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"The Daily News" Newspaper Announcements


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD and SUE O'NEILL. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

1Mrs. Jemima Wells NORMAN, Brigus.
2Wm. F. PENNEY, Carbonear, 71.
Mrs. Eliza ELLIOTT, formerly of Change Islands, 83.
Hilda Marion WESTCOTT, 24.
Mrs. Arthur STANLEY, Shoal Harbor.
3Winnifred WHALEN, 19.
Mrs. Margaret OAKLEY, 29.
Mrs. Thomas GROVES, Bonavista.
4Richard DWYER, Holyrood, 74.
Richard W. BOGGAN,.
Mrs. Mary (O’Neill) MacDONALD, 75.
Robert HICKMAN, Grand Bank
Michael FLEMING, Bay de Verde, 42.
Mrs. Ann Mary WORSLEY, Blackpool, England.
5Martin HEALEY, of Blackhead, 59.
6Andrew LODER, Fogo, 18.
7Mrs. Catherine (O’Connell) RODGERS, 79.
8Mrs. Caroline GRACE.
Nathaniel SHEPPARD, South Side , Harbor Grace.
Mrs. Willis COOPER.
9Matthew PATTEN, Port de Grave.
Mrs. Dorothy PRINCE, Princeton.
10William A THOMPSON.
Edward HUMPHRIES, Catalina, 72.
11John BROWN, Trinity.
12Capt. Wm. Morris BARNES, formerly of Newfoundland, at New York, 84.
Mrs. R. A. BREHM, at St. Andrew’s, N. B.
William JAMES, formerly of blackhead B. D. V. 75.
Edward RYAN, Spaniard’s Bay.
13Francis J CONNORS.
14Marzalina KERIVAN, 69.
Philip PETER, Melrose, 83.
15Mrs. R. B. JOB.
Hon. J G. STONE.
John SWYERS, Bayley’s Cove, Bonavista.
Silas FRENCH, Sr. , Harbor Grace.
17Reuben KING, Carbonear, 89.
John SQUIRES, Bonavista.
Mrs. William ESTELL, Bonavista.
19John HOLDEN 87.
James CROCKER, Greens Harbor.
Martin BARRY, 88
Mrs. William ROSE, Western Bay
20William HOWELL, Southside.
21Mrs. Cicely HOWELL, Carbonear.
Thomas CLARKE, Victoria.
James RYDER, Bonavista.
22Alice POWER, 15.
Thomas Michael CULLEN, formerly of Harbor Grace, at Montreal.
Thomas WALSH, Bay De Verde.
23Thomas POWER, Argentia, 78.
Stephen WALSH, roadmaster, 65.
Francis Fortescue BERTEAU.
24Mrs. James BLUNDON, Bay de Verde.
25Agnes Grace MIFFLIN, 74.
Ariel KING, Grates Cove.
27Joseph Thomas BUTLER, 73
28Dorothy O’Brien WHITTLE, 15.
29Reginald Pomeroy CAMPBELL, 24.
David FIFIELD, Trinity East.
31John WILLIS, Fogo.
Mrs. John MANSFIELD, New Melbourne, 54.

1Mrs. Mary Ann (Duggan) O’NEILL, 82.
James Frank MARTIN, at London , England.
3Mrs. John DOYLE, Grates Cove.
4Mrs. Peter St. CROIX, St. Vincent’s
Aaron FORSEY, Grand Bank, 72.
Mrs. Maria STEELE, Long Beach B.D.V. 72.
5Clyde HICKS, Carmanville
Gordon GARLAND, Lower Island Cove.
7Patrick O’CONNOR, 84.
8Mrs. Lucy Selina FEAVER.
Philip MOORE, 67.
Edward P McGRATH.
John BRADY, Red Head Cove, D.B.V. 74.
William NOFTALL , Goddenville, Spaniard’s Bay.
9Mrs. Susanna Ellis Hippisley PAYNE, Carbonear, 74.
10Mrs. Katie (Callahan) PATTERSON, formerly of this city , at New York.
