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NL GenWeb Newspaper Records


Jan 1874-Aug 1875

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Express published Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday at the Express Office opposite the Commercial Rooms, Duckworth Street, St. John’s, Newfoundland. James Seaton, Editor & Proprietor

Issues missing #1, 5, 15 – 1874/ # 18, 20 – 1875

Transcribed by Beverly Warford  While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
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 January 7, 1874


At Carbonear, on the 9th December by the Rev. James DOVE, assisted by the Rev. J.G. CURRIE, John MCDOUGALL, Esq., of St. John’s, to Margaret Ellen, fourth daughter of John RORKE, Esq., M.H.A. of Carbonear.

On the 27th Nov, at the church of St. John the Evangelist, Toronto, by the Rev. Alex WILLIAMS, M.A., Newman W. HOYLES, Esq. of that city, Barrister, eldest son of Chief Justice Sir H.W. HOYLES of St. John’s, Newfoundland to Georgina, 2nd daughter of Lewis MOFFAIT, Esq., of Toronto.

At Fogo, on the 28th December, in St. Andrew’s Church, by the Rev. Christopher MONK, George WOOD, son of Archibald ARNOTT, Esq., Argylashi, Scotland, to Maria Caroline, daughter of the late J. B. HIGHMORE, Esq. Fogo.

December 28th, at St. Andrew’s Church, Fogo, by the Rev. C. MEEK, Mr. Henry EARLE to Amelia Ann, 2nd daughter of Mr. James ROLLS of Mount Doset, St. John’s.


At Burin, on 28th Nov, Francis MORGAN, Esq., M.D. a native of Cork, Ireland aged 75 years much & deservedly regretted by all who knew him.

On Friday morning, Jan 2, Henry King DICKINSON, Esq., aged 55 years.

January 15, 1874


Dec 20th, at St. George’s Church Birkenhead, by the Rev. P.L. SANDBERG, M.A., George Albert PITTS, second son of Wm PITTS, Esq. of St. John’s, Newfoundland to Augusta Louisa, only daughter of T. Allison READWIN, Esq. of Dubin.


In Quidi Vidi Lake, on Wednesday morning, having fallen through the ice when skating, two students of the Theological College, William A.N. WHITE, aged 21, son of the Rev. Wm K. WHITE, Rural Dean of Fortune Bay and James BARBER, aged 21, son of the late Capt. BARBER, R.A.

April 2, 1874





In Boston, Feb 23rd, by Rev. J.B. HAMILTON, Fred E. NUTT, of Eastport, Me, to Maria E, daughter of Rev. I. SUTCLIFFE, of Halifax, N.S.


On Monday last, Edward Howard, infant son of Francis H. CHOWN, aged 8 mos.

At Pernambuco, Brazil, on the 3rd February of yellow Fever, Capt. George HARTERY of brght. GEM

On Sunday the 29th current at Redland, Bristol, the Rev. Adam NIGHTINGALE, Wesleyan Minister, in the 89th year of age, 42 of which he spent in this colony.

April 8, 1874

St. John’s & Newfoundland Auxiliary Bible Society (taken from a long article)

Resolved – That the thanks of this meeting be given to the Officers & Committee of the Auxiliary of the past year, and that the following be the Officers & Committee for the ensuing year.

Patron – His Excellency the Governor

President – Hon. Nicholas STABB

Vice-Presidents – Hon. Stephen RENDEL, Hon. John WALTER, Hon. P.G. TESSIER, Wm BOYD, Esq., J. GOODFELLOW, Esq., Hon J.J. ROGERSON

Treasurer – Robert BROWN, ESQ.

Secretaries - Rev. M. HARVEY, John McDOUGALL, Esq.

Committee - All Clergymen, being members of the Society, Hon. R. THORBORN, Hon. Edward WHITE, Messrs. J. BAYLY, E.L. JARVIS, C.R. AYRE, James SETON, John WOODS, R. NOYLE, Allan GOODRIDGE, D. SCLATER, G. BROWNING, James BAIRD, W.D. MORISON, T.W. STABB, James HOWE, J.N. FINLAY, L.T. CHANCEY, John STEER, John McCanley, J.F. CHISHOLM

April 15, 1874

Sea Disasters

With deep regret we have to record an appalling accident of the seal fishery, resulting in the deaths of the two engineers and 20 others, of the crew of the steamer, Tigress, Capt. BARTLETT of Bay Roberts. For some cause, we believe as yet unknown, one of the boilers of that steamer burst on the 2nd current, scalding a number and wounding others, to the number of 22, some of whom died in a few minutes, and others lingered on from 1-2 days in great agony. The “Tigress” was near the Funks at the time of the explosion and signals of distress having been hoisted which were on the following day observed by the “Panther”, Capt. A. BARTLETT, of Brigus, that vessel steamed to the “Tigress” and towed her out of ice, whence she proceeded under sail to Bay Roberts. After the very great loss of life by the wreck of the schooner “Huntsman”, Capt. DAW, only 2 years ago, this 2nd calamity falling chiefly on Bay Roberts, must be severely felt, & excites the commiseration of the whole community. The Chief Engineer, BUIK, was a native of Scotland, and was until recently employed in the St. John’s Foundry. He leaves a widow and five children. The second engineer, BOOTH, was an American. The “Tigress”, it will be remembered, was purchased last summer, by the U.S. Government and fitted out for an Arctic voyage in search of the mimsisng (sic) “Polaris” crew, from whence she returned in the fall, and was subsequently sold to her former owners here. She had new boilers, furnished by a Philadelphia firm, put in at New York, previous to her departure for the Arctic seas.

The “Panther” arrived here on Saturday bringing in the crew of the sealing steamer, “Ospray” abandoned water-logged in the ice, 10 miles from the Funks.

April 25, 1874


At Harbour Grace, on Tuesday morning last, after a short illness, Isabella Mary, only daughter of Hon. W.S.S. DONNELLY, aged 6 yrs 9 mos.

Thursday morning in the 65th year of her age, Diana, the beloved wife of John W. SMITH, Esq. Manager of the Union Bank of Newfoundland.

At Brooklyn, N.Y. on the 8th current, of pneumonia, Margaret, the beloved wife of E.H.K. BELCHER, in her 49th year.

At Branch, St. Mary’s Bay on the 10th current after a long & painful illness, borne with Christian fortitude and resignation to the Devine will Nicholas, second son of J.W. ENGLISH, Esq., J.P. in the 34th year of his age. Respected and lamented by a large circle of friends.

May 9, 1874

In Memoriam (From the Times April 25)

The obituary of the present week includes the name of a lady whose passing from amongst us is entitled to something more than ordinary notice.

The death of Mrs. J.W. SMITH is indeed an affliction that will long be felt by many outside her own particular circle. During a residence of 20 years in this town she had endeared herself to all who had the pleasure of her acquaintance. Her charities to the poor had become household words, while her private charities are known only to “Him from whom cometh the reward””. As a leading member of the Dorcas Society, she was always ______, by precept and example, in every thing that could remove distress – a constant supporter of everything really charitable – she would never identify herself with any sectarian or exclusive.

The affectionate wife, the loving and tender mother, the sincere friend, the kind indulgent mistress, and the absence of every thing bordering on pride or hauteur, were characteristics most conspicuous in this truly Christian lady! Her’s was indeed a good life and her end was peace. She rests from her labors and her works follow her; - and if wide-spread sympathy can in any way alleviate the grief of her bereaved and truly highly respected husband & family, they may rest assured of its general assistance. This brief and imperfect tribute to the memory of the dear deceased is from one who always entertained for her the highest respect, and who had opportunities of observing very many of her amiable qualities. “Beloved and honour’d, fare thee well.”

