mary Elliott. Dec 17, 1869, George petitioned the Court for Admon. Stating that his father Stephen died about 28 years ago, intestate; circa 1841 then. Leaving him surviving his widow Jane Young, who died about 7 years ago. Also 6 sons & 2 daughters. Viz: George, William, Simon, Andrew, who died in 1869, Samuel, now on the French Shore North of Cape John, & Stephen of Twillingate, Planter. Rebecca wed to Jacob Wheeler, & Mary, the widow of Samuel Elliott. Admon granted Jan 12, 1870, to Steven's son, George Young.

Stephen Burton Young, 1911, Twillingate, Probate, Vol 6.

Stephen Burton Young ( 1827? – 1910 ), son of Stephen Young Sr. and Jane Adams.

Wife Mary Young died April 21, 1909. Stephen died on Dec 4, 1910. Estate value of $2000. Stephen in his Will of April 19, 1910, mentions his daughter Harriet Roberts, & 4 sons Viz: Abram, Isaac, Jacob, & Elias. His land at South Side Twillingate bounded on the South West by Cooper's property. And on the northwest by Guy's Property. Probate granted to Elias Young, Fisherman, & William J Scott, Magistrate, on Jan 30, 1911.

Abram Young, 1910, South Side, Twillingate, Probate, Vol 6.

Abraham made his Will on Oct 3, 1905. Names sons Levi, Joseph, Obadiah, Matthew & Abraham Young. William G. Bulgin & Mariana White witnessed the Will. Probate granted to Robert Hayward and Charles White, Teacher; on May 2, 1910. Estate value of $800. In a petition of April, 1910, Robert Hayward & Charles White, requests Probate/Admon. And mentions Abram's daughter Emily Hodder, now resident at ??Gloucester??, USA. *Abraham, son of John Young & Elizabeth Tilsed?


Jersey Heritaage Archives & Collections Online - Newfoundland search

Testament of John Mahaut, planter of Harbour Grace, below Bears Cove, Newfoundland. Dated 09/04/1762.

Reference: D/Y/A/10/94. Date: November 15th 1762.


Testament of William Priaux of Jersey, now of Newfound[land]. Dated 09/01/1810. Bequeaths to the poor of St Joan £15. Includes seal from William Lilly, Public Notary, Newfoundland. Reference: D/Y/A/18/84. Date: May 19th 1813.


Testament of Edward Patten of Newfoundland, now of Jersey. Dated 15/09/1830. Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 10s.

Reference: D/Y/A/21/73. Date: October 28th 1830.


Testament of Noah Nicolle of St Helier, Mariner, now of Blackhead, Conception Bay, Newfoundland. Dated 10/04/1734.

Reference: D/Y/A/7/61. Date: July 29th 1742.


Consider what brought John Snow Kelly's Island, Conception Bay, 1708?

Testament of William Snow, merchant of St Aubin, St Brelade. Dated 28/09/1713. Reference: D/Y/A/4/107. Date: September 20th 1714.

William Snow of St. Brelade. Made Sep 28, 1713. Probated Sep 20, 1714. Fm Anne Hamelin. U_No. 1. Vol. 1 Part 1. Page 1.

Consider what brought Butler to Port de Grave, mid 1600's?

St. Helier marriage. Oct 9, 1611. Jacques Le Boutilier wed Elizabeth Lempriere, daughter of Thomas Lempriere.


Charter of the ship “Jersey” by Jacques Remon and Nicollas Fiott from Pierre Maret, William Kartell, William Bushell and Brun Benest proprietors of the vessel.

The ship is chartered for 4 months at £30 per month and is to go to Newfoundland. Reference: L/C/88/A/12. Date: June 26th 1742.


It is not unseen that early Newfoundland folk sometimes had children baptized back home in the mother country. Like family Snow. One generally considers either these folk held some prominent status, or had the financial means, to be able to voyage back and forth between Newfoundland and the mother country.


*Blandford Forum, Dorset; and Milford, Hampshire; are examples of English/British Parishes, where marriages of folk “not of those Parishes”, sometimes occurred there. An explanation for this phenomenon is not presently understood. Many early Newfoundlanders departed the seaport of Poole, Dorset; originating at towns along the road, from Poole to Shaftsbury. Also originating between Poole, Lymington and Ringwood.