12Samuel RODGERS, 76.
Mrs. Elizabeth (Spencer) TURNER.
Mrs. James GREEN, Bonavista, 62.
Gertie WHITE, Bonavista, 13.
Mrs. Mary Ann MOORE, Bell Island.
13Mrs. Susanna Jane (Whitten) POND, 71.
Samson BAKER, Elliston.
14Mrs. Janet (Pelley) KING, 79.
15Mrs. Elizabeth CRUMMEY, Western Bay, 83.
Marjorie ABBOTT, Bonavista, 16 months.
John Ellis OLDFORD , formerly of Bonavista, at Horn Hill, Alta.
16Matthew SOMERTON, Portugal Cove., 79.
19 Mrs. Julia (McCarthy) SLATTERY.
Mrs. Mary S. (Mogeidge) STANLEY.
Mrs. Margaret LAWLOR.
Mrs. Mildred (Marshall) HALFYARD, 31.
John ASH, Carbonear, 74.
20Mrs Lydia WILLIAMS , Heart’s Content, 65.
21Mrs. Catherine CULLEN.
Alexander HICKS, Carmanville.
22James WALSH , Kilbride, 75.
23Frederick PARSONS, formerly of this city, at Cambridge, Mass.
24Walter McK CHAMBERS, 61.
James BUTT, 86.
Patrick J REARDON.
Leo BROADERS, bay de Verde, 27.
25Sophia DAVIS, Harbor Grace, 75.
Mrs. Elizabeth Mary HOEBERG.
26Thomas MARTIN, JP , Kings Cove.
27Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth OAKLEY, 30.
Gorge OATES, Carbonear, 75.
Allan FREAKE, Boyd’s Cove, N. D. B.
28Mrs. Frederica (Parsons) GODDEN.
1Mrs. Mary Josephine PATERSON.
Mrs. Amelia SUMMERS, 72.
Mrs. Moses BLUNDON, B.D. V. 41.,
Mrs. Elizabeth BARTLETT, formerly of Brigus, at Vancouver, B. C. 95.
Mrs. Ethel Mary DUFFY, 28.
Luke PITTMEN, J.P. at Carbonear, 79.
Thomas W. CRAGG, formerly of this city, at Concord N. H.
2Janett MUIR.
Miriam EVELIEGH, Bell Island.
3Joseph KEELS, 66.
Simeon Cecil MILLEY, Burnt Point B. D. V. 26.
4Mrs. Mary Anne POWER, 82.
George Bernard HANDRIGAN, 17.
John TRAVERS, formerly of Burin, passed away suddenly on board Gloucester Schooner
Arthur D STOREY.
Mrs. Sarah SAUNDERS.
5Mrs. Johanna WALKINS.
6John MEANEY, 57.
Francis GALGAY (iron moulder) formerly of this city, at Cambridge, Mass.
7Francis Conleth POWER, 56.
8Mrs. Jane NORTH, formerly of Bay de Veerde, at boston, 75.
9Mrs. Mary FURLONG.
10Mrs. Josiah MILLEY, Western Bay.
11Amelia MILLEY, Western Bay.
12Capt. James Hugh CAMPBELL, ay London , England.
Mrs. Mary (Kearney) JARDINE, 89.
Francis MOLLOY, 10 ½
Wilson JOYCE, of Freshwater.
13Mrs. Ada HICKS, Catalina, 76.
14Grace Dorothy BROWN, 15.

15Ruth V FITZGERAL, Botwood, 19.
Richard T McGRATH, 66.
17Mrs. Mary (Minnie) LARKIN, 82.
John Richard COLLIER, Fortune.
19Mrs. Olive BAIRD.
John SECTON, Bonavista, 82.
20W. C. JAMES,
Mrs. Wm. C BAGGS, Broad Cove, B. D. V. 74.
21Mrs. Margaret REID, Crocker’s Cove, Carbonear, 92.
23Mrs. Stephen CHAULK, Carmanville. 78.
Mrs. Bridget (Bride) WADDEN
Mrs. Rebecca POWELL, Victoria, Carbonear.
