Samples of Anglo-American Telegraph Co. Invoices-Receipts & Weather Reports

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Samples of Anglo-American Telegraph Co. Invoices-Receipts & Weather Reports

Source: The Anglo-American Telegraph Company Manuscript Collection MG 570 Box 1 & 23 (Folders 1-7, 1879-93) The Rooms Corp.-PANL

The following is a list of official receipts for services rendered by laborers, telegraph line repairmen, and technicians in the employ of the Anglo-American Telegraph Company. The receipts are randomly filed or itemized within a series of folders titled Receipts, Invoices, etc., with no referenced sequential order by date or file name to whom the receipt was issued. The collection of receipts is contained within the Anglo-American Telegraph Company Manuscript Collection, currently housed at the Rooms Corp.. The few examples which follow are but a mere fraction or subset of the total corpus of receipts and invoices housed in the collection, and are meant as an illustration to illuminate and guide future researchers who wish to explore transcription of this massive and in-depth collection.

Received from Angl. Amer. Tel. Co. for
Payment to sum of Seventeen
Dollars and Fifty Cents in receipt
of Thiry five Telegraph poles
July 4thy/85                         Joseph X Bernard
(Folder 3)


St. George's Bay
                        July 24/18
Received from John Hannebury for
Anglo American Telegraph Company
limited the Sum of Seventy Five
Dollars, Fifty Cents for three
Hundred & Six Poles
             Peter X Benwa

(Folder 4)


                        St. George's Bay
                        July 24/12

Received from John Hannebury for
Anglo American Telegraph Company
.... the Sum of Ten Dollars
& Eighty Cents for Eighteen Days

             Peter X Le Basque
Witness             Alex Stevenson
(Folder 5)

Weather Reports

The following is a selected sampling of logbook journal entries as transcribed by the local telegraph operator for the Heart's Content telegraph station, with specific particulars on local weather conditions and reports of progress for maintenance of the telegraph line therein for each noted date. As an additional note, other researchers are encouraged to explore further this tome of collected manuscripts in the the hope that someday this interest and effort will stimulate digitized scanning of this collection for website public disclosure, pending, of course, project funding, resource and personnel allocation. Such snapshot extractions do not give justice to the immense breath and depth of information in this and other manuscript collections housed at this location.

February [12 to 14]                         [2nd Month] 1872

14 Ash WEDNESDAY [45-321]+
NE strong breeze snow, sleet & Rain
1-20 from same sleet storm confirmed-acquired
at time being Rain
NF line still down between Chapel Arm
and Black River
Midnight NF line still down
__ Fwd 2 Recd

1872 [29 Day]                         [15 to 187] February

15TH FRIDAY [46-320] NE moderate overcast-
Storm apparently over-
NF line still down-
4 pm NF Co. report off to Black River
at 1:30 pm - fault beyond there
since daylight

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