June 11, 1874

Loss of H.M.S. “Niobe” near St. Pierre

With regret we notice the loss of her Majesty’s steamship “Niobe”. This ship was famous, owing to the stand on the side of humanity, taken by her then Commander, Sir Lambton LORRAINE, in the Virginias trouble at Cuba. The “Niobe” was bound to St. Pierre, there to meet the French S.S. of war, Eersaint. The two ships were to proceed thence to the Northern parts of this Island, the object being to settle difficulties, existing between the French fishermen and the settlers (British subjects) on the so called “French Shore”. The “Niobe” stuck off Cape Blanc (or White Cape) directly opposite the town of Miquelon. It would appear as if some mistake had been made in the soundings, which are the same there as off Cape Miquelon. The French steamship Adonis went to Miquelon to render assistance, but the captain and officers did not think proper to come to St. Pierre, as they were expecting a steamer from Halifax (the Woodlark) to take them to that Port or St. John’s. One man was killed by the capsizing of a boat on him. There had been a dense fog for 5 days – not a glimpse of Sunlight visible. Harbor Grace Standard.

Newfoundlanders Abroad

By recent dates from Scotland, we have had great pleasure in learning of the distinguished success at the University of Glasgow, of Mr. Edward F.S. GREEN, Bachelor of Medicine and Master of surgery, son of our esteemed friend. W.S. GREEN, Esq., formerly of Bay Roberts and now of Channel.

When Mr. GREEN left Newfoundland to complete his medical studies at the University of Glasgow, 4 years ago it was confidently predicted that his career would be both honorable and distinguished... Besides minor distinctions, Mr. GREEN took first class certificates in anatomy, surgery, physiology, medicines and midwifery; and in his final examinations for his degrees, he not only attained the standard of marks necessary for his graduation, but he was also declared entitled to a high position, 3rd on the honors list......We beg to offer our most hearty congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. GREEN, on the very gratifying success of their youngest son at the Scottish University .......

June 16, 1874


On Thursday last at St. Thomas’s Church, by the Rev. T.M. WOOD, Rural Dean, Incumbent, assisted by the Revds. A.C.F. WOOD, M.A., and G.M. JOHNSON, Mr. William R. STIRLING to Mary J, fourth daughter of the late Garland C. GADEN, Esq., Sheriff of the Northern District of this Island.

On Sunday last, by the Rev. T. McGRATH, Mr. Alexander FURLONG to Miss Bridget BYRNE, both of this city.


On Thursday, 4th instant, Dr. John LOVEJOY, dentist, aged 70 years.

On the same day at Stephantown, New York, The Rev. Dr. John R. LOVEJOY, Parish Priest of Albany.

On Friday last, the 12th inst., John V. NUGENT, Esq., aged 78 years.

In Somerville, Mass. May 21, of consumption, Robert Crawford ST. JOHN, a native of Harbor Grace, but for several years a resident of Boston. Mr. ST. JOHN was a highly respected young man and leaves a large circle of acquaintances to mourn the loss of a genial companion and faithful friend.

June 23, 1874

His Excellency in Council has been pleased to appoint –

The Rev. M.A. CLANCEY to be a member of the Board of Road Commissioners for Cape Broyle and Brigus, in the room of the Revd. John CONWAY, left the Country; and the following gentlemen to be Board of Road Commissioners for the place set over their names respectively: -

Bay Bulls - Messrs. William G. WILLIAMS and Richard MOCKLER

Ferryland, Capline Bay & Aquaforte - Revd. M.A. CLANCEY, Edmumd HANRAHAN, John WHITE and James CARTER, Esquires (Ferryland). Messrs. Patrick POWER, Edward KOUGH, Sr., Benjamin MORRY (Caplin Bay), Peter WINSER & M.L.? MEAGHER (Aquaforte)

Renews & Fermeuse - Messrs. Michael JACKMAN, Andrew SHALLOW, James BERRIGAN (Renews) Micl. LAWLOR (Broad Cove, Wm TRAINOR & T. FENNELLY (Fermeuse)

Burnt Island, Burgeo & LaPoile – Messrs. F.J. TWEEDLE, Nathaniel KING, Sr., George POOLE, Robert SMURRIDGE and Jeremiah FUDGE.

Moreton’s Harbour including Black Isl. - Messrs. Mark Osmond, William TAYLOR, Charles BRETT, Thomas FRENCH, James JONES and Elijah JENNINGS.

Change Islands, Fogo - Messrs. Alfred PIKE, T.N. TAYLOR, John PILLEY, Wm LeDREW, Thomas TOURIVELL, Henry SCAMMELL, Edward ELLIOTT.

Bonavista - David CANDOW, Esq., J.P., John G. SKELTON, Esq., M.D., Jabez SAINT, Esq., J.P., Messrs. Samuel ROWSELL, Charles E. THOMPSON, Alfred VINCENT, William BROWN, Thomas HARRIS.

King’s Cove - Rev. W. KIRBY, Rev. ___ HANLEY, Messrs. James BROWN, Daniel MURPHY, George BROWN, James SULLIVAN, John COFFIN, Simon TOBIN (Broad Cove)

Keels & Tickle Cove - Messers. Robert PENNY, James EGAN, John MURPHY, Andrew SKIFFINGTON, John TAYLOR, Samuel COFFIN.

Open Hall to Plate Cove & Red Cliff Island – Messrs. Frederick SHEARS, Henry MILES (Open Hall) Nicholas CHEEVERS (Plate Cove) William QUINTON (Red Cliff Island)

Indian Arm & Seal Cove - John PRINCE, Jr. (Seal Cove), John PRINCE Sr. (Seal Cove), Edward HUMBEY (Indian Arm), Wm Greening (Indian Arm), Richard TAYLOR (Head of Bay), William Tilley (Indian Arm), Joseph BROWN (Indian Arm), George PRINCE (Seal Cove).

Brooklyn - Messrs. M.D. STARES, Wm STARES, Sr., Matthew WAUGH, Francis STARES, John HANDCOCK, Jr., Wm BLUNDON, Wm HANDCOCK.

Musgravetown - Messrs. Robert STRATHIE, Thomas GREENING, Thomas SAINT, James READER Sr., Joseph GREENING, Thomas HOLLOWAY, George MANUEL

Salvage – Rev. H.M. SKINNER, James BURDON, Esq., J.P., Messrs. Thomas OLDFORD, John SHEPPARD (Barrow Hr.), John SAMSON (Flat Island), James PIKE (Flat Island), John SQUIRES & James BROWN (Bishop’s Harbour).

Gooseberry Island – Messrs. Ambrose Jeans, Edward SWEETAPPLE, William JACOBS, Simon WELLS, Joseph HOUSE, John TURNER, Joseph HAYWARD.

Greenspond - J.T. OAKLEY, Esq., J.P. Jr., Messrs. Frederick WHITE, John J. MURPHY, J.T. OAKLEY, Jr., George ALLEN, Jr., John DAMINY, Robert WHITEMARSH.

Pool’s Island – Messrs. Peter HOUSE (Pool’s Island), Job DAVIS (Pool’s Island), Wm KNEE (Pool’s Island), John WINSER (Swaine’s Island), John HAWE (Pinchard’s Island), Joseph GILL (Pinchard’s Island), Jacob Rideout (Cape Freels)

Secretary’s Office 9th June 1874.

His Excellency the Governor in Council (line missing)___________________Gentlemen to be Boards of Road Commissioners for the places set over their names respectively.

Bay Roberts – Messrs Charles DAWE, Isaac BARTLETT, Stephen PARSONS, Charles FRENCH, Mark DELANEY and John JARDINE.

Coley’s Point - Messrs. Eli DAWE, John KELLY, Robert PARSONS, John FRENCH & Abraham MORGAN.

Burin - Messrs. F. BERTEAU, Richard MARSHALL, Patrick O’Neil, Dennis Gorman, Geo. BISHOP, John WEIR and Samuel DARBY.

St. Lawrence - Messrs. Emmanuel PIKE, James REEVES, Sr., Richard QUIRK, Henry FITZPATRICK and George PIKE, Sr.

Lamaline - Messrs. John PITMAN, Thos. HALEY, John FLEMING, George CAKE and Thos. PITMAN, Sr.

His excellency the Governor in Council has been pleased to appoint the following Boards of Road Commissioners:

Harbour Grace Proper - Messrs. Robert WALSH, Charles ROSS, Patrick DEVEREUX, Wm TAPP, John PATERSON, Mark PARSONS and James HIPPISLEY.