Samuel FORD, Barr’d Island.
26Rev. A. J. MAHER, Parish priest of Torbay, at New York,
27George BEST, Bonavista, 68.
Mark WARWICK, Fogo.
George PARDY, Sr. , Bonavista. 84.
George BURRY, Catalina, 53.
29 Cyril PEARCEY, 17.
Frederick S. FORSEY, Buchans, 15.
William SPARKES, Bell Island, 86.
30Amelia WALSH, Grand Bank
John C. POWER, Carbonear, 72.
31Mrs. Mary Anne COSTELLO.
Gertrude DUGGAN, LaScic.

1Robert MEANEY, 37
William James TILLEY, 76.
2Walter J SQUIRES.
3John T DIAMOND, Adam’s Cove.
4Garland CLOUTER, Catalina.
6Mrs. David KEATING, Grand Bank.
10 Ex-Head Const. J. B. COX, Bell Island.
Mrs. Harriet LAWRENCE, Lamaline, 90.
Mrs. James PAUL, Bonavista, 72.
Charles JAMIESON, later editor of the Watchman newspaper.
Robert GRANDY of Grand Beach.
William KING, 88.
11Mrs. Gerald O’BRIEN.
12Mrs.Jessie T. (Trickett) McLEAN, formerly of Newfoundland at Everett Mass.
F Stewart COLLETT.
13Mabel SHEPPARD, Spaniard’s Bay, 18
Henry WALSH, 27.
14Miss Jessie ROSE, formerly of Grand Bank , at Toronto, 37.
16Mrs. Samuel FOWLER, Grand Bank, 87.
Mrs. Bessie LeDREW, 27.
17Mrs. H. C. ROSE, formerly of New Chelsea, at Montreal.
Mrs. Gordon BUTLER, 26
Andrew Parsons, Carbonear.
Mrs. Cornelius HOGAN, Bay de Verde.
Frederick BRUSHETT, Catalina.
18Charles McCARTHY , Carbonear.
Mrs. David BLAKIE, Barr’d Island.
Mrs. Henry TREMBLETT, Bonavist, 83.
19Thomas GIBBS, 67.
Mrs. Richard ROLLS, Bonavista.
20Mrs. Thomas NORTH Sr. Bay de Verde.
21Mrs. Ellen DALY.
George T GORDON, Harbor Grace, 62.
22Mrs. Mary GOODLAND, Bonavista.
Mrs. Matilda ABBOTT, Mockbeggar, Bonavista, 70.
Rev. William Briggs AMBROSE, formerly of Newfoundland, at Stonewall, Manitoba.
23Mrs. Sarah Jane (Brewer) BAILREY, 56.
24Mrs.John LAMBERT, Lead Cove.
25Robert John SMART, Port Union, 25.
26Joseph MERCER, Bell island, 56.
27Mrs. Elizabeth BOYLE, formerly of Placentia, at Sydney, N. S.
Thomas THISTLE, Island Harbor.
Arthur GINN, formerly of Fogo, at St. John, N.B.
29Michael F LeMEE
Mrs. Fanny WATTS, at Bay Roberts.
Mrs. Mary Ann RUMSON, Carbonear, 77.
30Frank DEWEY formerly of Greenspond, at corner Brook.
S.L. SHANNON, at Halifax.
George BLUNDON, Carmanville.
1John ELLIOTT, 74.
Mrs. John ELLIOTT, 72
Ronald LYNCH, 20.
2Mary B KANE, Renews.
M. TIZZARD, Old Perlican.
3Mrs. Lizzie (Ehlers) RENDELL
Edward SPARKES, printer at Seal Cove, 52.
Mrs. Beateice Louise (Whitten) HERDER, formerly of this city, at Toronto.
Mrs. Peter Jackman, Bell Island, 56.
4Albert OSMOND, 90.
5Austin ROSSITER, 24.
6Mrs. Henry CLARKE, native of Brigus, at Montreal, 81.
Mrs. Caroline HOLDEN.
