NL GenWeb 1921 Census

NL GenWeb 1921 Census Data

Northern Peninsula Region ~ St. Barbe North District

Brig Bay

It was transcribed, proofread and corrected by Frank Fitzpatrick. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.


Jackman Jonas Head m m 49 1872 Feb Current Island
Jackman Sarah Wife f m 49 1871 Dec Cape Norman
Hoddinott Maisie Niece f s 5 1916 Feb Daniel's Harbour
Guinchard Belinda Dom f s 16 1905 Apr Daniel's Harbour

Allingham John Head m m 38 1883 May Cape Norman
Allingham Mary Wife f m 37 1883 Nov Brig Bay
Allingham James Son m s 6 1914 Nov Brig Bay
Allingham Miriam Dau f s 2 1919 Mar Brig Bay

Sheppard Kenneth Head m m 40 1881 May Brig Bay
Sheppard Katherine Wife f m 30 1891 Jan Carmanville
Sheppard Thomas Son m s 9 1911 Sep Brig Bay
Sheppard Carl Son m s 8 1913 Feb Brig Bay
Sheppard Norman Son m s 7 1914 Jul Brig Bay
Sheppard Garfield Son m s 6 1915 Mar Brig Bay
Sheppard Maxwell Son m s 4 1917 Jan Brig Bay
Sheppard Heber Son m s 2 1918 Aug Brig Bay
Barney James Hired m s 22 1899 Forteau

Hoddinott Frederick Head m m 47 1873 Dec Indian Islands
Hoddinott Rosanna Wife f m 46 1875 Jul Brig Bay
Hoddinott William Son m s 17 1904 May Brig Bay
Hoddinott Frederick Son m s 15 1905 Oct Brig Bay
Hoddinott Maude Dau f s 13 1908 Feb Brig Bay
Hoddinott Susanna Dau f s 12 1909 May Brig Bay
Hoddinott Bertha Dau f s 10 1910 Oct Brig Bay
Hoddinott Walter Son m s 9 1911 Dec Brig Bay
Hoddinott Austin Son m s 6 1915 Jul Brig Bay
Hoddinott Gordon Son m s 4 1916 Aug Brig Bay
Hoddinott Howard Son m s 9mo 1920 Nov Brig Bay

Hoddinott Henry Head m m 24 1897 Brig Bay
Hoddinott Elsie Wife f m 24 1896 Sep Daniel's Harbour
Hoddinott Peter Son m s 4 1917 May Brig Bay
Hoddinott Emma Dau f s 2 1919 Mar Brig Bay
Sampson Lilian Sisil f s 19 1901 Nov Daniel's Harbour

Hoddinott Albert Head m m 23 1898 Jun Indian Islands
Hoddinott Mary Wife f m 22 1899 Jan Daniel's Harbour
Hoddinott Violet Dau f s 4 1916 Dec Brig Bay
Hoddinott Ella Dau f s 1 1920 Mar Brig Bay
Hoddinott Estelle Dau f s 3mo 1921 Apr Brig Bay

Lawless James Head m w 76 1844 Aug North River
Lawless John gson m s 10 1911 Feb Brig Bay

Spingle Robert Head m m 39 1882 Jul Labrador
Spingle Margaret Wife f m 34 1887 Jul Labrador
Spingle Harriet adau f s 2 1919 Jan Shoal Cove

Wells James Head m m 65 1855 Nov Kelligrews
Wells Sarah Wife f m 52 1869 Apr Bay of Islands
Wells Kenneth Son m s 18 1902 Oct Bellburns
Wells Epsey Dau f s 10 1911 Jul Brig Bay

Wells Frederick Head m m 22 1898 Dec Bellburns
Wells Jane Wife f m 24 1896 Oct Seal Island


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