South Side Harbour Grace & Bryant’s Cove - Messrs. John NOEL, William WEBBER, John S. STEPHENSON (Bryant’s Cove), P.K. NORCOTT & Moses PARSONS.

Spaniard’s Bay - Messrs. Moses GOSSE, William BAGGS, William H. EARLE, Robert GOOSE and Thomas WHELAN.

Upper Island Cove & Bishop’s Cove - Messrs. James CRANE, Isreal GOOSE, John BARRETT, Joseph DROVER and Eliel DROVER.

Carbonear - Messers. Nicholas NICHOLE, Benjamin J.F. GOULD, Ambrose FORWARD, Edward S. PIKE, Michael GOULD, Michael DWYER and Felix J. McCARTHY.

Secretary’s Office May 26, 1874

His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to appoint Israel L. McNEIL, Esq., J.P., to be acting Judge of the Court of Civil and Criminal Jurisdiction, established at Labrador under Title 8, Cap. 12, Section 1 of the Consolidated laws.

His Excellency in Council, has also been pleased to appoint Charles Middleton DeQUETTEVILLE, Esq., in place of the late James P. LeGROS, Esq and Mr. Stephen VATCHER to be members of the Road Board in Burgeo and Thomas C. DUDER, Esq. to be a member of the Road Board at Fogo instead of Kenneth Carter, Esq., absent from the district; and Mr. William REHOE to be an additional member of the Road Board, Bonavista.

His Excellency is Council has also been pleased to appoint Charles Middleton DeQUETTEVILLE, Esq. to be a member of the Board of Education at Burgeo in place of the late James P. LeDROS, Esq.

Secretary’s Office, June 23, 1874


Per Austrain from Halifax – Mrs. T.C. WESTON, Mrs. T. TOBIN, Miss RYAN, Messrs. T. BOYD, R.E. FORBES, H. WILLIAMS, and 5 in steerage

Per Austrain for Liverpool – Hon. A. SHEA and Mrs. SHEA, Mr. A. TAYLOR Mrs. and Master TAYLOR, Mrs. SKEOCH, Dr. and Mrs. MORAN, Mrs. & Miss MacPHERSON, Revd. C. PICKLES, Mr. & Mrs. HOWE, Messrs. J. COLLINS, D. SCOTT, A. MARSHALL, R. McNEILY, J. FARQUAR, Duff TAYLOR, LARMOUR and 7 in steerage.

June 30, 1874

Route of the steamer “Lizzie” until the end of the year 1874: -

Monday: Lie up

Tuesday: Leaves Harbor Grace for Carbonear, Portugal Cove & Bay Roberts

Wednesday - Leave Bay Roberts for Brigus, Portugal Cove, Harbor Grace and Carbonear

Thursday – Leave Harbor Grace for Carbonear, Portugal Cove and Brigus

Friday – Leave Brigus for Portugal Cove and Harbor Grace

Saturday – leave Harbor Grace for Portugal Cove, Brigus, Carbonear & Harbor Grace

Mails for England to be forwarded each alternate Wednesday to Bay Roberts, leaving Harbor Grace at 8 o’clock.

General Post Office, St. John’s, 21st April 1874.


His Excellency the Governor in Council has been pleased to appoint Commander William HOWORTH, of her majesty’s ship Woodlark, to be a Justice of the Peace for the Island of Newfoundland and its dependencies, whilst engaged in the Protection of Fisheries.

His Excellency has also been pleased to appoint Dr. R. WHITE, Trinity, Thos. C. DUDER, Esq., Fogo, Jas. H. WATSON, Esq. Hant’s Hr., Frederick WHITE, Esq. King’s Cove to be Justices of the Peace for the Northern District.

His Excellency in Council has also been pleased to appoint the under mentioned gentlemen to be Boards of Road Commissioners for the places preceding their names respectively: -

District of Placentia

Great Placentia - The Rev. Chas. IRVINE and Messrs. Thomas O’RIELLY, J.P., Stephen POWER, P. FITZPATRICK and John COSGROVE.

Little Placentia - The Rev. Robert BRENNAN and Messrs. Wm FORAN, Alexander BURKE, Thomas CONNORS and Thomas FREEMAN.

Sound Island & Vicinity - Messrs. BLACKADER, Phillip BROWN and James HOLLETT.

Branch & Distress – Messrs. Edward CONWAY, Richard KAREEN, Peter NASH, Matthew LONERGAN, and Thomas YOUNG.

Salmonier (South) - Messrs. ____ CORMACK, Wm CURTIS, and Daniel DALY.

Salmonier (North) - Messrs. Matthew CAREW, Hector FRAZER and Andrew NOWLAN.

St. Mary’s - Messrs Michael WHELAN, Patrick NOWLAN, Charles RYAN, Michael FAGAN and Michael MAHONY.

District of Bay-de-Verdes

First Division – Freshwater to Perry’s Cove inclusive - Messrs. Joseph JOYCE, John SWAIN, Thomas ROSE, Geo. EVERLY, and Francis PIKE.

Second Division - Spout Cove to Ochre Pit inclusive - Messrs. John C. MOORES, James THISTLE, James CROWLEY, Alfred JANES, Pierce HANRAHAN, John DIAMOND, and Archelaus HALFYARD.

Third Division - Northern Bay to Caplin Cove inclusive – Messrs. John LEWIS, J.P., Simeon MARCH, Jacob MOORES, Joseph WILSHEAR, Edwin TURNER, George TUFF, and George CULL.

Fourth Division – Bay-de-Verdes and Low Point – Messrs. Henry BLUNDON, Charles BLUNDON, Jas. MOORES, Thomas NEIL and William LOQUER.

Secretary’s Office, 30th June 1874.

Government Notice

Sealed tenders will be received at this office till Wednesday the 22nd of July next at 12 o’clock noon for the erection of a lighthouse on Long Point Twillingate. Plans and specifications can be seen at the Office of the Inspector of Public works, at the 14th July next each day between the hours of 12 and 2 o’clock by Order, John STUART, Secretary, Board of Works 30th June 1874.

July 11, 1874

Subjoined are the names of the pupils at the Wesleyan Academy in this town to whom prizes were awarded at the close of the half year term. We are happy to learn that this Education Institution maintains, with Mr. HOLLOWAY as Head Master, the high character it attained under its late head Master, Mr. HENRY, and its then and present second Master & Musical Instructor, Mr. HANDCOCK.

Academy prize – Miss Susan CAMPBELL

Latin – Francis STEER

Greek – Francis STEER

1st French – Miss S. CAMPBELL

2nd ditto – Miss A. WINDSOR

1st Drawing – Albert FREEMAN

2nd ditto – D.J. NEVILL


Singing – Albert FREEMAN

Composition – Miss A. WINDSOR

1st English – not awarded

2nd ditto – Arthur MEW

1st Arithmetic – Allan LONG

2nd ditto – G. MOORS

Mathmatics – Francis STEER

Spanish – Allan LONG

Writing – Albert FREEMAN


1st English – Ms. G. WINDSOR

2nd ditto – Ms. A. BAIRD

Arithmetic – Ms. G. WINDSOR

Writing – Miss H. PALFREY

Junior School

1st Prize – Mss. Anna M. SEARLE

2nd ditto – Ms. Mary DUD__ __

3rd ditto – Charley CHOWN

July 18, 1874

Birth – On the 18th inst., the wife of John G. TESSIER, Esq. of a daughter.

Married - On Monday, 6th July, at St. Mary’s Church, South-side, by the Rev. M. LOCKWOOD, Mr. William B. STABB, to Henrietta, youngest daughter of the Hon. G.H. EMERSON, Q.C., Virginia Water.

Death - At West Burgeo on the 8th current, Mr. W.R.G. BOWDRIDGE, Jr., aged 25 years, much regretted and mourned by all his friends.