Maurise EMSLEY, 71.
7Donald ABBOTT, Bonavista.
8Mrs. Annie Laura MOORE.
9 Rev. Fr. G. A. THIBAULT, North River, C. B. 60.
John J FAGAN, 50.
Philip H MILLS, Thoroughfare,
10Mrs. R K KEE, (Nee O’Leary) formerly of this city at Dorchester, Mass.
Mrs. Susan SAMSON, Flat Island, 80.
Mrs. Mary (Lynch) BROWN, 89.
Daniel WOODROW, Bay de Verde.
11W. B. NOSEWORTHY, clarke’s Beach.
12John ADAMS, 81.
13Tobias MOULAND, Mockbeggar, Bonavista.
Samson WHITE, Summerville, 80.
14Evelyn Charlotte Barry FOOTE, Bell Island, 22.
Mrs. Emma BRACE, S.A. , formerly of Newfoundland, at Woodstock, Ont.
Mrs. Allan HART, Fogo, 36.
15Mrs. John VATERS, Salmon cove, Carbonear Dist. 59.
16Mrs. Ellen (Constantine) SQUIRES.
Patrick J DEMPSEY, formerly of this city at Chicago, Ill.
17 Laughlin McNEIL , formerly of Carbonear, at Brigus.
18Mrs. Ambrose CHURCHILL
Mrs. Mary WALSH.
19William J MURPHY.
Mrs. Selina TILLEY, 79.
20 Mrs. Hannah SWYERS, Bayley’s Cove, Bonavista.
Lester SQUIRES, Sibley’s Cove.
21Mrs. John SEXTON, of Bonavista, at Corner Brook.
Wavie YONG, Springdale, 9
22George F MORRIS, 54.
24Margaret COURTENAY, Bell Island, 69.
26Mrs. George BANKS ,Back Cove, Fogo.
29Edward KENNEDY, 38
30Capt. Duncan BAXTER, formerly of this city, at Short Hills, New Jersey.
Mrs. Philip HICKS, Rolling Cove, Bonavista, 38.
31Mrs. Jonathan PARSONS, Coley’s point.
Francis DIAMOND, Catalina, 49.
3William J MURPHY, formerly of this city, at Boston.
Mrs. Sarah INKPEN, formerly of this city, at Toronto.
Flora SNOW, Fogo 29.
Mrs. Elizabeth TIMMONS, Holyrood, 79.
4William A MACKEY, Manager Crosbie Hotel, 61.
Archibald GOULD, Grand Bank 54.
5Ex-Sergt. William CHAFE, 72.
William H ROBERTS, Brigus, 59.

7Willis KING, New Bonaventure, T. B.
Rev. Alfred C SKINNER, at Worchester, Mass.
8Mrs. Jane SAINT, Bonavista, 80.
9John BAKER, 67.
Mrs. Susanna MERCER, Spaniard’s Bay.
10John H BUTT, Freshwater, Carbonear.
11Mrs .Mary Ann STOKES, Logy Bay, 93.
Mrs. Beatrice DYKE, Eastport.
Dr. Sebastian Paul YOUNG, Native of Petries, at New Germany, N.S.
George DAWE, 37.
12Timothy O’BRIEN.
Allan G. HUDSON, J.P., Lower Island, Cove.
Mrs. Bridget WALL, Whitebourne, 89.
14James P WALSH, (Plummer).
Mrs. Michael HUNT, Catalina East.
Catherine COLEMAN, Fogo.
John TOBIN, Carbonear, 72.
15Mrs. Thurza BURTON, Bonavista.
16Mrs. Louis MULLOWNEY, Witless Bay, 69.
Mrs. Margaret FITZGIBBON, 83.
Mrs. Alice SMART, Outer Cove.
Mrs. Elizabeth BOURNE, Carbonear.
17James SQUIRES.
19 Andrew NOLAN, St. Brides, 21.
Mrs. Sarah WHITHAM, Fogo, 69.
20 Robert JOHNSON, Little Catalina.
22Mrs. Eliza MATTHES, formerly of St. Jacques, at North Sydney.
