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Will of Philip Decker from Newfoundland will books volume 10 pages 285-286 probate year 1914

In re    PHILIP DECKER      deceased.

    I Philip Decker of Bonne Bay Newfoundland do make this my last will and testament, that is to say

(1) I appoint John P. Haliburton J.P. of Bonne Bay, executor of this will

(2) I direct that my property consisting of
(a) One piece of land 100 feet square with water front situated in Curzon Village
(b) One dwelling house
( c) One store and outhouse situated on the said piece of land
(d) One wharf, and materials on the said waterfront, be sold the proceeds used to pay my outstanding just and lawful debts, and the remainder of the money I will and bequeath in equal portions to my surviving children.

(3) Of the furnishings (interior) of the above mentioned dwelling house I give and bequeath
(A) The organ and sewing machine to my daughter Hilda Marion Decker
(b) The Wedgewood Biscuit Jar to my son Alexander Campbell Decker
( c) The Silver Cruet stand to my son Alexander Campbell Decker
(d) The Silver Butter Dish with knife and the smaller Silver Cruet to my son Ralph Lloyd Decker.
(e) The armed Rocking Chair and the best white quilt to my mother Selina Decker
(f) The Steel carving set and the Japanese Fruit dishes to my wife’s mother Mrs. Ball.
(g) And I direct that the remainder be sold and to my surviving children I give and bequeath the proceeds in equal portions after the following bequests are taken from such proceeds.     I give and bequeath
(a) To Mrs. J. P. Haliburton Ten dollars
(b) Mrs. W. Garland Ten dollars
( c) The Ch. of the Epiphany Woody Point Five dollars to be expended in hymn books in memory of myself and wife.
(d) To Mr. And Mrs. Mudge One Bible
(e) To Mr. And Mrs. J. E. Roberts one bible, to the value of $1.50 each.     Nota Bene. In Clause (b) of the above section instead of “Alexander Campbell Decker” read “George William Rexford Decker”.

(4) I direct that the fuel and other objects of value in the store, the outhouse and underneath the dwelling house be sold, and I give and bequeath the proceeds in equal portions to my surviving children.

(5) I give and bequeath my share of the property at Lobster Cove, being one fourth of my father’s estate there in equal portions to my surviving children.

(6) I direct that the Mortality Fees from Conquer Lodge L.O.A. S. Barbe Black Preceptory and Excelsior I.O.O.F. be paid to the executor who shall therefrom defray my funeral expenses, erect a headstone (To the value of $25) to my memory, and immediately distribute the remainder to my children who survive, or their guardians.     In testimony whereof I have hereto set my hand the eleventh day of May 1914.     Philip Decker in the presence of us George Heber Maidment Eleanor Haliburton witnesses.

Codicil to my will dated _____ I direct that should any of the above mentioned beneficiaries under this will die before this will is proved such benefaction as they were entitled to under this will shall be turned into money if not already such, and this I give and bequeath in equal portions to my surviving children In testimony whereof I hereto set my hand this eleventh day of May 1914. Philip Decker. In the presence of us Geo. Heber Maidment Eleanor Haliburton Witnesses.

(Listed in the margin next to this will the following)
Decr 7/14
Decr 8/14
granted to
John P. Haliburton
Estate sworn
at $775.00

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