July 25, 1874

We have to report the first reliable news from Labrador, by the arrival of Mr. Benjamin PARSONS, who left Battle Harbour on the 17th inst. The fish had struck in on the 8th inst. there, and in that vicinity. Hook and line, 50 to 60 quintals per boat; cod seines, 100 quintals¼¼. H. G. Standard

The following is the list of stations of the Wesleyan Ministers in Newfoundland for the next 12 months, extracted from the Provincial Wesleyan of the 6th current:

St. John’s District - St. John’s – G.S. MILLIGAN, A.M.; Joseph PEACH, Jospeh LISTER; Bonavista – John GOODISON; Twillingate – John RAY; Burin – George FORSEY; Grand Bank and Fortune – C. PICKLES, C. MYERS; Petites – S. MATTHEWS; Channel – James NURSE, Exploits – Simeon DUNN; Greenspond – J. EMBREE, Geo. BOND, A.B, under the direction of the Chairman.

Home Missions - Musgrave Town – one to be sent; Musgrave Harbour – Henry LEWIS,; Fogo – William SWAIN; Change Islands – one to be sent; Little Bay Islands – One to be sent; Tilt Cove – Samuel SNOWDON; St. Anthony – Alex McGregor; Fowler Cove – John P. BOWELL; Bonne Bay – Jabez HILL; Bay of Islands – One to be sent; St. Pierre – Joseph PARKINS; Fortune Bay – C. MYERS (during the summer mos); Flat Island – Thomas H. JAMES; Sound Island – one to be sent.

Carbonear District - Carbonear – J. DOVE, J.G. CURRIE; Harbour Grace – C. LADNER; Brigus – T. Harris, one to be sent; William E. SHENSTONE, Sup’y; Bay Roberts – Geo. BOYD; Black Head – J.S. PEACH, G. PAYNE; Island Cove – R.W. FREEMAN, Perlican – Thomas FOX, Hants Harbour – Anthony HILL; Catalina – J. PRATT.

Home Mission – Port-de-Grave – One to be sent; Trinity – John DIXON; Shoal Harbour – T.W. ATKINSON, one to be sent; Green’s Harbour – G.G. BRYANT; Labrador – J.G. CURRIE, in summer mos.

August 13, 1874

The Sons of Temperance of the “Combined Division” of Burgeo have been called upon, for the first time, to mourn the loss of one of their brothers, George BOWDRIDGE, a promising youth of two and twenty summers, beloved by all who knew him, has been called from his circle here below, to join the circle of the redeemed around the throne of the Divine God. Though all here will feel his loss, yet they cannot but rejoice at his happy end. Few young men are permitted to have such a glorious foresight into the pleasures of their Heavenly Father’s Kingdom.

Scarcely had the Division returned from the grave of their young brother, than they were called upon to perform the same affectionate office for Sarah, the beloved wife of their eldest brother, Henry STICKLAND, who died in the same confident hope of a happy reunion. Lovely and pleasant in their lives, and in their death they were not divided.


On Thursday, August 6th by the Rev. Moses HARVEY, at the residence of Mr. William McCLARTY, the bride’s brother-in-law, Margaret, daughter of the late Mr. John HAY, of this city, to Reginald Terry CARWITHIN, Esq., son of Rev. G. CARWITHIN, Ashprington House, Totnes, England.

July 9th, at St. John’s Hackney, by the Rev. J.W. KENWORTHY, Horario NELSON, 3rd son of the late Robert AYLES, merchant of Carbonear, Newfoundland to Marion, eldest daughter of Randell LAWRENCE of Longdon.

On Thursday 23rd ult., at the Wesleyan Chapel, Lytham, England by Rev. William LEYDEN, cousin of the bride, Rev. Charles PICKELS, Wesleyan clergyman of Newfoundland to Marguerite Eleonora, youngest daughter of the late James ROBINSON of Manchester, England.


On the 12th July at St. Leonards, Hastings, aged 47 years, Elizabeth, wife of William P. TOMAS, Esq., formerly of this place and the eldest daughter of the late Robert JOB, Esq., of Liverpool, a leading partner in the firm of Messrs. Job Brothers.

At Old Perlican on July 23rd, Mary, relict of the late Mr. William HEARDER, aged 101 years.

At Petty Harbour, 24th ult., Mary E., daughter of Jacob and Susanna BISHOP, in her 23rd year of age.

August 18, 1874


On Monday the 17th inst., the wife of Alexander MURRAY, Esq., F.G.S. of the Newfoundland Geological survey, of a daughter.

At Harbour Grace on Thursday morning last, the wife of Mr. S.C. KENNEDY, of a daughter.


At the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist on the 12th inst., by the Rev. George M. JOHNSON, assisted by the Rev. Joseph F. PHELPS and the Rev. Wm PILOT, Mr. Frederick H. COLLYER, of the Osprings Kent, England, to Winnifred, J., only daughter of Mr. John SMITH of this town.

October 17, 1874

The Allan Mail steamer, Peruvian, from Liverpool arrived here on Thursday, at noon and having landed and received on board passengers and mail left for Halifax. Among the passengers for this port were Mr. MUNN of Harbour Grace & Mr. C.F. BENNETT, who both look hale and hearty after their summer’s sojourn in Great Britain.

Dec 5, 1874

The Times of Wednesday contains the particulars of a sad accident which happened on the 12th Nov., at Griquet, near the northern extremity of Newfoundland, by which Mr.J. F. MOOR, (a Student of the Theological College in St. John’s) and an English sailor belonging the Church Ship, lost their lives.

It appears that the Rev. Mr. CURLING was returning from St. John’s, in the Church Ship, "Laverock", to his mission in the Bay of Islands, accompanied by Mr. MOOR and two young schoolmasters, with a crew of six men, Mr. CURLING himself taking command of the ship; and having to land one of the schoolmasters at a Missionary station in the Straits of Belle Isle, he took the Northern route, putting into Griquet on the 11th Nov. On the 12th, having had Morning Prayer in the house of a fisherman at Griquet, and intending to have Evening Prayer at the neighboring settlement of Quirpon, he left in the ship’s boat for that place, with Mr. MOOR, the two schoolmasters and three of the crew. Having heard that a vessel laying in the bay, belonging to Mr. CROCKER, would shortly sail for St. John’s, Mr. CURLING went alongside to leave letters; and Mr. CROCKER having kindly offered to accompany the party to Quirpon, he went in the boat, and as he knew the landing place, Mr. CURLING gave him the helm. A stiff breeze was blowing at the time, and when about a quarter of a mile from the land, in gybing the sail, the boat capsized, and the whole party were thrown into the water. Mr. CURLING, Mr. MOOR, and one of the sailors, struck out to swim to the shore; and after swimming for some time, the sailor sunk, and Mr. MOOR went down soon after. The water being very cold, Mr. CURLING became so benumbed that he could go no further and committing himself to God’s mercy, waited to drown, After remaining still for a short time, his strength revived, and a few more strokes enabled him to reach the bottom with his feet, and he at length succeeded in getting on shore. The others who were precipitated into the water, had got hold of and clung to the boat, which was bottom upwards, from which perilous situation they were at length rescued and taken on board Mr. CROCKER’s vessel where they were soon joined by Mr. CURLING. The schoolmasters, when they were taken off, were quite insensible, but prompt measures fro their recovery being taken, they rallied. Early the next morning search was made for the bodies of Mr. MOOR and the sailor, but though unremittingly assisted in the search by people from the shore, to the number of about fifty, only just before the day closed, was Mr. MOOR’s body found, whilst that of the sailor, probably from having sunk in deeper water, was not recovered.

Mr. MOOR was the son of a highly-esteemed clergyman in England, by whom he was committed to Mr. CURLING’s care, with the sanction and approval of Bishop KELLY, to be trained for the arduous duties of the Missionary life. He came to the country in 1871, and in 1878 accompanied Mr. CURLING to the Bay Of Islands, as Lay Reader. He is stated to have been an excellent young man, and well calculated for the sacred work in which he was engaged.

Published by Authority

His Excellency the Governor in Council has been pleased to appoint John SMITH and George GUSHUE, Esquires, (Brigus) to be Justices of the Peace for the Northern District.