Francis WICKHAM, 45
William Henry PENNEY , Carbonear, 62.
Mrs. William BAMBURY, Grand Bank.
23Edward MOORE, Bay de Verde.
Mary GOSLING, Bonavista, 25.
25Miss Margaret RODDICK, formerly of Harbor Grace, youngest sister of Sir. Thomas Roddick, passed away at Montreal.
Michael KENNEDY, Western Bay,79.
26Henry B LAKIN, 14.
Miss Laura GREENING, 49.
Mrs. James NOONAN, Sr. Bay de Verde.
28Obediah ELLSWORTH, Carmanville., 26.
29Willis BURDEN, Carbonear.
Wm. John WALSH, formerly of Catalina, at San Francisco, California.
1Lady MORRIS, at London, england.
3Thomas TEMPLEMAN Bonavista, 82.
Mrs. Annie TAYLOR, 57.
6Hon. D. A. RYAN. K.S.G., M.L.C., at London, England.
Ross Boyd BAIRD, 6.
7John CROTTY, 78.
Mrs. Gabriel HOLLETT, Burin, 58.
8Mrs. Lydia (Sellars) EVENS.
9John FITZGERALD, Winter Brook, 81.
10Douglas NORMAN, on board schooner Josephine at Webber Cove, Labrador.
Mrs. Emma GOSSE, Spariard’s Bay 68.
11John BURGE, Bonavista, 73
12James SKINNER, Grand Bank.
John Thomas MYRES, Bell Island, 20.
13Mrs. Agnes CHAYTER, Black Cove, Fogo.
Mrs. Maria COX, Bonavista .
Ebenezer DAWE, Cupids.
14Elizabeth Jane (Lilly) MAUNDER.
Henry ABBOTT, 71.
15Daniel J KENNEDY, 61.
Jennie KEATING, Renews.
Max FISHER, Bonavista.
Thomas C CHURCHILL, at Carbonear., 84.
16Frank QUICK, formerly of Nfld. hotel, at Outremont, Montreal.
John Alex GARLAND, 56.
George FOWLER, Chamberlains, 81.
Mrs. Frances COOPER, Bonavista.
17William George HEALE, 68.
18William Henry CHURCHILL, late Supt. Public works at Topsail, 79.
19Mrs M. G. TUFF, Lamaline.
20Louise MAHANEY, Fogo.
Charles PYNN, 40.
21Mrs. Peter WALBOURNE, Fogo.
George SNOOK, Sagona.
Dr. Alton Flag PERKINS, D. D. S., of Corner Brook at Deer Lake.
22Mrs. Elizabeth J THISTLE, 68.
23Mrs. Daniel STEELE, Bell Island.
24George SNOOK, Sagona, 65.
25Mrs. Arianna Mary HOUSE, 90.
26Mrs. Maria Wilcox SELLARS, 73.
Patrick WALSH (Blacksmith), Western Bay 86.
27 Edward P BAKER.
29Mrs. Maria LeGROW, Broad Cove, B. D. V. 81.
30William Henry BENNETT, Bell Island, 61.
Mrs. James HAMPTON, Cnaville, Bonavista.
31Edgar TRICKETT, Spout Cove, 31.
4Elijah COISH, Bay de Verde, 23.
5Thomas PEDDLE, at Sudbury, Ont 34.
Ruby CUFF, Bonavista.
Henry FAGAN, Foxtrap.
6Mrs. Edward HUMBY, Summerside, B. B., 41.
Mrs. Joseph BURSEY, Bell Island, 39.
7Alexander James FORSEY.
Arthur WAY, Bonavista.
8Thomas KELLY, South East, Placentia.
Mrs. Susannah (Rose) BARNES.
Carles BUTT, of Spaniard’s Bay, at Dark Tickle.
10Mrs. Joseph TULK, 69.
11James Edward HOLLEY, formerly of Newfoundland at Halifax, 49.
F. J. SULLIVAN, Harbor Grace.
William E BROPHY.
12Mrs. Mary KEMP, Placentia.
