1935 Census

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1935 Census

Placentia Bay Region ~ Placentia Bay East District


The information was transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual data.
Andeaus Patrick Head m m 50

Barron Anastasia Head f w 67
Barron Marjorie adau f s 18

Barron Archibald Head m m 30
Barron Hannah Wife f m 26
Barron Madeline Dau f s 6
Barron Patrick Son m s 5
Barron Eugenie Dau f s 3
Barron Thomas Son m s 9mo

Barron Cecily Head f w 77

Barron Ellen Head f w 63
Barron Veronica Dau f s 24
Barron Ronald Son m s 21

Barron Mary Head f w 75
Barron May sdau f s 44
Hunt Mary adau f s 20

Barron Michael Head m m 75
Barron Mary Wife f m 77
Barron Michael Son m s 34

Barron Patrick Head m m 77
Barron Alice Wife f m 69
Barron Rita Dau f s 27

Barron Thomas Head m m 62
Barron Bridget Wife f m 60
Barron James Son m s 30
Barron Herbert Son m s 29
Barron Thomas Son m s 24
Barron Agatha Dau f s 21
Barron Carmel Dau f s 18

Bird Henry Head m m 38
Bird Mary Wife f m 36
Bird Lawrence Son m s 5
Bird Henry Son m s 1
Kane Mary Dom f s 18

Bird John Head m w 79

Canning Patrick Head m m 59
Canning Mary Wife f m 53
Fratus Joseph Nephew m s 26

Carroll Lawrence Head m m 62
Carroll Ellen Wife f m 61
Carroll Thomas Son m s 24
Carroll Regina Dau f s 18

Carroll Michael Head m m 65
Carroll Mary Wife f m 63
Carroll Thomas Son m s 35
Carroll Edward Son m s 27
Carroll Genevieve Dau f s 22
Carroll Lucy Dau f s 22
Carroll Anna Dau f s 21

Collins Margaret Head f w 64
Collins Andrew Son m s 24

Collins Thomas Head m m 58
Collins Mary Wife f m 51
Collins Cecilia Dau f s 14

Connors Thomas Head m m 59
Connors Mary Wife f m 58
Connors Arthur Son m s 21

Dunphy John Head m m 49
Dunphy Angela Wife f m 48
Dunphy Margaret Dau f s 15
Dunphy William Son m s 13
Dunphy Bridget Dau f s 6
Dunphy Ella Dau f s 3
Smith Maria Mil f w 78

Dunphy William Head m m 37
Dunphy Ethel Wife f m 24
Dunphy Ronald Son m s 6mo

Fitzpatrick James Head m m 75
Fitzpatrick Bridget Wife f m 66
Fitzpatrick James Son m s 27

Fitzpatrick Robert Head m m 38
Fitzpatrick Margaret Wife f m 27
Fitzpatrick Mary Dau f s 5
Fitzpatrick Catherine Dau f s 3

Flynn James Head m m 71
Flynn Bridget Wife f m 36

Flynn Walter Head m m 71
Flynn Eliza Wife f m 65

Foley James Head m m 39
Foley Elizabeth Wife f m 27
Foley James Son m s 4
Foley Marguerite Dau f s 3
Foley Mercedes Dau f s 1

Griffin Dorothea Head f w 72

Griffin Peter Head m m 70
Griffin Agnes Wife f m 66
Griffin Sarah Dau f s 29
Griffin Archibald Son m s 25
Griffin Kevin Son m s 18

Hartigan Bridget Head f w 69
Hartigan Michael Son m s 28

Hartley James Head m m 65
Hartley Bridget Wife f m 59
Hartley Ellen Mother f w 97

Hartley John Head m m 63
Hartley Louise Wife f m 48
Hartley John Son m s 22
Hartley Irene Dau f s 17
Hartley James Son m s 16
Hartley Richard Son m s 14
Hartley Leonard Son m s 12
Hartley Harold son m s 10
Hartley William Son m s 8
Hartley Marie Dau f s 5
Power Michael sson m s 24

Hayes Edward Head m m 77
Hayes Hannah Wife f m 58
Hayes Thomas Son m s 24
Hayes Anne Dau f s 18

Hunt Henry Head m m 32
Hunt Anne Wife f m 27
Hunt Mary Dau f s 7
Hunt Eileen Dau f s 5
Hunt Angela Dau f s 3

Hunt John Head m m 48
Hunt Bridget Wife f m 38
Hunt Carmel Dau f s 9
Hunt Anne Dau f s 7
Hunt Jerome Son m s 4
Murphy Elizabeth sdau f s 16
Murphy Peter sson m s 13

Hunt Michael Head m m 39
Hunt Mary Wife f m 30
Hunt Louise Dau f s 4
Hunt Dinah Dau f s 6mo