His Excellency in Council has also been pleased to appoint Mr. James P. SNOOK to be preventive Officer at the port of Fortune, in the District of Burin.

His Excellency the Governor is Council has been pleased to appoint John M. MADDOCK, J.P., Esquire, and Messrs. John ANDREWS, William BROWN, M.D., Patrick KENNY, Isaac RICHARDS, Thomas BATTEN, James BUTLER, George F. PAYNE and George H. BUSSEY, to be a Board of Road Commissioners for Port-de-Grave (Conception Bay); and Mr. John BATTOCK, to be a member of the Board of Road Commissioners for Brigus South, in the room of the later Thomas BATTOCK, deceased; and Messrs. William BROWN, Michael BRENNAN, and John PIERSON, to be a Board of Road Commissions for Paradise, in the District of Placentia and St. Mary’s.

Secretary’s Office 26th Nov., 1874.

Jan 5, 1875

The Cornoner’s Jury on view of the body of Azariah MILLER, who died in Hospital from injuries received in an assault recently at Queen’s Bridge, have returned a verdict of Manslaughter against Butler and Harvey, who are both in custody.


On the 29th ultimo, at St. Mary’s Church, St. John’s, by the Rev. Edward Botwood, Mr. George Burgess WHITTON, of South-side, to Miss Elizabeth Ann LESTER, daughter of Mr. John LESTER of Fair Mead.


On Tuesday last, after a short illness, Elizabeth Mary, wife of Capt. R. PRIOR, and youngest daughter of Mr. John BOGGAN, aged 26 years.

On Wednesday last, Mr. William SMITH, a native of Mile Head, Somersetshire, England, aged 55 years.

Jan 14, 1875


On Monday, after a lingering illness, Margaret, the beloved wife of M.W. BARNES. Her funeral will take place this day, Thursday, at 3 o’clock, when friends are invited to attend.

Feb 6, 1875

Another ship wreck with loss of life

The Marine and Fisheries Department in this city has received the following intelligence from the acting Receiver of Wreck at Cheticamp, C.B: - On the 2nd inst., the brigantine "Hilda" was found a total wreck on the Island of Cheticamp. Her bottom was out and no cargo was to be seen. One man was found frozen to death in the woods. A tin box was found with the name of " Capt. T. LARKIN, St. John’s, Newfoundland" engraved on it. It contained two bills of lauding of brigt. "Agnes" and a certificate of Thomas LARKIN , as master, dated Ottawa, 8th Oct., 1874, address, Summerside, P.E.I. Also a letter addressed to the above by one James SCOTT dated Charlottetown, PEI , Oct 14, 1874. Another letter, of the same date states that the vessel was from St. John’s, Nfld. The man was frozen to death in the woods had no marks on his clothing or person excepting the letters or figures "S.U.W., 1850" marked on his right arm with Indian ink. An inquest was held and the body was buried on the 3rd inst. The sale of the wreck was to have taken place on the 5th inst.

In connection with the above, we give the following paragraph from the Summerside, PEI "Progress" of December 28, which only reached Halifax yesterday.

The Fastest Yet. - We are pleased to see our old friend Capt. LARKIN back again. He sailed from this port last fall in the "Agnes" - making the voyage to England and back in less than one month. The "Agnes" was built by Henry CRASWELL for Angus MCMILLAN. Probably Capt. LARKIN, after his return home, took command of the "Hilda", a barque and a brig. (Halifax Chronicle).

We hear with regret that Mr. J.C. POPE’s brig. The "Hilda" that lately sailed from Cascumped for Great Britain, with a cargo of oats, FITZPATRICK, master, was wrecked on Cheticamp Island, near Mabou on the coast of Cape Breton, on the inst., all hands lost. Captain LARKIN, well known to many of our readers sailed in the "Hilda" as mate. There are, we believe, no hopes of getting the vessel off or saving the cargo. The body of poor Captain LARKIN was the only one recovered. (Charlotetown, PEI Patriot)

Two more fishermen lost - schooner "Everett Steele" of this port, Capt. FRYE, which arrived from the Grand Banks on Monday, reports the loss of two of her crew. John HANLEY and Stewart HADLEY, who left the vessel on the 8th inst., to visit their trawl, and were drowned in consequence of their dory capsizing, it being quite rough at the time. The dory was subsequently picked up. HANLEY was a native of Carbonear, Newfoundland, and HADLEY of Gysboro, NS. They were both young men and unmarried. The schooner experienced heavy weather during the whole trip, and had sails torn and broke fore and main booms. (Gloncester Advocate).

Bright. "Volant", MacDONALD, from St. John’s, Nfld., for Glace Bay, 20 days out struck on F___ Island on Saturday night 9th inst., got off leaking, made for Sydney; had to run ashore inside Low Point Light, vessel hove off again and sunk in three fathoms of water; blowing a gale or wind; stuck to the wreck until 3 o’clock Sunday evening, ice three quarters of a mile from shore; all hands got into the boat but thought they could not reach shore; stuck in the ice fast going round the point; people gathered on shore, if they went round would have been driven to sea; got boards and hove a lead with line fast out to their boat and got them ashore; one man, not able to walk had to be carried on shore.

Feb 17, 1875


On Monday evening, after a short illness, borne with Christian resignation to the divine Will, Mr. David F. GOSS, aged 48 yrs. His funeral will take place on Thursday morning, at 9 o’clock from his late residence, No. 230 Water Street, when friends and acquaintances are respectfully requested to attend. (American papers please copy)

After a short illness, at Warrambore, Austrailia, on the 2nd December last, aged 45 years, Stanislaus James Burton BAYLY, second son of James BAYLY, Esq.

At Harbor Grace, On Thursday last, aged 68 years, Louisa, relict of the late George HIPPISLEY, Esq., at Bristol, England.

On the 15th inst., after a long and painful illness, in the 30th year of his age, Peter, second son of the late Captain Thomas HENNESSEY.

Feb 20, 1875


At Montreal, on Friday, 15th inst., the wife of John BAIRD, Esq. , of a daughter.


On Wednesday, the 17th inst., Rebecca Martha wife of the Hon G.H.EMERSON, Q.C, in the 72nd year of her age.

Mar 10, 1875

The subjoined telegram, which we copy from the "Newfoundlander" brought intelligence of a calamity such as seldom happens on our coast, subject as we are to maritime disasters. On its receipt here the Government lost no time in communicating with Captain EAGAN, of the Coastal steamer "Tiger" absent for some weeks on the western voyage, and directed him to proceed in search of the "Violette". From Captaiin Eagan’s well known energy and humanity , and his thorough acquaintance with the Southern coast of the island, there must be every confidence that every possible exertion will be made for the recovery of the missing men.

"Salmonier" March 4 - Nearly all the men of St. Mary’s left the shore on Tuesday morning to board an abandoned vessel jammed in the ice about two miles south-west of Cape English; the ice slacked off in the evening, and she was driven out to sea with wind east-north-east, frozen up in a large sheet. All succeeded in getting on shore with the exception of forty-two men; a certainty of twenty of them drowned and died on the ice in the storm, hopes of the other twenty-two being on board the vessel. Nothing wrong with hall or material, has no compass and but little provisions. She is a French vessel named the Violette, Granville, From France, bound to St. Pierre; cargo, salt, rum, sugar, coffee, etc. All her crew safe at Holyrood; captain dangerously ill."

Mar 15, 1875

A telegram has been sent to Halifax to induce the steamer "Newfoundland" to search for the "Violetta" in the vicinity of Cape Pine, on her present voyage to this place.

Salmonier, 10th March - No news of missing men. Thirty-four is the full number to be accounted for. Fifteen are believed to be on board the vessel; fear the others are lost, as a lake of water lay between them and the ship, and another separating them from the shore. Fresh reports are about every day, but nothing reliable will be known until the vessel is fallen in with whenever that may be.


At Summerside, Queen’s Road, on the 7th inst., the wife of A.O. HAYWARD, Esq., of a son.


At Auckland, New Zealand, on 7th December last, by the Rev. J. McDONALD, P.P., William WILLOUGHBY, Esq., England to Barbara, fourth daughter of the late Valentine MERCHANT, Esq., of this city.