Mr. William LeDREW, 93.
Charles H HAYWARD, Grand Falls.
13Alfred DAWE.
Michael NOLAN.
George ELLSWORTH, Carmanville.
14Charles BUTT (Ship Master) Spaniard’s Bay.
16Gertrude May THOMAS, (Nurse) at Clarenville.
Mrs. Moses GREGORY, Winterton 89.
17Sergeant Edward O’FLAHERTY of Fermeuse, 50.
Joseph RYAN, member of crew of M. A. Nickerson.
Bretin R RICE, North Sydney.
18 Mrs. Eva COLOSIMA (LaShane) formerly of this city at Verdun, Montreal.
19Capt. Absalom BELLMAN, Grand Bank, 50.
20V. ROACH, collector of Customs, Glovertown.
John Joseph ENNIS.
Harold OLIVER, 22
Mrs. Archibald CLOUTER, Catalina, 56.
22William H HADEN 50.
Edward Alexander SMITH, 47.
23Michael MURPHY, 70.
24W.O. HUSSEY, Lance Cove, Bell Island.
Thomas R McGRATH, at Montreal.
25Alfred SAMUELSON, (Master Cooper), 83.
Mrs. Jennie WINSOR, 34.
26Mrs. Eliza A LITTLE, Bonavista, 74.
27Frank PARSONS, 60.
29Ronald LaFOSSE, 29.
Michael SMART, at Ramea.
Mrs. E. A. LOCKYER, Bay de Verde.
Joseph B FARTHING, Herring Neck, 56.
30James Alexander KING, 9 months.
Mrs. Eleazer KING, Pools Island.
1George COLEMAN (cooper), 69.
2Israel PENNEY, Carbonear.
James LODER, Thoroughfare, 78.
3Mrs. Kathleen Isabel MOORE, formerly of this city at Halifax, 57.
Martin WALKINS, of this city at Bermuda,
4Mrs. Jane KING, of Kingston, B. D. V.
Arthur W MILLER, 80 ½
5Jane MITCHELL, nurse, at St. Anthony, of Princeton, N. J. 20.
Mrs. Hedley TUFF, of Vancouver, B. C.
Mrs. Margaret CADIGAN, Logy Bay, 88.
6Mark FLYNN, Musgrave Harbor, 22.
Jeremiah HEALEY (shoemaker.) 61.
7James J JOLIFFE, 85.
Thomas WHITE, Torbay, 85.
8James MOOTREY, Carbonear, 19.
9Mrs. Catherine O’ROURKE, 76.
Mrs. Margaret (Foley) McGUIRE.
Patrick CURTIS, Trapassey.
10Fred J CLARKE, formerly of Newfoundland, at Halifax.
Mrs. Loyal RUSSELL, Port Union, 22.
11Mrs. May OWEN, 32.
12Charles T SQUIRES, St. Phillips, 82.
Thomas BROWN, formerly of King’s Cove, B. B. 67.
15Mrs, Caroline GREEN, Winterton, 76.
18Mrs Mose BUTTON, Brownsdale.
Mrs. Clement PAUL, Bonavista. 33.
19Patrick Joseph EMBERLEY, 20.
Lawrence FURLONG, 86.
20Peter KEATS, BAY DE Verde, 64.
Mrs. Mary BALLAM, formerly of Carbonear, at Curling.
21Mrs. Mary Stanislaus POWER, Harbor Main.
George C SNOW.
22Patrick Ryan, 77,
Mrs. Emma POWELL, Carbonear.
23Gladys DRISCOLL, 7 months.
Catherine FITZGERALD, Bell Island, 4.
Richard PENNEY, Salmon Cove, 74.
24Mrs. Tryphena STONE, 73.
William Thomas GUEST, 72.
Mrs. Agnes M (Nelder) ROBERTS, formerly of this city at Montreal, 57.
27Mrs. Mary A MOSDELL.
Mrs. Ellen CHISLETT, 68.
28Mrs. Elizabeth (Diamond) PENNEY, 56.