Hunt Patrick Head m s 44
Hunt James Nephew m s 16

Hynes William Head m m 48
Hynes Selina Wife f m 41
Hynes Paul Son m s 17
Hynes Bridget Dau f s 16
Hynes Frances Dau f s 15
Hynes Leonard Son m s 11
Hynes Peter Son m s 9
Hynes Agnes Dau f s 8
Hynes Mary Dau f s 5
Hynes William Son m s 3
Hynes Aloysius Son m s 4mo

Kane Mary Head f w 56
Kane Stanley Son m s 13

Kerrivan Geoffrey Head m m 64
Kerrivan Katherine Wife f m 59
Kerrivan Vincent Son m s 29
Kerrivan Edward Son m s 23

Kerrivan James Head m m 66
Kerrivan Anne Wife f m 67

Murphy Ellen Head f w 55
Murphy Michael Son m s 30
Murphy John Son m s 24
Murphy Jeremiah Son m s 19
Murphy Tobias Son m s 17

Murphy Peter Head m m 54
Murphy Anne Wife f m 48
Murphy Thomas Son m s 26
Murphy Agatha Dau f s 14

Murphy William Head m m 79
Murphy Katherine Wife f m 72

O'Reilly Anne Head f w 25
O'Reilly Thomas Son m s 6
O'Reilly Rose Dau f s 4

O'Reilly Mary Head f w 75

O'Reilly Michael Head m m 66
O'Reilly Martha Wife f m 64
Sparrow Anthony sson m s 24

Patterson Henry Head m m 33
Patterson Bridget Wife f m 30
Patterson Charles Son m s 7
Patterson Mary Dau f s 6
Patterson Catherine Dau f s 5
Patterson Thomas Son m s 4
Patterson George Son m s 2
Patterson Henry Son m s 4mo

Patterson Michael Head m m 73
Patterson Mary Wife f m 73

Power Edward Head m m 35
Power Bertilda Wife f m 21
Power Richard Son m s 1

Power Emma Head f w 63
Power Alicia Dau f s 23
Power Mary Mil f w 89

Power George Head m m 61
Power Mary Wife f m 54
Power Gerald Son m s 22
Power George Son m s 20
Power Mary Dau f s 17
Power Zeta Dau f s 13
Power Kevin Son m s 10

Power Joseph Head m m 55
Power Sarah Wife f m 57
Power Martin Son m s 24
Power Angela Dau f s 16
Power Robert Dau f s 13

Power Patrick Head m m 72
Power Rebecca Wife f m 71
Power Stephen Son m s 39
Power Francis Son m s 34

Power Peter Head m m 77
Power Jane Wife f m 55

Power Susan Head f w 75
Power James Son m s 27
Power Susan Dau f s 23

Power Thomas Head m m 63
Power Mary Wife f m 49
Power Susan Dau f s 22

Power William Head m m 64
Power Gertrude Wife f m 53
Power Gregory Son m s 26

Quilty William Head m m 52
Quilty Jane Wife f m 50
Quilty William Son m s 21
Quilty Agnes Dau f s 16
Quilty Gerald Son m s 14
Quilty Mary Dau f s 12
Quilty Clarence Son m s 9
Quilty Leo Son m s 6

Sparrow Thomas Head m w 75
Viscount Nicholas Sil m m 42
Viscount Anne Dau f m 42

Tobin John Head m m 53
Tobin Julia Wife f m 49
Tobin Michael Son m s 26
Tobin James Son m s 22
Tobin Louise Dau f s 20
Tobin Theresa Dau f s 18
Tobin Carmel Dau f s 16
Tobin Rita Dau f s 14
Tobin Maud Dau f s 12
Tobin John Son m s 10
Tobin Anthony Son m s 6

Tobin John Head m m 36
Tobin Elizabeth Wife f m 37
Carroll Bridget sdau f s 11

Tobin Patrick Head m m 67
Tobin Agnes Wife f m 62
Tobin Patrick Son m s 25

Tobin Patrick Head m w 45
Tobin Rita Dau f s 17
Tobin Pete Son m s 15
Tobin Edward Son m s 10

Tobin Richard Head m m 39
Tobin Mary Wife f m 48
Tobin Joseph Son m s 16

Viscount Philip Head m m 58
Viscount Mary Wife f m 52
Viscount Bridget Dau f s 27
Viscount James Son m s 24
Viscount Mary Dau f s 17
Viscount Philip Son m s 13

Ward John Head m m 78
Ward Mary Wife f m 50
Ward John Son m s 24
Ward Felix Son m s 21
Ward Michael Son m s 18
Ward Margaret Dau f s 15
Ward Gerard Son m s 13
Ward Raymond Son m s 10

Woodford Edward Head m m 55
Woodford Honorah Wife f m 53
Bird Mary Sisil f s 51

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