At St. Patrick’s Church, Montreal, on Monday 8th ult. By the Rev. Father DOWD, Mr. Paul FURLONG, to Miss Maria GREEN, both of St. John’s, Newfoundland.


On Tuesday evening, William Peter, son of Mr. Wm, KITEHIN (??)

At Salmonier, on the 19th ult., after a long illness, borne with Christian fortitude and resignation to the Divine will, Mr. Patrick McCORMACK, aged 58.

On Saturday evening, 6th inst., after a short but painful illness, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Mr. Peter HIGGINS.

In this village, on the 1st inst., after a brief illness, Mr. Michael RYAN, in the 84th year of his age. - Geneva (N.Y.) Gazette. (The deceased gentleman was brother of the late Mrs. BRENNAN, Patrick Street, of this town).

At Clydesdale, on Saturday morning, Feb 27, Jane Catherine, daughter of W.F. RENNIE, Esq., aged 22 years.

On Monday the 1st current, Catherine Matilda, the beloved wife of John S. SIMMS, Esq.

At Heart’s Content, on Thursday, Feb 25, Mr. Nicholas J. COLLINS of the Anglo-American Telegraph staff, youngest son of Mr. James R. COLLINS, of St. John’s.

Mar 23, 1875

From the Times, March 20

The Brigt. "Lady Mary," Capt Rex, to Messrs. Havey & Co., arrived yesterday from New York, after a passage of 41 days, being 31 days in the ice. Capt. REX reports that on the 18th February, about 20 miles S.S.W. of Cape Race, two men came on board from the Bargue "Era", which vessel was then 60 days out from Liverpool, bound to St. John’s, short of provision. Captain REX supplied them with as much bread as they could carry, their vessel being about 10 miles distant in the ice. Capt. REX wished them to remain till morning, as the evening looked to be dirty; they told him that their Captain intended sending two men to meet them, and that Capt. REX was to hoist his flag if he supplied them with provision, which he did. They then left the "Lady Mary" for the "Era" and two men left the latter vessel to meet them, but missed them in the snow showers, and having fallen through the ice several times, and it being so very frosty, one of them gave up about two miles from the "Lady Mary", the other arriving on board, reported the circumstance to Capt. REX who immediately left his ship in company with his second officer and the man belonging to the "Era" and travelled to the place where the body lay, taking with him clothing and brandy, in the hope that life had not left the body; but, sad to say, on arriving at the spot he found the body quite stiff. Capt. Rex then put up a mark in the hope of being able to get the body on board next day. On the way back he fell through the ice, and had great difficulty in getting on board his vessel. The two vessels remained in sight of one another for eight days after. Capt. REX tried to work his vessel towards the "Era", but unfortunately the ice wealed them out of sight of one another.

On the 4th March fell in the Brig. "Trusty," of Harbor Grace, W. HENNESSY Master, 90 days from Trapani, bound to Harbor Grace, short of provisions and fuel. Captain REX supplied him with all he required, and remained in company till the 18th instant. On the 16th instant, the schooner "G.S. FOG", Captain Spence, hove in sight, and Captain SPENCE came on board the "Lady Mary" stating that he had on board 21 men belong to St. Mary’s, whom he had taken off the French Brig "Violetta" on the 11th, asking him to take them on board his ship, as the "G.S. Fog" was bound to the West Indies. Captain REX being short of fuel, could not take them all; but ran the risk of taking 8 of them with provisions. Captain REX, on the 17th, saw the men board the "Trusty" which vessel passed here yesterday bound to Harbor Grace. Names of persons belonging to St. Mary’s, lost and saved by endeavouring to reach the ill-fated French vessel "Violetta":-

Arrived here per "Lady Mary" - R. CONNORS, E. NOWLAN, D. WHITE, J. St.CROIX, R. CRITCH, J. MURRAY, T. HOYLES, J. BARRY.

On board Brig "Trusty" and taken to Harbor Grace - J. TOBIN, W. REUBIN, T.MOONEY, A. MOONEY, J. BARRY, T. BARRY, J. PEDDLE, J. FEWER, J. GRACE, P. TOBIN, M. TOBIN, B. St. CROIX, J. MURRAY.

Ten of the following died on the ice from exposure, - the three latter were drowned: - T. BOON and son, J. WHELAN, M. VAIL and son, G. ROWSELL and son, M. BARRY, J. GRACE, M. POWER, P. DOBBIN, P. LAYDEN, J. POWER

Apr 3, 1875

Intelligence of a very sad nature has been received from the Mission of Channel - viz., the death of Mr. WILKISON, who was doing valuable and valued service to the Church in that district. Mr. WILKISON came to this country from England some two or three years ago, at Codroy, where he proved his efficiency and usefulness. A few months ago he was removed by the Rev. Mr. GOODE to the Dead Islands or Isle aux Morts, where he continued to act in the same capacities as before. On Sunday morning, the 10th January last, he started for Burnt Islands, a distance of about 5 miles, in order to read the Service of the Church in the School-room of that settlement. The day was cold and stormy, but as he considered that he was only doing his duty and an act of Charity, he disregarded the advice of those who knew the danger better than he did, and set out alone on his labor - truly a labor under such circumstance, - of love. He has never been seen since. Diligent search has been made for his body, but without success. Whether he feel over the cliffs, or, more probably, was overpowered by the pitiless snow-storm, is not known. Mr. WILKISON was about 22 or 23 years of age, and leaves behind him and an aged and a widowed mother in England. During the few months he was at Dead Islands he had done good work, and had earned the respect and esteem of the people.

Our readers will doubtless remember that the late lamented Clergyman of Channel, the Rev. W.W. LEGALLIAS, lost his life some years ago while he was attempting to reach his home in an open boat from the same settlement of Isle aux Morts, where he had been ministering to the Spiritual wants of a sick parishioner.

Apr 7, 1875

The Seal Fishery of the present spring gives fair promise of an ample return. On Sunday evening the Greenland, S.S., DAWE master, arrived here to N. Stabb & Sons with 26,000 seals; on Monday the Proteus s.s, came in to J & W. Stewart with 42,000, on Tuesday the Mic-Mac, ss., to Baine Johnston & Co., with 27,000, the ?Bear, ss, to W. Grieve & Co., with 14,000, and the Nimrod, to Job, Bros. & Co, with 15,000 seals. ?Hawk, ss., to Bowring Brothers with 10,500. These vessels have all brought prime seals. They report favorable of the steamers, Hector, Ranger, Walrus, Commodore, and Nepture and of several sailing sealers, among them the Oban, Ariel and Stella said to be loaded.

On Saturday night, about half past eight o’clock a fire broke out in a house on the north side of Water street, opposite the premises of Mr. James BAIRD, occupied by Mr. BOYD, TAILOR, which in a short time extended to the adjoining premises, east and west. The Fire Companies were promptly on the ground, and displayed their usual energy and judgment in combating the destructive element, which they succeeded in subduing about half past eleven o’clock, after the buildings had sustained considerable damage, the roofs having partly fallen in. The buildings are owned by Mrs. MERCHANT and were partially insured. They were occupied by Mr. PARSONS, Photographer, also partially ensured, Mr. ENGLISH, Watchmaker, and Mr. REGAN, butcher, the two later we regret to learn, not insured. We understand an investigation is now being made in the District Court in the origin of the fire; and certainly there has not been for some years a case in which inquiry was more necessary. BOYD, we learn, had only a few days previously, affected insurance to the amount of 100 pounds on his stock and furniture.

On Saturday morning the steamer Wolf arrived to Messrs. W. GRIEVE & Co., with about 6,500 seals, and the steamer Iceland to Messrs. N. Stabb & Sons, with 6,200. On Sunday the arrivals were the steamer Merlin, to Messrs. Cleary & McKay, with 2,000 seals; the schooner Clara Jane, fitted out by J. MURPHY, of Greenspond, with 2,200; the brigantine Oban, with 7,900 and the brigantine Ariel, with 6,600, both to Messrs. J. & W. Stewart. Yesterday morning, the steamer Neptune arrived with 13,500 seals. In the afternoon, two steamers were signaled, Harvey & Co’s. And W. GRIEVE & Co’s. Flags being shown for them. The Commodore arrived at Harbor Grace, on Sunday, with 14,500.