Mrs. Katherine HICKEY.
Mrs. Elizabeth CARROLL, Bell Island
29Mrs. George HARRIS, Bonavista, 87.
30Frank C WILLS, 76.
Mrs. Julia Ann CRANE, 86.
Mrs. maria HANCOCK, 84.
Stephen RODGERS, 79.
Ambrose SOOLEY, Heart’s Content.
2Annie FITZGERALD, formerly of Fogo.
James J McGRATH, 77.
Mrs. Caroline STEVENS.
Mrs. Issac DUKE, Fox Harbor, P.B
Mrs. John WARREN, Heart’s Content.
Mrs. Fred PIKE, Carbonear, 74.
Wm. BENNETT, Fogo.
6Austin Edward Ryan, 8.
Augustine NUGENT, Bell Island, 49.
7Walter BAIRD, 5
Gladys D JONES, 5.
8Herbert George BOWDEN, 37.
Francis WOODS, 74.
9Mrs. Matilda WHIFFEM, Iona, P.B.
Corbertt RENDELL, Barr’d Island, 4.
10Edgar T KING, of Deer Harbor, T. B. 52.
John ROLLS, Bonavista.
11Mrs. Elizabeth ROCKWOOD, Heart’s Content.
12Mrs. Louisa DICKS, Grand Bank, 66.
Arthur RUSSELL, Port Union.
13Mrs. Phobe FOOTE, Lamaline.
James J HEALEY, Fox Harbor.
14Joseph MURPHY, 61.
Lucy Jane COUSENS.
George MOORE, formerly of Harbor Grace, at Halifax, 70
15John Francis ENGLISH, 6.
John THORNEHILL, Fortune, 79.
16Thomas BROMLEY, Conche, 28.
17James KNOX.
18Cedric PERRY, 39.
22James ROWE, Green’s Harbor.
23Lillian MOYLES, Lewisporte, 22.
James Fennelly, Renews, 25.
24Irene Mary TAYLOR, 24.
Frederick J ROCHE, Corner Brook, 36.
Mrs. Elizabeth HUDSON, formerly of Adam;s Cove, B.D. V. , at Everett, Mass.
25Mrs. Emma GOODYEAR, 39
26John RYAN.
Nathan DEXRER, at Liverpool N. S. 75.
27Mrs. Eliza DAVIS, Bonavista, 81.
Mrs. James (Queenie) BATES, at Gary Islands.
27Mrs. ellen CHISLETT, 68.
Stephen RODGERS.
Mrs. Henry FAGAN, Foxtrap, Kelligrews.
28Michael HOVEN, Fogo. 70.
29Capt. Walter JOY, Holyrood, 94.
Edward Francis COOPER, 2
thomas B CORKE, ex-H. M. S. Customs.
Richard LANE, Melrose.
Theodore OAKE, Northside, Fogo.
30Marguerite MURRAY.
31Michael CONNORS, Placentia. 85.
1Mr. Clive BOWRING, at London, 58.
Christina CHAPLIN.
2Mrs. C. R. THOMPSON, formerly of this city at London.
Job BAKER, Elliston, 77.
4Henry HICKMAN, Grand Bank, 78.
Edwin DERNFIELD, Rencontre, West.
Elizabeth SULLIVAN
Mrs. John MARSH, Bonavista, 60.
5Mrs. BISHOP formerly of Cupids.
Mrs. Samuel J TIBBO, Grand Bank. 78.
6Solomon FRANCIS, Grand Bank, 73.
Daniel SKANES, Bell Island, 69.
7Robert RYDER, formerly of Bonavista, at Grand Falls.
Stewart STAGG, Carnville, Bonavista.
Jacob DAWE, R. N. R. Burnt Head, Cupids.
8Michael KIELLY, 22.
11Augustus HOPKINS, formerly of Carbonear, at Toronto.
Anastasia SHEEHAN, 66.
Mrs. Elizabeth SIMMS, grand bank,, 89.
12Robert PECKHAM, 50.
Mrs. J A CLIFT, formerly of this city at London.