The British Empire in America. Containing The History of the Discovery, Settlement, Progress and present State of all the British Colonies on the Continent and Islands of America. In Two Volumes. London. 1708. Subsection: The History of Newfoundland.

Pages 4 & 5.

In 1613, 54 Men, 6 Women, and 2 Children wintered at John Guy's Colony in Conception Bay. But we have reason to believe that things did not answer their Expectation, for "tis certain that Mr. Guy and his Colony returned to England." In 1614, Sir Henry Manwaring was sent thither with a Squadron of 5 Men of War to secure the Fishery. In 1615, Captain Whitburn was sent with a Commission to Impanel Juries, etc., respecting the Fishery. In 1616, Whitburn again visited Newfoundland. Two or three years later, Sir George Calvert "finding the Newfoundland Company made no use of their Grant, he thought of this Place for his Retreat; to which end he procured a Patent..."

Pages 7 & 8.
The English settlements are now scattered from Ferryland Head to Greenspond. ( Ie: 1708 ).
"And Passing Cape de Raz, the most Easterly Point of Land in the Island, we come to:
Ferryland, where there are about 30 Houses and families.
Cape Broil...12
Bay of Bulls...20
Brigas Bay...6
Bell Inn...3
Toads Cove...2
Mummables Bay...6
Petty Harbour...6
St. John's Town...60
Kittavitty...20 Houses and Families.
Torbay...4 Families.
Holyrood, Salmon Cove & Harve de Grace...12 Families.
Carbonear...30 Families.
Bay Vards...10 Families.
Old Parlikin...6 Families.
New Parlikin...deserted
Silly Cove
Trinity...12 Families.
Bonavist...25 Families.
Greenspond...3 Families.

In all 267 Families, some of which are very large; and all together.

( Cape de Raz/Cape Race = most easterly point of land in 1708, dry compass, magnetic North. Cape Spear = most easterly point, in modern times, Magnetic declination, true North ). ( Bell Inn = Bauline? ) ( The official 1708 Census list folk at Silly Cove. As well as at New Perlican. No families indicated per the record above here for New Parlikin or Silly Cove. Same case seen in other communities. What explanation? Folk had migrated in the face of the French threat? It appears families and folk in some smaller communities were possibly tallied with larger towns. Per this "The History of Newfoundland", printed in 1708, there is no mention of Kelly's Island, Bell Island, or Carbonear Island! Who resided at Holyrood, circa 1708? Appearing a general count of the number of residents. Were folk generally enumerated/amalgamated in relation to the geographical size, of the local Harbours? Paralleling Parliamentarian queries on the number of the inhabitant Fishers in the local Harbours, at Newfoundland. ) 248? names in the official 1708 Census. The Servants not named. A family of Guy moved from Cupids to Carbonear. The rest of the Cupids Cove Colony returned to England?

Page 9.

The English had no Settlement for many years farther than Bonavista; but 10 Years ago, they sat down at Greenspond Island. ( Ie: 1698. )


Google Books:

North America: Volume 1. Canada & Newfoundland.

By Samuel Edward Dawson, Henry Gannett. London. 1897.

Page 670. It has been the misfortune of Newfoundland that, for more than 200 years, it was the policy of the British Government to prevent its settlement...

Page 692 - 697. Period of Repression, 1633-1800. A good read! Planters/Inhabitants versus Adventurers/merchants.


Cobbett's Parliamentary History of England: From the Norman Conquest, in ... edited by William Cobbett.

Page 426. In 1775 Benjamin Lester told the British Parliament House, that he had been a merchant adventurer to Newfoundland for 38 years. Since 1737.

Page 428. In 1775 George Davis told the British Parliament House, that he had been a merchant to Newfoundland for 24 years. Since 1751.

*This contrasts with the book below here, which states George Davis began his career in 1757 as an agent of Pike & Green, per page 71.

Contribution of Methodism to Atlantic Canada. By Charles H.H. Scobie, John Webster Grant, page 71.

George Davis (c. 1725-89), like his father John Davis (Davies) and grandfather George Davis/Davys (the family originally came from Topsham, Devon) was a merchant in Carbonear, Conception Bay, Newfoundland. Elizabeth, his first wife, had donated to Coughlan's chapel in Carbonear a Church of England prayer book and metrical psalter. Davis's second wife Mary Branscombe (1758?-1838), was a Methodist. Davis traded with Poole and London, and in 1765 had a London address (Prescott Street (Goodman Fields-by Whitechapel).

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