1935 Census

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1935 Census

Placentia Bay Region ~ Placentia Bay West District

Boat Harbour

The information was transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors - my errors, interpretive errors or errors existing in the actual data.
Brown Edwin Head m m 36
Brown Marjorie Wife f m 24

Denty Nelson Head m m 45
Denty Esther Wife f m 28
Denty Thomas Son m s 22
Denty George Son m s 19
Denty Maud Dau f s 17
Denty Charles Son m s 15
Denty Clyde Son m s 7
Denty Mason Son m s 5
Denty Herman Son m s 3
Denty Otto Son m s 1

Denty William Head m m 40
Denty Jane Wife f m 34
Denty Gordon Son m s 14
Denty Nelson Son m s 12
Denty Martha Dau f s 3
Denty Rita Dau f s 1
Fewer Diane Dom f s 15

Keeping Enos Head m m 54
Keeping Mary Wife f m 50
Keeping George Son m s 17
Keeping Meta Dau f s 12
Stacey Alfred Sil m s 30
Stacey Jessie Dau f m 22
Stacey Ambrose gson m s 3
Stacey Herman gson m s 3mo

Keeping Ernest Head m m 26
Keeping Marjorie Wife f m 24
Keeping Anne Dau f s 2
Keeping Stanley Son m s 3mo

Keeping Manuel Head m m 30
Keeping Jane Wife f m 26
Keeping Lillian Dau f s 2

King Margaret Head f w 34
King Charles Son m s 11
King Gladys Dau f s 10
King William Son m s 7
King Mary Dau f s 6

King William Head m m 65
King Sarah Wife f m 34
King Wilson Son m s 4
Bailey Margaret sdau f s 14
Bailey Caroline sdau f s 12
Bailey Maxwell sson m s 7

Lockyer Joseph Head m m 66
Lockyer Tabitha Wife f m 61
Lockyer Charles Son m s 27
Lockyer Earle Son m m 24
Lockyer Caroline Dil f m 18

Lockyer William Head m m 26
Lockyer Wilhelmina Wife f m 33
Lockyer Ernest Son m s 8
Lockyer Geargina Dau f s 3
Lockyer Verenia Dau f s 3
Lockyer William Son m s 2
Murphy Selina Dom f s 19

Matterface Frederick Head m m 37
Matterface Laura Wife f m 34
Matterface Myrtle Dau f s 16
Matterface Gerald Son m s 10
Matterface Hayward Son m s 6
Matterface Beulah Dau f s 4

Matterface Joseph Head m m 60
Matterface Anne Wife f m 52
Matterface Lillian dau f s 30
Matterface George Son m s 24
Denty Nelson sgson m s 11

Matterface Oakley Head m m 34
Matterface Mary Wife f m 29
Matterface Joseph Son m s 8
Matterface Mary Dau f s 1
Smith Caroline Dom f s 15

Smith Hubert Head m m 25
Smith Jessie Wife f m 29

Smith Mary Head m w 63
Smith Gordon Son m s 48

Walters John Head m m 66
Walters Rhoda Wife f m 58
Walters James Son m s 31
Walters Norman Son m s 26
Walters Isabella Dau f s 22
Walters James gson m s 8

Walters Thomas Head m m 37
Walters Iris Wife f m 30
Walters Frederick Son m s 7
Walters Edith Dau f s 5
Walters Harold Son m s 2
Walters Charles Son m s 1
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