James J KERWAN, Torbay , 61.
Mrs. Charlis MIFFIEN, Bonavista.
Willis B MOORE , formerly of Carbonear at Darlingford, Man. 55.
13James AHEALEY, Fox Harbor, P.B.
Mrs. Susan WALKER, formerly of Newfoundland at Halifax.
14Mrs. Bridget ANDREWS, formerly of Petty Harbor, at Montreal, 78.
Mrs. Charlotte ADAMS.
16John PROWSE, 77.
Ethal SOMERTON, Portugal Cove.
James O’BRIEN, formerly of Newfoundland at Halifax, 92.
17 Martin GLADNEY , (druggist) , 51.
Mrs. Kenneth PARSONS, (Nelloe Barbor), formerly of Newtown, B. B. , at Medford, Mass.
18E. R. MORRIS, C. B. E. , at London.
Evelyn FOWLER, Mount Carmel, Salmonier, 16.
19Nellie CONWAY.
Mrs. Elizabeth PIKE, formerly of Newfoundland at Buffalo.
Mrs. Joseph BURSEY, Lewisporte.
20 Geral TOMPKINS, of Tompkinsville , Nfld. at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Glace Bay, 25.
21Mrs Jane RADFORD, 73.
Frederick SAUNDERS, Greenspond.
Mrs. Mary Jane NEVILLE.
22Mrs. Margaret (Dwyer) CALLAHAN.
Mrs. Emily VERGE, Winterton.
23Joseph GABRIEL, ex-R.N.R. formerly of Stephenville Crossing.
25Jemima DEWLING, 89.
27Humprhey PEDDLE, of Old Shop, T. B.
Mrs. Lizzie HUMBY, Bonavista, 80.
Michael HAYES, Cupids.
Samuel MILES, Bonavista.
28 William GREEN, Winterton, 87.
Mrs. Mary Alma HOLLAND.
Azariah Churchill , Portugal Cove, 79.
29John C TUCKER, 47.
Constable Augustus STAMP, of St. Vincent’s St. Mary’s Bay.
Ethel M MILLS.
Jessie LANDER, Bailey’s Cove, Bonavista, 2 ½
James C LITTLE, Canaille, Bonavista.
30Leonard ROSE, late warden H. M. Penitentiary, 68.
1Hugh KICKS, Rolling Cove, Bonavista.
2Thomas BENSON (ex-Fire Chief), 76.
Mrs. Blanch MERCER, Blaketown, 22.
Mrs. Caroline MARKS, Carbonear, 84 ½
3William T GARLAND.
Samuel GOSSE, 33.
4Fred LUDLOW, formerly of Newfoundland, at Sydney Mines, 40.
Joan CHAPMAN, 1 year 10 months.
Sr. M. Aloysius WOODFORD, At Ferryland Convent.
5Edward EARLES.
Mrs. Anna WHITTLE.
6Mrs. Abner CHAULK, Lewisports.
8Mrs. John MOORE, Bell Island
9Rose Marie HOSKINS, 6,
John NUGENT, 60.
Mrs. Julia CHUBBS, Carbonear, 66.
10John ANDREWS, Bell Island 57.
11William WALKER, Brigus, 87.
12Arthur CARTER, 24
14George Pittman JANES, 77.
Josiah BADCOCK, of Cupids, 69..
15Mrs. Mary Elen MECHEN.
John MERCER, 48
Madeline PIKE, Freshwater, Carbonear, 22.
17 Arthur HANSEN, native of Tonsberg Norway, at Grace Hospital.
Mrs. Carrie HOLMES, formerly of Newfoundland at Toronto.
20John DUNN, District Fire Chief, (West End).
Mrs. Alice SUTTON, Trapassey, 82.
21Billie CROSS, Clarenville, 4.
25Mrs. Anastasia GARDENER, Kelligrews.
26Henry J EARLE, of Fogo, 93.
27Mrs. Anne JENKINSON, 65.
28Herbert Augustus HERDER, 47.
29John RALPH, ex-R.N.R. , 55.


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