Paris Exhibition of 1867, List of Newfoundland Exhibitors

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Paris Exhibition of 1867

List of Exhibitors in Newfoundland to whom space has been allotted by the local committee

Transcribed by Tammy Hammond April 2016 from “The London Gazette”, February 22, 1867 edition. Spelling as per the article, there may be other errors.

Exhibitor Product
Class 9
Local Commissioners Photographs
Wyatt, F. J. Photographs
Chisholm Photographs
Class 40
Geological Survey Mineral products of various districts
Wyatt, F. J., Greenspond Granite
Cohn, LaManche Mine, Placentia Bay Gelina
Bennett, C. F., Terra Nova Mine, Little Bay Serpentine, white and variegated marble, copper pyrites
Mackin, R. A., and Cleary, Capt P., Entrance to Humber River Variegated marble
Harvey, W., Belle Isle Fossil and cast
Boyd, William, Indian Brook, St. George's Bay Coal
Local Commissioners, Random Sound, Trinity Bay Roofing Slates
Langmead, G. Galena
Bennett, C.F., and Co. Bituminous shale, native petroleum
Newfoundland Peat Company Peat Fuel
St. John's Soap Works Oil Soap
Class 42
Robinson, J.R. Wools, white and dyed
Athenseum Square-flipper seal, stuffed; Greenland seals, patch-fox, ermines, birds, &c
Commissioners Stuffed fish, birds, &c; dried fish; beavers and Alpine hares; cod-liver oil, of the manufacture of C. Fox
Stabb, Dr. Fish, in spirits; squash berries; partridge berries; roots, leaves, and flowers of the pitcher plant; Labrador tea; capillaire berry plant
Wyatt, F. J. Capillaire jam; seal oil, cod-liver oil, whale oil, &c; fish, in spirits; salted fish
Howley, James Juniper berries, turpentine
O'Brien, Mrs. C. Marshberry Jam
Job Brothers and Co. Cod liver oil
Warrington, John Cod liver oil
Chafe, David, Petty Harbour Cod liver oil
Oke, R. Seal oil
Dearin, J. J. Cod liver oil
Class 46
Commissioners Skins, seal skin, loo skin bag, seal skin coat, seal skin, cosaque, cosaque made from intestines of seals, fishermen's rackets, marten and fox skins, esquimaux models in ivory, tusk of walrus
Wyatt, F. J. Skins, Indian snow rackets
Murray, Alex Stag's head and horns
Class 49
Benevolent Irish Society Nets
Commissioners Fishing lines, sealing guns, pockers and ice saw
Neyle, Richard Fish hooks
Dwyer, Mr. Native Flax, and twine made there-from
Class 66
Commissioners Models of boats, model of culling board, fish barrow and stands, weighing machine, fish and oil casks
Bishop, J Model of fishing stage
Class 67
Bennett, C. F. Barley
O'Brien, Hon. L. Barley, oats
Grieve, Walter Barley, oats
Commissioners Baskets made from cones of the fir tree
Class 68
Vails Joint Stock company Ship biscuit
Class 70
Wyatt, F. J. Dried and smoked caplin
Stahb, Dr. Caplin, preserved in spirits
Tilley, William Cod fish, mussels, and lobsters, in hermetically closed tins
Commissioners Salmon and cod liver oil in hermetically closed tins
Norman, Nathan, Labrador Salmon and curlew
Knight, Thomas, St. John's Preserved lobster and salmon
Class 84
Commissioners Specimens of native and wild flowers, in wax
Class 89
Peyton, John, Twillingate Vocabulary of the baothic dialect

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