The Newfoundland Boot and Shoe Manufacturing Company

We have much pleasure in stating that a Company of this name and for this object has been organized, the prevailing wish of those connected with it being to stimulate local industry and to provide for the wants of the local trade, as far as possible, from internal resources. The most gratifying feature of the movement is that it has been taken hold of by the principal mercantile houses, which have been in the habit of importing, and that the membership of the Company is a representative one. The whole amount of capital proposed is ten thousand pounds, in two hundred shares of fifty pounds each, of which one hundred and fifty shares and eight thousand pounds have already been subscribed, - the balance being held at the disposal of such mercantile houses as have not yet been heard from. ...........a general meeting of shareholders was held for the purpose of electing a Board of Directors, and to take steps for incorporating the Company. The Directors chosen for the first year are Messrs. C.R. AYRE, C. BOWRING, E. DUDER, J.S PITTS, R. ALEXANDER, J. MURRAY and J. BAIRD. ..........(Temperance Journal March 30)

May 1, 1875

Fishermen frozen to death

A story of terrible suffering and exposure

Lengthened details have now been received in relation to the terrible experience of a party of fishermen from St. Mary’s, Newfoundland, who were cast away on an ice-floe. The crew originally consisted of thirty four men, of whom seven perished, and the particulars of the sufferings experienced given below are from the lips of one of the survivors, ten of whom were landed at Baltimore yesterday morning, having been taken by the steamship "Nurnberg", Captain Jaeger, from the schooner "George S. Fogg" off the Banks of Newfoundland.

The ice (says Andrew Mooney, one of the survivors) had been firm all the winter, and some of the villagers had frequently gone out upon it to hunt sea-birds. It had shown no signs of starting before that fatal day. Reports had been received from the headlands that a vessel had been seen drifting about, and on the 2nd of March the brig was discovered two and a half miles from the shore fast in the ice. The party of thirty-four all men but James GRACE, was quickly gathered, and they started out on the ice to her and spent the day on board. Toward evening they started homeward, but had travelled far when the terrible fact was presented to them that the ice had parted between them and the shore, and the opening was increasing every moment. Consternation seized upon them as they hastened forward, and each threw away his heavy outer clothing as he ran to be encumbered as little as possible. When the brink of the ice was reached the space of water between them and the shore was half a mile wide, the ice having broken one mile from the land, and the immense field upon which they stood was floating steadily out to sea.

It was now quite dark. The party were exhausted and but half clad, and they prepared for the terrible cold which soon set in. At first it rained till they were all wet to the skin. The rain then turned to sleet and snow. The wind veered to the northward, and cold became intense, the fierce blasts of wind cutting them to the bone. Then came the struggle for life, the men stamping their feet and running madly about the more sturdy encouraging the weak and faltering. The cold still increased, until, as MOONEY says, it reached a degree of intensity not equaled before in that latitude this winter. At midnight the cold and exhaustion began to tell upon the doomed ones in the little party. First one and then another of them would lie down, saying he could go not further. The others would pick them up and try to keep them on their feet, but after reeling for a short distance, like drunken men, they would fall senseless upon the ice and die without a struggle. Those who were able to keep their feet had enough to do to keep themselves from falling into the fatal lethargy, and with sad hearts each victim was left to his fate.

When morning dawned seven corpses were counted upon the ice, and of the remainder, none could tell who was to be the next victim. A piece of ice twenty feet square, floated near the brink of the ice in the open water, upon which nine of them got, hoping that it would float towards the shore ice, and they could thus save themselves. When it has floated 800 yards from the ice upon which their comrades stood it grounded, and the unfortunates remained upon it for three days and three nights, during which time six of them died, the other three being those picked up the schr. "George S. Fogg", on the 6th of March. All the food they had in that time was a small white fish, which was frozen in the ice. This they divided between them. Of the three men, two are on the "Nurnberg", viz. John FUER, in the ship’s hospital, badly frozen, and James PEDDLE. The eighteen men remaining after the nine floated upon the smaller ice-field, made their way back to the abandoned brig, which was tightly jammed in the ice and was carried with it. All expected to die in her, and some of them had lost their senses before reaching her a second time. The fishermen could not read her name, but knew she was not English. The crew had left on the ice for Hollyrood, a village near St. Mary’s on the 1st of March. The brig moved with the ice for a week in sight of land, and the fishermen were on her ten days. To a question as to how the news would be received in St. Mary’s, MOONEY replied: - "There is now mourning in every household, for they do not know any of us are saved." He said he had six children, and that some of those who had died have families equally large.

The ten rescued fisherman of St. Mary’s, Newfoundland., were taken in charge by the British Consul yesterday morning. They will be put on board the British steamer "Caspain", which sails for Halifax on Thursday morning next. They are in good condition apparently recovered from their sufferings on the ice. When the men were transferred from the schooner "George S. Fogg" to the "Nurnburg, the following note was received by Captain JAEGAR from Captain SPENCE, of the "Fogg": "These are the ten men I picked up on the ice about seventy miles from the land. They report to belong to St. Mary’s Bay. They were nearly starved when I got them on the 11th March. I had twenty-one on board at first, and am getting short of water and food. I put eleven on board two vessels on the 18th inst." - N.Y. Witness, March 31.

A telegram on Wednesday last announced the death at Liverpool of Richard O’DWYER, Esq., merchant, formerly of this place, and member of the Legislative Council.

We are glad to note that the St. Mary’s men, ten in number, who were some time since taken to Baltimore, have been sent on by the Allan steamers, free of charge, by the kind direction of sir Hugh Allan.



May 8, 1875

We regret to learn that the brig. Dora, owned by Messrs. Job Brothers & Co. from Liverpool for this port, with a valuable cargo of spring foods was lost off Petty Harbor yesterday morning, having been struck by ice while proceeding under easy sail, sprung a leak, and going down so suddenly that her Master and crew had barely time to escape by the boats.

Jul 13, 1875

From the Royal Gazette Extraordinary

His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to appoint the Rev. William PILOT, (late Vice-Principal of the Church of England Theological Institution): and the Rev. George S. MILLIGAN, A.M., to be the Protestant Inspectors of Schools under Act 37 Vic., Cape. 5, Sec. 14 for the Inspection of Church of England and Wesleyan Schools.

His Excellency in Council has also been pleased to appoint the following Gentlemen to be Members of the church of England Outport Boards of Education, under Act 37 Vic., Cap. 5 Sec. 7 viz: -

Brigus: Rev. R. Holland TAYLOR, and Messrs. Wm. ANDERSON, M.D., John SMITH, Robert WELLS ( Salmon Cove) , Elijah BISHOP (Burnt Head)

Port-de–Grave - Rev. J. C. HARVEY and Messrs John ANDREWS, Thomas BATTEN, Henry DAWE and J.M. MADDOCK, J.P.

Bay Roberts - Rev. W. C. SHEARS and Messrs.. Charles DAWE, J.P., Isaac BARTLETT, Dr. William FRAXER and Eli DAWE (Coley’s Point)

Harbour Grace - Rev. B.JONES, Rev. J.M.. NOEL, Rev. John GODDEN and Messrs. Joseph GODDEN, M.H.A., Thomas R. BENNETT (District Judge), Henry FITZGERALD and W.H. EARLE.

Carbonear - Rev. W. J. HOYLES and Messrs. William C. HAWKER, Samuel BENNETT, John PEARCY, George CROCKER and Dr. John RYALL.

Bay-de-Verds - Rev. G.S. CHAMBERLAIN and Messrs. George CULL (Caplin Cove), Jonas GARRETT, Henry BLANDON and Henry STEPHENS (Bay-de-Verds)

Trinity Bay South - Rev. G. GARDNER, Reb. G.S. CHAMBERLAIN and Messrs. William MEADUS, Sr., J..P., James WATSON, M.H.A. and Noah HENDY (Scilly Cove).

Trinity Bay West - Rev. G. Gardner, Rev. H. PETLEY and Messrs. James MOORE, Sr, John NORTHOVER (New Perlican), James REED (Hearts Delight), James GARDNER, Sr., J.P., and Joseph HOPKINS (Hearts Content).

Trinity Bay North - Rev. Benjamin SMITH, Dr. Robert White and Messrs. Gilbert H. COLE, J.P., William PITMAN, Edward M. COOKSLEY, A.W. BREMMER, J.P. and W.S. GREEN, J.P.

Trinity Bay East - Rev. Wm ?NETTEN and Messrs. David RONALD, Thomas STONE, John MIFFLEN, J.P., Peter MARTIN, Thomas MARTIN and George RAYMOND, Sr.

Bonavista Bay South - Rev. A.E. C. BAYLY, Dr. SKELTON and MESSRS. Samuel MIFFLEN, Sr., Joseph BROWN and Joseph ROLLS.

Bonavista Bay West - Rev. W. KIRBY and Messrs. John COFFIN, Frederic SHEARS, Robert PENNY, Matthew WAUGH, Samuel COFFIN and Samuel BROWN

Bonavista Bay North - Rev. J.G. CRAGG, Rev. H.M. SKINNER, Dr. George SKELTON and Messrs. Frederic WHITE, John C. DOMINY, Wm. MOSS (Salvage Bay), Joseph HOUSE, Jr., (Gooseberry Island).

Fogo - Rev. C. MEEK and Messrs. H.J. EARLE, James ROLLS, Jr., Josiah WATERMAN and Nathaniel BANKS.

Twillingate - Rev. F. R. MURRAY, Rev. A.S.H. WINSOR (Herring Neck), and Messrs. Wm LETHBRIDGE, J.P., Josiah COLBOURNE, R.P. RICE, Robert LEWIS and John SQUIRES (Herring Neck).

Moreton’s Harbour - Rev. Walter SMITH and Messrs. F.J. VALLANCE, Thomas WINSOR, Dr. ALEXANDER and Mr. Charles COLLINS.

Ferryland - Rev. C. ELLINGHAM and Messrs. Jas. CARTER, Peter Winsor, John MORRY and Robert MORRY.

Placentia - Rev. J. KINGWELL and Messrs. Richard COLLETT, Edward BURTON, Geroge DICKS (Harbor Buffett), Samuel COFFIN (Spencer’s Cove), H.W. LeMESSURIER (Isle Valen) and Nelson BAILEY (Oderin).

Burin - Rev. John LOCKWARD and Messrs. Francis BERTEAU, J.P., Louis S. BUTLER, John, Paul, George BAKER, Charles HOLLETT and Thomas WINTER, J.P.

Lamaline - Rev. J. DARRELL and Messrs. John PITMAN, Thomas LASKEY, James PITMAN, Henry HASKELL, Sr., and John CAKE.

Fortune Bay - Rev. W.K. WHITE, Dr. Conrad FITZGERALD and Mr. John GALTON (Harbour Briton), Rev. E. COLLEY and Mr. Edward C. GALLOP (Hermitage Bay) Rev. John BISHOP and Mr. George SNELGROVE (Bellorem).

Burgeo - Rev. John CUNNINGHAM, Rev. E. COLLEY, Dr. George HUNT and Messrs. Charles Mr. DeQUETTEVILLE, John JORDAN, J.P., Stephen VATCHER and William ANDERSON, Sr.

His Excellency in Council has also been pleased to appoint the following Gentlemen to be Members of the Wesleyan Methodist Boards of Education viz: -

St. John’s - Rev. Thomas HARRIS, Rev. Simeon DUNN, Hon. James J. ROGERSON, Hon. Edward WHITE and Messrs. C.R. AYRE, M.H.A., John STEER, M.H.A., and George Gear.

Brigus - Rev. Charles LADNER and Messrs. Abraham BARETLETT, George GUSHUE, J.P., John WILCOX, J. P., and Captain Alfred SMITH, Captain Stephen WHEALEN, Captain George SMITH.

Port-de-Grave - Rev. Jesse HAYFIELD and Messrs. William KELLAND, Abraham BURSEY, William SEALEY and Dr. BROWN.

Bay Roberts - Rev. Joseph LESTER and Messrs. Isaac MERCER (of Benjamin), Abner Snow, Samuel MERCER and Solomon FRENCH.

Harbor Grace - Rev. R.W. FREEMAN and Messrs. John BEMISTER (Sheriff, N. District), James HIPPISELY, Willis PARSONS, Wm. STEPHENSON, John TRAPNELL and James PARSONS

Carbonear - Rev. James DOVE and Messrs. John RORKE, M. H.A., J.L. McNEIL, J.P., B.T.H. GOULD, J.P., Robert MADDOCK, William GUY and Richard GILES.

Bay-de-Verds - Rev.John L. PEACH, Rev. John G. CURRIE, and Messrs. John LEWIS, J.P., William LACEY, Jacob MOORES, Thomas HILLARD and John DIAMOND.

Trinity Bay South - Rev. Thomas FOX, Rev. Thomas H. JAMES and Messrs. Wm. CHRISTIAN, J.P., Ebenezer MARCH, Elias MARCH, Benjamin BENSON and Thomas AVERY.

Trinity Bay North - Rev. T. W. ATKINSON, Rev. John DIXON and Messrs. John CROSS, George F. STONEMAN, George BARNES, Matthias MARTIN and Moses TILLEY, J.P.

Trinity Bay West - Rev. G. H. BRYANT, and Messrs. Henry MARCH, Richard PENNY, Thomas NEWHOOK and Samuel BRACE

Trinity Bay East - Rev. James ALEXANDER and Messrs. Benjamin SNELLGOVE, William NORMAN, John HICKS, Caleb DIAMOND, Abednego HOBBS and Richard COLE

Bonavista Bay South - Rev. John GODDISON and Messrs. Jabez SAINT, J.P., James SAINT, Stephen ABBOTT, John WIRES, William OLDFIELD and Charles TEMPLEMAN.

Bonavista Bay West - Rev. W.B. SEECOMBE and Messrs. John OLDFIELD, Sr., Elias BROWN, James OLDFIELD, John PERRY, Wm. PYE and Wm. MATTHEWS, Sr.

Bonavista Bay North - Rev. J. EMBREE and Messrs. George ALLEN, George BURTON, George DAWDEN and Elijah BURRY.

Fogo - Rev. Wm. SWANN, Rev. Henry LEWIS and Messrs. Robert SCOTT, Thos. C. DUDER, J.P., Alfred PIKE, Wm. PERRY and James HICKS.

Twillingate - Rev. John REAY and Messrs. Peter SAMWAYS, William HODDER, Elias ROBERTS, Isaac MOORES, Sr., John MINTY and Alfred LINFIELD.

Morton’s Harbor - Rev. Wm JENNINGS, Messrs. Charles MYERS, S. SNOWDEN, James PINNOCK, Mark OSMKOND, Simon MANUEL and Henry KNIGHT.

Placentia Bay - Rev. H.C. HATCHER and Messrs. Thomas GILES, James HOLLETT, Edmund READ and Jas. WILLIAMS.

Burin - Rev. Joseph PASCOE, Rev. W.H. EDYVEAN and Messrs. Owen PINE, J.P., Richard PAUL, John WEARE, George BISHOP and John MITFCHELL, Sr.

Grand Bank - Rev. Solomon MATTHEWS, Wm. KENDALL and Messrs. Edward EVANS, J.P., Jas. HICKMAN, James P. SNOOK, Edward BENNETT and James LAKE.

Burgeo & La Poile - Rev. James NURSE and Messrs. Joseph PARSONS, John Evans, J.P., Saul BONNELL, Aaron FOSEY, Sr., Edward BONNELL and John POOLE.

Fortune Bay - Rev. Solomon MATTHEWS and Messrs. Wm. KENDALL, John WILLIAMS, Edward WILLIAMS and WILLIAMS (sic).

Secretary’s Office 10th July 1875.


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